Hello, HTTYD fandom! My name is DrabbitDragonLord, or Bella, and this is my first Dragons fanfic.

Now, it's pretty short, but I just got this idea in my head two days ago and I couldn't get it out of my mind! I have been reading some HTTYD fanfics lately, and I have to say... you guys have got to be some of the best authors on this site. They way you kept the characters...well... in character, is amazing. So your stories inspired me to write this one-shot, and I am so happy with it!

There are spoilers from HTTYD2, so PLEASE DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU LIKE READING SPOILERS! (Knowing myself, I hate spoilers, so this is why I am addressing the fact to those who are on the same boat as I am).

As you can tell... I am a huge fan of Hiccstrid, and I love everything about them separately. I tired my hardest to get in character with them (Hiccup is the queen of sass while Astrid is just AWESOME XD), but if they seem out of character to you, or if anything is off, please leave a review or message me, so I can improve.

Also, for a side note, this is set a couple of years after the second movie, and Hiccup and Astrid are married, with Hiccup as Chief.

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"A man is not complete until he has seen the baby he has made."

Sammy Davis, Jr.


"Just calm down, Hiccup."

Usually when someone says "Calm down" to a deranged, freaking-out, expecting father, it will not, I repeat not, help him calm down. All it will do is add stress to said expecting father, causing him to freak out more and worry about his wife and baby.

Quite frankly, anything could happen to both baby and mother during birth, as in broken limbs, death, other complications, or anything really, and it doesn't help that the entire island is expecting a boy to carry the family legacy and not if the baby (boy or girl) will be healthy.

Like, seriously, who votes on baby genders? The baby will come out a gender and the vote will have no impact on it whatsoever. And why would someone bid ten buckets of fish against their neighbor just to prove they predicted the gender correctly? It's not like there is a 50/50 chance the baby would be a boy or girl. Like, what were they expecting? A dragon?

(Come to think of it, now it implies the mother was cheating on the father with a dragon... Awkward).

And unfortunately, I was feeling exactly this. (The whole pressure and worry thing, I mean).

I have led our proud people of Berk out of two wars. I integrated dragons and Berkians, whom live in peace and harmony. I invented dragon-riding (well... technically Mom did, but everyone on Berk thought I did, so TAKE THAT, MOM!). I am the chief of Berk. I can freaking glide because how well I work with blacksmith and gadgets.

Yet the birth of a baby freaks me out.

But it wasn't just any baby.

It was my baby.

Our baby.

I worried what would happen to Astrid (obviously, I married her). She and I have been through so much, and childbirth could take her away (and the Gods... especially the gods). I don't want to lose the first girl, first Viking, who saw how amazing dragons were, like I did. Astrid was my everything.

And now, so will this baby.

"No offense, Snotlout, but you telling me to calm down has no impact on helping me calm down," I replied.

"Well, can you at least stop pacing? You look like you need to go to the outhouse."

I stopped walking. I just realized my palms were sweating from clenched in fists, and suddenly ached, and my face was equally sweaty. Also my legs were cramping from the pacing. My peg leg, especially (which is a friendly reminder that dragons like to even odds out as well as humans).

I ran a hand through my hair, which got caught on the braids Astrid insisted on making. "Look, I'm not trying to be paranoid, but you wouldn't understand, Snotlout."

The once-bully of my childhood, who was now a foot shorter than me, shrugged. "Hey, I get it, Hic. You're worried about Astrid and the kid." He looked away. "You're...already a better father than most fathers."

I smiled. "Did the Great Snotlout compliment me?" I asked in mock-surprise. Snotlout was always competing with me (although he always one), and to hear him say something like this to me was quite strange.

Snotlout lightly punched my arm. "Don't get used to it. I'm still the best at Thawfest." Thanks for reminding me, I thought, sarcastically.

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever you say."

We were soon joined by Ruffnut, Tuffnut, Fishlegs and Eret, son of Eret. The adult Vikings looked exhausted, as though they ran a mile (which is weird, because we don't have a mile on Berk and we use dragons for even short distances). Well, Eret didn't look too out of breath. He wasn't acustomed to dragon-riding as long as the others have (although he had bonded well with my Dad's dragon, Scullcrusher).

"You look awful," Snotlout blurted. Always the subtle one, he is.

Fishlegs tried to catch his breath. "I... was... just...-" he wheezed,"-at... the...mid-"

"We were at the midwife hut and we heard Astrid swearing more than someone after drinking her yak-nog on Snoggletoff," Ruffnut said, in a fast tone.

Snotlout frowned. "Why would Astrid curse more than usual?" he asked.

Seriously, is he that clueless?

"Unless this whole 'childbirth' thing is too hard for Astrid," Tuffnut baffled, causing him and Snotlout to laugh harder.

Ruffnut punched Snotlout and Tuffnut in the shoulder. "You idiots obviously don't know how painful childbirth is." She shuttered. "It's the most painful feeling in the world."

Fishlegs finally caught his breath. "How would you know? You never gave birth before." A very valid point by the nerdiest Viking on Berk.

"When you have the parts, you feel the pain for your fellow woman," Ruffnut explained.

The guys and I cringed.

"Yea... that's sort of gross," I muttered. Sdudenly a thought occurred to me. "Wait, is she almost done?" I asked.

Ruffnut shrugged. "I don't know. The midwives won't let us in."

I didn't think over my actions before I realized I was running toward the midwife hut. As I got closer, the swears of my wife become louder and louder. There were also other Vikings waiting outside the hut, waiting impatiently.

One guy recognized me and yelled, "Cheif! She's getting close!"

I was soon joined by Stormfly and Toothless. Stormfly was looking paler than usual and she constantly scratched the ground. I could only assume she worried about Astrid and she couldn't be there for her. I know how you feel, girl.

I patted Stormfly's muzzle first. "She's okay, girl. She's okay." The Deadly Nadder hummed in response and her breathing became steady.

Toothless nuzzled his head under my arm and looked up at me with anticipation, and his pupils went large, indicating sadness. I don't know why, but dragons are very intuitive with human pain. I am glad toothless can read my emotions, although he may not truly understand them, since I couldn't explain to a dragon why I was so nervous.

I continued to soothe the dragons, although it was hard, since Astrid's cursing was evident of pain. If I could be there to help, I would, but men cannot be in the building while a woman is in labor. It's stupid, I know, but it makes sense: I couldn't coach Astrid. I wouldn't have a clue on what to do.

An older woman walked up to me and hugged my shoulder. Mom.

"Your father was nervous, too, you know."

I didn't look at her. "I'm surprised you're not in there with Astrid and her mom." Usually, when there is a birth, the mother of the birthing woman would be there for coaching and support. Sometimes, the father's mother would be there as well. I surprised myself. Valka and Astrid bonded well over the past couple of years, due to them co-leading the Dragon Academy, while I was Chief and doing important Chief-like things.

Valka grinned. "Nah, I had my chance. Besides, the father needs support as well, does he not?"

I smiled. I'm glad Mom was here to support me.

However, I had a nagging thought I had to clear with her. "Was Dad with his father, when I was born?" I asked, my voice cracking. Speaking about my father, StoicK the Vast, was still painful, even years after his... passing. But the fact that he was as scared as I was... it made me feel closer to him than I could ever truly be. I mean, sure he went out of his dragon-killing lifestyle in order to accommodate Berk's new dragon-riding lifestyle, but I feel he wasn't connected as Mom and I are with dragon-riding.

It's good to hear Dad and I have something in common. Keeps him close, y'know.

Valka shook her head. "Your grandfather died in a storm, just a few months before you were born, and he didn't have his mum either." My grandfather. I don't know much about him, only that the only portrait he ever took with my Dad was the one hanging in the Great Hall. If he was anything like my father, I probably wouldn't have bonded well with him.

I already know her answer. "So he really was alone..."

"And when you were born, he didn't care that you were frail or tiny. In his eyes, you were perfect, because you were our baby." Valka smiled. "He was the proudest father on Berk, ready to boast about you. The first time you rolled over, he showed you off to the entire village."

I chuckled. I guess that was pretty funny, although I doubt I would boast about my baby rolling over. I tried to imagine Dad, being his big oafish self, showing me (remember, I was a runty thing) off in pride.

Then again, it would be pretty funny if I did that to the baby.

My thoughts were interrupted by the gasps of the villagers around me. I listened carefully, to make sure I wasn't mistaking anything. Strangely, it was quiet. There were no midwives yelling nor Astrid cursing. Utter silence.

The next second was a blur. I found myself inside the midwife house, with the door slamming behind me, blocking out the protests of the villagers and my mother. There were women scurrying around a bed, where Astrid was bent forward and looking up at me, tears in her eyes. A couple of the midwifes were yelling at me, but I couldn't understand what they were saying.

The first sound I heard was a tiny wail.

A midwife, who was at the end of the bed, looked back to me. She was cuddling something in her beefy arm which I couldn't see because her shoulder was in the way. She smiled.

"Healthy babe, Chief."

I sighed in relief, and walked over to Astrid. The midwife walked over to the other midwives and began to wash off the baby. The wails escalated, filling the room. For a moment, I felt I should check to make sure everything was okay, but I have learned from the past to not interfere with woman who know how to take care of newborns.

Astrid collapsed in the pillow supporting her. I pushed a strand of hair from her wet face to behind her ear. Her face was red and tears were running down her face. She looked extremely exhausted. And she was beautiful.

"You did great, Milady."

Astrid huffed. "I'd punch you if I had the strength."

Good ole Astrid. I could always count on her to punch my shoulder.

The midwife held up a swindled cloth to us. "Wold you like to hold your daughter?"


Astrid pointed weakly to me. "Let Hiccup hold her first."

Before I knew it, I was holding the bundle. I looked down, utterly frightened on what to do. Was I supporting the head okay? Was the baby comfy? So many questions were circling my head.

And then I saw her, face to face, for the first time.

She was red, which was expected. And tiny. She looked so fragile, I thought she would break if I tightened my grip. Her eyes weren't open yet, but I expected them to be blue; newborns have blue eyes. I suspected they would either stay blue, like Astrid's, or grow green, as mine did. Her hair... wow... she sprouted a ton of hair for a newborn. I couldn't help but touch her hair gently (Very gently, mind you. She was delicate). It was so soft, like fur.

Looking closely, I realized she resembled Astrid. She had her nose, her rounded face and her smooth chin. The dimples on her cheeks were adorable, again belonging to Astrid. I was sort of glad; now I had two beautiful ladies, who were identical, in my life.

As I watched her precious face, her eyes began to slowly open.

I couldn't help but let my jaw drop. Her eyes, strangely, were as green as mine. This was very uncommon for newborns, but not all newborns are the same, right? I mean, my mother and I were definitely born differently than the other Vikings.

And I realized my daughter and I were seeing each other, eye to eye, for the first time. It was an amazing feeling. She had this... gleam in her eyes, when she stared back at me with my eyes. It was though she was studying me, despite being merely a few minutes old.

Already, I felt this overprotective feeling for her. She was my little girl. She'll need her daddy to protect her, since I'll be the first man she'll ever love. She'll need her daddy when she walks for the first time, and scrapes her knee. And I will be there to catch her if she falls, and I will kiss her sores goodbye and chase her nightmares away. I will teach her how to ride dragons and be there when she finds her own.

Right now, she was a tiny soul who needed us. Parents to take care of her, feed her, wash her, protect her and love her. Astrid and I probably wouldn't know the first thing to do, but we will manage. We will be the best parents we can for our daughter.

She was perfect. I could only say she was perfect. Nothing else mattered. Well, sure, health mattered, but at this moment, right now, nothing else mattered. This... perfect little girl... was the product of Astrid and I. We made her. She belonged to us.

She was our baby.

Astrid chuckled. "You okay there, Chief?"


Astrid laughed a bit louder. "Well, you look like you just saw an angel or something."

The stupid grin on my face wouldn't go away. "I think I did." To emphasize my point, I shift our daughter, so she was resting in her mother's arms, while my arm went around Astrid's shoulders. I watched as mother and daughter saw each other for the first time, green eyes to blue.

"She's beautiful, Hiccup," Astrid breathed.

I felt so proud at the moment. Not just for Astrid, because she did amazing bringing this amazing child into the world, but because for our daughter, who was doing pretty well for her first few minutes of life. She was content, I think. She wasn't balling for food and she seemed happy with human contact. Pretty good for a newborn.

I was a father, I realized...Astrid and I were parents... We have our own daughter.

I ran my hand through her soft, red hair again. "She'll be like you, no doubt," I joked. "Loud, tough, pig-headed..."

Astrid snorted. "Or she'll be a sarcastic, know-it-all like her father." She shuttered. "Ugh. Never mind, I can't handle two Hiccups."

I laughed. "We can call her Hiccup, then."

Astrid's eyes widened. "Oh gods no. The last thing we need are two Haddocks with the same name, causing mayhem on Berk." She watched our daughter yawn. Oh gods, it was adorable. Her fists went tight and she stretched her little arms. The best part? Hearing the air leave her mouth.

"Maybe Ingrid?" Astrid suggested.

I thought for a moment. "Doesn't 'Ingrid' sound close to Astrid?" I realized, nudging her shoulder with my arm.

She rolled her eyes. "Well, Mister Chief, what do you want to call her?"

I shrugged. It just occurred to me Astrid and I did not discuss girl names. Well, the names Rowan and Ingrid turned up, but that was all.

"Why not Kari Rowan?" I suggested. I knew Kari meant "gust of wind", and if our daughter would be anything like us, then it would be a pretty accurate name. Rowan meant "little red", which also fit because her hair was a dark red, like Dad.

"Kari Rowan Haddock?" Astrid tried out. "Yea... Kari."

"Kari... It's perfect," I agreed, watching Kari's eyes slowly close, falling asleep.

"She's perfect," Astrid added, as she held Kari's small fist in her soft hands.

I smiled and looked down at Kari. Perfection.

She was perfect, because she was our baby.

To be continued...