Author notes: This takes place after "The Sea of Monsters". This story will definitely have references to things in the book, but I might mix in a few things from the movies to suit my purposes, as well. We'll see. Anyway, this is my first PJO story, so please let me know what you think.

Also, a little warning (even though you can probably tell from the summary), I tend to write familial stories. I love dealing with the problems between family members and friends, and the strained relationship between Percy and Poseidon is exactly the kind of thing I love to tackle. I hope some of you will join me for the ride. :)

Coming Together

The darkness and loneliness of night had never bothered me as much as they do now. I stare up into the sky and see the stars that probably no normal mortal could see. Around camp, clouds have covered the sky and rain and lightning shoot to the ground below. I'm protected from those elements as long as I'm on Camp Half-Blood's grounds. I almost wish I wasn't...

I'm sitting alone on the banks of the Long Island Sound. Tyson left a few days earlier to spend the fall and winter with our father. He's supposedly going to intern at the Underwater Forges of the Cyclopes. I suppose he'll be too busy to spend too much time with Poseidon; after all, he'll be learning to make new weapons for the Olympians in the event of a possible war approaching.

I sigh as I look across the calm water. My mind is raging and I want the water to do the same, but I stop myself from making it happen. I have no right to be jealous; I know that. Arguably, Tyson had a worse life than I had before our father claimed us. I should be grateful that Poseidon left me with a loving mother to take care of me.

I am grateful…but I wish I could have what Tyson has now. The ability to have a relationship with our father. It just isn't fair.

Sticking my hand in the water, I ask softly, "You can see him. You invited him underwater. Why can't you do the same for me?"

I already know the answer, but I felt the need to ask anyway. Selfishly, I want him to know how I feel.

Standing abruptly from the shore, I look across the water one more time before walking away. Before I leave, though, I say goodbye to Tyson and our father. In a few days, I'll be leaving Camp Half-Blood, too, and returning to live with my mother for the school year. I have to admit that I'm not looking forward to it. It'll be another year in a new school, trying to make new friends. I hate starting over.


Walking into Cabin Three, I walk immediately to my hammock and crash down onto it. I don't bother looking over at Tyson's. All of his belongings are already gone. I look down at the watch he gave me. I run my fingers across it slowly as I realize I'm really going to miss him. Then, a slight feeling of annoyance surges through me. Why send Tyson here if he was only going to rip him out of my life a short time later? Kind of like what happened when I finally met Poseideon…we spoke; he told me he'd stand by me always…and then nothing. No word, not even in my thoughts.

Flipping my shoes off my feet, I turn and face the outer wall of the room. As my face starts to wrinkle up from scorn, a voice startles me from the darkness. "Anger is a dangerous thing for a half-blood nowadays. Trust me, I know."

I shoot up from my hammock so fast that it almost twists around and dumps me in the floor. I know I should recognize the voice, but I don't because I'm trying to stay upright and stop my heart from jumping out of my throat. That inner guinea pig is definitely still with me…

My eyes search the cabin frantically, looking for the intruder, and it isn't until I see Caduceus appearing slowly that I know who it is. "Hermes?" I question, slightly surprised.

"Who else?" he asks when I can finally see all of him.

We both know there are a million other possible answers to that question, so I don't bother to answer it. Instead, I slip over to the edge of the hammock and set my feet on the floor. "Why are you here?"

Carefully, Hermes turns around and sits beside me on the hammock. I look at the hooks that are keeping us off the ground and sigh thankfully when I see they are able to hold the added weight. "Truthfully, I don't know."

When I arch an eyebrow questioningly, he explains. "Things are…different now. Luke is angry at me and I know he has every right to be." He clears his throat and then continues, "I visited Cabin Eleven earlier and left gifts for my children and the unclaimed; I couldn't let them see me, of course. You know the rules, but I am allowed to see you. I just felt like …I don't know."

I understand completely. I place a hand on his shoulder and whisper, "You felt like talking to someone who might understand."

Hermes smiles softly and nods. "Yes, I do believe you understand more than anyone else right now what Luke is going through. I just…wish there was a way to make things right again. I can't give up on him, Percy."

I smile as I hear Hermes' words. At the god's obvious display of emotion for his son, hope and sadness fill me simultaneously. Even though I think it is almost impossible, I can't help but hope right along with Hermes that he'll find a way to fix his estranged relationship with Luke. Also, I feel kind of sad, because I wish Poseidon felt the same way about me. I wish Hermes' words were his. The only words my father had for me recently were to "brace myself" for Thalia's arrival. That's it-just two words. Even the message I had from Hermes for Luke in a time of chaos was much more personal…Despite the hatred Luke now has for his father, Hermes still wants to find a way to reach him! And, yet, I'm the one sitting here waiting for some kind of sign from Poseidon; I'm the one who's ready to receive acceptance and signs from my dad and I don't hate him, but I'm the one who doesn't even get to hear his voice in a sea breeze or my thoughts anymore! Is that fair? I'd give anything for him to try like the god beside me does...

Before I even know what I'm doing, I lean against Hermes. He places his palm on the back of my head and gives it a small shake as I've seen fathers do with their sons after winning a baseball or football game. Tears fill my eyes, but I refuse to let them fall.


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