Title: Byron's Knight's of the Living Dead
Author: Red Wulf
Part: 1 of 1
Pairing: This is a Talia/Marcus buddy story
Rating: PG13
Disclaimers: I own none of this but a twisted imagination
Archive instructions: Sure just tell me where.
Author's notes: It ain't my fault my muse is a sadistic witch.

This is kind of a Marcus/Talia Buddy storyVBEG hehe

As Byron walked into Susan's quarters he thought back to the ease
that she had fallen for his little plan. Little did she know that
was just a pawn in a much larger game. As if he could actually be
attracted to a latent she was just a step above mundanes, basically
just gene trash. It seemed he reminded her of both of her dead
loves, a weak willed lovesick fool named Marcus, and a piddling P5
named Talia. All in all she had been pathetically easy to get into
his bed, and when she had slept afterwards he had 'rearranged her
thoughts' she was now devoted to his very wish, not enough to arouse

the suspicions of her friends. Yet it was enough that he was the
one in control of Babylon 5 not Sheridan. That was the way it
be after all, wasn't he a god among men. Byron had arranged it so
that Susan would be working tonight so that he could have this
to himself after all if the Brakiri were right then those most
important to him would visit him this night and h!
e wished to talk to his trainer..

The shadows moved off to his right and Byron smiled, but the figures

that emerged were not anyone he recognized. One was a medium height

slender blonde haired woman in commercial telepath clothing the
a rather tall dark haired man in Ranger costume. As it dawned on
who they were he laughed.

"So the two of you dropped by tonight to see Susan," Byron smiled
wickedly. "I hope you are not to disappointed."

"You will do nicely." Marcus said as he looked over at Talia. "I
think I might enjoy this."

Talia advanced on the former psicop with alook of profound anger on
her face.

This was to delicious Susan's Two former loves were here to stop
even from the other side of the grave. It would be fun to see if he

could kill them again. Byron reached out with his mind first towards

Talia and then at Marcus but he couldn't feel a thing. His eyes
returned to focus to find himself bracketed by the dead duo.

"Your power's won't work on us. You see the living aren't ready to
see what lies beyond the rim." Talia said breaking the silence.

Marcus stepped towards him with an evil smile. In his hand he held
small cylinder, he toyed with one end while looking directly into
Byron's eyes. The thing suddenly opened and slammed Byron in the
side of the leg just below the knee. The fact that the bones there
were now broken was easy to be seen.

"I told you Marcus." The honey blonde woman said. "Anything you do

I get to do too."

"I thought that only applied to Susan." Marcus said as he stepped
back out of Talia's way.

"No, you knew as well as I did he might be here and we agreed we
would take turns."

"By all means then Enjoy yourself." The smile evident in his voice.

Byron clutched at his broken left leg in pain wondering how he was
going to get out of this.

"You are not." Talia answered his thoughts out loud. "You see after

the way you have treated Susan lately Marcus and I have agreed to
aside our differances and torture you to death." She then used her
telekenisis to break the bones in his lower left arm.

"Oh, that had to hurt." Marcus said from the other side. "You know

Talia maybe you aren't so bad after all. By the by Byron in your
case torture might be the wrong word since in most cases torture is
used to make someone say something or do something. In your case
however we just intend to keep doing this until you're dead, and
guess what, we have all night.

Byron tried to hold his weight up on his uninjured right hand and
leg. Marcus again held an unopened pike, he looked down
mischeviously and suddenly opened it this time breaking the bones in

Byron's right hand.

"You know Marcus you aren't that bad a guy but you should try
something different once in a while."

"And exactly what did you have in mind Talia?"

"Why did you think I wore stilito heels?" The woman said with an
smile. "Hold him up for a minute."

Byron found himself suddenly held up so that only his right foot was

on the ground. His boot and sock seemed to explode. Talia strolled

up slowly and jammed her heel down into his foot until the pointed
bottom hit the floor.

"What do you think we should try next." Marcus asked.

"Well if you held that pike in the right place when you opened it
could have a Byroncicle.."