Chapter 1: Vodka

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Summary: A one night stand leads to unexpected consequences.

Levi sighed for the third time in the last minute. Men and women dressed in their best outfits pranced around like peacocks. He downed the wine and placed the glass on the floor. Hiding out in the dark corner did the trick. No one noticed him. Unfortunately, there was nothing remotely interesting about the party and he was getting bored.

The annual three day party was held in one of Sina's biggest halls this year, created by a young Noble who just became the head of the family. The party was held there to let all three branches of the military integrate and some other crap he hadn't bothered to listen to. He only came because the higher ranking members were to attend to set a good example for the others.

Growing tired of his game of chameleon, he glanced around, trying to find someone whom he could kill time with, at least for a few minutes. Nope, no, nope, hm. He found the person he was looking for. He moved quickly, pretending not to hear the nerve grating voices of the other guests calling after him when they saw him walking by.

Levi made way towards the familiar face. "Petra," he snuck up behind her. With her hair, she was easier to find than the other members of his squad.

"Captain," she smiled easily, not at all surprised at his sudden appearance.

He glanced silently between her and the gushing women behind her. "Fine," Petra sighed. She knew from that annoyed look on his face he was getting tired of this party—a ridiculous waste of his time he'd called it earlier that evening. She quickly excused herself, much to the women's disappointed. Levi rolled his eyes. No doubt they wanted Petra to introduce them to Humanity Strongest Solider.

She lead him away. Petra was enjoying herself though. Constantly being in the presence of male members of her squad who thought her family—except for maybe Oluo—was tiring. It was nice to meet guys who thought she was cute. Relationships didn't last long in the Survey Corps, but it felt good to let loose and enjoy a few minutes of harmless flirting.

They spent the next few minutes making small talk. Women tended to shy away from Levi when he was with Petra. He didn't know why. He figured maybe they thought the two were together. Either way, he couldn't care less as long as his bug-repellent worked. Unfortunately, that went double for Petra. No young man ever approached her, and the occasional one that did, kept a polite distance while conversing.

"Hey," Hange approached them, eyes shining brightly. The wide grin on her face promised trouble before she even opened her mouth. She got close and whispered, "You'll never believe what I found!" She checked their surroundings for any eavesdroppers, then moved her shawl to reveal a bottle of liquor in her hand. "It's vodka!" She covered it, checking again for unwanted eyes and ears.

That perked up Levi and Petra's interests. It was hard to find alcohol from before the Walls went up. Especially an expensive and unopened bottle that Hange had managed to snag, "I was bored and went exploring the main house."

"You didn't!" Petra asked. "What if someone had caught you?"

"She's right, Four-Eyes. We're not exactly loved and your stupid actions could have been the end of us," Levi berated. The story of one of Survey Corps' highest ranking members sneaking around a Noble's home would have too much of a scandal for their poor reputation.

"It's fine, I was careful! Anyway, I was exploring the basement and I found a trap door."

"A trap door?" Levi asked curiously. If that's so

"There're a couple more bottles and I had Moblit sneak them out for me."

"Hange, isn't that stealing?" Petra said in a hushed voice.

She rolled her eyes, "Oh live a little! Besides, from all the dust and webs around it, I doubt even the owners know it was there."

"And what if they do?"

"What're they going to do? They can't report it obviously," Levi pointed out. As far as he was concerned, it was the perfect compensation for an evening ruined.

Petra bit her lip, unsure. But she was curious about what it tasted like. Besides, if her superiors didn't see anything wrong with it, then she'd just do what a good soldier did and follow orders... "Okay, when should we open it?"

"Tomorrow night," Hange answered immediately. "Levi and I have to stay for a while. We'll be able to enjoy it nice and proper when we don't have to worry about staying sober enough to petition for the Corps."

"Shouldn't we invite the others?"

"Why?" Levi scoffed. "Gunther and Erd left the party early since they didn't have to stay. And Oluo was so drunk they had to carry him with them."

Petra sat on Levi's bed. She'd never been in his room before. They were in an inn, but technically it was his room. Much like his room back at HQ, it was neat and clean. There was a knock and Levi let Hange in, Moblit right in tow.

And without preamble, they opened the bottle.

"Wow," Moblit stared at his glass after taking a gulp. "It's very smooth."

"And subtle," Petra nodded as she took another sip.

Hange took a huge gulp. "Now this is the good stuff! So much better than the crap I usually drink."

She chugged the rest of her vodka as Levi watched, rolling his eyes. He didn't say anything, silently enjoying his drink. Petra knew vodka was 40% alcohol. Based on the measurements of the glass, she knew exactly how much she should have. She knew Levi knew his limits as well.

Which was why, less than fifteen minutes later, she was surprised to find his head in her lap as he nuzzled her stomach.

Petra had expected Levi to stop after her, figuring maybe his level of tolerance was greater than hers. Or stopping way before because of his cautious nature. Her wonder at the situation disappeared as she finished her drink. It seemed like a good idea to have another one...

The only one who wasn't completely wasted was Moblit. "I think I'll take my squad leader back." The alcohol was proving to be highly effective, more so than he'd expected. He struggled to pick up Hange's unconscious form. Petra put down her glass and removed Levi's head so she could go open the door for Moblit.

Levi whined, causing Petra to giggle. "Just closing the door, I'm not leaving yet."

"Good." Sitting up, he grabbed her hand when she got close enough and yanked her into his lap.

I never knew he's such a cuddler when he's drunk. Petra smiled into Levi's hair as he placed butterfly kisses on her neck. She sat up straighter. She felt something Then Levi found that one spot on her neck and her mind blanked out everything else. He decided he really liked her moans and wanted to hear more.

Awkwardly unbuttoning her top and sliding it off, he stroked her bare flesh. Petra shivered at his touch. Aroused and agonized at the slow he was going, Petra wished he would hurry up. But he was going to take his time and explore.

Levi didn't know why he felt so hot. The little light cascading through his window couldn't be the cause. He sighed into the warm, fragrant...thing in his arms. Opening his eyes slightly, Levi observed lazily. She's so beautiful... He slammed the brakes on his thoughts as the situation finally caught up to him.

No, no, no! What the fuck?! Levi breathed heavily as he tired pathetically to stay in control of his emotions. He was sure Petra heard the loud pounding of his heart because she began to stir. He closed his eyes, counting to 10, wishing to anyone and everyone out there he was just dreaming.

Petra opened her eyes. And immediately sat up, clutching the sheets to her chest. Her sudden movement made her dizzy and she swayed. Rubbing the heel of her palm to her head, she tried to massage the headache away. She heard Levi pull himself into a sitting position next to her, not quite looking her in the face.

"U-um..." He swallowed nervously, cursing his shaky voice. "Fuck…" What was he supposed to do? He never imagined to find himself in such a position. If he could, Levi would jump at the chance to face down 50 Titans right now because fuck he really did not know what to do. Inside he felt a tornado of emotions: confusion, terror, anxiety...

Petra felt utterly relaxed, much to her own surprise. "I should go."

Levi cleared his throat, "R-right..." He pointedly looked away.

Petra got out of bed, ignoring the dull ache between her legs. She wasn't a virgin but it had been a while. She threw on her clothes as best as she could and slipped out as silently, afraid even the smallest of noises might shatter the strange illusion of calm. Fortunately, it was still very early and her room was only a few doors down.

Levi kept his eyes closed until Petra's light footsteps faded away. His head hurt, his body felt strange, and he was confused as hell. Forcefully shoving everything at the back of his head, he decided the best course of action was a shower. He'd save the massive panic attack after he cleaned himself.

Petra's eerie serenity broke when she saw her reflection in the bathroom mirror. Oh sweet Rose... Her eyes bulged as she pulled off her shirt, staring at the red marks on her abdomen—mostly her chest area. She had a hard time swallowing. Petra slapped her face in embarrassment when she imagined Levi sucking on the soft flesh.

She turned away. How could she face her captain when she couldn't even face herself?

I had sex with Captain Levi! Her heart beat so fast she could swear it would explode out of her chest. Clenching her hands tightly into a fist, she resisted the urge to yell in shock at the situation. What do I do? What do I do? What the FUCK DO I DO NOW? She paced around furiously.

Her headache worsened. First things first, she needed a shower and some pain medicine. Then she would make it clear to Levi how it was only a one-night stand. He would understand of course. From the pure panic he was giving off, she knew he was completely hopeless when it came to this sort of thing.

Yes, that's right. Captain Levi and I will pretend this never happened and we can go back to normal. She nodded to herself. With that half-assed plan in mind, she felt slightly better and jumped in the shower. Standing before his room, she chickened out and grabbed her bag. I'll talk to him once we get back.

One the other side of the door, Levi paced nervously back and forth across his room. He had cleaned it three times already—having stayed at the inn before, the elderly owner knew his quirks by now to leave cleaning supplies around the room.

The smell of sex had made his body feel like it never had before. So he had given the entire place a though scrubbing. And that time spent doing what he enjoyed very much, cleaning that is, had helped him grasp the situation a little better.

Petra will understand. He had been so relieved when she had taken charge of the situation. He shuddered just thinking about it. Levi felt his face flush thinking back to the love bites on her neck. I did that...? He sat on his bed then immediately jumped off, remembering what he'd done and whom he'd done it with last night.

He couldn't stay there any longer. Packing up his things, he hauled ass to Rose alone, instead of waiting for his squad. He thoughts were a mess and a distraction was a must. Grabbing his gear, he all but ran out of his bedroom. He needed to get his mind of the issue and calm down before he could think rationally. Intense training exercises would do perfectly.

Walking down the east wing hallway, Levi froze when he heard a door beginning to open—the door to Petra's room. Looking around frantically, Levi dove into the closet—not caring how dirty it was inside—just as Petra came out. He was hiding to avoid her, how humiliating... Shaking his head of those thoughts, he hastily made his way outside.

"Petra, is something wrong?"

"W-what? Oh it's nothing. I had a little something to drink last night and now I'm feeling the effects," she told Gunther. She'd spent yesterday trying to work up the courage to approach the short captain and fell short every single time.

"You had booze and you didn't even invite us?" Oluo pouted. "It's better to get drunk in a group you know. Or better yet, with a handsome man." He said pointedly.

"Oh shut up," she rolled her eyes, fighting a blush at the image of another handsome man.

Why are her hands shaking? Erd watched as Petra nervously placed the tea cup in front of him. I know she doesn't have feelings for him. He narrowed his eyes in interest at the deer-in-headlights look Petra had when Levi came in. Much to Erd's surprise, a similar expression flashed in Levi's face before it became a stoic mask.

Erd noted that neither Gunther nor Oluo noticed the strange reactions. They were too busy in their conversation to notice the tense atmosphere. His eyebrows nearly disappeared into his hairline as Petra sat to Gunther's right. She always sat on his left, closer to Levi, who sat at the head of the table. It was almost as if she was using him as a shield of sorts.

"Hey, why're you sitting over there?" Oluo, always sat across from her to Levi's left, finally noticed.

"Maybe she wanted a better view," Erd joked. He observed as Petra stopped squeezing the life out of her fork in relief. Shifting slightly, he realized Levi seemed to avoid making eye contact with her. What's going on with these two? Whatever it was, Erd was going to get to the bottom of it.

Levi tapped the table impatiently. For once he was glad for the ridiculous meetings. It gave him an excuse to leave, thus holding off on that talk with Petra. He mentally shook his head. Trying his very best not to think about...that. Levi was grateful when the other squad leaders arrived.

Hange collapsed in the chair next to him. "Man that stuff was strong." She whispered to him.

Yes, too strong. He thought distastefully. Levi placed the blame entirely on that thrice-damned vodka. He still couldn't understand how he and Petra managed to get drunk when they had clearly stayed within their limits.

"I had Moblit test the little amount left in the bottle," Hange muttered, "that vodka was specially made."

"What do you mean?"

"Normally, vodka has 80 proof, that means 40% is alcohol. But the bottle we opened had 140 proof, it was 70% alcohol."

No wonder we got wasted despite our caution. Levi frowned. That vodka was almost twice as strong as the regular one. If it was higher than 160 proof it would have been closer to moonshine, pure alcohol. "I'll never touch another bottle of vodka in my life ever again."

"If you're sure, can I have the rest?"

"Be my guest," he said disdainfully.

They quieted down as the meeting began. For the first time in a long time he was paying 100% attention. It was all going well until Nanaba went to open the window, letting fresh air circulate around the room, along with a sweet flowery scent. The same fragrance emanating from the flower vase in his room. Unfortunately for Levi, the part of the human brain handling memories and emotions also directed the sense of smell. He was blinded sided by the memories he'd worked hard to shut out. "So soft..."

Levi froze as an image of him trailing kisses on Petra's breasts assaulted him. Her quiet moans completely drowned out Erwin's voice. Oh shit, oh fuck! Levi gripped the arms of his chair tightly, trying his hardest to keep his thoughts under control as memories from the other night came back. Why? Why now?

He forced himself to breathe slowly, grateful he had chosen to sit in the back of the room. There was no way he was getting a boner in public. How humiliating! Levi cursed the idiot who designed the uniforms with the fitting pants. He remembered the way Petra's body had curled under the feel of his lips. Think about ugly, stupid Titians! And death! And...and Oluo's dirty socks!

He finally got a hold of his emotions, firmly squashing them down. Fortunately for him, no more memories rushed to the surface. Although his mind tended to wander off every few minutes. It was easy to force himself back to the present, but it was distracting as hell. This is going to be the longest meeting of my life.

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