When Tweek Tweak was four years old, he was more twitchy than ever before. The reason for this being it was the first year his parents started giving him coffee. Yes, even though it would be rumored later in his life that he was breastfed the caffeinated drink, four was the magic age it really began. Tweek's parents said that the coffee would calm him down for his first year of school.

That was obviously as accurate as you'd expect.

On his first day in pre-school, he screamed a total of fifty two times, only thirty three of those had to do with talking to people. The rest were just random. Most of the other small children were terrified of him, but not all of them. The ones that weren't scared of him just bullied him. Namely, Trent Boyett. He would push Tweek into the closet when no one was looking and put a chair against it, so the poor kid couldn't escape. This caused many panic attacks, and Tweek even peed himself once.

Fortunately, Trent Boyett was arrested for setting their teacher Ms. Claridge on fire. Unfortunately, things didn't get better for Tweek.

Eric Cartman made himself the new class bully, and he was as bad as Trent. Worse, even. Trent tormented him, but all of that was physical. Cartman used his words, and he was hurtful about it. Cartman would remind him that he could've been the one to burn, and his parents wouldn't give a single shit about it. Even though Eric was only four, his words did damage to little Tweek.

The worst thing Cartman ever did, though, was on the day before Christmas break. He convinced his three friends to dress as elves and coat themselves with fake blood. Then, they told Tweek his parents were dead and he would have to come to the North Pole to be made into coal, like the other orphans of the world. The saddest part wasn't that Tweek screamed continuously for an hour. The saddest part was that he wasn't particularly upset when they told him his parents were dead.

Cartman was the only one who picked on him, and he only did it when he felt like it. On most days, Tweek would be alone. He would play his favorite games by himself, like Tag. This just included him poking himself and saying "TAG!" while running around the playground. Most people tended to stay away from kids like that. And they did, too. All of them.

Until Valentine's Day.

The new teacher demanded that everyone give out cards, but make a specific one for an 'extra special someone'. Even as four year olds, everyone knew what that meant. Even Tweek.

It stressed him out. He could give one to his mom or dad, but they wouldn't care. They'd just thank him, pat his head, then throw it out. Tweek didn't want to see it. He didn't want to see his love thrown away. So, Tweek decided to pick a random kid. He decided on the boy whose cubby was next to his.

The other boy's name was Craig Tucker.

Tweek never talked to him and didn't know much about him, except that he had a guinea pig named Spot he always talked about, he hung around two other boys, Token and Clyde and he liked to flip people off, which usually got him in trouble. Even though it was a gamble, it was all Tweek had.

So, the day before the Valentines were to be handed out, Tweek stayed up until four in the morning (which wasn't hard, due to the fact that coffee made him unable to sleep properly) to make Craig's card. It was a folded pink paper, with Craig's name in sloppy glitter pen, stars and squiggly lines surrounding it. Inside, there was a little picture of a guinea pig with a spot on it, and a poem. It wasn't very good, but Tweek was only four anyway so give him a break. The poem read, "Roses are red, Spot has spots. Happy V-Day, I like you lots!" Even though he was beyond nervous, he was confident in his little card. He was also very proud of himself. He had to teach himself how to read and write because his parents simply forgot about that.

The next day, he placed the little card in Craig's cubby and ran to his spot on the table. He signed his name on the thing, but immediately regretted it. Craig was going to show everyone and beat him up, he just knew it!

Everyone else gave cards to their 'extra special someone', and it was pretty entertaining. Cartman received none, Stan Marsh got the most (three; from little Wendy Testaburger, Kyle Broflovski, and an anonymous person. Though, the teacher did wink in his direction), and Bebe Stevens kissed Clyde Donovan on the lips. Hot stuff happening here.

Craig didn't talk to Tweek after he read his card. He looked at it, put it in his backpack, and sat down. That's it. Tweek assumed he hated it and tried not to cry.

At recess, Tweek was sitting on one of the swings by himself. He wasn't playing Tag, due to all the older kids making out on the playground. Watching people kiss made him nervous. More so than usual, since kisses were something he never got back home.

Suddenly, someone tapped him on the back. Tweek shrieked and fell off the swing. He expected to see Cartman, but was surprised to see Craig.

"Hi," Craig said, his voice emotionless and nasally.

"GAH! You scared me!" Tweek got up, wiping the dirt off his pants.

"I liked your card."

"R-Really? I- ngh- thought you would h-hate it!" Tweek admitted bashfully, giving Craig a smile.

He didn't return it. "Spot left this morning."

"OH GOD! I'm sorry! Don't hurt me! I didn't know!" Tweek guarded himself. "Why did he leave?"

"My mommy said he went to a place where guinea pigs go when they are old enough. Where they get everything they want." Craig didn't look particularly sad about this. He didn't look anything about this.

"Wow, that's cool!"

"Uh huh."

"I mean, i-it's too bad you won't- JESUS- see him anymore. But at least he has everything he wants! I wish I could anything I want, I just-"

"Do you want to be my boyfriend?" Craig asked. Tweek stopped what he was rambling about, and looked at Craig. His expression never changed, but his cheeks were pink. Maybe that was the cold weather though.

"...O-Okay." Since Tweek was just a child, he didn't quite understand the meaning of the term. It had friend in it, so it had to be okay. He remembered he watched a movie once where a girl had a boyfriend and they kissed and hugged a lot under the covers.

Craig leaned in and kissed Tweek's cheek softly, making Tweek flush a bright red. His stomach felt like a swarm of butterflies were invading at maximum velocity. It was a weird feeling, but he guessed it was good.

They stared at each other for a few minutes, unsure what to do with this. "Do you want me to push you?" Craig asked, pointing at the swing. Tweek nodded, getting on and giggling as Craig struggled to push Tweek without falling over his tiny self. It was nice having a boyfriend. It made Tweek relax.

Then, recess was over, and the good times had to stop.


"Yes, Craig?"

"I'm breaking up with you."

Tweek blinked, looking at Craig, who stared back blankly. "Oh. Okay."

Craig nodded, then went inside. Tweek followed after a few seconds. If he was older, maybe he would've noticed that when Craig kissed his cheek, he didn't stutter or twitch or shake. For a few minutes, Tweek Tweak was normal.

Craig Tucker was Tweek's boyfriend for approximately five minutes and twenty seconds.

For twelve years, all Tweek will think about is how to get that butterfly feeling from him again.

So yeah that happened. Hope you enjoyed! I will continuing this!