When Worlds Collide

Note: Takes place shortly after the Voyager season seven episode Drive.


Chapter One

It had been a quiet couple of weeks aboard the Federation starship Voyager as she glided at warp speed through the Delta Quadrant on her undeviating course back to the Alpha Quadrant.

At first the crew of Voyager had enjoyed the peace and quiet.  It had given them chance to overhaul those systems that were past due for essential maintenance - like the phaser arrays.

But after the quiet had dragged on for more than a fortnight the crew began to become restless for something to do.  But there was nothing for them to do.  All of Voyager's systems were fully operational - for a change - and they'd not encountered any habitable planets for the crew to go on shore leave or to replenish their supplies.  As a result moral was deteriorating and a shortage of certain supplies was starting to become a problem.


Captain Kathryn Janeway sighed as the turbolift doors opened and she stepped out onto the bridge to begin yet another tedious bridge shift.  What she wouldn't give for a Borg cube or something to show up just about now.  Anything to give her people something to do.

Commander Chakotay looked up from the first officer's station at the sound of the turbolift doors opening and smiled at her in greeting as Janeway came down from the upper level of the bridge to sit in the command chair.  Janeway looked at him in such away as to ask if there was anything to report.  Chakotay shook his head.  Janeway sighed as she settled into her chair.  It looked like this duty shift was going to be as boring as every other duty shift for the last month.

Twenty minutes later Kathryn Janeway was trying her best not to fall asleep in the command chair.  It would be a very bad example for the crew though most of them with the exception of Tuvok would understand it.

Abruptly the sensors at the operations console bleeped startling everyone - especially Ensign Kim.  With a professionalism that would have been beyond him a few years ago Harry Kim pulled himself together and checked the readouts and felt a sharp jolt of excitement.  Finally something to do.

"Captain we're picking up a distress call on one of the higher subspace bands.  Audio only."  From his position he could see Janeway sit up a little bit higher in her chair.

"On speakers Mr Kim," she ordered.  Harry pressed the appropriate controls on his console and abruptly the overhead speakers crackled and new noises filled the bridge.

"…To any ship," a distorted male voice said over the sound of explosions, shorting circuits and the wail of alarms.  "This is the…. I am under attack.  Shields weakening.  Please help."

"Can you get a fix on the origin of the signal Mr Kim," Chakotay asked.

"It's coming from a star system point zero two light years from our present location."

"Tom adjust our course," Janeway ordered.

"Aye captain," Lieutenant Thomas Paris replied from the helm.

"Red alert," Janeway ordered.

Barely four minutes later Voyager dropped out of warp all systems ready for battle should the need arise.

Captain Kathryn Janeway kept her eyes focused on the view screen as Voyager closed on the source of the distress call.  There were two ships engaged in battle or rather one ship firing the other sitting completely helpless.  The helpless ship was a small smooth hulled delta-shaped vessel around twice the size of a Runabout and was now slowly tumbling as energy bolt after energy bolt from the larger ship pummelled it mercilessly.  Even without the aide of a tactical display Janeway could see that the small ship wouldn't be able to take much more.

"Open a channel to the attacking ship," she ordered briskly.

"Channel open," Harry responded.

"Attention hostile vessel this is Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager.  Break off your attack immediately."  The alien ship ignored them and fired again upon its nearly helpless prey knocking it tumbling from end to end.

"The smaller vessels shields have collapsed," Tuvok reported.  "They cannot withstand another hit."

"Hail the attacking ship again."

"Still no response captain."

"All right then.  Mr Tuvok lets see if we can get their attention.  Fire a warning shot across their bow."

A phaser beam rippled forth from one of Voyager's forward weapons arrays.  A dense orange javelin of destructive energy that grazed the forward shields of the attacking ship lighting them up and shaking the vessel but doing no real damage.

"Alien ship is scanning us," Tuvok reported even as a blue band of light leapt into existence between them and the alien ship.  The light passed through the shields and hull as if they were not there.  The light swept across the bridge from left to right scanning everyone.  The light appeared to pause on Tom for nearly a full second before scanning everyone else then it changed colour becoming green and focusing on the computers.

"Captain the scanning beam is attempting to access our main computer," Harry Kim called out in alarm.

"Block it," Janeway ordered.  Harry's hands danced across his console and the green light spluttered and went dead.

"Alien ship is targeting us captain," Tuvok reported just before a bolt of red light shot out from the alien ship to slam into their forward shields shaking Voyager hard.  "Disruptor-style weapons captain.  Shields are holding."

"Target their weapons arrays and return fire," Janeway ordered as another disruptor blast shook Voyager.  Phaser beams ripped forth to slam into the alien's forward shields.

"Direct hit their shields are holding."

"Photon torpedoes."  Tuvok nodded and a pair of photons blasted forth to smash into the alien's forward shields punching them well into the red.  Tuvok followed the torpedoes with another round of phaser fire that sliced through the weakened shields to demolish the alien's forward disruptors.

"Alien weapons have been destroyed," Tuvok reported.  "They are withdrawing captain."  Janeway nodded she could see it herself.  On the screen the vaguely shark-like alien warship turned one hundred and eighty degrees before shooting off at full impulse power a minute before something strange happened.  Rings of subspace energy appeared at the bow and stern of the ship then the stern rings collapsed onto the front rings and the ship vanished in a flash of blue.

"What the hell was that?" Janeway wondered in amazement she tapped her combadge.  "Bridge to Seven of Nine."

"I am aware of what you are calling about captain," the ex-Borg responded calmly.  "The alien ship appeared to open some kind of conduit to escape.  Exact mechanism is unknown but it is not transwarp."

"Run a full analysis of our sensor readings."

"I am already on it captain."

"Keep me informed Janeway out."  Janeway closed the channel.  "Mr Kim scan the remaining ships for survivors."

"I read one life sign on the alien ship captain.  Ma'am the life sign it looks almost Human."  Janeway whirled to look at her operations officer.


"I wish I could the life sign is very faint.  Hard to lock onto.  Captain the alien ships reactor core is overloading.  It will breach in approximately one minute."

"Beam the survivor straight to sickbay," Janeway ordered.  "Alert the doctor.  Mr Paris move us away as soon as transport is complete."

"Aye captain."

"Transport complete," Harry called out.

"Engaging impulse engines," Paris responded immediately his knowledgeable hands dancing over his console. 

The impulse drive engaged and Voyager moved away from the dying alien ship.  A moment later the alien ship exploded in a titanic blast of energy and fire that was much more powerful than an antimatter blast.  The subspace shockwave jolted the ship violently.

"Damage report," Janeway ordered.

"Shields at sixty percent," Tuvok reported.  "Minor damage to the outer hull.  No other damage reported and no casualties."

"Doctor to Captain Janeway," the familiar voice of their holographic doctor said.  Janeway tapped her combadge.

"Yes doctor?"

"You better come down here captain there's something that you are going to want to see."

"I'm on my way."  Janeway closed the channel.  "Chakotay you have the bridge.  I'll be in sickbay."

"Aye captain."