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Sookie may have the cure for Eric's life, it will cost her. Will she do it? More importantly will it work?

Sookie sat in her chair in her kitchen and couldn't wrap her mind around what just happened in the last 48 hours. Tara's dead, Alcide (who she thought she loved) is dead, Arlene almost died, and everyone including her just went into a mini diseased vampire war. The one thing that stood out throughout the whole thing was...Eric.

Remembering when she saw him at Bill's door...she was so happy inside that he's back, until she saw those ugly black veins that gave away Eric's infection by the virus. He was dying...her heart stopped and dropped to her stomach. How can the one vampire she always counted on and always knew how to solve a problem now matter what situation he's defeated by a virus? He looked so weak, and it showed when he tried to knock down a wall to get into Fangtasia tonight, he barely made a dent. Not to mention while everyone was fighting... herself, Pam, and even Bill (believe it or not), we were all watching him making sure he didn't get killed or died in the process.

Sookie wanted to cry for all the mistakes she's had with Eric. She wished she can start over with him. "There had to be a way to heal him. Everyone around me is dying, but a world without Eric..." her tears started to flow for a true love that she never gave the chance because of her stupidity and her stubbornness. Her heart was truly breaking with regret.

Then suddenly there was a knock on her door. Sookie ran towards the door thinking it's Eric on the other side. He did give her a look at the end of the battle that they were going to talk later, while she was busy with Arlene getting her to the hospital. Making sure she's not damaged by the virus from the vampires. She opened the door and..."Niall?!"

"How's my granddaughter doing?" he asked in major concern "I felt your spirit cry through all multiple dimensions. You've been sad before, but not like this."

"I just went through a major tough time is all... in the last couple of days." she tried to put on a brave face.

"Sookie, I may have known you only a little while, but I'm a very, very old man." Sookie looked at him with red puffy eyes she was trying to hide. "I know when something is desperately wrong." Niall looked at her sternly.

"It can't be fixed." Sookie tears started to fall again.

"My darling girl, I think you keep forgetting that you're a fairy. Fairies are magic darling, we can fix anything when we put our mind to it...and if you don't have enough power, than you ask for help from another fairy." Niall looked at her like she should this by now, but that's the will of humans, they can't think on a magical scale...most times. Even Niall forgets that Sookie is mostly human.

"Can we cure a deadly virus that kills vampires?" Sookie asked with some hope in her voice.

"Not the whole vampire population as a whole, but one vampire at a time scale...yes we can. Why?" Niall was a little nervous with this, after all vampires and fairies are mortal enemies to begin with.

"Do you know Eric Northman?"

"The Viking? Of course! For about eight hundred years...give or take"

" knew him?!"

" Knew him? Sookie I won many battles because of him. Fairies and Vampires maybe enemies Sookie, but there's always a few exceptions. In fact his maker Godric was great friend of mine. We watch each others' back whenever a major problem has gone into the supernatural world. It's a shame he died."

"I know... I was with him, when he met the sun." Sookie still remembers that sad day. One of the most kindest vampires she's ever met kills himself. Which brings back to Eric seeing him with his blood tears. That's when she knew there was love in Eric so deeply that no one barely sees it.

"So...Sookie...what's going on with Mr. Northman? Even though something is telling me this goes deeper than what's going on now. Niall suggested.

" There's this ugly V-virus that's going around infecting and killing vampires."

"I know I heard the vampires were like pun intended. It's great for us fairies, but...let me guess...Mr. Northman is infected." Niall looked with pity. Sookie nodded as tears threatened to show up again. "How long does he have?"

"I'm not sure, but so far I see the virus only on his chest. It might be on his arms too but he was wearing his jacket so I couldn't see."

"Even though I pretty much know the answer to this already but, do you love him?" Niall tested.

"Yes. More than anything!" Sookie said in desperation. There were no words to describe what she and Eric have. Especially the time when he lost his memories. She do anything to have the beautiful time together with him again.

"Why did you run away from your marriage with him?"

"My-what? Niall, I wasn't married to him!" Sookie looked at him as if he had two heads.

"Yes, you were darling. The time when he lost his memories, he asked you to 'become one' with him when you both shared blood at the same time. Niall pressed. Sookie looked lost for a moment. "Sookie, that is called bonding, well... step one to bonding. Bonding, Sookie is a very big deal in the supernatural world, more so than human marriage. In fact it's a marriage of two souls coming together permanently through the ends of eternity. You'll feel him just as much as he feels you. In fact not only there's a vampire way of doing this, there's also a fairy way." Sookie was in awe and course wanting to slap Eric for keeping something like this from her. "However the painful part of the bonding is that if one of you die...well let's just say that one can't survive without the other because it's too painful."

"Why would Eric would do such a thing? Risking his own life? Just to be connected to me forever? I mean granted he wasn't himself or at least most of himself."

"Perhaps even though his memory was gone during that time. His soul still remembers who his mate is." Niall was absolutely convinced there was a fate and destiny to be accountable. This was Eric's and Sookie's deal, long before they were even created. Sookie just stared off, too much information for her human mind to absorb. "Sookie do you still have your fairy power?"

"Yes I do. I thought I was going to use it on Warlow, but luckily you and Jason killed him for me." Sookie was starting to see that she might have Eric's cure this whole time.

"That wonderful fairy power ball that I've shown you, can do more than destroy a vampire." Niall looked at Sookie with a knowing smile. Sookie saw full hope as she finally realized...

"...I can cure him with it!" Sookie shouted with excitement. Sookie never felt so hopeful and stupid at the same time. She remembered that she had cured Eric before, when came to his stolen memories from Marnie's spell. Then she calmed down instantly when she remembered something else. "I have to give up being a fairy completely for Eric to be saved. Don't I?"

"Yes my dear, I'm sorry to say, but you giving up your powers to save Eric's life, that's the deal." Niall looked at Sookie almost saddened for the fact she'll no longer be part of his fairy line. "A warning however, sense I don't know much about this virus, the fairy power may not really work." Sookie looked disappointed again. This may not work? There's a chance I can be risking whatever power I have left for nothing.

Not only that, will Eric look at me the same way when he realizes that I'm no longer gifted or special? Sookie's insecurity thoughts came rushing through. No, he'll love me no matter what being I am! How many times has Eric risked his life for me. Sookie pushed those negative feeling aside and focused on Eric. She saw the all the memories of him from her first meeting to the dreams she's had of him, to their first love making under the moon.

Sookie looked at Niall for the first time with determination, to save her love's life. "What do I have to do?"

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