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Chapter 3: Date from Hell

She was upstairs getting ready for her "date" when there was a knock at the door. Brianna stepped in with a large smile. She helped her dress in a knee length, arctic-blue dress. There was nothing special about it since it was as plain as possible. Isabella knew the color looked great on her and she hated that. Of all things she didn't want to attract anymore of Edward's attention. Bree matched her with a pair of black MaryJanes like Master Edward had told her to.

Bree smiled brightly at her and nodded in approval. Edward would be very happy with Isabella's appearance. If Edward was extra pleased then Bree could have peace of mind knowing he was content.

Bella, on the other hand, couldn't be any more anxious this afternoon. Edward was adamant about having today's picnic to Bella's chagrin. To just breathe in a breath of fresh air would be an accomplishment in itself.

"Will you come with us?" Bella questioned just as Bree finished fixing her hair in a high ponytail.

"No. I have to start preparing for dinner. I won't just be feeding you two tonight." Bree explained.

"Oh, right." Bella wanted to keep her mind off the impending family dinner.

"I did pack you favorite sandwich though. Roasted turkey on whole wheat."

Edward had told her all of Bella's favorite meals and snacks long before she had arrived. So far Bella had raved about everything Bree cooked. She seemed to be perfect at everything, even dealing with Edward.

Bella could careless about food and more about yesterday's events. She had replayed back in her mind the moment Bree stopped her from possibly making her biggest mistake being here. For whatever reason Bree had saved her was unclear and her mind was to exhausted thinking of motives. As far as Bella was concerned, Bree was a lost cause but she was better than having no one to occupy her attention at all.

"Master Edward will be so happy to see the dress looks so beautiful on you." Bree commented.

"Thanks." Bella mumbled but, Bree didn't catch the sarcasm.

"Oh." Bree gasped. She turned around and dug through a small jewelry box. "How could I have forgotten?" She scolded herself aloud as she raised the necklace to show her friend.

Bella wanted to tell her it was no big deal but, she was accepting that it was in Bree's nature to achieve perfection. Even if Bella did not see the big deal.

"You look radiant." It was him.

Bree had just finished fastening Bella's necklace when Edward stepped in the room. Bella felt sick at his compliment and tried not to show it in her expression. He circled around her once nodding in approval, and then a second walk around was just for his entertainment.

Bella had a hard time trying not to look down. He never wanted her to look down when he was paying her this close of attention. She was learning but he was contemplating if her constant reminders were going to need some more severe punishment to speed up the process.

At some point his patience was wearing thin on her behavior. She was not worshiping him as he imagined she would be with all the time they spent together. He had given her time but how much more did she need to realize he would be her world and that she was his dream come true.

"How is everything?" Edward asked her while consuming his own meal.

They were seated on a green picnic blanket in the middle of the woods. It was a beautiful place since they were specially positioned in the center of this area where the trees were not blocking the natural light that was beaming through the trees. Bella didn't care about the surrounding area's beauty at all. She had eaten half of her sandwich but, had picked at the rest while her eyes absently stared into nothing.

"Great." His Isabella came to life at the sound of his voice. She broke out her smile and stared directly into his eyes.

She didn't realize in her position, sitting on her butt to her heels, that she looked so desirable. He couldn't help himself but, to reach out and rub his hand down her arm. It was awkward. More awkward for Bella then it was for Edward. She instinctively leaned away from him but, froze when seeing his face morph into near rage. It was unbelievable seeing him go from content to so angry so quickly.

"Are you disgusted by my touch?" His voice was calm which didn't match his face expression.

She shook her head. Edward got up to stand above her. "Then why the fuck did you do that?!" He yelled.

Isabella let out a short scream at his outburst which only enraged him more. Why couldn't she be like the other women in this town that learned to submit and accept love from the men that had chosen them. Edward knew she would be different but, he didn't realize the hassle he would have to deal with. He was close to dragging her back to the house and just end this outing. She was ungrateful, selfish, and undeserving. He kicked the picnic basket and seemed to be caught in his own thoughts giving Isabella the chance to save herself.

Her hands were shaking and her mind was racing. She had to save herself quick and all sense told her to run. She knew not to though. Clearly, from the stroll they took Edward knew this area like the back of his hand. She had to be smart about this.

"Please, Edward." She begged breaking into a real sob. She spoke lies without thinking too hard on them. "I am nervous! I've never been with a guy that treats me so well!"

This had an automatic calming effect on Edward. It took him a few moments to let her words sink in. She was actually still babbling about how she wanted to be good for him, and live up to his expectations but she didn't know how to. Edward's shoulders were slowly relaxing and he kneeled down beside her.

His searched her eyes for any sign that she was lying but, found that he could barely concentrate when looking at her. He gave up and attacked her lips. Bella squealed at the random unexpected act and shoved hard at his chest trying to push him away. Edward was oblivious to her struggling to pry his hands off of her. He palmed her breast and in only moments he had forced her onto her back. He made a sudden decision that the engagement and wedding be damned, he wanted her now and wouldn't wait any longer. She wasn't a virgin and neither was he, which was a good thing he supposed, because he wouldn't have to hold back.

"I thought I could handle waiting for this until our wedding night but, I think we could both use this release." He exhales rolling his mountain of a body of her own.

"No. No. I'm fine." She shakes her head. "I don't think I need any release. Actually, I think we should wait for the wedding."

He was too impatient to ravish her the way he had daydreamed. Her dress was hiked up almost revealing her underwear. Edward was aiming to have her completely naked under him. She twisted and kicked with no long lasting results.

Then, his fingers slipped up her dress and into her panties. She grasped his wrist and literally squealed at him abrupt touch. Her legs tried to squeeze together but, his body was in the way. Nothing seemed to faze him. He slapped her hands away and pulled her dress up high enough to see her flat stomach. He took pleasure in seeing her cute polka dot panties.

"Quit moving!" He barked pinching her hip.

"Then don't do this! Please!"

She was reduced to tears when he literally tore her panties off her body. She turned her head to avoid looking at him and held the sheets underneath her to prepare herself. But she didn't take into account that Edward was going to force her to enjoy this and wasn't such a brute to just simply push his dick in her.

"Relax." He shushed her heavy breathes and moved his body back a little to sit position himself better. "I'll make you feel good."

Two of his fingers slipped between her folds. He tried to push them as far into her as he could get. He was surprised to feel that she was nearly as tight as a virgin. Her walls squeezed his fingers so firmly he worried if she'd be able to handle him. He pulled his fingers out slowly and pushed in slowly again a few times, then finally felt her wetness coax his fingertips. Bella felt her body had betrayed her and couldn't understand why his forced touch would make her respond this way. He twisted his fingers as he pushed in and heard her light whimper. He tried again and received a louder cry come from her. This time her thighs pushed together and her walls nearly pushed his fingers out from inside of her. Which he found very sexy.

"Your body is begging for more." He cockily said.

He pried her legs apart and moved his hand faster while slowly stretching out his fingers. He knew his finger work wasn't enough to prepare her for him but, he didn't object to his member getting the big job to break her in. When he felt she was wet enough he curled his fingers slightly. Bella came. She held in her voice having no clue where she got the strength to remain silent. Her torso arched and hips rose but, he was not finished with her yet. Edward enjoyed the sensation of her walls clamping down even tighter than before. Her wetness flowed out of her and some on his fingers. He prodded her pussy for a while amazed by home much came out of her. He watched it travel halfway down his arm.

His older brother was always bragging how his fiancé's cum tasted comparable to light golden syrup. He, himself, never had the urge to taste but, now he was curious. He licked from his arm up to his wrist and was stunned that his brother wasn't bragging, though instead praising. Bella was still dizzy from the intense orgasm and hadn't noticed him preoccupied licking his fingers clean.

While she was near passed out and not putting up a fight as he leaned down, taking her chin gently making her face him.

She was still in trouble and he was not done with his sexual intentions yet. He knew that he had to deal with some type of punishment now or he would spoiling her. Or else, he would end up with an Alice-double on his hands.

"You have to learn to accept my love. When you moved from my touch I almost lost my mind."

Almost? Bella wanted to question.

"And that was not nice. You have to learn to appreciate me as you're intended future husband. Do you understand?" Edward said softly.

"Yes." She said happily, thinking she had dodged being in trouble.

"Good. Now I think that was minor, so five spanks do."

Without a warning he had himself comfortable seated in the blanket that he had just given her the best orgasm on, and proceed to pull her into his lap. He flipped her on her stomach over his lap, wasting no time slapping away at her ass. She cried a little but, he had obviously gone easy on her this time, compared to other times. He pulled her dress from over her head finally. Her breast her beautiful just like the rest of her.

"Are you going to be a good girl?" Edward asked with an eyebrow raised.

She nodded unable to use her voice at the moment. He didn't mind though. As long as she acknowledged him.

Edward didn't give Bella a chance to recover. Anxious to get his dick wet he rolled her on her back. Her legs still felt like jello and her ass hurt which was an odd combination, since she just experienced the a mind blowing feeling and then a painful spanking so close in time to one another.

He didn't want to miss a thing when for his first time having her. He turned her face and made he look directly into his eyes. Her eyes would give him the greatest pleasure in this. They seemed to be where all her emotions were kept. Taking both of her thighs he effortlessly had her legs wrapped around his middle. Unlike her he didn't waste energy getting completely nude. He left his shirt on. That could be another day. For now he slipped off the fabric that was preventing his dick from taking his Isabella.

"No!" Bella shrieked when she saw the lower necked half of his body. She was intimidated by his size, which she gawked at. The fear sunk in that he may rip her in half. "No!" She started to claw and kick all over again.

With a roll of his eyes, he sighed and gave her a swift slap on her sensitive sore ass. She immediately stopped, like he expected. She was learning her place.

He placed his hands on both sides of her head. She gazed up at him fearfully which he managed to somehow mistaken for desire. With a single firm push he was completely inside of her. The pain for her was worse than she could have thought. When she lost her virginity it was a short and uncomfortable experience that stung from the start but, with the man inside her right now she questioned if her cherry had somehow materialized again. The ache brought her to tears.

"You're so wet. And tight." He moaned dropping his forehead down to her own. He tried to give her time to adjust but, any patience he once had been kicked out the window.

Slowly, he pulled out watching her face barely convey relief, then he pushed again. She raised her hands to his chest in hopes of pushing him to a slower pace though, at that moment he decided to go full swing and pound into her ruthlessly. Her fingers fisted his shirt and all the while Edward misperceives the woman under him building up to a second orgasm.

He's trying to destroy my kitty-cat! Bella thought to herself.

He threw her leg over his shoulder and drove into her further. Somehow she began to feel a tingle stirring deep in her stomach and a bigger sensation where Edward's dick was plowing in her. Though the majority of the act hurt, she was on the verge of cumming. Why her body was reacting positively to rape was a mystery.

With every thrust Edward enjoyed watching her breast jiggle and bounce. They were a decent handful and perky. He had to balance his attention between her chest and her face, which were equally sexy. When the heel of her MaryJane grazed his back he barely even felt it.

"Don't cum yet." He demanded through clenched teeth. Isabella did not hear him since her pussy was currently gasping Edward's member. It was too late. She now had a hand on the mattress pushing her body upward and the other had her nails digging into the flesh of his shoulder. She cried out when she came. Edward was not angry when feeling her wall grasp him so tightly. He did not even feel a need to punish her since she would have to learn to correspond her sexual responses to his demands.

A minute later Edward released his load in her while his body collapsed on top of her.

He did not waste any time trying to figure out what to do. Instead, it was only a short time before he was on his feet and threw his future wife over his shoulder, and began his stroll back to their home. She was awake but, clearly still not in her proper state of mind.

If anything, Edward became more rejuvenated. She had begun off a little resistant but, it was only due to her nervousness. He would have to rid her of that. It was interesting and enticing now but, it would become tiring fast. Of course, he still wanted her to worship him and that would come in time. One sided display of affection was not appealing to him at all.

He left the picnic behind for Brianna to clean up.

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