Family Portrait

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Summary: Rory is a twenty-two year old single mom in her last year of Yale. Things are just beginning to get a bit interesting now when both an old crush and the unknowing father of her child return into her life.

Rating: PG-13 (It's precautionary)

Spoiler: Just mostly for the first, second and beginning of third.

Chapter 1: Hello, Goodbye

"I thought you would've been engaged by now." Rory Gilmore had hardly been paying attention to the speaker, but the words ran through her system. Yes, she was twenty-two years old attending Yale for her fourth and final year. Not only wasn't she engaged to anyone, she didn't even have a boyfriend. Her mind began to float back to how it came to be that here she was in the middle of a grocery store unattached when both Paris and Lane had boyfriends who could at any moment propose and her mother was married to Luke, none the less.

She had been seventeen with the perfect relationship and a bright future. Everything seemed right her life at Stars Hollow. That was until Jess Mariano came to town. At first she thought he was a menace. Just another Tristan to torture her, but as time went one she began to grow closer to him and apart from everyone else in her life. They didn't understand what there was between them. After the accident and the kiss Rory tried to figure out herself what there actually was about Jess that drove her to New York to see him and to kiss him when he returned. In Washington he had been all she could think about. After returning home and seeing him with Shane working on her relationship with Dean seemed like the better way to go.

The year she turned eighteen and started her final year at Chilton changed the rest of her life. It was at a twenty-four hour dance marathon that Dean first expressed that he knew there was something between Rory and Jess. As everyone had danced around them Rory and Jess bickered. The bickering hadn't gotten past Dean and they had broken up. Rory and Jess were free to finally be with each other.

Rory remembered with a smile the lectures Jess had received from her mother and Luke. They were watched carefully to make sure Jess didn't hurt Rory. Lorelai hadn't been too happy about their relationship but eventually had to get used to it. Jess and Rory fit together perfectly and didn't fight about the stupid things, most of the time. They argued about novels and authors. Rory and Jess had something unique that no one would or could understand.

Weeks after Rory and Jess began dating Lorelai and Luke finally admitted their true feeling for each other. It was partly due to Jess and Rory's relationship. The two had begun to spend much more time with each other and in the process of think about how Rory and Jess had tried to be friends the whole time while liking each other they realized it was the same with them. Surprisingly it wasn't Lorelai who admitted it first. It was Luke.

The main event that would later affect Rory's life came around Christmas time. It was the eve of Christmas Eve and the town was a flutter with the day before the day before Christmas celebrations. Jess and Rory snuck away from the festivities and went to "talk" in the apartment above the diner. They were still able to hear the booming Christmas music from there. Luke had long ago been dragged out by Lorelai with a thermos full of coffee, reluctantly, to join the town and their Christmas Spirit. When Rory decided that this was the time to show Jess that she had really found someone she hoped to spend forever with Jess had been unsure, but eventually gave in thinking it was what Rory had really wanted. They woke up in the morning in each others arms. Thankfully, Luke had not come home or had just managed to not notice the two.

A month later when Rory realized that she was "late" she panicked. When it was confirmed after not one but three pregnancy tests that she was after all carrying a child Rory panicked even more. She did not know whether to tell Jess or her mother first or even to tell Jess at all. The issue of what would become of her dreams of the future also arose. In the end Rory decided that it was best that Jess did not know and would not find out. So, she broke up with him and chased him out of town telling him she never wanted to see him again. Of course Rory knew she was chasing the man of her dreams away, but couldn't help it. They were both better off this way. Jess would never understand why Rory had urged him to leave and had been so bitter but he had obeyed her anyways and stayed away from her and Stars Hollow.

When Lorelai found out about the predicament Rory was in, she flipped and swore to kill that little menace. Of course, she couldn't because by pure wit Rory had gotten him to go back to New York. Lorelai could understand why she didn't want Jess to know, but she didn't feel that it was right letting him go around without knowing that he had a kid on its way. They had other things to worry about at the moment though. Like telling Richard and Emily Gilmore that Harvard was a thing of the past.

Emily and Richard Gilmore were not as shocked by the news as Lorelai and Rory had thought entering the Gilmore home. They were though, probably, more angry. Emily blamed Lorelai for Rory's pregnancy saying that she should have listened and kept Rory away from Jess, and she blamed Lorelai that Rory's future was no more. Richard surprised them all by saying it wasn't. Then, he ordered them to follow him and they drove over to Chilton. Rory couldn't understand why they were there but followed her grandfather. Together the Gilmores and headmaster Charleston came up with a deal. They would have Rory on a one month trial basis. If Rory's mark did not slip and she concealed her pregnancy as long as possible she could remain at Chilton. Richard also insisted that if she could do this then with his pull at Yale Rory could attend there in the fall after the baby was born. Rory knew she could do this. The headmaster also suggested that Paris be there to help her seeing as they had spent the summer in Washington together. Rory agreed.

Paris hadn't been pleased by the news that Rory was pregnant and she was to help make sure Rory didn't slip up, but in time she got better. When they received admittance letters Rory was thrilled that Yale had accepted her. Rebelling against her parents' wishes Paris decided to attend Yale as well. Paris helped make sure that no one found out about the pregnancy and during the months of morning sickness Paris helped with a cover up. The two were becoming close. Lane and Luke were also great about all of this. At every appointment Lane, Luke, Lorelai and Paris followed Rory to make see how the baby was doing. They were all getting quite excited about finding out the sex of the baby. Although Rory was only eighteen she felt that she was ready for this challenge even though it might change her future plans.

The day they were to find out the sex, the five of them were accompanied by Jamie and Dave who were let in on the secret. On the car ride there they all piled into the car and began to play a name game. They continued to play as they waited for Rory to come and tell them the news. Rory came out of the examining room with a bright grin on her face. The baby was going to be a girl. Lorelai immediately jumped up and shouted "it's a Lorelai" at the top of her lungs.

Rory gave birth a month early in August to her little girl Lorelai Elizabeth Gilmore the fourth. They came up with the nickname Liza using her middle name. Everyone present at the birth new this little one was going to be a true Gilmore. Seeing as Liza was born premature both Rory and the baby spent a week in the hospital. When they left they began to think about who was to take care of the baby during Rory's classes. It was decided that Lorelai would until Rory could find a decent baby sitter.

Lorelai, Rory, Paris and Liza moved into an apartment not far from Yale in New Haven. It was a three bedroom apartment. The third extra room was made into a guestroom and rather large sun room was going to be the baby's room. Emily and Richard donated some money into the apartment, Lorelai donated some, Paris and Luke also gave some money. They had all made sure that the apartment was a nice, safe and a big one. Paris and Rory loved it.

Lorelai was finally able to move home when Rory hired a nanny for the baby. The nanny took care of Liza whenever Rory and Paris went to class. When Rory departed for work Paris watched Liza. As time went on the arrangement seemed to fit well. Now, three years later the nanny had left and Jamie moved in. Jamie had recently finished Princeton and offered to move in and take care of Liza. Lorelai and Luke had a son named Lucas, who was a two years old, and Lorelai was four months pregnant with twins. Although things had seemed simple these past four years they weren't going to stay that way. Things were just starting to get interesting.