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Bellamy Blake still wasn't a 100 per cent happy with the people from the Ark joining them, but at least he'd finally gotten an excuse to permanently move Clarke into his bedroom. Sure, he enjoyed the time they'd spent in hers, but there was something more final about her moving in with him. For some reason he couldn't understand, much less put into words, this had been a very important step for him, and for that alone he had to be grateful for Abby and Kane's presence.

The other surviving members of the governing class could go float themselves.

Not one day went by in which one of the old governing class wasn't a pain in his side. They seemed to accept Clarke better (since they claimed she was 'one of them') but even she got many of their patronizing comments. They'd tried to stage a coup d'├ętat early on into their arrival in the village, but they'd been defeated quite easily and some of the leaders had been banished. Bellamy had wanted to banish the whole lot of those involved, but Clarke had spoken to him and calmed him down, like she usually did.

He'd given certain members leniency, like the ones who had once been guards on the Ark, mostly because they were useful and because he knew their kids and didn't want to be the one to sentence their parents to certain death outside the walls. But he'd made himself clear, both to the parents and their kids: if this happened again there would be no pardon for anyone. Those invovled would be banished to life outside the wall, and everyone knew that was as good as a death sentence.

There were mumblings here and there from the very few governing class left, but everyone now knew their place.

Bellamy could sense that Abby wasn't too happy with him or Clarke for the fact that they were basically sentencing people to death by sending them outside the walls, but she was smart enough not to tell him her feelings. She might be the mother of the woman he loved and the grandmother of his children, but to Bellamy she was still one of the upper class. He had an issue with the upper class. Despite that he tried very hard not to let his past resentments spew out now because he was an example that the others lived by.

He also felt a little hypocritical because Clarke was also a member of the upper class, or had been (there was no more class system or ranking, he needed to remind himself of that every day) but he never held it against her like he did against the others. Sure, he had at first, it was one of the reasons why he'd called her Princess, but she had proven herself to him and the whole village and she was a part of them. She was one of them. She was Bellamy's.

That thought always put a smile on his face. He shifted in bed and turned to look at her sleeping face.

He wasn't too sure when he'd first realized he wanted this girl, but he knew that his feelings for her had started to change when he saw her put Atom out of his suffering. Bellamy himself, for all his big talk, had been unable to help the dying boy, and yet he'd knelt there next to Clarke and watched her be merciful to Atom while humming to him softly, trying to comfort him.

He'd thought at that moemnt: She's not a princess, but she might be an angel.

Sure, he'd shaken his head of those thoughts and had gone back to how things were, or at least he'd tried. Even though he'd tried to pretend nothing was different he'd known things had changed. He'd started pulling away from Murphy and others who only saw her as the Princess. He'd even realized that she was doing the same. She was pulling away from Spacewalker, who basically thought Bellamy was the devil incarnate.

They were pulling away from others and moving towards each other. He'd realized it easly on but had fought admittance. But she'd saved his life, she'd told him he wasn't a monster, and she'd told him that she needed him. He'd overheard her telling a shell-shocked Spacewalker that she trusted him. And then he'd sat, humbled, and watched her not only defend him to Jaha (who had been her best friend's father) but also secure his pardon. She'd saved his life. In so many ways than just that, and he hadn't been able to deny it anymore.

He was entranced by this girl.

And now she was his.

His smile grew as he reached out and brushed a blonde wave from her face.

Despite the people from the Ark, life was incredibly good.

Bellamy let out a breath of relief and disbelief as he rested his arms around Clarke's shoulders. "We did it."

She laughed and turned into his embrace as she wrapped her arms around him tightly. "We did it." She pressed a kiss to his beating heart.

Bellamy stared down at her, hating to admit it, but when she did things like that he became a teenaged girl in love. It was ridiculous. "Lincoln's giving us this: 'I knew it would happen' look."

Clarke snickered. "How's it feel not to know everything?"

He huffed in mock outrage. "I know everything about the village. It's okay if I don't know everything about the Grounders."

She laughed and pressed another kiss to his heart. "You're such an arrogant little-."

"Remember, I know where you sleep," he teased. "I'll take revenge against whatever you say when you least expect it."

Her eyes twinkled merrily as she looked up at him. "Why do you think I rile you up so much?"

He barked out laughter and kissed her deeply.

While Bellamy hadn't really thought it possible, Clarke had always had hope that one day this might happen, and now that hope of hers had become a reality.

As the twosome stood in the clearing where the Grounders had called a meeting, they now watched their allies walk away. After all this time, all this fighting, all this worry, they finally had one less thing to stay up at night about. Anya's faction of Grounders were no longer a problem, but would instead be a help. They'd be neighbors and allies and... and... life was really starting to look up!

And his little blonde had been half of the reason behind the Grounders' change of heart. Anya had expressed that, while their own healers were competent, Clarke had proven herself to them and they wished for her to treat them when their own healers failed. The Grounders also did not want Abby tending to their wounded. Clarke had offered her mother's services as well and had been turned down immediately despite the fact that she'd promised them that her mother had much more knowledge and experience under her belt. No. Anya and her people wanted Clarke and no one else.

Bellamy figured that he should be a little insulted for how Anya always called Clarke the leader of the village and only ever seemed to see Bellamy as her "champion", but he figured he kinda liked the sound of his being Clarke's champion.

"This is only the beginning." Clarke stared up happily into his face. "Once the other factions realize that we can live in harmoney with Anya's tribe, and also that it could be beneficial to both parties, they'll ally with us as well." Her eyes shone with hope. "We can do this, Bell. We can learn to live in harmony here on earth. We can be Grounders."

"We already are Grounders," he whispered as he kissed her.

"I see." Bellamy eyed Kane. "Are you sure about this?"

The man he didn't know whether to like or trust, and yet had so far seemed to have his back, nodded as he clasped his hands behind him. "I thought it was something you should know."

Miller cleared his throat as he came forwards. "He came to me earlier, since I'm your second in command, and I've had our people check out his claims." His face was grim. "They're factual."

Kane nodded once more.

Bellamy looked between them and took in a deep breath. "Something has to be done about this."

Miller licked his lips. "I've asked Raven to call Clarke from the medical bay."

This was why Miller was his second in command. The guy knew exactly what Bellamy would need before he had to ask for it.

The door opened to reveal Raven and Clarke, who closed the door behind them and entered the room.

Bellamy turned to Raven. "Can you get Lincoln? We'll need his expertise on this."

Miller cleared his throat. "I've already called for him."

Bellamy grinned at the younger boy, quite pleased with him. "Excellent job, Miller."

Miller beamed with the praise.

Raven rolled her eyes at her boyfriend and yet looked quite proud as well.

The door opened and Lincoln entered and closed the door.

"What's going on?" Clarke came to Bellamy's side. "Why did you need to see us?"

Bellamy motioned towards Kane.

Kane nodded. "Some of the remaining governing class are planning a raid on Anya's village. They do not believe in the truce and want to take advantage of the Grounders having their guards down. They plan on killing the people and taking their resources."

"Has this claim been verified?" Clarke wanted to know, eyebrow raised.

Bellamy bit back a smile and loved that Clarke didn't just assume that Kane was telling the truth just because of his position in the Ark. She didn't take the side of the people she'd once been a part of. She was one of the 100, through and through.

Miller nodded. "I've had two different sources confirm it."

"These people are seriously stupid," was Raven's cotribution. "We've just made peace with Anya's tribe!"

"They are idiots if they think they can take down Anya." Lincoln raised an eyebrow. "All they will do is start another war."

Bellamy nodded his agreement. "We need to send a message across, not just to our people but to Anya's. They need to see that we're serious about this alliance." He licked his lips. "We'll have to make a public example of them." He turned to Miller. "Go, take some of our most trusted, and arrest those who are a part of this." He turned to Lincoln. "You should tell Anya-."

Clarke stepped forwards. "I disagree."

Bellamy wasn't surprised. She always disagreed with him. "Then what do you think we should do, Princess? Let them attack Anya's village?"

She surprised him by nodding. "Yes." She turned to Kane. "Do you have an idea of when they are planning to do this?"

He nodded. "Yes."

She took in a deep breath and turned to Bellamy. "If we do this now, we won't have concrete proof of who exactly is involved and that they were actually planning on doing this instead of just talking about it." She stared up at him and grabbed his sleeve. "Bellamy, if we lay a trap for them and catch them redhanded before they can do any trouble-Lincoln's group can camouflage themselves and won't be seen until it's already too late." She took in a deep breath. "Then, knowing exactly who is involved, we can handle them."

Bellamy stared down at her and recognized the merit in her plan. He turned to Lincoln. "You need to warn Anya what we are doing so that her people will stay back and let us handle it, and also so they don't get the wrong idea and think that we're attacking."

Lincoln nodded. "This seems like a fair plan."

Raven shook her head, hands on her hips, before she turned to Kane. "Ever since you Ark people came you've been nothing but trouble."

He raised an eyebrow, not seeming insulted, more like intrigued. "You are 'Ark people' too."

"No, we're not." Miller shook his head. "We're the 100."

Bellamy grinned at that.

Their plan had been a success and they'dstopped the attack on Anya'a tribe as well as uprooted the remaining rebel leaders.

It was after the people had been banished, without weapons, that Bellamy realized that he wasn't the 'rebel leader' anymore and was actually the 'governing leader' and that made him a little queasy. Since when had he gone from no-good assassin to this?

"You should've at least given them weapons." Abby Griffin stormed over towards where he was.

Bellamy wasn't too surprised at this confrontation. He'd heard of what Abby had done on the Ark and realized that Clarke got her personality from her mother. So this confrontation wasn't surprising in the least bit. If anything, he'd been wondering why it hadn't happened sooner.

"These are the rules of the village." He turned towards her, eyebrow raised. "Clarke made the rule of banishment for capital crimes. I was all for execution. She decided that instead of us taking the lives of other people, we should just let the earth do it." He raised his chin. "If you have an issue with it, that's really your problem."

Abby took in a deep breath. "Bellamy, we could've at least given them a fighting chance."

"What, like the fighting chance you all gave the 100?" He glared.

"We sent them here to live!" Abby cried out.

"Abby, you sent them down here to die." He moved closer. "Not one of those kids had any sort of training or preparation. They weren't given more than a day's rations and they weren't even given weapons."

She flinched. "They were supposed to arrive in Mount Weather. They were supposed-."

"They were kids." He tried to calm himself but knew that his animosity towards the old governing system still leaked through. "They were criminals who were just taking up air so they were sent to die first so that you all could live a couple of days longer."

She lowered her head. "That wasn't the reason why I sent them down."

He could conceded to that. "It doesn't change the fact that even if you wanted to save them, even if you wanted them to live, you gave them no resources for them to do so. You sent kids to a place where you believed the radiation would kill them within minutes. Despite this you gave them nothing to help protect them from the radiation. They were sent with no real rations, nothing to defend themselves with, and no training that could help keep them alive."

"We didn't know about Grounders and-."

"Even if there were no humans alive on earth anymore, what about the animals? They're savage enough." Bellamy needed to get his point across. "If these kids could survive with no weapons and no training and no food, then those men can do the same. If not, then they don't deserve to live. That's just how it is."

Abby shook her head and sighed. "It's just so cold."

Bellamy gave her a sad little smile. "It's no worse than floating." He looked up at the sky, the memory of seeing his mother being floated for the sin of having a second child flashed before his eyes. "At least this way they have a chance at survival."

Abby placed her hand on his shoulder in a comforting act that surprised him.

He stared down at her in silence.

She gave him a small pat on his back and walked away.

"Have I told you how much I love you today?" Clarke asked as she straddled his hips on the bed that night. Abby and Kane were out with the twins, so that gave Bellamy and Clarke some time together.

"Yes, but I wouldn't mind it if you said it again." He grined up at her, hands behind his head on the pillow.

She snickered at him before she leaned down and kissed his lips. "I love you, Bellamy Blake."

He raised his hands and grabbed fistfuls of her hair, keeping her in place as he kissed her deeply.

She pinched him and pulled away with a pouted laugh. "You didn't say you love me too."

"I thought it was implied," he teased.

She pinched him again.

Jerking with a laugh, Bellamy stared up at the woman he still couldn't believe was his. "I love you, Clarke Blake."

She paused and looked down at him. "That's not my name."

"It will be," he promised.

She blushed slightly and fiddled with his shirt. "I thought you'd decided not to get married again."

He tilted his head to the side and eyed the woman, wondering how in the world she could think that he wouldn't tie her to him forever. "You look as if the thought disappointed you."

She licked her lips. "Maybe."

He couldn't stop the grin from forming on his face. "So I take it you want to marry me."

"Shut up."

He laughed. "I told you by the time we got married you'd want it!"

"You arrogant-."

He pulled her close and hushed her words with his mouth.

"Bellamy, calm down."

"How can you tell me to calm down?" Bellamy glared at Abby. "They were attacked by Reapers, Abby! She was hurt!"

"She'll be fine." The woman gave him a soft smile, as if pleased to see him this torn up over her daughter's injury. "Her shoulder was merely dislocated and she was cut and bruised. Otherwise she's better than the others."

He couldn't believe he'd allowed Clarke to go outside the wall without him being there. He would never ever do that again.

"Bellamy, sit down." Abby grabbed him by his shoulders and promptly sat him down on a chair. "You're shaking. You need to calm down."

It was only then that Bellamy realized she was right. He was shaking like a terrified kid.

Humiliated at showing this sort of vulnerability, Bellamy ran his hands over his face. "If I had lost her-."

"You're not going to lose her." Abby's voice was tender. "She's too stubborn to ever die."

He snorted in dark amusement. "Well, there's that."

Abby laughed, truly laughed, and caressed his head in a soothing way. "Trust me, Bellamy. She's fine. You'll have her back home tonight and you'll be able to try and boss her around and argue with her when she calls you overprotective."

He chuckled darkly. "Good."

"While I like having a day in bed with my three favorite people in the world, I'm really okay." Clarke looked bruised and beaten as she lay in bed with their children between her and Bellamy.

He was barely holding on to his desire to kill the Reapers who'd hurt her. He hated himself for not being there. He was furious that the guards who'd been with the group out gathering herbs hadn't protected her better. He was terrified at the fact that he could've lost her.

There were a lot of dark emotions that made up Bellamy Blake at this moment.

"Bellamy, I get worried when you get that look on your face." She reached out to cup his face. "You looked just like this after Charlotte died and you tried to kill Murphy."

He felt very similar to that night so he could see what she was talking about. Only thing was that he'd nearly lost the woman he loved, and not just a girl he'd felt protective of.

"I'm fine, Bell." She reached out and pressed a kiss to his lips. "I'm fine."

He stared down at her, at their sleeping children, and knew that they were the most precious people in the world to him. He wouldn't ever let anything happen to his family, ever. Sure, he loved O and would always protect her as well, but she had Lincoln to look out for her now and he was doing a damned good job of it if the arguing those two were having had anything to say about the matter.

Clarke, Jake and Aurora were his family, his everything, now. He'd never let anything happen to them. Ever.

He'd die if...

"Stop thinking." Clarke kissed him again.

He let himself get loss in the comfort.

"Bellamy, wake up!"

He gasped and shot straight in bed. He turned towards Clarke, his eyes wide in the darkness before he pulled her to him in a desperate embrace.

"Bell?" Her voice was soft and confused before she sighed and hugged him back. "I'm okay, Bell. It was just a nightmare. Only a nightmare. I'm here."

He could still see her killed and being eaten by the Reapers.

"I'm fine. Bell. I'm here."

And he'd make sure that she stayed that way.

Bellamy wanted to go Reaper-hunting but knew that it was dangerous to bring them out more by attacking them face-on. He instead had Lincoln form a new 'Anti-Reaper' squadron. The Grounder knew things about the Reapers that others didn't, and he helped train those strong and willing on exactly how the Reapers attacked, where their boundaries were, and their methods of concealment. It wasn't much, but it was something.

Clarke wasn't happy about the fact that Bellamy had basically made it law that she couldn't leave the walls without him, but she was just waiting for the right moment to really battle him about it. He was expecting a full-on war concerning it but he didn't care. He'd protect her and he'd spend the rest of his life with her. If he had to fight her to be able to do so, well, so be it.

"My feet are swollen and my body is sore and I'm cranky all the time." Octavia eyed him over and then fixed his jacket. "On the plus side my boobs are getting huge."

He didn't want to hear about his sister's boobs. "Clarke says that you're coming along well with the pregnancy."

"Of course I am," and yet she smiled and gave him a pat. "You look... not terrible."

"Thanks, O," he snickered as he shook his head. "That's a real confidence booster."

She nodded and placed her hands on his shoulders as she stared into his eyes. "Don't mess things up, Bellamy. She's a great woman, even if she's annoyingly know-it-all sometimes. She's as good as you'll ever get."

He grinned. "Can't believe I got her."

"Me neither." Octavia blinked.

He snorted in amusement. "So, we should probably get there soon, right?"

His sister nodded. "It's the bride who is supposed to be late, not the groom." She grinned. "And it has taken you forever to get her to agree to this, so better not give her an opportunity to back out at the last moment."

He agreed and grabbed his sister's hand, pulling her out quickly with him as she laughed at him.

There were fireworks.

Actual fireworks.

"I can't believe it." Bellamy stared up at the sky."Those two actually did it."

"They're so beautiful." Clarke, still in her wedding dress, stared up at the sky as the fireworks painted beautiful patterns above them.

Everyone who'd been enjoying the festivities had stopped and oohhed and aahhhed at the display above.

Bellamy's gaze swept those watching.

Jasper and Monty were the heroes of this event, their chests puffed out in pride. Monty held Aurora in his arms and Jasper cooed at the baby, asking her who the coolest godfathers in the world were.

Raven held Jake, and Miller kept giving those two a look that quickly assured Bellamy that Clarke would soon have another pregnant woman to tend to.

Lincoln and Octavia stood closest to the fire, the Grounder's arm around Bellamy's very pregnant sister.

Abby and Kane stared up at the fireworks and looked very emotional, almost as if they wanted to cry in happiness at how their lives had changed and yet were way too proud to do so.

Clarke rested her head against Bellamy and he pulled her in close as he pressed a kiss to the top of her head. She let out a happy sigh and hugged him tightly, her gaze still up at the fireworks. "Who would've ever guessed that we'd end up this way?"

"I did," he lied. He'd wanted to hope that there could be a future with him and Clarke, but up until that one drunken night they'd shared together he hadn't allowed himself to. Now... now he still couldn't believe just how much he'd lucked out.

She snickered. "There's no keeping a secret from you, is there?"

"No, there definitely is not, Mrs Blake." He gave her a cheeky grin, liking the sound of that.

Clarke stared up at him tenderly. "I love you."

"I know."

She laughed and hit his chest. "Asshole."

He chuckled and stared down at her. "I love you too."

Just then an especially spectacular firework exploded above them, drawing comments from the crowd.

The bride and groom, though, only had eyes for each other, and as the sky lit up with light, they kissed and held on tightly to the other, as they would for the rest of their lives.

The End.

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