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" NAARUTO!! Wake up for training!!!" Sakura's shrill voice entered one ear of Naruto and out the other.

He flipped over and pushed a pillow on top of his face to block out the girl's rather irritating voice.


" MAAAAAAAAAAAaaa~ I heard you!! Just another minute!" Naruto yelled back. He heard a puff of impatience from his door and knew he had won.

" Fine Naruto. But don't blame me if Kakashi happens to stroll into the room and dump ice water on you accidentally." Sakura replied innocently with an annoying high-pitched giggle. Naruto rolled his eyes in relief as he heard footsteps bound away.

Naruto stretched his arms over his head and yawned. Opening his eyes, he lifted his arm over his face in order to block his eyes from the blinding sunlight that streamed into the room.

" Haiyaaaaaah!! Sooo Bright!!!" Naruto whined as he picked himself up from the warmth and comfortable bed he wished no more than to lie back in. Rubbing his eyes tiredly, he gasped at the numbing cold of the smooth wooden floor against his feet as he walked towards the closet. Flinging open the closet door, Naruto smiled in satisfaction at the loud *BANG* when the door slammed against the wall. His smile only grew wider when he saw a large crack on the wall.

" Meh... "

Naruto grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it off him when the sound of the door flinging open nearly caused him to loose his balance.


Naruto stared incredulously at Sasuke as the other boy stared at him back; they both faced each other frozen in shock. Naruto's arms still above his head with his shirt tangled around his wrists. He felt his face heat up and noticed with some satisfaction that Sasuke's cheeks had turned pink as well.

Sasuke politely turned his gaze downwards to his feet away from the tantalizing view of Naruto's bare chest.

// Idiot Naruto; why doesn't he lock his door/// Sasuke seemed to have forgotten the fact that he was the one who had opened the door without knocking in his haste.

" Oh. You woke up." With that, Sasuke quickly turned around and hurried away. VERY quickly.

Naruto was speechless, his eyes opened even wider if possible, remaining unblinking. Naruto shook a little, realizing he had been standing there for a while. He blushed remembering the incident of the night before all too clearly.

What the HELL??? Yesterday was nothing…. Nothing… Naruto told himself. It was just the after effects of eating six bowls of stolen stew from the kitchen in the middle of the night out of boredom.

Naruto shook his head, pulled the shirt that was still tangled around his wrists away and rubbed his temples for a moment. There was a dull throbbing at his head that was rather uncomfortable.

/ Damn headache…/

Naruto suddenly felt a dizzying sensation in his head and a loss of balance in his feet. The loud pounds and painful throbs in his head only increased as he took in deep breaths of air.

/What the Hell is happening to me? /

Naruto felt himself swaying a little back and forth, his brain losing contact with his numbing feet. His face didn't lose the furious red from the flush when he saw Sasuke. Naruto groaned and slapped a cool hand against his burning face, the action only brought a brief comfort before everything turned dark and he fell swiftly to the ground.

The only thing he saw before he fell was a young man running towards him.


" Naruto?

Naruto opened one eye slightly, his mind was not clear and his thoughts appeared as though it was jumble of green and red colours. Naruto moaned and felt his sight clear up; it was STILL THE SAME!! Green and red colours drowning him… he can't breath nor can he move.

God… he felt like sleeping again…

" Naruto??? Wake up?"

Naruto mentally tried to punch whoever was endlessly calling his name fifty million times; but his arms felt like lead. He was too weak to even open his mouth and swear, much less hit anyone. Naruto felt his mind closing him on him again and knew that sleep was going overcome him soon enough.

"Naruto Naruto Naruto??"

" Naruto?"

Naruto really felt like throwing up now. If that person was going to say his name ONE more time, he'll legally get his fucking name changed!


THAT WAS IT!!! Naruto snapped and suddenly woke up. His head felt like there were a thousand hammers pounding his skull at once, his skin was feeling sweaty and clammy and HELL!! Whoever was calling him was going to be FREAKING MURDERED!!! PAINFULLY TOO.

" WHAAAAAT!!" Naruto yelled; jumping up and ignoring his mind's sensible advice to lie back down. He stood up on his bed, his bare feet sinking into the mattress making him lose in balance. Naruto yelled out a curse as he fell back on the bed, his face flushed in making a fool of himself.

He glared daggers at the woman in front if him. She had long black hair that was tied up in a tight bun behind her head, her complexion was pale and ghastly and her robes were drabbier than any he has ever seen. She seemed afraid of him for a minute and Naruto grinned in his head at the terror he caused in the eyes of his tormentor of sleep. But she seemed to realize a few seconds later that it was only a child in front of her. Her rather soft features crinkled up in distaste as she stared blankly at the boy.

"I just wanted to know whether you were sleeping well???"

Naruto stared disbelieving at her. What the heck was wrong with this lunatic woman?? She comes into his room, wakes him up and FREAKING ASKS IF HE HAD A GOOD SLEEP.

" No. I'm NOT sleeping well due to the fact that I'm not sleeping AT ALL!!" Naruto yelled in his fury, he felt his veins of his temple pulse wildly and for a brief moment, his sickness was forgotten. That was before the throbs came back in deadly pounds and Naruto found himself falling back onto his pillows. Naruto slammed his fists onto his head in attempt to make the pain go away.

" Where are the rest of them?" Naruto groaned.

" You mean the rest of the visitors?" /No duh! / " They are still training outside but I'm sure they will be back in an hour or so." The reply came back softly.

Naruto groaned loudly again. DAMN!! They left without him, and today was the day for Kakashi's so-called "special" training. It was the reason the came to the boring place all together and he's not even there to learn it. He twisted his head back to the window and found that the sky was quite gray; he wasn't able to distinguish the time of day but the clouds.

/I HAVE to get out of this place! / Naruto muttered softly, so that the maid wouldn't hear him. He had to get out and find them! There was no way he was missing out on this training, it would be the only thing that wouldn't bore his brains out of the few days they are staying here.

Naruto sat up again and shifted his body to put his feet on the cool ground. Lifting himself up with some difficultly, his arms lost strength and he feel back down again. His brows furrowed, Naruto pulled his attention towards the woman watching him with some amusement.

Naruto scowled bitterly.

" You know what? You could come and try to help me you know." Naruto said lowly. The woman shook her head, a tinge of a smile still on her lips.

" I've got orders to keep you in bed. You've got a fever right now and you should get your rest."

" But I NEED to get up!!" Naruto whined; hope was almost lost. The maid shook her head.

" It's not like I'm going to do anything to kill myself or something." Naruto watched her.

" What ARE you going to do???" The maid asked expectantly. Naruto sneered.

" Does a guy have to report to someone before using the can?" The woman immediately blushed and walked over to help pull him up. Naruto mentally cheered. /Success! /

Naruto got up and motioned for the women to go out for a moment. He feigned an innocent smile.

" Thank you." He said sweetly as he headed for the door on the other side of the room entering the washroom.

The minute the woman got out. He immediately leaped over to get his usual comfortable outfit out, yawning a little as he pulled on his pants. He decided that a little headache wasn't going to ruin HIS day; everyone was just overreacting! FEVER? Hah!!

Naruto ran over to the window and jumped out. Ignoring a piercing pain that shot to his head, he ran into the dense forest oblivious of the storm clouds gathering quickly above him.

Sasuke wiped off the beads of sweat on his forehead as he continued to gather his chakra into his legs and kicking it forward. Slightly pleased at the whistle in the wind at the speed of his kicking, he forced his smile back down into an emotionless grim line and threw a careless glance at Kakashi.

Kakashi nodded slowly before he felt a droplet of rain fall onto his nose. Swiping it away quickly, he lifted his face heavenwards and realized a storm was soon to come. Dark gray clouds swirled furiously in the sky. Sasuke and Sakura looked up as well and walked over to get their things from under a large oak tree.

" There's a storm coming, we should get back now." Kakashi said, stating the obvious. " This was a good day, it's too bad Naruto couldn't come." Sakura had been watching Sasuke as she always does; She noticed with some curiosity that Sasuke had paused for a moment at the sound of Naruto's name before he continued to gather his things up.

/Wow, Sasuke must really hate Naruto to flinch at the sound of his name. / Sakura commented happily in her brain, but somehow, the shine that glittered in Sasuke's eyes for a moment before it went back to it's dull cool form again disturbed her.

Sakura continued to watch Sasuke before he turned around and caught her eyes for a minute. For one excited moment, Sakura found herself breathless staring into the stormy gray eyes before he turned away swiftly and walked a fair distance away from Kakashi towards the temple. Sakura couldn't fight the bright smile and the warmth that filled her face as she pulled back up from her crouch and followed the two males.

She ran a little bit forward so that she and Sasuke walked side by side. Slightly put down that Sasuke didn't notice her, she decided to be the one to strike up a conversation.

" That was some pretty tiring training back there." Sakura said cheerfully, careful not to direct it exactly towards Sasuke but at the same time making it sound like a casual statement.

" Hn." Sasuke didn't even spare her a glance. Sakura felt her happiness die down for a minute before she forced a grin on her face again.

" *Giggle* It's a good thing that retard Naruto didn't come with us or he would have ruined our concentration with his ugly face like he always does, right?" Sakura felt slightly bad for insulting Naruto like that but a shared dislike may spark some interest in Sasuke.

Sasuke shot her a withering cold glance.

" The only reason Naruto couldn't come was because he had a fever. Also, I despise people who talk behind other's back." Sasuke said firmly. With that, he quickened his pace.

Sakura watched him walk away from her.

/ Sasuke said he hated me! Just for Naruto! / Sakura felt slightly hurt but she hurried as well.

" What do you mean you don't know where he is? Weren't you supposed to take care of him for me- I meant 'us'." Sasuke asked dangerously. Kakashi came up and patted him gently on the back to back him off. He watch the women who was so overcome with fear that her face was several times even whiter than before and shaking like a terrified cat.

" Do you know where he went?" Kakashi asked gently, concern in his voice. The women calmed down a little before she met Sasuke's deathly glare again.

" I don't know! That boy! He left after I told him you were training! He told me he needed to go to the washroom! How was I supposed to know that he was going to go out?!" She wailed.

Sasuke tensed.

" Naruto is outside with a high fever! He can barely walk in his state and it's about to rain any second now." Kakashi pointed to the window. The woman followed his finger and shuddered as she saw all the trees leaning from the strong wind and the darkening sky. "It's going to be freezing cold and in his state; he could even DIE!" Kakashi said lowly. The maid started to sob and put her face in her hands. Sakura hurried to her and patted her hesitantly on the back.

// He could DIE.// Sasuke froze.

// Naruto could DIE.//

// Die...//


*SLAM* All three people currently in Naruto's room at the moment turned around in surprise as they looked towards the swinging door. Loud stomps were heard in the wooden corridors before they softened due to the dirt ground outside. Kakashi rushed to the window and saw Sasuke's hunched shape race into the forest in almost an inhuman speed.

Kakashi sighed deeply, his chest heaving.

" Idiot." But his voice was not heard because the dangerous whistle of the wind and the soft pitter of the rain slowly increasing in volume had consumed it.

Sakura could only stare out of the window and wish.





Sasuke ran blindly, noticing only at a small corner of his mind of the raindrops hitting heavily on his skin.

" NARUTO!!! WHERE ARE YOU!??" The rain began to come swiftly down in torrents, knifing through the air. With it was accompanied by the wind continuously hitting against Sasuke almost making his lose his balance. But all this along made him run faster, his hair flapping loudly behind him and several wet strands flinging about his face. There was a deafening burst of thunder so powerful Sasuke's ears began to ring. But Sasuke was oblivious to this since there was a more ear-splitting ring in his head already.

" DAMN IT!!! WHERE ARE YOU!!!" Sasuke felt himself tiring and freezing cold, the rain soaked through his clothes and they hung heavily on his torso sticking to his skin.    

Sasuke ran and ran and ran.

The rain was not there anymore.

The wind was not there anymore.

The thunder was not there anymore.

He only ran.

// NARUTO!!!//

Naruto collapsed in exhaustion under a large tree when he heard the first clap of thunder. His head was thundering with pain and the rest of his numb body felt as weak as a kitten. Why the hell did he have to leave??? It was so cold…

He could barely even lift a finger; he was so very tired. Even when the freezing rain fell mercilessly on him, he was suddenly burning… burning with heat. His felt as though he was engulfed in flames. The rain poured down and he wished desperately for someone to find him… even Sasuke…

… Especially Sasuke.

Sasuke looked around wildly, his wet hair tossing around his head and sticking to his face. Sasuke flipped his hair out of his eyes in his haste. He couldn't see anything, the rain made it impossible for him to see.

" NARUTO!!!" Sasuke hollered with all his strength one last time before something caught his throat and he found himself choking with tears. Sasuke fell to the ground, not noticing the mud that had splattered onto his pants. He rubbed his face with his wrists. What was happening to him?? Why was he acting like this?? The only thing he wanted to do was get the painful jabs in his chest and the heavy lurches in his stomach. The only thing he wanted was to have Naruto safe by his side.

" PLEASE GOD!!" Sasuke pleaded. He knew he was thinking irrationally, he knew he was WAY past doing anything that would be right of mind. But the only thing he could think to do was pray.

" Please God. Please God. Help me find him! Help me find Naruto! He's sick!" Sasuke pleaded.

But then rain continued to pour down, the wind didn't not stop.

Suddenly, in one agonizing moment; it was as though the world stopped and Sasuke caught sight of a tuff of blond hair. He paused for a moment, water still dripping down his face, and his eyes blank and emotionless. He stood up quietly; the rain would have drowned the any noise he made any way.

Time stood still for the eternity of time that it took for him to get to the boy under the tree.

Sasuke stood in front of Naruto and took in everything he saw. The wet blond hair that fell flat reaching his shoulders and on his face. The flushed cheeks and the erratic breathing that blew past the boy's white lips. The chest heaving slightly with every quick breath he took, and the uncontrollable shivering. He felt a tugging at his chest and he let out of deep heart-wrenching sob.

Dropping to his knees in front of his archrival, he could feel the incredible warmth and emotion that swelled in his chest. Sasuke lifted one hand out and tenderly rubbed the frighteningly cold cheek of Naruto, sliding it downwards and back up again. He pulled the clumps of wet hair that had fallen in front of Naruto's face back behind his ears. Sasuke felt himself smile, but he was not entirely conscious about it about it because almost all his thoughts where concentrated on the boy in front of him.

Naruto suddenly coughed loudly, a deep cough that rose grittily from his sore throat. Sasuke widened his eyes for a moment before he let his arms drop beneath Naruto's armpits and held the boy there. Suddenly, with one swift pull, he brought the Naruto to his own broad warm chest. The frail boy limply fell towards him; his head dropped heavily onto Sasuke's broad shoulders; his flushed face turned inwards so that his warm short gasps of breath were directed straight onto Sasuke's neck. Sasuke pulled his palms down to Naruto's waist and crossed them before he hugged the boy extremely tightly so that Naruto slumped back fell on the heat that radiated from Sasuke's body. Sasuke unashamedly clamped his knees around Naruto so that he would maintain balance.

Only then did he relax, knowing that the boy was safe in his arms.

He felt Naruto calm his shivering and his breathing came back in slow swift breathes and fell tired, his head against Naruto's; raven dark hair clashing with a bright blond… no that it even mattered in the rain anymore.

" Why do you make me feel like this Naruto…?" Sasuke sighed softly, half asleep. His eyes shut and he was left sleeping; Naruto close by him.

Yes, it was still raining… but even as the skies were dark; the rain slowed only to a light drizzle. It wasn't even cold anymore; it couldn't be cold for the two embracing boys, both still unsure of their feelings but only sure of the fact that they only felt complete in each other's arms.

That was when Naruto woke up and found himself leaning against someone warm. Even though he wasn't able to see quite clearly yet, he knew who it was.

" Sasuke…"

OWARI (kind of)


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