She thought it was love. He was gorgeous and all sunshine and rainbows and that made her heart flutter. She never met a guy like this and as they did their warm ups and did some practice, Lucy soon realized that this actor wasn't an ordinary actor. He was almost perfect. Too perfect.

It made her fume. She was actually fuming for—what reason? She didn't know either. Or maybe she did but she was refusing to admit it.

He was okay.

No, he wasn't just okay, he was fucking okay. He was amazing. He was perfect. He got his lines down after a single memorization, he was in-character, and he had the perfect emotions for every single thing. He was good and she hated to admit it but he was her good. He deserved the title Hollywood's Prince as much as she deserved the title Hollywood's Princess.

This was madness and she sort of wished for someone less perfect. But she was glad that she was the main female character who's with him all the time. If it was different, she knows she'll be fuming even more.

"Lucy, what's the matter? You've been sulking for almost the entire time we've been doing warm-ups." Erza pointed out making Lucy huff and shake her head, crossing her arms over her large chest. "what? Was it Natsu? Did he say or do something to you when you went up to him earlier? Tell me so I can go pummel him—"

"No, no!" The blonde cried out as she waved her hands in the air in front of her. "He didn't do anything."

"You sure? Because you've been eyeing pinky for a while, now." Gray, one of her cast-mates, said as he suddenly joined in the conversation making her cry out in surprise and reel back, the look of bewilderment plastered on her face.

"G—Gray! What do you think you're doing eavesdropping on our conversation?!"

"That's not very polite, Gray." Erza scolded making him grin sheepishly and apologize even though it was half-heartedly.

"So, what is this grudge you have for Natsu—?"

"I have nothing against him!"

"Stop lying, Lucy. I know the reason why." Gray started to grin making the blonde gulp and stare at him with wide eyes. Could he possibly see through her and her jealously for the perfect male actor? Was he also a very good actor and actually see through people—?

"You like him, don't you!" He suddenly shouted making the blonde stop and stare at him as if he was the dumbest human being in the world. How could he think of something like that when it was actually the total opposite? Well, she did think it was true love at first... but she barely knew the guy! And he was actually the first actor to make her feel so jealous but in love at the same time.

She hated being one of those girls who become so attached to something with a first glance—it made it so much troublesome for her as she went through with her acting and singing career.

The silence made Gray snicker and he crossed his arms over his chest, a wide smirk decorating his handsome pale face. "I knew it. You've got the hots for Dragneel, don't you?"

"You like Natsu?" Erza asked in surprise, gawking slightly making the blonde flush. "I didn't know—"

"I don't like him!" The blonde practically screamed, trying to get her point proven but it only made the two grin and give her the knowing look. "I swear I don't like him, alright?! You guys got it all wrong!"

"Who don't you like?" A new voice said making Lucy squeal and jump away as she felt a hand clamp down on her shoulder, the blonde whirling around to see the culprit. It was the said devil, Natsu Dragneel, looking perfect and innocent as ever. How could someone like him look so innocent? How could someone with pink hair be so perfect?!

"Who don't you like?" He repeated making her scowl return and her face flame up as if somebody said something embarrassing.

"Nobody." She muttered under her breath, her arms crossing across her chest making him quirk a brow at her.

"Lucy has the hots for you!" Gray suddenly shouted making the blonde react out of habit and smack him right across the chest, her face feeling twice as hot now. "She thinks you're hot!"

"Gray, what the hell?! I never said—"

"Oh." His voice suddenly made her freeze and cringe slightly, her body stiff as a stone. "That's why you kept looking at me... I thought I was just being judged hardcore by the Princess." He laughed a bit awkwardly as he rubbed the back of his neck making Lucy's entire face grow scarlet.

"I don't like you, okay? Not like that... at least," The blonde exasperated as she tried calming down her throbbing heart. "I barely know you!"

"Stop lying to yourself and to us, Lucy, you know you want to bang Nats—oof!"

Stomping away angrily, the blonde felt her entire body feel hot. "I hope your character dies in a horrible and tragic death, Gray!"

"It's not that type of movie, sweetheart! Maybe next time!" He laughed leaving Lucy fuming even more and Natsu blinking in confusion.


"Thank you for coming out today, here is your script and I will see you guys next month so we can start filming. Happy memorizing!" The director sang as he gave the actors and actresses their separate scripts. Once everyone got a copy, he gave a heart-warming smile before leaving the set once more, always disappearing right before anybody could ask questions or speak with him.

He seemed like a nice man but he was quiet odd, like everyone else who was chosen to be a part of the movie.

Flipping through the script, Lucy started to read through part one of the movie as she tried getting the hang and feel of it.

"Whoa, look, Lucy Heartfillia is already reading through the script!"

"Man, I wasn't planning on reading this till tomorrow or later tonight!"

"She really is something, isn't she?"

"Lucy, are you already trying to memorize the script?" Loke, her manager, asked as he approached the blonde who was reading. Lucy looked up in an instant and flashed a smile, bookmarking where she left off. "Yeah, I'm trying to get the feel of the script. Can we leave now—?"

"Wait a minute!" Erza's voice suddenly cut through her sentence making the blonde and ginger turn towards the scarlet-haired actress. "You don't think you're leaving now, do you?" She asked, planting her hands on her hips making Lucy quirk a brow at her friend. "Lucy, sorry to burst your bubble but, I'm taking you out for lunch. Along with these two." She suddenly yanked two arms over making Natsu appear on her right and Gray appear on her left.

The two looked a bit pained and they both yanked their arms away, scowling slightly making Lucy laugh lightly.

"Erm... w—why with them?"

"Why not? We're best friends in the role so why don't we start hanging out together? And the first step is: lunch." The scarlet-haired actress announced making the blonde gawk at her friend's decisions. She looked at Gray and Natsu to see what they thought but it looked like they weren't as bothered by it as they just stood there silently.

Thinking of having lunch with Natsu made her stomach turn violently and she wouldn't be able to handle that. He was perfect as he already was—she didn't want to deal with him until the movie actually started. He would probably make her choke up during lunch and being around him more, she was sure she'll become even more attached.

"Sorry, Erza," the blonde said as she turned around to walk away. "I'm kind of busy—"

"No you're not," she suddenly cut-in making her freeze. "I spoke with your manager already and he said you don't have anything until four and it's twelve right now so you have three hours to spare."

Snapping her head to look at her manager, the blonde glared daggers at her ginger friend as she knew the actors and actress behind her couldn't see her murderous expression right now. She showed him that she wasn't happy with his decision and Loke could only laugh sheepishly and inch away slowly.

"So what do you say? Lunch? Or do I have to force you to come?" She asked, smiling innocently making Lucy scowl. "Don't say that with such a cute smile, Erza."

"That's a yes! Great, we'll attend my favorite bakery!"

"You have a favorite bakery here, too?" Gray asked as the actress brought Lucy over to their small circle, the blonde eyeing her other cast-mates. "Didn't you say your ultimate favorite bakery was in France?"

"Gray, you don't understand." Lucy laughed lightly making the three look at her. "Erza does this research where when she comes to a place, she makes sure she has a favorite bakery or restaurant there."

"So you're saying that she has favorite places all around the world?" Natsu summarized making Lucy nod and Erza smile proudly at herself. "That's kind of... cool! Tell me your favorite places, Erza, I would love it! I love eating!" He said enthusiastically making Erza nod and wrap an arm around his shoulder, walking away with him. "Let me start by telling you my favorite dish: Strawberry cheesecake. They go back waay back to almost four thousand years ago when the ancient Greek made it up. "

Rolling her eyes at her friend's behavior, Lucy was left with Gray to walk behind the red-head and pink-head.

She felt like those two were the most normal out of them but then again, it was just like this in the movie, as well.

"So, Lucy," Gray's deep voice brought her back into reality. "tell me, when did you start liking Natsu?"

"Are you still on that?" the blonde sighed as she went back to reading her script as the four celebrities walked down the open street with hats and shades on. "I thought I told you I didn't like him like that."

"You don't need to lie to me," he winked making the Princess look up from her script and eye him oddly. "I can read people. One of my many talents I have gotten from one of my friends since she really likes to play with cards and tell people their fortunes. So, yeah, I know when you're lying and I also know that you like Dragneel."

Eyeing him, Lucy tried figuring out if this guy was serious or not. She knew guys like him would probably say something like that to have her crack and spill the truth but she was stronger than this.

And it wasn't like she was going to openly admit that Natsu Dragneel was almost the perfect match for her.

Scoffing slightly, the blonde went back to reading through her script. "You're bluffing. Sorry, Gray, but all Natsu is to me is a cast-mate."

"Will you admit it if I tell you that you're his celebrity crush?"

"I'm his what?" She almost choked out, completely stopping her memorization as she stuffed her script in her purse to turn and look at him. "His celebrity crush, you say? Why would I be his celebrity crush—?"

"Natsu looks up to you, a lot. Because you're Hollywood's Princess he respects you and he always wanted to do a movie with you. And he did admit in a few interviews that he would love to meet you and that you're his celebrity crush. Haven't you ever seen him?"

"How do you know all this?" She hissed, glancing in front of her to see if Natsu or Erza were listening but they were too busy talking about the history of food. "Are you just saying this to make me—?"

"I've know Natsu since I was probably in middle school. We grew up together and before we became actors, he always looked up to you. He may not act or seem like it but yeah, you're his celebrity crush." He shrugged, looking as serious as ever making Lucy's cheeks redden and her heart pace quicken once more.

She was his celebrity crush? Natsu's? The perfect male actor she just found about today liked her?

"So just cough it up and admit you like Dragneel."

Looking at the ground to watch her feet step in front of one another, Lucy felt her blush deepen as she let out a sigh. "Okay... maybe I thought he was pretty cute and maybe I thought it was... true love at first sight." She muttered the last part under her breath hoping he didn't catch it but when Gray snorted and started to chuckle, it made her feel even more embarrassed.

"Y'know what, Lucy? I'm promoting you to little sister."

"Little sister?" She echoed as Gray wrapped a heavy arm around her shoulders and walked with her like that. "Yep! Little sister, because I thought you were just super hot and talented but you have a cute side to you too, you know that? Makes me want to protect you or something." He said ever so bluntly while grinning making pink dust her cheeks and her eyes narrow.

"Thanks, I guess."

"So, I'm going to help you get your little crush."

"What? No, it's not like—"

"Hey Erza!" Gray shouted over her voice making the two in front of them stop and turn around to look at them. "Can I talk to you?"

"Is it important? I was in the middle of telling Natsu about how strawberries were put on the cheesecake." She replied back as Gray pushed Lucy towards them while he grabbed Erza by the arm. "You can tell me about it 'cause I really gotta ask you something. You stay with Natsu, alright?" Gray flashed an innocent smile towards the gawking blonde and confused male as he shooed them on.

Walking ahead of the couple behind them, Lucy felt anger boil deep inside her as she knew she shouldn't have given him any reaction to it. Now she was stuck up front with the male who supposedly has a crush on her and who she thought was a perfect human being.

"So, uh, Lucy?"

"Y—yeah?" She squeaked, almost forgetting about the male beside her. "Yeah, what's up?"

"Uh, nothing really I just... tell me about yourself."


"Yeah so, uh, I can see what kind of person I would be working with." He shrugged it off casually, trying to play it cool when she noticed how concentrated he looked with his brows furrowed. He looked like he was taking some kind of test and Lucy couldn't help but giggle slightly.

Natsu seemed to hear the giggle and he looked over at her, eyes wide. "What's so funny?"

"You're tense." She said making him eye her in surprise as she reached over and pressed down on his shoulder making him react quickly and jerk his shoulder up to meet his neck. "Whoa, calm down, I'm just trying to help you relax." She laughed lightly making him relax slightly but when she pressed down on his shoulder again, it made him jerk once more and a soft giggle come out of his lips.

The look of horror flashed across the male's face and he quickly slapped a hand over his mouth as he stared at his idol.

He prayed that she didn't hear it but by the look of amusement on her face, he knew she did.

"Natsu... are you... are you ticklish?" She tried her best not to burst into laughter but by the way he looked, she almost lost it. "Natsu,"

"M—me?! I'm not ticklish, that—that's stupid! Only—only girls or kids are ticklish—!"He started to say but he quickly jerked back as he felt the actress' finger brush against his sensitive sides, the look of betrayal and embarrassment crossing his features. "Can you please stop trying to tickle me?"

"That's adorable!" She cried out as she clasped her hands together, her eyes wide in excitement. "Guys who aren't ticklish aren't fun!"

"What is that supposed to mean?!"

"For example," the blonde said as she stopped walking and allowed Gray and Erza to approach. The couple behind them eyed her weirdly but when Lucy reached for Gray and brushed her fingers against his sides, he stood there in confusion making her click her tongue in disapproval. "see? No fun."

"What are you two talking about? Why is she touching me inappropriately?"

"Erza, did you know Natsu's ticklish? Check it out!" The blonde cried out as if it was the most amazing thing in the world, the blonde poking the neck of the male making him squeak and jerk once more.

He looked once again horrified and Gray started to burst into laughter, Erza blinking in surprise as well.


"Sorry, sorry!" She giggled as she waved him off and looked at him with a wide smile, approaching him once again making him stiffen and watch her closely to make sure she didn't tickle him anymore. But when she snorted and placed a hand on his shoulder, he hesitantly allowed his guard to go down and he stared at her with wide eyes. "You're still tense. I was just trying to help," she answered as she started to run her hand up his neck up to his ears where she lightly tugged on them before running her fingers through his hair.

Natsu instantly felt a shiver run up his spine and his body quickly relaxed making him feel weak to his knees.

What was this trick? How did she make him feel so relaxed just like that?

"This is Lucy's specialty," Erza spoke when Lucy finished her technique, the blonde blushing slightly. "she can make anyone relax with a simple gesture."

"Can you try it on me?" Gray asked, stepping forward making the blonde eye her 'older brother' figure for a moment before a sickening smile appeared on her face. "Yeah, sure thing, Gray." She said as she placed her hand on his shoulder before trailing up to his ear to yank on it hard.

A yelp of surprise and pain came from his lips and the blonde hissed in his ear.

"This is what you get for that little stunt earlier," she angrily whispered into his ear making him apologize repeatedly and cry out in pain. "Don't anger a Princess."


"On Tuesday we're going to have to head to the studio to record some bits of your new EP that will be coming out soon then we're going to work on some voice exercises. Afterwards on Wednesday, PopGlam has an appointment with you for a photo shoot then after the photo shoot you have to go on and memorize your script. Thursday you have a day off and Friday is the perfume opening party that you will attend—hey, Lucy, are you even listening to me?!"

"Huh, what?" The blonde blinked in confusion as she looked at her manager who looked slightly ticked off, the look of frustration crossing his features. "Sorry, what were you saying, Loke?"

"Lucy, is something on your mind? Did you even hear what I said?"

"No, sorry, erm... I'm just a bit tired," she muttered an apology under her breath as Loke sighed, crossing his leg across his other leg, leaning against the arm rest that was in the car. "Is something bothering you? Was it something Erza, Natsu, and Gray said earlier on your lunch date?" he asked making her shake her head and smile slightly.

"No, they were all really funny and I really had a good time."

Nodding, the ginger went back to reading the busy schedule as the Princess went back onto dozing off.

Actually, she really did have a good time. An amazing time to put it out there. She knew what Erza was like since the two acted together and became friends earlier before but combining Natsu and Gray into the duo, the four were the ultimate team.

They made her laugh so much her face hurt after the lunch date and she almost didn't want to leave. Her fondness of her cast-mates grew stronger and hanging around with Natsu, she realized he wasn't as perfect as she thought he was. He was still the gorgeous perfect actor she fell for but he had flaws to himself.

He ate like a pig and his manners weren't on point, really. He was loud and obnoxious but he was still very friendly to the ones he liked.

He just didn't show it off to anyone and when he first did show it, he seemed horrified to be acting like a hooligan in front of the Princess. But when she didn't walk away in disgust rather burst out into fits of laughter, the two became closer.

Why hasn't she met Natsu sooner? The stars were somewhat destined to be and Lucy didn't want it in any other way.

"Lucy, are you dozing off again?!"


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