The Blacksmith was a mostly unknown quantity. She had appeared one day, as a Rogue, and began offering her services to anyone who could afford them.

She had an odd ability. Similar to Dauntless's, now that Armsmaster thought about it. She could infuse weapons and armour, to make them stronger. Guns didn't work, for some reason- Only melee weapons, and bows. On odd limitation.

The villains had been all over her. Once word of her power got around, it became common to see ABB and E88 thugs around The Blacksmith's store, carrying weapons. The land around The Blacksmiths store was considered neutral ground, mostly because The Blacksmith refused to serve disruptions.

A lot of people carried weapons infused by The Blacksmith. Assault bought a short sword, infused with fire. Anything struck with it were set aflame. Dauntless had his lance infused with lightening, synergising with his own infusions. Lung carried a Zweihander, enchanted with a variation of the flame infusion. The Blacksmith referred to it as a 'Chaos Flame' weapon, and claimed that it was more powerful under certain circumstances, but didn't go into details.

Oni Lee carried a Katana, infused to be stronger then a regular weapon. Hookwolf carried a weapon that was, apparently, more powerful when wielded by a Brute, where as Tattletale of the Undersiders carried a Dagger that was more useful to Thinkers.

The PRT had begun experimenting with The Blacksmith's weapons. Every single one of the Wards wore armour infused by The Blacksmith, and the PRT had begun purchasing some for the older heroes. Additionally, they had bought one of each infusion type, to see how they worked.

Which was why Armsmaster was in The Blacksmith's store.

Two other customers were there when he arrived. A man and woman, who were obviously not there as a group.

"Jacob." Said The Blacksmith. "Your order is ready."

The man- Jacob- Went to the counter, and The Blacksmith gave him a knife.

"Blade of King." She recited. "When wielded with both hands, it heals the wielder as much as it damages it's victim."

...That was new.

Jacob paid the Blacksmith, and left the store. Armsmaster walked up to The Blacksmith.

She was younger then most people would think- Young enough that she could be a Ward. Were it not for orders from Director Costa-Brown herself, the PRT might have forced her into the Wards, to prevent her from selling to villains.

Armsmaster didn't pretend to understand the reasoning behind Costa-Browns orders, but orders they were, and disobeying could ruin his chances of fame.

"Armsmaster." Said the Blacksmith. "What d'you need?"

"Blade of King?" The Tinker asked.

"A special order." Explained The Blacksmith. "You don't qualify."

Armsmaster was curious as to what he needed to qualify for a special order, but questioning The Blacksmith was a good way to get her annoyed. And so he changed the topic.

"PRT order." He said. "Number Three."

The Blacksmith nodded, and began hammering. "It'll be done soon. Just let me get Fortuna's order, first. She's been waiting on this since I started smithing."

Armsmaster stepped aside, and the woman- Fortuna- Stepped forward.

The Blacksmith handed her a dagger. "Eden's Dagger." She recited. "The wielder shall find that the limitation of The Thinker are but mere suggestions. Overuse of this Dagger is dangerous, for the limitations exist for a reason.

Fortuna grinned.