Notes: hey everybody! I just had this new idea and I just thought it was hilarious. It's summer, so I thought: well, what the heck! I can write whatever dumb and ridiculous idea I have in mind. I love marching band (I'm in it!) and PoT so I thought, Prince of Tennis AU!

Warning: AU. Really AU.

Pairings: Well, if I didn't add girls, it would be weird. Who has an all-boys marching band? But probably RyoSaku because they're the closest canon in the series, second to maybe MomoxAnn or KamioxAnn.

Please beware of this fic. Because I really have no idea where it's going. This is a tryout, but if I decide I like it, I'll keep going! Have fun figuring out each of their instruments, because it really took me awhile.

Disclaimer: this is already a ridiculous idea. I'm pretty sure Konomi would be like: "why is this kid dumb."




You Make My Heart Beat Staccato




"You had me at cello."



"Sakuno, don't forget your flute," Ryuzaki Sumire reminded her granddaughter.

"Hai, Obaa-chan." Sakuno chewed her breakfast thoughtfully, fixing her braids and grabbing her flute, along with her bag. "I'm ready now," she said.

"This is a difficult type of musicianship," her grandmother reminded her. "It involves playing well and being able to endure the endless heat and freezing winters while marching around a giant field."

"Hai," she replied dutifully. Clutching her flute, she said, "I hope it's not too competitive."

"You have no idea," Sumire winked. "You have no idea."

Sakuno stepped out the car dazedly. Seigaku High School loomed over her. She sighed. Why did Obaa-chan have to be the director of the school's marching band? Now she was forced to join. She liked the flute, but it was not exactly the extracurricular she would have chosen. Hesitantly, she joined Obaa-chan at the side entrance. She slid through the doors and shyly entered the band room. Her eyes widened. There were at least 120 kids, chatting animatedly about their respective instruments.

"Sakuno," Obaa-chan gestured to a seat near the front. Sakuno obediently sat in the chair, taking out her flute.

"Hi! I'm Osakada Tomoka. I'm a freshman at Seigaku High! I play the clarinet! What's your name?" A girl around Sakuno's age in pigtails vivaciously asked.

Overwhelmed by her introduction, Sakuno turned red. "I'm Ryuzaki Sakuno. I'm also a freshman," she said shyly, "I play the flute."

"Sakuno! That's such a pretty name! I wish I had a prettier name. By the way, I heard this camp was super intense. I didn't think marching band could be so extreme!" Tomoka was obviously a garrulous girl. Sakuno nodded quietly, content with watching her seatmate chatter endlessly.

"LISTEN UP EVERYONE!" There was a deafening sound of a whistle being blown. Sakuno winced. "Welcome to the Seigaku High School Marching Band! I am your director; call me Ryuzaki-sensei. Freshmen and newcomers, today is an introduction and a quick debriefing of the rules of the marching band. First, let me introduce your officers and section leaders," Ryuzaki-sensei announced. "Section leaders are the best players of each section. Officers are the best marchers of each section. Each handles specific skills for each section of instruments." There were four students gathered behind her grandmother, Sakuno noted. Ryuzaki-sensei signaled to a tall boy with glasses. "This is the Drum Major. He is the conductor on the field. His name is Tezuka Kunimitsu."

Tezuka bowed. "Don't let your guard down."

She pointed to a boy with interesting-looking bangs. "This is the Band Captain. He is in charge of the music and the band in general. His name is Oishi Shuichiro."

Oishi smiled good-naturedly. "Hello, everyone! Let's do our best!"

Motioning toward another boy, she said, "This is the Drum Captain. He is in charge of the percussion section. His name is Takashi Kawamura."

Kawamura smiled sheepishly. "Nice to meet all of you!"

Finally, she waved toward a tall girl with pretty hair. "This is the Colorguard Captain. She is in charge of the all the colorguard. If you didn't know, the colorguard are the members that carry flags and do routines along with the band. Her name is Kojima Yuuko."

Kojima waved cheerfully. "Hi everyone!"

"First, we have some ground rules to cover. Signing up for marching band means full commitment. Studies are important also, so remember to balance everything equally. In the summer camp, which you are all attending at this moment, the practices run from 9 AM to 6 PM. Don't be late, or you will be forced to run laps. During the school year, practices are Monday to Friday, from 2 PM to 5 PM. Thursday is your day off. Starting the first week of school, every Friday is a football game. Saturdays are reserved for festivals, a fancy name for competitions. Understood?" Ryuzaki-sensei informed the students.


"Now that the introduction is over, I will split everyone into groups. Each has officers and section leaders that you will meet. The aim of the groups is to answer any remaining questions and to teach the new members some basic marching rules. Here are the groups…"

Sakuno scanned the room. Students were scrambling about, trying to find their groups. Hearing her name being called, she found her way across the room, where her group leader was standing.

"Hi, I'm Fuji Syusuke," A smiling boy with brown locks said. "And you are?"

"I'm R-Ryuzaki Sakuno," she stuttered timidly.

"Ah," he checked his list. "You are in my group." He beckoned her over, "Come."

Sakuno followed him, grasping her flute. A small group of students gathered around Fuji. She noticed that the students all held flutes in their hands.

"Hello, everyone! I'm Fuji Syusuke, the flute officer and section leader. Welcome to band camp." He smiled kindly. "Does anyone have any questions?"

"Hoi hoi!" A ginger-haired boy bounded over, grinning impishly. "Don't forget me, Fujiko-nya!"

His face twisting into an amused smile, Fuji gestured to the boy. "I would never. This is Kikumaru Eiji, our one and only resident piccolo player. He is his own section leader."

Kikumaru bounced about, beaming as bright as the sun. "Join the piccolo team! It's fun and easy to play!" He brought the small instrument to his lips and played a small tune. A high-pitched melody echoed out of the piccolo, little trills accentuating the tune. Sakuno was amazed. The piccolo was so cute! Somehow, she concluded, it fit the character of Kikumaru-senpai.

Fuji smiled, the amused tilt of the lips still present. "Eiji, don't show off," he reprimanded lightly, turning toward the rest of the group. "So, are there any questions?"

A girl raised her hand. "Senpai, how do the festivals work?"

"Each band will play their show. Certain players will have solos also. There are three judges. Each will score a category. Our final score is the scores added up from the judges. To advance, we must score higher than the other band," Fuji informed the group.

"The solos add a lot of points to the final score," Kikumaru added. "That's why the section leader exists. To lead the section and play the solos."

Another girl raised her hand. "How are the section leaders and officers decided?"

"Well, every three weeks or so, Ryuzaki-sensei will hold an assessment. It includes a playing assessment, assessing your skills with the instrument, and a drilldown, assessing your skills as a marcher," Fuji replied.

"So, the officers and section leaders change often?"

"Perhaps, if the other members are able to surpass them. Although, the section leaders and officers hold on to their positions quite well. You will have to work hard to surpass them. Anymore questions?"

The students shook their heads. Fuji nodded. "Let's get started, then."

After the meeting, Sakuno returned to her seat in the band room. Students filed in, conversing with newly made friends. Tomoka excitedly jumped into her seat and started filling Sakuno in on her group. "I had the Band Captain as my officer and section leader!" she said eagerly. "Oishi-senpai was so nice and cool! What about you, Sakuno?"

"Ah, Tomoka-chan—"

"Call me Tomo-chan!"

"—Tomo-chan," she corrected, "Fuji-senpai was the section leader. Kikumaru-senpai was the piccolo section leader."

Tomoka nodded animatedly. "I'm not sure who they are, but I know I'll meet them sooner or later! By the way, I heard a rumor about a freshman officer/section leader. Is that true?"

A boy seated next to Sakuno turned and responded, "Of course that's true! The Saxes have a new section leader—Echizen Ryoma. Only an idiot wouldn't know that."




Sakuno sighed. Horio, that was his name, seemed to know a lot about this marching band.



"Tomo-chan," Sakuno said, exasperatedly. "Ryuzaki-sensei is trying to get our attention."

"YOU DUMB LOSERHEAD—oh, is she?" Tomoka stopped abruptly.

Sakuno shook her head amusedly. "I'll be back," she informed her friend. "I just have to get a drink of water." She stood up, walking toward the water fountain. Bending her head and drinking the cold water, she wondered just how interesting this camp would be. Straightening, she turned and walked smack into a boy with a hat.

"Ouch," she winced, rubbing her forehead.


She looked up confusedly, immediately noticing his golden eyes. They're pretty, she noted.

"Watch where you're going," he smirked, looking amused.

"S-sorry," she apologized. "I didn't mean to."

He watched her, a smirk still present on his lips. "What's your name?"

"R-Ryuzaki Sakuno," she answered. "Um…what's yours?"

"Echizen Ryoma."

For the purpose of this AU fic, Japan has football (even though it's American!) There will be OCs, because then it would be boring. Don't worry, I'll try to be un-Mary Sue as possible! This is a preview/prologue sort of chapter, so the others will be longer!

Hope you enjoyed!

-soybean prophecy