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Sarek and Dansk

Chapter Thirty

The bonding ceremony would take place at 'Last Light' just prior to Last Meal. All will have to assemble in the dining room anyway so the location for the bonding was…logical. It was in fact what Terrans would call, 'killing two birds with one stone'. The usual seating arrangement was adhered to but the appearance of the room was changed by S'nass constructing a raised platform for the bridal party to stand upon. The family groups would be dressed in robes, the unbonded males in trousers and tunics of varying colors.

To signal the start of the ceremony the kusek (bells) were rang. Spock conveyed to his father the same message that had been given him those many days ago,

'A'nirth (Father), your wait is almost over.' He then added, 'Your reward approaches.'

Spock was standing to his father's right and Sirin and Lo'vaak to his left. Their bondmates stood on the opposite side, facing them. The doors opened and T'Paal escorted Dansk down the aisle carrying the outward sign of a bonded female, her cowl. In the present time, this covering was symbolic, like the wedding ring, but in earlier times, on Vulcan a bonded female would never be seen in public with her head uncovered, the cowl was a preferred way of accomplishing that task.


With Dansk's appearance in the room Spock could sense his father's focus wavering. She looked exotically beautiful. Nyota noticed that Dansk's hands were trembling as indicated by the movement of her hand-held bouquet, but upon her lips was the most radiate smile as she looked only at Sarek. As she reached the raised platform, Sarek raised his shields to maximum level and reached down and took her hand in his and guided her up the one step. With Dansk and Sarek's appearance before her, T'Pau rose from her chair and gestured for them to knell before her then she intoned,

"What you see here has come down from the beginning…It is the Vulcan Way. Kneeling before T'Pau with her eyes closed Dansk heard Sarek's voice in her mind…

"My Dansk, now we are one."

She smiled with eyes sparkling with unshed tears.

James immediately took the first holo-pic of them for his paper's wedding announcement page. The second picture was of the immediate family; the third was of the family and their guest. James prevailed upon the first non-related Vulcan nearest to him to take that shot so he could include himself and Zane in it. After all, here he was among the first family of Vulcan, he certainly wanted proof of that.

T'Paal had already taken Dansk's suitcase to the house that she would be brought to after the very brief time Sarek would remain in the dining room. Sarek now presented himself before his mother and bowed his head and thanked her for her services toward them and bid her farewell. Dansk performed a curtsey. After that Sarek raised his hands for silence, thanked the attendees for their presence and support and with Spock's wish for him to find 'the maidens peace,' he took Dansk's hand in his and led her outside to the transport he would drive to their housing. He assisted her into the craft, insured that her harness was secure then sat down next to her and set the controls. His statement to Dansk was simply,

"Beloved Dansk, are you ready to start your new life?"

Her reply was,

"As long as you are a part of it…"

Sarek reached for her left hand and brought it to his lips and his Aduna smiled at him.


The ride to the house he had chosen took mere minutes. Once they had arrived he went around to Dansk's side of the vehicle opened her door and picked her up in his arms with so little effort. His invitation was,

"Come wife, explore your temporary home."

Dansk snuggled up in his arms and ran her hands down his chest. They entered the spacious Great Room and Sarek proceeded down the hallway to their bedroom with the words,

"We shall remove our robes."

Then as a second thought he said,

"First you must take in sustenance."

He went to the well-stock kitchen and retrieved fruit, juice protein bars and set them out before her. He was fully aware that was not the hunger he must personally address. Once she had finished and he had cleaned the area he simply said,


Sarek took her hand in his and it was like electricity that passed between them. Dansk followed obediently. Once in the bedroom she removed her robe and was standing in her Vulcan under garment. He turned and removed his robe and hung it in his closet. Before he could turn around a large, soft object hit him in the back of his head and as he turned, another one caught him in the face. He observed his aduna, clutching several pillows in her arms as she climbed up on the bed and giggling said,

"Pillow Fight!"

Sarek stood there in all his Vulcan dignity, with one eyebrow raised and was assaulted by two more thrown pillows. He retrieved two of them and returned 'the favor'. Dansk was now attempting to get to the other side of the bed in order to escape to other parts of the house. Sarek anticipated her move and reached for her but his hand only secured her slip which ripped down the entire back. Dansk first instinct was to grasp it to her body but then instead she let it fall to her feet leaving only her undergarments covering her. Sarek groaned and reached for her, he brought her to rest on top of his prone body on the bed. Dansk said,

"Sarek of Vulcan, by your participation in the Terran pre-bedtime activity called a 'pillow fight' you have allowed yourself to become human for me. Now I will become more Vulcan for you…with that she bit down hard on his collar bone and Sarek shuttered. Sarek then reached up to find her PSI point and Dansk whispered,

"Sarek of Vulcan, make our bodies one, make me yours. I will follow your lead,"

Her adun complied…many times and with their joining Dansk of Terra ceased to be a woman of mystery.