N - Need

"Mmmm... Thomas..." Hope moaned as his warm, soft lips found the taut column of her throat. His hands fisted in the long flaxen locks of her hair. She straddled him as their bodies began to slowly rock in time. Even fully clothed, Hope's body was alight with fire; alive with wanton need.

"Hope," he said huskily, pressing his mouth against the shell of her ear. "I want to make love to you."

Hope's whole body trembled in response to his words. She wanted that too. She wanted it so much more than she ever would have thought was possible. Her fingers whispered across his chiseled jawline. "And here I thought you invited me to your place to help you plan your uncle's bachelor party," she teased. "Or was that just a ruse to get me here and-"

"And, what?"

Hope flushed. And make me all hot and bothered. I literally ache for you. Aloud, she simply said, "And get me naked."

Thomas chuckled softly but his eyes became hooded and stormy at the mention of Hope sans clothing. "You've caught onto my master plan. There isn't even really going to be a wedding. I just made that up to lure you here so that I could have my way with you."

Hope giggled at the teasing in his voice. "You're an evil genius." She kissed him hard on the lips; her tongue darting inside his mouth. He growled against her lips as she caressed his hard body with her lithe fingers. She started to peel off her blouse but he shook his head.

"Not here," he said. "In my bed. I want this night to be really special for you."

"It will be special, because it's with you. But I understand," she said. "It just makes you even more romantic than I realized."

Thomas helped her to her feet. Fingers intertwined, they slipped down the hall together. Her heart thumped wildly against her ribcage as he pushed open the door to his room and she followed him inside. She didn't really see much of the decor because she could only see him.

They kissed their way over to the bed. Thomas dropped down onto it, settling his hands on her lean hips. Hope gazed down at him. He was so beautiful that she couldn't take her eyes off of him.

"I can't believe we are going to do this," Hope said huskily as she played with the buckle on his belt.

"Want to stop?" He quirked a smile at her. "It's not too late to go back to being just 'friends', you know."

"Oh, yes it is," Hope said. She unzipped her skirt and eased it down her thighs. She now stood there in just her bra and matching pink panties. Thomas sucked in a shaky breath and she grinned, knowing what she was doing to him. "There's no turning back now," she said. "This is what I want and I think you want this too, right?"

He smirked as he pointed to the evidence of his desire. "Do you even have to ask?" He held out his arms to her and she eased down onto the bed with him.

Two became one.