I know that someone already did something similar to this, but I figured why not do my own. Enjoy!:

One- Intro & First Category

Dipper and Mabel stood in their attic, facing a camera and a tripod.

"Is the camera on?" Dipper asked.

"It should be," Mabel replied.

"Then let's get this started!" Dipper pulled out some cue cards and began to read them. "Welcome to the first annual Gravity Falls Fan Fiction awards! My name is Dipper Pines, and standing next to me is my twin sister Mabel. We will be your hosts."

Mabel knocked the cue cards out of her brother's hands. "Oh, come on, Dipper! You don't need to use cue cards for this! Just go with the flow!"

"But I worked so hard on those!" Dipper protested. "I had witty jokes planned and everything!"

"They don't use cue cards at the Emmy's," Mabel pointed out.

"Yeah, but they used a teleprompter," Dipper grumbled. "But since you ruined my cue cards, it looks like I'm gonna have to wing it. Did you know that there are over two thousand Gravity Falls Fan fictions?"

"And some are them are really good and deserve stickers!"

"Or, an award of some sort," Dipper said.

"Right, like a million dollars."

"Mabel, we're on a budget. Don't go making promises we can't keep."

"But wouldn't stickers be in the budget?" Mabel asked.

"Sure. Anyway, I'm gonna explain how this awards fan fic is gonna work. In one chapter, we'll introduce a category and at the end of that chapter, you can nominate fan fiction you think should win the award in that category by reviewing or PM-ing. It doesn't matter if the fan fiction you nominate is your or someone else's. Then, in the next chapter, we will announce three or five finalists that we chose from the nominees and you can vote on which finalist should win the award."

"And in the next chapter, we'll announce the winner!" Mabel finished. "And each winner will get a shout out on Jammer14's profile."

Dipper smiled. "Now that's in the budget. Plus, after we announce the winner, we'll announce the next category and the cycle will repeat."

"And you never know who will drop by. Like…Waddlessssssssss!" Mabel picked up her pig and shook him playfully.

Dipper smiled. "And other special guests will include Grunkle Stan, Soos, Toby Determined—"

"Don't forget Candy and Grenda," Mabel added.

Dipper sighed. "Yes, them too. And of course, Wendy will also be making a special appearance. Now, Mabel, would you like to announce the first category?"

"Gladly." Mabel set down her pig and pulled out a small white envelope. "The first category is…" She opened the envelope. "…Best Gravity Falls One-Shot."

Dipper smiled. "So if you have or know of a one chapter fan fiction that you think deserves this award, submit a nomination by reviewing or PM-ing the title of the One-Shot and the author."

"Does the One-Shot have to be one chapter?" Mabel asked. "What if it's a two-parter?"

"Wouldn't that just be a Two-Shot?"

"No, just a two part One-Shot."

Dipper sighed. "I'm gonna go check the rule book on that. But until next time…"