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He reached for his coat, slipping it on he noticed the stitching on it resembled his father's jacket, This gift was special to him in more ways than one it not only was an amazing piece of clothing but it reminded the man of his father.

"I guess today's the day." He said with a smile, pushing the blonde locks of his hair behind his ears, "Today is the day I become Hokage." he said before walking out of the Hokage office and onto the Hokage tower roof.

He smiled when he saw the two most important people in his life. They were both so proud of him, they cheered and walked down the aisle with him until he came against the railing of the Hokage rooftops.

He looked down to see the massive crowed that had gathered below him, all of his friends and teachers looked at the man, cheering and applauding.

The man raised his hand and in almost an instant, the crowd had stopped everything they were doing and paid close attention to what the man was about to say.

"Thank you to everyone who has shown up today in support of me, I did not have an easy life to get to where I am today. I was beaten and treated as nothing more than dirt. But it's because of the people who believed in me that I am here today, living my dream out in front of the entire world, I promise to honour the past Kage's legacy with my actions and bring the village justice with my words. I am Naruto Uzumaki, the 7th Hokage!" Naruto finished with a yell causing everyone in the crowd to cheer along with him.

He turned to see Sakura and there child, Hana. Sakura was holding the small infant who hadn't stopped giggling throughout her father's speech, she sat their sucking her thumb and looking at her dad, who now resembled the fourth Hokage more than ever.

"Daddy!" Hana said with a smile, she had begun to learn basic words over these past few months such as Daddy, Mommy and of course, Ramen.

"Hey there sweetie." Naruto said, reaching in and removing Hana from Sakura's arms before placing a kiss on her forehead.

Sakura sat their, looking at her boyfriend now Hokage.

"Sakura, what's wrong?" Naruto asked, he continued to hold a smiling Hana in his arms.

"Nothing Naruto, I wouldn't change this moment for the world." She said with a smile before breaking into tears onto Naruto's shoulder.

"Sakura, there's something I wanted to ask you.." Naruto said as the crowd then turned to look at him and Sakura.

Naruto put Hana down on the ground beside him, he dropped to one knee and pulled a small box from his coat pocket before opening it to reveal a small ring, it was engraved with two foxes who met at the centre of the ring next too a beautiful diamond.

"Sakura, I promise I wouldn't do this until I became the Hokage.." Naruto said with a smile.

"Sakura Haruno, you're the light to my world, the sun to my moon, I humbly ask you Sakura.. will you.."

"YES!" She screamed interrupting Naruto, she pulled the blond back up onto his feet and took him in for a heavy kiss.

The crowd then re-erupted, cheering could be heard from all corners of the building, Sakura smiled and tears rolled down her face. Naruto slipped the ring onto her finger and smiled along with her pulling her in for one more kiss.

Naruto didn't have much time to spend with his overjoyed fiance, since he was the new Hokage he had to go and meet with the village clan council.

"Hello Elders." Naruto said in a respectful tone before bowing to them.

"You may address us by our names, Naruto. You outrank us after all." Inoichi pointed out.

"I do?" Naruto asked, confused.

"Yes, Lord Naruto." Hirashi Hyuuga said, bowing.

"Lord..?" Naruto thought to himself, he needed to get used to the thought that he was now one of the most respected people in the village.

"The 'Lord' wont be needed, Mr. Hyuga. I believe that we're all equal here." Naruto said, causing the elders to smile at him.

"Right, then let's get started." Naruto said.

"Alright, so here's how thing's work Naruto." Inoichi said.

"The council will pass votes on missions, teams and idea's for the village. Once we've reached agreement on these things you'll need to give them your stamp of approval." Inoichi finished.

"I would love to hear from the you all, your ideas are a valued part of this village." Naruto said, respectfully.

"Alright, here's what we have so far.." Shikaku Nara said before handing him a pile of papers roughly the size of Sakura.

"Jesus, these guys don't get out much do they.." Naruto thought before sealing the pile of papers into a scroll.

"What did you do that for, Naruto!?" Inoichi yelled

"Don't worry Mr. Yamanaka, I can summon the papers back at any time I please. It's a summoning jutsu scroll." Naruto said.

Inochi quickly sat back down and bowed his head in shame, "I'm sorry, Lord Naruto."

Naruto placed his hand on the man's shoulder, Inoichi looked up to see a familiar sight. Much like the 4th Hokage had done years ago, Naruto's hand was on his shoulder.

"Mr. Yamanaka, I'm just Naruto." the Hokage smiled.

Once the Clan Council meeting had finished Naruto rushed home, he was eager for a good nights rest after the formalities of the introductions.

"Sakura, I'm home!" Naruto yelled

"Daddy!" "Naruto!" Sakura and Hana both seemed to say in unison.

Sakura was laying on the couch feeding Hana the milk bottle while looking over a book about Chakra control.

Naruto was quick to lay on the couch with the two, he relaxed and put his feet up while removing his coat.

"How was your day Lord Hokage?" Sakura teased

"Better once I saw you." Naruto returned, causing his fiancé to blush and kiss him.

"Daddy, ramen!" Hana said, pointing to the take-away ramen bag Naruto had purchased from Ichiraku.

"No Hana, that's for Mommy and Daddy." Naruto said with a smile, his smile broke suddenly when Hana began to sob.

"Ramen." Hana said, tears forming in her eyes.

"It's okay princess, I got you the some too." Naruto said, handing her a soup with some vegetables, it seemed to pass for ramen in Hana's eyes.

"Thank you, Daddy." Hana smiled.

"Good manners Hana." Sakura smiled, kissing Hana on the cheek causing her to giggle.

"We've got guests coming over, Naruto." Sakura said, rubbing the mans feet causing him to pur.

"Who?" Naruto asked, he wasn't in the mood for visitors

"Ino, Kakashi, Shizune, Shikamaru and Iruka." Sakura said.

"They want to congratulate you personally." She added

"Alright, I've wanted to talk to them all anyways." Naruto smiled before picking up Hana.

"Ok princess, time for bed." Naruto smiled.

Hana whined but calmed down once Naruto had placed her into the crib, Naruto and Sakura recently took the crib out of their room and placed it into a separate one, this allowed the couple to have more 'private' time.

Naruto took his seat back on the couch, pulling Sakura in for a kiss.

"How did I get so lucky..?" Naruto asked before their lips met for a kiss.

"I guess you played your cards right.." Sakura said, returning his kiss.

"Am I interrupting something?" A famailar voice called from the entrance to the house.

The two quickly seperated and looked at the giggling blond who took pleasure in making the two feel as awkward as possible.

"Hi there, Ino."