Author's Notes: So Dark Phoenix wasn't the best film ever but I enjoyed it and most importantly it kept my inner Scott/Jean shipper happy! So here's something inspired by Tye Sheridan and Sophie Turner for my 50th X-smut!

Scott Summers was hopelessly in love with Jean Grey. He dreamt of holding her, of showing her the world, of marrying her and having her for ever and ever. Right this second though, he was thinking of stripping her naked and having her as many times as he could as rough as she'd let him, and she was smiling as she read those thoughts. The feel of her curves in his hands her body pressed tightly between his and the bedroom door was incredible. Everything about this redhead was incredible, and he was ravishing her lips hungrily, pinning her against the door. He wanted more though and she knew that.

She was the only thing that could drive him wild: Scott Summers, usually so straight-edged. He trailed his kisses down from her lips, past her jawline and along the curve of her neck. He groaned slightly feeling the bulge in his trousers grow as he heard her moan out deeply.

Jean ran her fingers through Scott's short tidy hair, messing it up, and tugging gently on the short strands, making him groan throatily. She grinned, licking her lops. She kissed him again, biting gently down on his bottom lip, and his hips bucked against hers, making the teasing redhead giggle.

"You want it bad..." she whispered as she dragged her hand slowly up his crotch, sharp nails scratching at the denim of his jeans. "Yes I do,l he breathed out as he grabbed both of her large breasts through her shirt and kneaded them roughly against her chest. "Scott..." she breathed out, her war breath right in his face. His expression darkened with desire and Jean felt her breath hitch. She arched into him and pulled him closer.

Jean was ready for him to tear off her clothes then and there and fuck her as hard as he could. She was ready to be screaming his name. Scott was teasing her now though, getting her back. He forced his hands under her tight pale blue t shirt and his palms slid up over her stomach and grasped her breasts again. He squeezed her tits tightly and pinched the nipples theough the bra making her whimper. It was his knee at her crotch now, putting just enough pressure on it to make the redhead's young body tremble.

She pressed herself even more up against the wall in to steady herself, but he followed, still digging his knee in. She whimpered breathlessly as he nibbled along the collar of her shirt, plunging it down as far as it would stretch so that he could trail those perfect little bites further down her chest, sucking at the flesh between her breasts. He dreamt of those breasts, ached to feel them pressed against his chest, not a stitch of fabric between them.

Jean gasped as he yanked her arms up and yanked her shirt up and off. She let her hips rock forwards as he tugged away her belt and dragged down her pants. He dropped to his knees and positioned his mouth at the waistband of her knickers, flicking his tongue against the tender flesh so painfully close to where she most wanted his mouth. Scott glanced up at her, smirking. He was the one driving her wild. She could see the naughty glint in his eyes even through his red glasses. He'd reduced her to the same blushing mess she usually made of him.

In nothing but a lacy black bra and matching knickers, Jean was making Scott's cock ache and throb. He needed her. She clearly felt the same because she was in moments stripping his shirt from him. Her nails dragged down his bare chest, leaving 5 red lines on his toned chest and making him groan out with unbearable lust.

She bit down on his bottom lip in a kiss once more and he grunted, taking her breast in his hand, squeezing so hard she nearly gasped in pain. He slipped his hand beneath the silky cup of her bra to twist her pink erect nipple between his fingers, sliding the other hand behind her back to expertly unclasp her bra. Jean's breasts heaved as they freed, and she whimpered as Scott flicked his tongue against the free nipple, while his hand still roughly kneaded the other boob.

"Scott, please!" She'd never been the one to beg before. She was always in complete control of him, not the other way round. But not tonight. Tonight she was his and she was loving it. His hand trailed painfully slowly down her stomach, finally sliding beneath the thin fabric of her panties to feel her hot wet pussy, positively dripping for him. She moaned desperately as he rubbed gentle circles into her clit with his thumb.

Jean had never looked at him like this before, so full of desire and desperation. Her mewling whimpers were delicious. "Fuck me," she breathed out. She caught his eye: "fuck my brains out you bastard. And do it-" she inhaled deeply as he pushed a finger all the way inside her, "-Now!" He pulled his hand back and licked his fingers. He shrugged with a grin: "you're the boss."

He kissed her roughly and threw her down onto the bed. Jean watched as he whipped off his belt and cracked it threateningly onto the bed next to her, making her whole body shake with both fear and excitement. She licked her lips as she watched him yank down his own trousers and his boxers with them. His erection stood bolt upright, throbbing and huge. He climbed onto the bed on top of her, picking up his belt once more and Jean watched helplessly as he wrenched her arms up above her head and bound her wrists together and to the head of the bed with his belt, keeping her safely in place. Her lust-filled eyes stared up at him anxiously and he felt her tremble beneath him. She was completely at his mercy now, and the very thought made his cock ache with arousal.

He scooted further up her chest and pressed his throbbing cock to her lips. They parted with a smile and Jean swirled her tongue slowly around the tip, revelling in the low moan he emitted at the sensation. He pressed further into her mouth and Jean tried to pull herself up into a better position to take him. Scott cried out as she sucked and rolled her tongue against him. His hips bucked in response, drawing a groan from her throat. The vibration of it made his eyes roll back in his head.

Scott pushed himself back down and eased her panties down past her ankles, spreading her legs wide open with his hands clamped to her thighs. Then his head dived down. Jean gasped, her back arching, biting down on her bottom lip as ran his tongue along her folds before plunging two fingers into her tight wet pussy hard and fast.

He tongued her clit mercilessly and pumped his fingers in and out of her. Her toes curled and Scott had to grab her hip with his free hand, pressing her hard into the mattress to still her writhing. Her moans grew louder and louder as he took her clit into his mouth, sucking lightly. She was near the edge though and even his firm grasp couldn't hold her down as her orgasm took her over. She shook and screamed until at last she stilled, her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath. Scott dragged his tongue up her stomach and between her boobs, pressing his rock hard cock into her folds before she'd even had the chance to recover.

Her eyes flew open as he smashed into her, fast and hard. Her eyes widened in shock and a strange mixture of pleasure and pain. Scott grabbed her hips harshly, rolling his own hips. Jean screwed her eyes shut and bit down on her lip to stifle a groan. He pounded into her harder and the taste of blood deifted into her mouth as she bit her lip even harder, moaning loudly despite herself.

He kissed her passionately as he fucked her, mixing the taste of her blood with the taste of her own juices from his mouth. Her hips rose to meet his thrusts, drawing a gasp from Scott as he penetrated her at an incredible angle. "Oh god," she babbled over and over, louder and louder as she neared climax once again. Scott followed close behind, driven absolutely mad by the sound of her cries. Her legs suddenly wrapped around him, driving him even harder, deeper into her. She screamed his name.

They both cried out in unison, Jean's second orgasm triggering Scott's own eruption inside her. It was minutes before either of them were able to move as he slumped down on top of her, both of them hot sweaty messes.

"That was absolutely incredible. I honestly didn't think you had that in you, Mr Summers..."

"You bring out the best in me, Miss Grey."

"And where has this Scott Summers been for the first few weeks we've been dating?"

"Don't know," he breathed out as he kissed her again, holding her closely to him, "but I promise to make up for lost time."