Chapter 1: Mistake

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Summary: A one-night stand leads to unexpected consequences.

Because of how awful the original story was, from the spelling/grammar to the characters to the plot, I decided to redo the entire thing instead of going through each chapter and fixing everything. There was just too much bad writing. Figured might as well start from the beginning.

Levi sighed, watching men and women dressed in their best outfits prance around like peacocks. He downed the wine and placed the glass on the floor. Hiding out in the dark corner did the trick. No one noticed him. Unfortunately, there was nothing remotely interesting about the party and he was getting bored observing the other guests flouncing around gushing about each other's clothes and trading irrelevant stories.

The party was hosted by a young noble who just became the head of his family and received a promotion in the Military Police. It was held in his mansion to let all three branches of the military integrate and some other crap he hadn't bothered to listen to. Levi had a feeling their host was just looking to party with women from other branches based on the young man's shameless flirting with every attractive woman he laid his eyes on.

Growing tired of his game of chameleon, Levi glanced around, trying to find someone whom he could kill time with, at least for a few minutes. He had been forced to come along because the higher-ranking members were to attend to set a good example and show everyone they got along.

The people he had come with were easy to spot. All the members of the military were dressed in the longer version of their tan jackets. As it was a formal occasion they were to wear the dressier coat and dress pants. The other Scouts were either mingling with large groups or too drunk for him to deal with. Then his eyes landed on his female subordinate.

He moved quickly, pretending not to hear the nerve grating voices of the other guests calling after him when they saw him walking by. With her hair, she was easier to find than the other members of his squad. "Petra," Levi came up behind her.

"Captain," she smiled easily, not appearing at all surprised by his sudden appearance. Unlike her companions, a mix of civilians and soldiers, who gazed at him with wide eyes before whispering among each other.

He glanced between her and the gushing women behind her. "I need to talk to you."

"Yes, of course," she excused herself from the women. Levi turned his back to them and rolled his eyes at their disappointed pouts. No doubt they wanted her to introduce them to Humanity Strongest Solider. He led her away to a semi-secluded spot.

"Where's the rest of the squad?"

"I think they had their fill of the party and left. Oluo was too drunk so they took him with them."

Levi wished he could leave. "This is such a waste of time."

"It's not so bad. They have good food and wine." She went to the buffet table, helping herself. "I've been eating a little bit of every dish so I can try everything. Would you like some?" She held up the plate for him.

He had no idea what it was but it tasted good. "It's about the only reason why this party isn't completely intolerable."

"I thought the commander would have wanted you to talk to the guests."

"I fulfilled my minimal quota," Levi answered in boredom. "It's a party. They want to have fun and talk about meaningless shit. No one wants to talk about the monsters outside their doors—or not unless they were literally on their doorstep." Just saying the word Titan seemed to annoy some of the guests and he had learned it was better not to say it. "That'll ruin the mood and the festive atmosphere."

Petra nodded. "I guess at some point it's better to just go along so they like you, instead of making your pitch and annoying them. We don't want to look like pests."

"Speaking of pests," Levi spotted a familiar face moving their way. "Hange, where have you been?" She looked around covertly and he was immediately a little more alert and interested.

"Hey," Hange greeted, eyes shining brightly. The wide grin on her face promised trouble before she even opened her mouth. She shoved her face too close and he moved his head back as she whispered, "You'll never believe what I found!" She checked looked around for any eavesdroppers again. "It's booze!"

"I can tell. You're drunk, aren't you?"

"No! I'm mean yes. I mean I'm a little tipsy. But what I meant was I found their wine cellar and," she smiled mischievously, "I opened one and may have liberated another."

"You what?"

"I was bored and I went exploring the rest of the mansion."

"You didn't!" Petra gasped. "What if someone had caught you?"

"She's right, Four-Eyes. We're not exactly loved by these snobs and your stupid actions could have had serious consequences," Levi berated. He could only imagine what the scandal of Survey Corps' highest ranking members sneaking around a nobleman's home, stealing, would do to their already less than stellar reputation.

"It's fine, don't blow it out of proportion. And I was careful!"

"Where's the bottle?" Petra eyed her up and down.

"I had Moblit sneak it out for me and Nifa helped. I wasn't going to bring it in here."

"Hange, that's stealing," Petra spoke in a hushed voice.

She rolled her eyes, "Oh live a little! I doubt the owners know will even notice it's missing. Their stash is huge."

"And what if they do?"

"We'll be long gone by then. And there are hundreds of people here. They won't know it was us."

"Alright then, I'm in," Levi said.

"Really?" Petra asked.

"The deed's already done," he shrugged. Might as well enjoy the reward. And as far as he was concerned, expensive liquor stolen from fat, greedy little nobles was the perfect compensation for an evening ruined.

"True. Okay, so when should we open it?"

Levi raised an eyebrow, "Now you're on board?"

Petra shrugged and smiled at him. "You two made some good points."

"We'll open it tonight," Hange answered immediately. "Levi and I have to stay for a while. We'll be able to enjoy it nice and proper when we don't have to worry about not getting too drunk to petition for the Corps. We'll meet in Levi's room in two hours."

"Why my room?" He started to complain but Hange had already wandered off.

"I can't believe we're doing this," Petra giggled, walking through the inn the Scouts were staying at for the duration of their trip.

"I'm a little nervous to be honest," Moblit admitted. "We're still on active duty."

"I'm sure Hange and Captain Levi will get into more trouble if we're caught. We'll say we were just being good little soldiers and following orders," Nifa said jokingly.

"No one had better throw up," Levi said, opening the door.

"Is it just us?" Petra asked curiously.

Hange nodded, "Mike had a headache from all the perfume at the party and Nanaba said no. Everyone else was too drunk or tried and wanted to go to sleep."

"Probably for the best. If there were too many people we'd each get less," Levi opened the bottle. And without preamble, he poured everyone a glass.

"Hey, how come I don't get as much?" Hange pouted.

"Because you already had some earlier from the other bottle you stole."

"Wow," Moblit stared at his glass after taking a sip. "It's very smooth."

"And subtle," Petra nodded as she took another sip, her cheeks warming as the bitter liquid burned down her throat.

Hange took a huge gulp. "Now this is the good stuff!"

"Yeah," Nifa said, "much better than what I usually drink."

Petra guessed the amount it would take for her to get drunk without getting completely wasted. They had to ride back to HQ in the morning and she did not want to get on a horse while sporting a nasty hangover. She had good self-control when it came to drinking and knew when to stop depending on how drunk she wanted to be.

Which was why, twenty minutes later, she was surprised to find herself laughing and full of warmth and happiness. "Guys," she said loudly, "I'm totally that short girl who can't hold her liquor and gets all stupidly happy and giggly when I'm drunk."

"Yes, we can tell," Levi said, looking the most relaxed she had ever remembered him being.

"You should smile more," she pinched his cheeks and stretched them out. His face was very close to hers. She bit her lip, heartbeat picking up when his eyes fell to them, staring, before meeting her eyes again.

"Uh, I think that's enough."

Petra jerked back, embarrassed. Then she looked over to Nifa and realized the woman had been referring to Hange, who was babbling nonsense too fast for them to understand. "I think we better take her back to her room," Moblit answered, looking and sounding surprisingly sober. He placed one of Hange's arms over his shoulder while Nifa supported her other side.

"Goodnight guys," Petra said. She was suddenly very conscious of the fact it was just her and her captain all alone in the room now. "I should probably go."

"Stay. For a little while." Levi held up the bottle. "Let's finish this."

He woke with a pounding headache. Soft, warm flesh was pressed against his skin and knew. He still hoped he was dreaming, but he knew he wasn't. Levi's heart took off, very aware of his lack of clothing under the blanket. Taking several deep breaths, he opened his eyes. And his stomach dropped. Oh shit. Petra lay asleep, hugging his side. He'd slept with him subordinate. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!

Levi attempted to calm himself. Three women. He had gotten drunk with three women yet he'd ended up sleeping with the one who was the most off limits.

Carefully, Levi extracted himself from her. He froze when she made a sound, shifting, finding a comfortable spot. He grabbed some clothes and entered the bathroom. His reflection showed a pale, horrified face. What the hell did you do? The smell of sex was all over him and he quickly jumped in the shower, eager to wash it away.

Levi felt the scratches on his back from when Petra had dug her nail into his skin, legs wrapped around his waist, face twisted into an expression of pleasure as he continued to pound furiously into her. The memories were very arousing and he felt the heat pooling into one area. Groaning, he reduced the hot water and increased the cold. After thoroughly scrubbing his body, as if it would wash away what he'd done, Levi stepped out, dripping wet.

He was not ready to face her yet. Discomfort, shame, and nervousness began to surge just at the thought of waking her and talking about what had happened the previous night. How could you lose control? And with Petra of all women. His shoulders drooped. How could he violate possibility the purest woman he'd ever known? With a long sigh, he rubbed his face. Levi braced himself and opened the door.

The bed was empty.

Where did she go? Levi went to the door, hand on the door knob, and hesitated. Should he go to her room? Again he was assaulted with the images of them hot and heavy. Maybe she needed space. He could barely stand the thought of confronting her himself, feeling too afraid. Levi sat down on the bed. Then quickly sat up.

His head still pulsed. How could you be such an idiot? It was a mistake. No matter how badly he wanted to blame Hange he knew it was on him. He was her captain. He should have known better. Even if she had made a move on him he should have rejected her. But no, instead he was the one who had kissed her first. How could I screw up so badly? Levi could only imagine what the rest of his squad would think.

They're going to lose all respect for me. Not that he'd blame them. He would too if he were in their shoes. His thought went to Petra, worrying for her.

Petra wanted to throw up.

She gagged over the toilet bowl but nothing came out. She groaned, pushing off and leaving the left bathroom. Sitting on her bed, she went over what had happened, feeling like shit both physically and mentally. I had sex with Captain Levi. She buried her face in her hands, feeling so humiliated. Like some stupid girl I screwed my superior. She knew she should have left when the others had. It had been a bad idea staying while under the influence alone with her captain, who was also drunk. It had disaster written all over it!

The urge to puke hit again. This time she knew it had nothing to do with the hangover. What would happen now? Petra wanted to cry. Had she just tanked her military career? Once the commander found out he'd have her transferred. She couldn't very well stay in Squad Levi with Levi as the leader. Would they suspend her? Her once spotless record would now be marred by this one mistake.

What does Captain Levi think? When she had woken up in his bed, remembering having sex with him not once but multiple times, so mortified she couldn't bring herself to stay. Her face burned, recalling her bold, sexual words and going down on him. What he must think of me! How could she look in the eyes now?

I should have stopped him. When his lips had brushed against hers—soft and clumsy and almost shy—she had wanted it badly and threw caution to the wind. She could have stopped him but she hadn't wanted to. Her deep admiration of him and the alcohol, after breaking the rules together and being alone in a hotel room, they were not a good combo. Petra's mind continued to run through the memories over and run, making her head pound harder.

A knock came from the door and the split second before Erd's voice came and she thought it was Levi, her hear had nearly leapt out of its chest. "Hey, we're leaving in twenty minutes."

"Okay. Thanks. I'll meet you guys out there." Petra showered quickly and nervously went to meet the rest of the squad. "Where's Captain Levi?" Her voice was calm and steady. But just saying his name made her insides feel hot out of embarrassment. It had been a while since she'd last been with a man and her body kept reacting strongly to every memory of his touch.

"Something came up and he and the other squad leaders won't be returning until evening," Gunther said.

Petra felt immensely relieved she wouldn't have to deal with it until later. She was going to need all that time to compose herself.

"You're hungover too?" Oluo asked.

Thankfully the medicine she'd taken had finally kicked in, relieving her of the worst of the pain. She still felt like crap though. "I kept having...interrupted sleep," she answered with a straight face.

The entire ride back she tried to sort out her thoughts and feelings while pushing back the memories. There was a reason why fraternizing among within teams or between people of different ranks was not allowed. How is it going to affect our team dynamic? Even if they managed to work things out, she knew things weren't going to be the same again.

Levi was eager to return and talk to Petra. It was what he had been itching to do all day. But as soon as the HQ came into view, his anxiety began to build up. What if he messed up and said the wrong thing? He had no idea what she was thinking or feeling. Did she blame him? Did she think he took advantage? They were both intoxicated but he was still a ranking officer.

The thoughts increased his desire to clear the air quickly. Petra was so kind and good and loyal. Levi did not want to leave her to think it had just been meaningless to him. It certainly hadn't been romantic but he'd never intended to sleep with her in the first place. He wanted to reassure her he valued her greatly and he would accept if she decided to leave the squad or stay.

Levi knew in any other case he'd be punished more severely as he ranked above her. But his position was very unique. Instead of bringing it to Erwin, he'd let Petra decide first what she wanted to do.

"That stuff was good even if I woke up with a killer hangover," Hange said once it was just the two of them alone in the stables. "It was stronger than I was expecting."

"That makes two of us," Levi muttered.

"So I had Moblit analyze the other bottle. Normally, that stuff's eighty proof, that means forty percent is alcohol, but the bottle we opened had one-hundred and forty proof. It was seventy percent alcohol. Nearly double the regular amount."

Levi froze. No wonder we got so drunk. It made so much sense now. He knew he hadn't gone over his limit. It made him feel slightly better about the situation.

"If it was higher than one-hundred and sixty proof it would have been closer to moonshine, pure alcohol."

He quickly separated ways from Hange. I should've made her put the bottle back. Then he never would have been in the mess in the first place. Or refused to join her. Normally he would have but just once he had decided to give into an impulse. And look what happened.

He may not care what people thought of him but he did care that they respected him. He had earned it. And now, after one stupid decision, it would all go out the window.

When Levi reached his office, he didn't have to call for Petra. She was already there waiting for him.

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