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"Ah, it's Lucy Heartfillia!"

"She's so pretty! Ahh! Please, notice me, Lucy!"

"Lucy, you're amazing! I love you!"

"Thank you for saving me! I love you so much, Lucy!"

Giving her fans large bright smiles, the blonde gave waves towards them as security tried their best to keep them away, the large crowd of fans trying to get through. Wearing black shades to cover her up slightly, the blonde was ushered into her car where she was going to be taken to her next destination.

Lucy Heartfillia, no doubt, is Hollywood's Princess. She was well known for both her excellent acting and amazing singing skills. Everyone adored her and she was almost everywhere. Ads for magazines, hair products, perfume products, movies, and other things that got her rising to the top. She worked her butt off for years and now after four years of trying her best, she was named Hollywood's Princess.

Even though she was mad famous, she never allowed the game get to her. She was almost the most laid-back celebrity out there.

Taking her shades off, the blonde pushed it back and used it as a headband as she leaned towards her manager, Loke Celestial. "Where we going now, Loke?"

"Well Lucy, we're on our way to the set of where we will be shooting the new movie, Key of the Starry Sky."

"What genre?"

"It's a romantic action film."

"Oh, sounds like fun! Guess I'm going to be pretty laid back with the movie shooting going on, now, huh?" The blonde sighed as she leaned back against her seat and stretched as Loke looked through the contract, nodding in agreement. "Who are my cast-mates anyways? Anyone I know?" She asked as Loke hummed, flipping through the last page to read her the list.

"Uh, nobody I assume you know but erm... the main cast is: Lucy Heartfillia, Michelle Lobster, Romeo Conblot, Midnight, yada yada, you'll meet them there."

"Who's the guy I'll be filming with?"

"Erm... uh, his name is... Na—Natsu Dragneel?" He spoke, slightly confused on how to say his name when he realized whom he was. "Natsu Dragneel!" He cried out in surprise making his blonde partner flinch slightly as she was in the middle of browsing her phone, her eyebrow quirked upwards. "It's Natsu Dragneel, Lucy! You're acting this out with the Natsu Dragneel!"

"Who?" She asked, slightly confused and baffled by the idea of her manager freaking out over some guy. "Who's Natsu Dragneel?"

"Don't you know?! He was in multiple movies! Uh, uh—he was in the movie Memory Days and the Fairy Tail x Rave movie and such! How could you not know who he is?!"

"I don't remember a lot of people," she said bashfully as she smiled sheepishly as Loke sighed. "is he famous?"

"He's crowned one of the best. Possibly Hollywood's Prince."

At this, Lucy's full attention was on her manager as she tried to think who this guy was. Hollywood's Prince? They have a Prince as well? Who was this guy?

"Hmmm... sounds interesting... can't wait to meet him,"


"Lucy, we love you so much!"

"Lucy Heartfillia!"

"Geez, how do they know where you're at all the time? This is crazy..." Loke murmured as the car rolled up by the side of the building making Lucy laugh. "I have the most dedicated and greatest fans out there, that is how they know where I am at all times." She sighed happily as the car stopped and somebody opened the door for her making her step out.

The screams and squeals got even louder as she waved and blew them kisses, quickly being pushed into the building to avoid any other complications.

Finally making it into the building where they would be shooting the movie, the blonde was greeted with people running around here and there and cast members greeting one another. When she entered, they all immediately turned to look at her and their expressions turned bright, all of them excited to meet and be with the Hollywood's Princess.

The blonde didn't know anyone there but when she did, her entire face beamed and she ran over to where her scarlet-haired friend was to give her a large hug.

"Erza! You're a part of this movie, too?!"

"Yep! I'm one of the main characters." She smiled proudly as the two shared a heart-warming hug, friendly greetings being exchanged. "I saw you are, too, Lucy. And I don't mean main character; you're basically the entire movie!"

"Am I really?" The blonde giggled in an embarrassed way as she waved her off. "By the way, where's this Natsu Dragneel guy? I want to meet him! I heard some great things about him," she grinned happily making Erza hum and look around the building for the one guy she knew as well as she knew the back of her hand.

Gazing from one member to another, her eyes finally caught the said male and pointed at him making Lucy gasp and lean in, observing the male. She squinted and stared as all she could see was the back of him, her brows furrowing as she noticed he had pink hair.

"What kind of guy has pink hair?"

"He was born with it."

"Liar," Lucy gasped as Erza shook her head and smiled. "How could somebody be born with pink hair?"

"Believe it or not, he can rock the pinkness."

Continuing to stare at the back of the star, Lucy wondered what kind of guy he was going to be. He looked pretty attractive from the back but if his personality killed, she would probably drop out of this movie.

She hoped he wasn't a douchebag. She hated coincided male actors; they were the worst kind out there.

"I'm going to talk to him," Lucy finally said making Erza nod and support her decision as the blonde handed her friend her shades before walking on over towards the male actor. She cleared her throat and tapped his shoulder to catch his attention, preparing for the worst when he suddenly turned around and caught her off guard.

Feeling the air be sucked out of her lungs, Lucy had to do a double take as she blinked in confusion.

This was Natsu Dragneel? He was gorgeous!

"Hey, you're Lucy Heartfillia, Hollywood's Princess, right?" He asked making her nod weakly as he grinned. "I'm Natsu Dragneel! Pleasure to be working with such a star!"

And as if cupid came and shot her with his arrow, Lucy felt like she just fell in love.

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