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A Very Malfoy Christmas


Hermione's POV

This is the story of how I died.

Well, almost.

Okay, not really, but honestly, I almost die all the time, so I think I can get credit for this teensy time, right?

I had taken the stairs, two at a time, to McGonnagall's office, my request weighing on my thoughts. But I had talked it out with Harry and Ginny, and fought it out with Ron, and we all eventually agreed (well, in Ron's case I'd stormed out, but that was a whole other thing) that it was for the best. So I was out of breath and had my mind in other places when I ran smack into a solid, warm body and nearly bounced back down the spiral steps, head first. I let out a small shriek, but there was no need, because the warm body grabbed my hand before my head could hit the stone and pulled me up. I breathed a sigh of relief, before seeing who it was that had saved me.

"Watch where you're going, Granger," Malfoy sneered. I sniffily breezed past him after a curt thank-you for pulling me back up, but internally, I was shaken. There wasn't any emotion behind his eyes. Not even spite or hatred. Just an emptiness that couldn't be filled with such taunts.

"Why are you following me?" I whispered a moment later outside McGonnagall's office, where Malfoy stood next to me.

"I have to talk to her too, don't flatter yourself," he muttered. I rolled my eyes and knocked gently.

"Come in," we heard. I gestured for Malfoy to enter first.

"Oh come on, Granger," he huffed, and grabbed my wrist, tugging me in with him.

"No, Malfoy, I don't want to-" I fell quiet as McGonnagall looked up at us. Malfoy dropped my arm, but waited for me to walk forward first. This version of Malfoy was so unsettling. He was still snarky and rude and harsh and everything so Malfoy, but it wasn't him. It was like a shell around something I couldn't identify.

"Mr. Malfoy, Miss Granger. What brings you two here today? I certainly did not expect you two to appear together," she said, raising an eyebrow.

"I was going to wait outside actually, Malfoy can go first. I'd rather talk with you privately, if that's okay," I said. Malfoy shrugged.

"Don't bother going. I don't care if you listen. I need to stay in the castle over Christmas break. I know that technically, everyone is supposed to go home for the holidays this year so repairs can continue on the other wings of the castle and grounds, but I have nowhere to go. My father is rotting in Azkaban, and my mother is in hiding, there are still people coming after her, trying to hurt her for my father's actions," he spat out. McGonnagall nodded. "If you could make an exception, I'd be willing to help with repairs, whatever necessary to be able to stay here. My mother is faster without worrying over me."

"I'm sure we can arrange it, and you are welcome to assist in the repairs, but I am not asking it of you. If you find yourself in need of something to occupy your time, find me and I can point you in the right direction," she said. Draco nodded curtly, muttered a thank you, and left her office.

"Uhm, actually Professor, I'm in the same boat as Malfoy, sort of. My parents… they're both unreachable, as of now, because of the memory charm I used during the war. They don't even know who I am. I can't stay with the Weasleys anymore, I had a falling-out with Ron and I don't think I can bear to put that stress on everyone during the holiday season, especially since it's been only a little while since they lost Fred, there's no need to add to it, if you can understand?" I tried to explain, fidgeting with my hands in my lap.

"Perfectly. I am, again, so sorry for your loss. Mr. Weasley can be a bit of trouble now and then, can't he? Maybe some time apart will do you good. I have no problem with you remaining here in the castle as well, Miss Granger, and the offer of ways to fill your spare time is open to you, but not a requirement as well. I'm sure you'll make full use of our library whilst it is free of anyone else as well," she said with a wink, and I laughed.

"That is without a doubt, Professor. Thank you for understanding," I said, and exited her office.

McGonnagall's POV

"Are you sure that's wise, Albus?" I questioned, searching the painted rendition of his piercing blue irises as he adjusted his half-moon spectacles.

"Most certainly, Minerva. It will do them, and others, a great deal of good." I sighed, but nodded as always.

This should be interesting.

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