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Just An Egg's Dream

The three companions made their way through the white wash corridors, grinning madly. Neither one could believe their luck. Pikachu sat upon Ash's shoulder, eagerly watching as they passed people of many different, shapes, sizes, and nationalities, until finally they reached the top deck.

Brock and Ash raced to the side of the ship where hundreds of people were currently waving and blowing kisses to their loved ones. Brock sweatdropped as he noticed Ash waving and shouting madly at the massive, bustling crowd below.

"Pikapi?" Pikachu cocked his head to the side, bewildered.
"Ashwho are you waving at? No one out there knows you." Brock asked, eyebrow cocked high.

Ash turned and grinned at his friend. "When we get to America I'm gonna be the No.1 Pokémon Master! It's our one big chance at becoming rich and famous!" Ash turned and motioned towards the big crowd gathered on the port. "I'm just making sure they remember this handsome face of mine!" Ash turned back to the crowd again, waving his hands madly in the air. "Goodbye!! I love you all soon-to-be adoring fans!!"

Brock and Pikachu turned to each other and shrugged. "Well, we might as well join him." Brock turned and copied his younger friend, waving his arms in the air. "Goodbye!! I will never forget you!!"
"Pikaa! Pika-Pika Chu!!"

The cheering crowds waved back with enthusiasm as the enormous man-made monster began gathering speed and heading towards the English Channel.

Ash let the salty sea breeze blow through his spiky black hair for a moment longer, before heading off with his two companions in search of their berth.

After getting lost five times, and being held up when Brock accidentally tripped into a young Swedish blonde, the trio finally found their cabin. It was a simple and basic cubicle, painted white and containing four bunks.

"Top bunk's mine! You'll never take it alive!" Ash grinned playfully as he shoved Brock out of the way and leapt at the top bunk, Pikachu clinging to his shoulder. Brock laughed at his childish companion as he dumped his kit on the bunk below.

"So Ash," Brock paused, smiling evilly, "what kept you behind back there anyway?" He asked, kicking his boots off and colllapsing on his less than comfortable bunk. He had a pretty good idea what had kept his friend back.

"Pikapi?" Pikachu prodded Ash's shoulder with a curious expression, but still received no answer. Ash was staring hard at the ceiling as if it were the most interesting thing in the world. He had barely heard Brock or Pikachu curious words. He didn't even see the long grey pipes planted across the ceiling above. All he saw, in his mind's eye, were those two beautiful, aqua blue eyes, and that fiery red hair. Ash sighed dreamily. Then there was that look of shock on her sweet face which soon melted into confusion and bewilderment as they locked eyes...

Brock sighed, a little irritated. Ash's body may have been lying on the bunk above him, but his mind was somewhere else. Brock douted he would get anything out of his friend for a while. He strained to lift his head as the heavy metal door suddenly swung open, revealing two male characters.

"That was a cute one a'right." The first laughed, elbowing his companion gently.

Pikachu glanced down from his perch at the two newcomers who had entered the cabin. The one who had spoken had long black hair topped with a worn brown cap which he wore tilted to one side. He tugged at the red scarf around his neck and chucked it onto the bottom bunk along with his rucksack.

"I mean, first class. Not bad. Not bad at all." He continued.

"Shut up Sketchit." The other hissed back. Pikachu turned his attention to the second newcomer. He had rugged, spiky, auburn hair, and wore, much like the others, loose well-worn clothes.

The first turned to his companion and smirked. "Oh, she hit a soft spot in Gary Oak, huh?" He teased in his heavy Irish accent. "'nother one to add to your list." He rolled his eyes and smiled before turning and reaching his hand out to Brock. "Hi, the name's Tracey Sketchit."

Brock smiled and took his hand, shaking it heartily. "Brock Slate."

Tracey nodded then glanced up at Gary. "This here's m' friend, Gary Oak."

Gary shot a glare at Tracey then bent forward to shake Brock's hand. "I'm merely an acquaintance of his." He snorted indignantly.

On the bottom bunk, Brock punched the bed above, waking Ash out of his daydream. "Hey, whatcha do that for?!" Ash groggily leaned over the side of the bunk and studied the two newcomers along with Pikachu.

Tracey grinned up at Ash and his small, chubby cheeked Pikachu. "Hi. Name's Tracey and this here is Ga-"
"Gary Oak, who can speak for himself." Gary said, knocking Tracey's hat off his head.

Ash grinned and stuck his hand out. "Ash Ketchum, one of the finest Pokémon trainers you'll ever meet."

Gary shook his hand, and winked back. "Well, Ketchum, when we get to America, I promise you the best match of your life!"


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