Chapter 4

Attention: g!p in this chapter (and well in every upcoming too but there are always people who get angry when I don't give a 'warning' first...)

"N-no one, mother." Regina answered and Cora gritted her teeth. "I ask a last time nicely, Regina. Who. Is. That?" Cora growled and Regina gulped. "The... the soldier who needed the alcohol to tend to her wound... she is the first person I saw next to you since 13 summers... Somehow I just drew her! But she never was up here." Regina rambled and Cora silenced her with magic. Regina looked at her mother fearfully. "You are still lying to me." Cora said and Regina shook her head quickly. Cora cupped Regina's cheek with tears in her eyes. "You let her up here, didn't you?" Regina shook her head weakly. "Why did you do that? You know that no one can know about you... they'll kill you otherwise." Cora said and traced over Regina's long hair. She rested her forehead against Regina's and sighed. "I'm so sorry." Cora whispered before she sat down and forced Regina to sit in front of her. Regina struggled slightly but Cora held her in place with magic.

She magicked herself a scissor and Regina gasped. "I'm so sorry." Cora said and tears rushed down her face while she cut strand for strand off. Regina started crying too and closed her eyes. Soon every strand was cut and Regina was left with chin long hair. They both looked at the hair on the ground. Both had tears on their faces. Cora pulled Regina close to her and held her. "No one can know about you, Regina... they'll take your life... I can't lose another person I love." Cora said and Regina just laid her head on Cora's shoulder. A mixture of anger and understanding was creeping into her body. She just didn't knew which feeling she should settle on. "Now she can't return and you are save. Believe me, Regina.. I only want the best for you." Cora said and Regina nodded. "I love you, Regina..." Cora kissed her head and then disappeared in a purple cloud. Regina's voice was returned but the long hair on the ground was gone. Regina took a hand mirror and looked at her short hair.

She sat down and started crying. Emma would find her disgusting now. She had short hair. She had boyish hair. Regina threw herself on her bed and cried her soul out. Anger started to settle in herself. Anger of her mother that she was so protective even when Emma was a nice girl. She never even met her. Why does her mother had to destroy this? She was so angry right now. She didn't even noticed the person who had climbed up the tower and watched her heartbrokenly. She flinched when she felt a hand on her back and she quickly turned around to face the other person, ready to yell at her mother. Regina looked into Emma's concerned face and just turned away again. Ashamed of how she looked now. "Regina?" Emma asked concerned and stroked her back. "Go away... you don't need to see me like this." Regina said and Emma smiled. "See you how?" Emma asked and Regina looked at Emma. "Like this! I lost my hair! I'm ugly! I'm unworthy!" Regina said and Emma cupped her cheeks and pulled her in for a kiss.

Regina gasped and looked quite shocked and surprised. Emma pulled away and smiled at her lovingly. "You are still the most beautiful woman I ever met." Emma said and Regina searched for a lie in Emma's eyes. She didn't found anything and smiled slightly. "You promised me to leave the tower today and let me show you something beautiful." Regina nodded and took Emma's hand. They climbed out of the tower and Emma led her to a horse. "That's my horse Shadow." Emma said and mounted it. She helped Regina on it behind her and then rode towards a clearing a few minutes away from the tower. They dismounted and Regina looked around amazed. She saw a blanket with a basket and a rose in the middle and Regina looked at Emma. "That's for us." Emma said with a charming smile and Regina giggled happily. They sat down and Emma opened the basket. She brought things Regina never had eaten in her life and Emma smiled when Regina tried everything with an awestruck face.

Afterwards they laid on the blanket and just stared into the sky. Regina laid her head on Emma's shoulder and wrapped her arms around Emma's waist while Emma had wrapped an arm around Regina's shoulder and laid one hand on Regina's. "That looks like a horse." Regina said and pointed at a cloud. Emma chuckled. "It does. You see that cloud? Right next to it?" Emma asked and pointed on cloud on the left of the horse-cloud. "Mmm." Regina hummed. "That looks like a turtle with sword... almost like a ninja turtle." Emma said and Regina laughed loudly. "Quite the imagination." Regina said and Emma shrugged. "It's part of me." Emma answered and Regina looked up to her. "Luckily." Regina said and pushed herself up on her elbow and looked down at Emma. Emma watched her with a soft smile and caressed her back and hip with her hands. "Why did your mother cut your hair?" Emma asked and Regina sighed.

"Because she saw a picture of you I drew..." Regina answered and Emma smiled slightly. "You drew a picture of me?" Emma asked and Regina nodded. Emma shifted a bit and pulled out a piece of paper from her tunic which she held to Regina. Regina took the paper and unfolded it. Her eyes widened slightly. It was herself. She looked at Emma. "I drew you too." Emma confessed and Regina smiled softly. They kissed again and Regina moved her hand to Emma's tunic. She nervously fiddled with the hem and Emma smiled. "Do whatever you want." Emma encouraged Regina who slowly pulled the tunic up. She studied the pale skin underneath the fabric and bit her lip aroused. Her eyes darted back to Emma's which showed trust and love. She moved the tunic higher and Emma lifted her hands up so that Regina could pull it over her head. Afterwards they threw it next to them on the ground.

Her hands shakily traced over Emma's stomach which made Emma chuckle. Regina smiled slightly and kissed her again. It didn't take long for them to discharge their clothes and soon they only laid next to each other in their underwear. "Maybe I just give you the pleasure... and we switch me to another day." Emma said suddenly being totally shy. Regina shook her head. "I don't want this to be one sided all the time." Regina said and Emma opened her mouth. "This isn't one-sided..." "It is. You always help me and I never return it... Because I can't... this may be a chance for me. Maybe it's better if you would start but I definitely will return the favor." Regina said and Emma closed her eyes shortly. She would at least could taste Regina for one time. And be her first which was definitely a bonus. Before Regina would send her away because she was disgusted of her.

"Fine." Emma said and softly pulled Regina's corset off. Her eyes darkened when she saw the firm breasts and the hard brown nipples. She took one in her mouth and Regina moaned. She gave a fuck on her mother's opinion. Maybe Cora only wanted to protect her but it was always in a selfish way. This time she would decide her fate. Emma switched their places and slowly let her hand travel down to Regina's legs. She locked eyes with Regina while she pulled her panties down and caressed her softly. Regina moaned and Emma smiled at that. Emma dipped her head between Regina's legs and ran her tongue up and down her folds. Regina closed her eyes contently and just enjoyed the feeling. Emma made her cum in no time and she drank up everything she could. She kissed her way up and kissed Regina's lips. Regina moaned and cupped Emma's cheeks. "Mmm." Regina hummed and suddenly felt something hard pressing against her hip.

Emma stiffened and wanted to move away but Regina wrapped an arm tightly around Emma and moved her hand to the hard thing against her hip. She watched how Emma looked down when she touched it. "Emma..." Regina breathed out as she felt the outline of the hard cock in Emma's shorts. "I... I'm sorry... I should go... I... I'm sorry I didn't tell you... I... you surely think of me as disgusting." Emma rambled and got up but Regina grabbed her by her arm and flipped her on her back on the blanket. She quickly straddled her so that Emma couldn't get up. "Emma... let me talk." Regina said and Emma nodded. "I don't care if you have a penis... I like YOU. A lot. Yeah, maybe telling me would have been better but I'm not mad. This is a huge thing for you." "For you too." Emma mumbled and Regina shook her head amused. "What I want to say is... that I like your character a lot and I don't mind your addition." Regina told her and Emma smiled slightly.

Regina looked down and smiled. "May I see it?" She asked and Emma nodded. She pulled the shorts down and studied Emma's hard length. Regina hesitantly traced over the cock with her fingertips and looked at Emma. "Would you like to... would you like to make love with me?" Emma asked shyly and Regina nodded blushing. And Emma did made love to her. Sure, it hurt slightly because it was Regina's first time but otherwise Emma did her best to be soft and loving to her. Afterwards they laid next to each other again and realization settled in Regina. She just lost her virginity. She sat up and Emma followed her suit. Concern clearly in her face. "Are you alright?" Emma asked and Regina looked at Emma. "I... I lost my virginity." She said and Emma smiled amused. "Yeah...I thought you knew that before we made love." Emma said and Regina smiled slightly.

"How do I hide that from my mother?" Regina asked and Emma pulled her close. "She won't find out. Only if she should check you there and that is disgusting... you are 18, Regina. You are a grown woman. A beautiful grown woman. And I'll do anything to help you." "You need to protect me of people who could take my life and strip my mother from her magic... that's the only thing that could help me." Regina said and Emma kissed her softly. "Then that's what I'm gonna do." Emma promised her and Regina shook her head softly. "You are a brave idiot." Regina said and rested her forehead against Emma's. "Just for you. I'll be back in three days with a solution to all your problems." Emma promised and Regina sighed. "Fine." Regina said and they dressed again. Emma brought her back to the tower and pulled her close there. "Thanks." She said and Regina tilted her head.

"For what?" Regina asked. "For not being disgusted and trusting me." Emma answered and Regina kissed her softly. "Always." Regina promised and then Emma helped her up again. Regina waved Emma a last time before she went to bed and fell asleep contently.