Profit Opportunity

Author Notes: Just another short and silly chapter. Till a proper plot or conflict develops expect more of the same. Till then, read and review! Also, thanks for the feedback, I made the corrections.

Chapter Two

"Nabiki." A soft voice called and Nabiki woke to the most unexpected and complicated situation she had ever found herself in to date. Ranma-chan was there on all fours straddling her in bed. A soft wispy laugh drifting from her lips as she stared down into Nabiki's suddenly bug-eyed gaze. Ranma's eyes were vacant, passionate, ...clearly amused!

'Okay, red alert.' Nabiki soundly declared, body jerking stiff as a board. Why Ranma was here didn't matter, the fact 'she' was here in 'that' condition did. Just what Nabiki needed right now, a warm and fuzzy 'very friendly' Ranma-chan in her bed. No, that was just such a 'really' bad idea!

"R..ranma!? Um hey... what are you doing in my bed." Nabiki felt pale with sweat, her eyes 'tried' not to dart and peer through the collar of Ranma's baggy night shirt to see it all just dangling there, but of course they failed. Ranma looked quite... flustered and Nabiki suspected if this encounter lasted any longer then another moment she would end up the same.

"I came to see my fiancée." Ranma chuckled in an overly relaxed and borderline lewd manner. Then leaned down in a shockingly cattish manner, didn't he hate cats, before tapping her on the nose with an impish little grin. "Don't you think we should get to know each other a little better now?"

Nabiki stared... just stared as a metaphorical 'crack' shatter the pane of glass that was her reality. Ranma-chan... Ranma-chan... initiating intimacy. Ranma-chan in her bed. Ranma in female form, in her bed, initiating intimacy. Warning, did not compute... processor error. Please reboot reality, something has hit the 'oh my god what the hell is going on, this can't be real, please send help!' industrial fan.

"You're so cute when your speechless." Ranma sing-songed sweetly and began to lean down in a clear intent to plant one right on her. 'She' didn't get that far.

"Not a chance." Nabiki's self preservation kicked in on time, her hand shooting up to slap over and seal Ranma-chan's lips from contact with her own. "Go any further Saotome, and even a lifetime of hard labour won't be enough to pay the tab you'll owe me." Ranma-chan attempted to respond, but it was all gibberish in Nabiki's hand. So she pulled it away every ready to slap it back in place if need be.

"Really, you hate me that much?" Ranma-chan pouted 180 degrees about-faced on the emotion scale. Pouting and looking 'genuinely' hurt it left Nabiki gawking. Stunned she was unable to respond as Ranma-chan began to tear up. "It's because I'm in girl form isn't it. You don't like me as a girl!" Nabiki opened her mouth, but Ranma had already hopped from her bed onto the windowsill, cast one last tearful glance back, and out she went.

"Like you... as a girl?" Nabiki stammered... Ranma wanted to like her as a girl!? Sanity, inhibition, and all that she regarded as her pride she threw right out the window. "What the hell am I still sitting here for!?" She cried jumping from bed bolting to her window to see Ranma-chan enter the dojo. Turning she dashed out the room like a bloodhound on a scent. Blazing through the hall, nearly tripping down the stairs, jumping over the dining table and hitting the boardwalk, she desperately thumped her along it till she reached and threw open the dojo doors.

"I don't hate you Ranma, I don't hate you at all! I love you! Please let me love you as a girl!" She declared at the top of her lungs, then opened her eyes. They boggle and nearly explode from her head at once.

"Ahh, thats cool Nabiki. But it's a little late." A iron-pumping oiled-up 'entirely' male and shirtless muscle-building Ranma chuckled. "I just found the cure, who would of thought it was pumping iron?" Like some comedic mockery of a workout gym every other major male martial artists Nabiki knew in town was right there alongside him... pumping iron. The sweat, the intensity, the sheer... sheer manly aura of it all... She turned away, raised a hand... and somehow there was a convenient pistol in it for her to pull the trigger... and put her out of her misery.

Nabiki awoke with a wildly horrified glare on her face, eye twitching with extreme irritation. That dream... No, just no. She was not even going to give it the satisfaction of being acknowledge. Turning over in bed, still the middle of the night, she pulled her covers back up over her shoulder's and promptly began a quiet mantra. 'Forget it, just forget it ever happened... wont remember come morning. Sleep now, sleep and forget.'

Morning came.

"Oh my. Nabiki, you look terrible. Did you not sleep well?" Kasumi covered her mouth as her eyes caught Nabiki descended the stairs. There was no verbal response, just a crazed bloodshot maddening stare that clearly said 'don't ask, not a word, I'll kill you.'

"Oh dear..." Kasumi frowned with concern as Nabiki stumbled passed like a zombie. When she rounded the corner to the dining room and found Ranma and Akane both working out with aerobics weights the strangest thing happened. Nabiki stiffen straight and gave a sound similar to a strangled animal, laughed, then turn back retuning the way she came back up the stairs.

"Dream... still dreaming... all a dream." Nabiki's eyes looked frightful and the laugh that filtered back down the stairs... disturbing.

"Maybe she has a little cold. I should make her favorite for lunch. That should make her feel better." Kasumi pondered than with a bright smile decided. Yes, she would change the menu and hoped everything was all right. Also, maybe she would ask Nabiki what was so amusing later, she sure was laughing a lot more often lately. Maybe she was just happy because she was Ranma's fiancée now? Even she had overheard Nabiki's confession. Oh she was so happy Nabiki was happy. She wished them both the best.