I reviewed some comments and some chapters of my stories from time to time. And sure I was younger at the time writing these to get through the day and be creative. Whether it's a story that's too graphic, sensitive, fluff, sexual, fan base fantasy, or relatable- I will not take any of my stories down because everyone's story isn't rainbows and sunshine. We all suffer dark periods in time. Hoping for a bright future or helplessly need a hero to support their achievements.

I have a love and hate for some stories. Of course because of my shitty grammar and maybe off putting narrating. but mostly because I didn't think deep enough to organize them. I did well for my later stories, which I'm proud of. But it's all thanks to you reads for viewing my story and supporting on the way.

Writing is a hobby of mine when I want to share my fictional stories that plays in my head. I like to entertain the audience. Okay.

There's other authors with the most brilliant narrative and sweet ending or f**ked up plot and ending. But each story has a deep message to everything. It may not make sense to you or another person, but others can easily read between the lines and see the direct meaning/purpose of the story. It's all about the flow of the story, character development, hook grabber/built up, climax, and imagination.

We all creatures. If you don't like dark stories, read a lighter one that's best fit you. And vice versa. Do not force yourself to read a story that you have trouble relating to or understanding. Just be cool and carry on.

Thank you all for reading my stories on here. I'm still alive and doing well-ish. But I will get better.

I'm not sure if I will continue writing any Naruto related story in here. I wish I could but I want to get away from Naruto as of now. I'm really pulling away from the anime community sadly. I'm mostly into video games characters. Naruto will always be in my heart but the Walking Dead Game taking over for a bit until I lose the interest.