A Little Bit of Trouble

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Chapter 1

It had been four months since the group had defeated Naraku and two months since Kagome broke off her engagement to Inuyasha. Miroku and Sango had finally gotten married and with the help of Kohaku and Shippo were working to rebuild the Demon Slayer's village. The work was progressing slowly due to Sango's pregnant condition. Inuyasha had gone off somewhere "to train" soon after he and Kagome had ended their relationship and decided to remain friends. Which left Kagome to wander the Feudal Era as a priestess helping in villages that she passed and purifying demons trying to restore balance to the land. The sacred jewel had left more of a scar than anyone had realized.

When the jewel disappeared it did not take all of its evil energy with it and the effects were beginning to show. The land was becoming more polluted by the day and unable to find the source all Kagome could do was to fix the problems that she found.

The Bone Eaters Well still allowed her to return home when she needed to but she found that she traveled back and forth less now than she had when seeking the shards. It had been about 3 months since she had traveled back to her time and she still felt no need to return yet. This was her time now and the place she was needed the most. Even though she now traveled alone she was happy that she was accomplishing so much. She had even replaced her modern clothes for the robes of a priestess and carried only a bag filled with essentials such as a spare change of clothes, a book, hygiene products, some food and water, and a few other odds and ends. And over her right shoulder was her bow and a quiver of arrows.

It was almost noon when she entered the Western Territory. She walked down the road when she suddenly began to feel uneasy. Something off to the right of the path was giving off a sinister aura and it sent chills down her spine. Quickly Kagome drew her bow and knocked an arrow into place as she proceeded into the woods towards the aura. She walked about 200 paces before she entered a clearing and blanched at the sight in front of her. A huge demon with tentacles like Naraku had Lord Sesshomaru by the throat and was sucking the energy from him. The demon pulsed as if swallowing the energy every few seconds. Rin and Jaken were unconscious just behind Sesshomaru's struggling form. Bakusaiga lay abandoned 30 feet away. Sesshomaru was struggling to breath while clawing at the demon's tentacles, poison dripping from his claws.

Without hesitation Kagome aimed and fired an arrow straight at the demon's heart, or where she assumed his heart was. Her purifying power in that arrow was so great due to her anger at the scene before her the demon barely had time to scream before he was engulfed in a purifying light that removed every trace of him but for the three bodies on the ground.

Quickly Kagome dropped her bow and ran to Rin and Jaken to see if they were all right. They were both breathing normally as though they were in a deep sleep and from her first look they did not seem to be injured. Breathing a sigh of relief, more for Rin than for Jaken, Kagome turned to inspect the Inu lord. Sesshomaru hadn't moved since he hit the ground and Kagome hadn't Paid much attention to him since the demon was purified. As she approached she noticed that his clothes looked baggier than usual. He was engulfed in fabric as he lay there unmoving his long silver hair shielding his face.

Kagome knelt next to the Daiyoukai and rolled him onto his back. A sharp gasp escaped her lips as she stared wide eyed at the youkai before her. He looked younger! He was younger! What was that thing that had a hold of him? Is this permanent? Kagome was in shock. She had never seen anything like this and had no idea about what to do or how to act.

Suddenly Sesshomaru heaved a huge sigh and groaned as he reached for his head and opened his eyes. Kagome gaped. Would he even recognize her? What if this whole transformation had effected his memory as well? He could kill her!

"Umm." Kagome started as Sesshomaru turned to look at her. "How are you feeling?" She had no idea if she should call him Lord or not considering his possible state of mind he may not even know that he is Lord of the West. So in this situation she thought it was better to just forget saying his name until she knew everything about his current state.

"Miko why would it bother you how this Sesshomaru is feeling?" Sesshomaru answered in a gruff and raspy voice.

"Well I did just save your life and I wanted to know what happened to you and your companions." Kagome replied still unsure if he recognized her or not. "Do you want some water?" Sesshomaru stared at her wide eyed for a moment and then nodded. Kagome moved to retrieve her water bottle from her pack. Sesshomaru's eyes never left her body even when she had returned to her spot kneeling at his side. Who was this girl, no woman, and why was she caring for him like this.

"Let me help you sit up." Kagome said. Shesshomaru nodded and Kagome leaned forward to wrap her arms around his shoulders to support him as he pushed himself off the ground. Damn she smelled good. Once he was sitting steadily Kagome grabbed her water bottle. While still supporting Sesshomaru with one hand she raised the bottle to his lips and allowed him to drink. When he was finished she put the bottle down and looked back only to lock eyes with the powerful Daiyouki. He didn't look like he could be any older than 23. His gaze was so intense Kagome had to look away as her cheaks began to turn a deep shade of red.

Sesshomaru reached up and put a clawed hand on her cheek and smiled mischievously as he turned her face so that he could once more look into her dazzling brown eyes. Kagome bit her lip and tried to look away as his gaze deepened but his hand held her in place.

"W-What are you doing?" Kagome asked tentatively. Her heart was beating wildly in her chest and her breath was coming in short gasps.

"Returning a favor." Sesshomaru said smiling just before his lips crashed passionately onto Kagome'.

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