My Secret

"KYAAA! Neji senpai so hoooot!"


"Oh my gosh! Look at Uchiha Sasuke go!" One girl squealed. Sounding like she's already loosing oxygen. Like look at her! She looks like a flopping dying fish on land.

"Neji's hair is so sexy when it's in the way!"

"I want to marry Kiba senpai!" Sakura scrunched her face. Is this girl serious?! Kiba is part dog! Did this girl ever saw how Kiba devour his lunch. Like a dog. No... Like a fucking savage dog from the apocalypse! Sure Kiba is... decent to look at. But he shouldn't be dying for. Too much praise gives the jerk face dog more freedom in the wild.

"He's so flawless! Look how smooth his skin looks when he flexes his muscles!" Another one squealed as she fans herself. It's not even hot in the gymnasium. Practically, everyone sitting on the stands are covered in warm clothes like sweaters, long sleeves, pants, and sweats.

"Sasuke kun is so sexy when he wipes his sweaty forehead off his shirt!" She moans dreamily. Sick. Just sick. Sweat on a guy is a major turn off. It's so disgusting to just look at all the guys coated with sweat and let it run down their eyes like it's the 'thing'. But the young Uchiha can get away with anything, if anyone must say.

"I wonder how he smells after basketball practice." Like a boy. Duh! A musty average boy. Sakura wanted to say to them. Of course, she couldn't because they won't understand her. Most of all, Sakura didn't want to waste her breathe on girls that drool over these boys. She use to be one of them but shit happens. Especially when she one of those push overs and let one of the guys toss her like a rag doll and kick her to the curve. The pink head girl then grew up from that and won't eye these foolish boys.

"He probably smells like a heavy waterfall mist. I can just imagine the smell." Ew. A crawling feeling down her back gave the girl a quiver.


Sakura boredly sat right behind the talkative chatter boxes. The face she puts on shown disgust. A simple side scrunched nose, a grim pursed lips, and brows lined. She really thought it was painful enough to stay for an hour, enveloped with the gym's boy smell. Sakura really needs a hospital mask to shield this polluted air of strong stench.

Sure, Sakura Haruno plays basketball but... She and the girls do not smell like them. And guys don't through themselves on or dirty talk about a sweaty girl. Unless it turns the guy on. Or he's just plain weird.

Girls were so weird over... Guys. What kind of girl says such things like that anyway? Do they think before they speak. Clearly not. Falling for the Uchiha's good looks makes them spit anything dirty about him. They don't care how low and nasty it is. Sakura shouldn't think too low of them. She was once them.

She needs to get out of here before she gets...


"These girls are annoying." Tenten groans. She stuffed her face on her lap as her long sleeve hands covered her ears. Since the beginning of practice, she wanted to squeeze the brains out of them if they screamed one more time in her ears. She was just sick of hearing, 'Sasuke kun this, Sasuke that kun!' Like the world revolves around him only.

"Just a few more minutes, Ten, then we're out." Sakura checked her phone. Tenten looks up at the ceiling, mouthing thanks to whoever up there. Whoever is up there please wined up time faster.

"Why are we here again?" Tenten asked bluntly.

"Because of princess over there." Sakura pointed at Ino. Yamanaka Ino. The one who's also fan girling, grueling, bulging heart eyes , and hands clinging on to the hems of her short jean shirt so tightly. Tenten scoffed.

"If I wasn't as nice... I would be home now. Soaking in my bath of bubbles. Living the life in my room playing video games or reading mangas. Or even pig out in the snack cabinet. But noooo! Oh heavens no! I HAVE TO SIT MY ASS IN HERE FOR FUC-'

"P-Please Tenten... Please don't cuss." Curse those angel like eyes of a Hyuga princess. Hinata had her hands folded and eyes begging Tenten and Sakura to calm down for a second till the game is over. She's too adorable. Who can argue with that face?!

"I'll stop! Next time I'm not staying. I'm staying home in my comfy bed." Tenten swear. Ino turned to her with a shocked face. Here comes the Queen Ino.

"Tenten! You can't do that! Without you here this friendship bonding means nothing!" Uh huh.

"Oh! So when you guys ditched me in the arcade with the guys-"

"I had to twinkle!" Ino pouted her pink cheeks.

"Yeah! And after the potty break you guys somehow ended up eating in a burger joint! Twinkle these nuts, bitch." Tenten flipped the bird.

"Tenten!" Hinata gasped. Sakura laughed. Tenten would break her person anytime. She don't care who it is. Her true colors are like a punch on the face. Tenten looks cute and adorable this chick is such a tommy. Aka tomboy. Ino grew red as she climbed over Sakura and Hinata to reach Tenten. Tenten pulled her lower eyelid down while sticking out her tongue.

"You guys are such kids." Sakura complained as she pushed Ino back.

"Everyone needs some youth in them" Only Ino would say such a thing.

"And blondes needs more brains." Tenten said bluntly.

"T-Take that back!" Ino screeched. Her purse collided on Tenten's face. Then Tenten threw it else where. Ino gasped about her expensive perfume bottle and make up kit. She ran down the bleacher seats like some hulk. Sakura and Tenten couldn't help but laugh. Like who goes down the benches with a frog like jump wearing high heels. Hinata tried to calm the both of them as Sakura laugh decreased and she leans back to see any messages on her phone.


"Damn him." Sakura muttered. She raked her fingers through her long pink hair. It have gotten longer.

"Damn who?" Tenten peaked at her cell. Sakura simply slide it in her hoodie pocket.

"My dad." Sakura quickly replied.

"Is he picking you up now?" Ino asked as she sat back down. She gave Tenten her lucky finger. Tenten smiled cheesy.

"Naaah." Sakura dropped her jaw as she said that. Tenten burped. Ino's face turned sour.

"You and Tenten need to go to beauty school." Ino turned to them with a serious face. Eyeing both of the said girls outfits. Tenten decided to wear sweatpants, sneakers, and a hoodie. Basically, dressed like a dude. A cute dude. Tenten clearly a tomboy. A cute tommy. Sakura, however, wore this forest green cargo, hoodie, high top converses, and Konohas baseball cap. Ever since freshman year, Sakura changed her cutie-pa-tootie image into 'I don't give two shizz.' Honestly, Sakura dresses like a girl when she wants but most of the time, Ino gets to see this everyday.

Ino couldn't keep her eyes away. Her hands ache to reach her cell phone to dial her modeling agency to doll up these girls. Everywhere they go, Tenten and Sakura, the not cute ones. Ino and Hinata stands out. Most of the time Ino is left with attention or fans of her own when she show some soft pale skin of hers. The Yamanaka loves the attention. She don't even give a damn if she be in the streets with her garments. Sakura and Tenten assumed.

Hinata, she keeps her style simple and adorable. No skin of hers never touched the sunlight except for below her knees, arms, and neck. The three girls already know that the Hyuga is too shy to show off whatever under her clothes. She would cry if someone sees her naked. When it's gym the Hyuga still creep her way to the bathroom stalls to change. However, Ino's glad that someone out of her three friends dresses like an actual girl.

"Your mom need-"

"Tenten..." Hinata plead. Tenten stopped herself before things gets out of hand. Like last time, Ino and Tenten went at it last year in junior year. All because Ino said that Tenten writes ugly like a dude. And that's when Tenten punched Ino's shoulder and Ino through a book at her face...And... Yeah. Sakura, Lee, Shikamaru, Neji, and security guards had to break up the fight.

Tenten held her hands up like she surrender.

"I'll cool it."

"ALRIGHT YOU BEASTS! GO WASH UP!" Gai sensei dismissed the team. All the guys head towards the locker room. People in the bleaches gather up and took their leave.

"Peace! On the streets! Son!" Tenten dipped.

"Screw her!" Ino crossed her arms over her chest. Their relationship is on and off. They be the closest friends one day then enemies the next.

"Oh Ino." Hinata giggled.

"You know you love that panda!" Sakura leaped on to Ino's shoulder, making kissy faces. Ino made a stern face and grumbled about unintelligible things. Sakura's lips inches closer to Ino's cheek.

"Oh no! Eww! Get your virgin lips off me!" She pushes the pink head.

"Virgan lips?!" Sakura's mouth dropped open like a gold-fish. She felt so offended.

"Yeah! I said it! You need a boyfriend, Sakura! You, Tenten, and Hinata needs one!" She pointed them out.

"Why all of a sudden? It's not like you have one for yourself!" Sakura stuffed her hands in her hoodie pocket.

"I'm not in danger as you guys. Sometimes I worried about Tenten being lesbian but I doubt it. Either way it might be too late for her. Look how she treats me! But you, missy! I believe in you can date a guy but you haven't even kissed a guy yet!" Ino poined at the pinkette. Sakura glanced at the scarlet face Hinata.

"Well damn. Sorry for wanting to spend time alone! Hinata haven' even touched a guy." Sakura rolled her eyes. She kicked the door open. Hinata looks up trying to avoid them, whilst seeing the afternoon sky with its warm colors blanketing across Konoha. The view was beautiful.

"But Hinata's hot! She can get any guy as well if she... I don't know... Stop being nervous! I really thought this year would be a year to lay loose and be going out with our boyfriends in group dates and talk about how dumb they are or how romantic they are." Ino furrow her brows. Now the water breaks. If she cries...Hinata cries too.

"In-Ino.." Hinata whispered. She couldn't do nothing. Not to poor Hinata.

"Ino! Stop acting like an idiot! When the time comes, we'll do that. Anyway, that's childish. I bet Tenten thinks your dream is stupid."

"SHE THINKS EVEYTHING I DO IS STUPID!" She faked cry. Such a drama queen. Ino flew to Hinata's arms. The fragile Hyuga cried with her.

"Night Ino!" Sakura waved as she walked off.

"You're so cruel like Tenten!" The blonde whined. Sakura laughed while walking, waving her hand. She checked her cell once again.


She tilted her cap further down, shadowing her eyes from the sunset rays.





After a relaxing shower, Sakura throws on her pajamas. Short shorts and a large t-shirt. She twisted her hair into a messy bun. Soon as she finish getting herself ready for bed, her phone rings. The ring tone of chimes flowing in the wind. A kick of emotions fluttered her stomach. She flew to her bed, grabbing her cell to see her special someone's name on the caller ID. She answered it, feeling all giddy inside.

"Hello." She smiled to herself.

"Oooo! Someone's happy." The husky voice said laughing. Sakura twirled around her bed to lay on her back.

"I'm happy to hear your voice." She whispered. On the other line, she can hear him sigh out a quick chuckle.

"Mmmm. I feel so happy to hear that. I miss you, babe." She can just feel him beside her. She shut her eyes, concentrating on the sounds of his breathing. It soothed her in a relaxing state. Everything he does makes her feel in peace.

"Me too. Umm baby?"

"Yes, cherry lips." This made Sakura smiled. Already, her cheeks began to flush like a rose's petals. She loves the pet names he gives her. It make her feel special.

"Can we go out this weekend and watch this scary movie that came out?" She said all cutesy. She then curled her body up in a fetus position. Holding the phone close to her ear.

"This weekend...Umm..." He hummed in the phone.

"Please baby." Sakura crossed her fingers. She bit her bottom lip at the same time.


"Ramen foxy pooh!" She cutely squealed softly. She know her parents would be very suspicious and stunned to hear their little girl making baby noises. Even Ino would. Actually, Ino would record Sakura in her lovey dovey world that she's in. And replay it in her ear to just annoy Sakura. Or use it as a ring tone.

"Sure! Any thing for my cherry pie!" She can just image his cheesy fox face when he called her that. They always give each other nicknames. It is what makes their game fun and relationship closer. More like kiddy.

"I'm happy!" Sakura squealed.

"I'll pick you up?" Her eyelashes fluttered as her eyes opened wide. She thought a simple taxi ride would do it but alone in Naruto's car. She couldn't wait! He's car always smell like raspberries and strawberries because of his soap that he uses and cologne that he wears.

"Yeah. At the train station." Sakura can't wait. This weekend. The next town away. Farther distance from her house, parents, and familiar faces. Up town Konoha where he lives is where they always meet. She comes from the train station near the library, where no one knows either of them. It's where they first met.

"Okay." He yawned.

"Tired?" She pouted.

"I've been working my ass off this week. I was hoping to leave early but...You know." Sakura can feel her cheeks burn when he cussed. But frown to hear how tiring it is to be him. Sometimes she wish she can change that.

"Maybe we can stop by my place and you can give me a massage." His voice hummed in her ears. Her heart pounded through her chest. She went in his house a few times. Usually they watch movies, talk about non senses, cuddle, or even mak..He yawned again...e food in his kitchen. He is a great chef.

"Sure. Anything else before I hang up so you can sleep?"

"Kiss good night."



"Night, cherry."

"Night, sunshine." She hangs up. She looked through her cell. Unlocked her gallery and looked through her most precious pictures of her and her boyfriend. Most pictures of him were caught off guard. Him sleeping, playing his PSP, doing work, and eating ramen. She love the one with him slurping up ramen, looking across from her upwards at the camera like an adorable kid. She saved it as her wallpaper inside.

Her eyes lingered at the picture for a while. She didn't get to spend time with him for two weeks now. She sighs. She wish she can. But he's always busy with work or just too tired to hang with her. Then there were days when he was free that she had basketball practices.

She looks up at her ceiling. Stretching her limbs into a starfish position.

This is Haruno Sakura. Seventeen years old. A senior is Konoha High. In a relationship with a man. Not a boy. But a grown man that works in the famous Uzamaki culinary. Name Uzamaki Naruto. Graduated from collage early with a masters degree. Age twenty two.

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