"Tristan! Tristan! Hey Tristan, wait up!" MacKenzie Taylor called after her older brother.

            "I can't hear you. La-la-la!" Tristan yelled back his arm wrapped around his girlfriend, Kiho.

            Kiho rolled her cerulean eyes. "You're being mean." She told him.

            Tristan sighed. "Fine. I'll be nice."

            "That's a first." MacKenzie snapped back, before she turned to her friend. "Are you excited Mokuba?"

            Mokuba Kaiba grinned up at her. "You bet Kenzi! I haven't been to a ball in a long, long time." He glanced ahead at Tristan and Kiho. "Kiho, where are we supposed to be meeting Yugi anyway?"

            "The food court in the mall." The older girl smiled back at him.

            "There they are!" MacKenzie pointed out.

            Even a good 50 ft away, they could spot Yugi Muto's red and black hair, lemon yellow bangs and bright purple eyes. He was sitting next to Tea` Gardener, who was casually holding hands with the shortest member of their group. She was carrying on a conversation with a person who had his back turned to the approaching friends but was evident from his long shaggy white mane. Ryou Bakura. Next to him, Joey Wheeler set evidently running his mouth because his girlfriend Mai Valentine knocked him upside the head.

            "Hey guys. What's up?" Tristan asked as they reached the table.

            Yugi looked up and smiled. "Hi everyone."

            Joey jumped up and ran for cover behind Tristan. "Hey buddy, save me from Mai!"

            "Afraid of your own girlfriend Joey?" MacKenzie smirked.

            Joey turned toward her, his brown eyes lit mischievously. "Well nice to see you too, Mac."

            Bakura stood up. "I take it Kaiba couldn't make it?"

            Mokuba shook his head. "Kaiba Corporation is really stressed because of tomorrow's event. They need al the help they could get right now. I was going to stay behind but Seto persuaded me to come."

            Yugi stood up too, and so did Tea`.

"I'm glad he asked us to the company ball. That was very gracious of him." Tea` told Mokuba.

"I just wish he would have told us sooner. Then I could have had me dress custom made." Mai replied.

"You would've." Joey said, leaving Tristan and cautiously siding back over near his short-tempered girlfriend.

"Hey," Kiho glanced around. "Where's Serenity?"

As if on cue, Joey's little sister emerged from the women's bathroom, her newly reconstructed eyes finding the group easily.

"Wow. Everyone's here." She remarked at the group as she stood next to Bakura.

"Alright." Yugi started. "We all have to find something to wear for tomorrow night. I say the men head down to the tuxedo shop and the women go their own way. We'll meet back up here at 9:00. What do you say?"

"I like it." Tea` told him.

"I'm for it." Joey added.

The two groups split up and started searching.


            Once the men were gone, they became the main topic for gossip, and yet there never really was any gossip. Tea`, Mai and Kiho who were all older then Serenity and MacKenzie, left to find clothes in their sizes, leaving the two youngest girls alone to talk.

            "So, Mac, how do you think you'll be tomorrow night?" Serenity asked her friend.

            "Paranoid and nervous as hell." She replied, hanging up a red sequin dress. "It's not like I haven't faced people at Kaiba Corporation before. But, this time I have to do it in a dress. And considering I'm Seto's girlfriend, I'm also hostess for this lovely event. I'm going to be dancing and talking all night. The bad thing is I can't dance and I'd rather play a game of Dungeon Dice Monsters than talk about boring stocks and bonds all night." She sighed. "Serena I have to tell you, I know nothing about business manners, let alone picking out a dress. I mean, I fight with Tristan over who gets the last soda in the fridge, and who has to clean the bathroom this week. How am I gonna be calm and presentable in front of thousands of people, including the owner of the company Kaiba Corp. is merging with!"

            "Hey," Serenity said soothingly. "Don't worry about it. I don't think Seto would of asked you if he didn't think you could do it. I'll be glad to help you out. Let's worry about the dress tonight and we'll work on manners tomorrow."

            MacKenzie smiled. "Thanks."

            They began looking through racks and in almost no time, tthey came up with a beautiful lavender evening gown that the girl actually liked. That's when the conversation and the shopping changed.

            "What do you think about Bakura?" Mac asked suddenly, hanging a cream colored dress back onto a metal rack.

            Serenity blushed. She had been expecting that for some time now, especially since MacKenzie had just spilled her story with the young owner of Kaiba Corporation. "Well, Bakura's cute and sweet. But I think he asked me to the ball only because he didn't have a date."

            Mac stared at her, her mixmatched eyes wide in disbelief. "Are you kidding me?!" she shook her head. "I think the only reason Bakura didn't kiss you when you walked up beside him out there is because Joey would have had a frickin' cow. That, and I think Bakura's way to shy. But you should of seen his eyes light up when you returned."

            Serenity's cheeks flushed crimson again. She had seen the look on Bakura's face when she had rejoined the group; she had just found it a little hard to believe.

            "And about him not being able to find a date? That's BS. You should see how many girls have fallen for that English accent of his." The brown and blue eyes of MacKenzie were serious for once. "But that really doesn't matter. He picked you, because he wanted you. So now I'm asking you. What do you think of Bakura?"

            Serenity gulped but she let her mouth open and the words came tumbling out. "In all honesty, I think he is the handsomest man I know, and I like him a lot more than I thought I would when Joey introduced us.

            Mac grinned. "Then we have to find a dress that will have that boy's jaw on the floor."

            An hour later, Serenity had fallen in love with a beautiful eggshell yellow gown with a lace bodice, and twill underneath.

            "I know exactly what to wear with it." Joey's sister replied excitedly as they went to find the other girls.

            "Really? I have no clue." MacKenzie declared.

            "Dark purple, or silver, or both." Serenity told her. "Not to much though."

            "Alright, I get ya, Fashion Queen." Mac rolled her eyes.

            "Who called?" Mai stepped out from between two racks, a silk black dress draped over her shoulder.

            Kiho was behind her, holding a silver dress. "Did you guys come up with anything?" she asked.

            Tea was coming over holding a dark red dress.

            "Everyone find something?" she asked.

            "Course." Serenity told her.

            "It's going to cost a small fortune though." Kiho rolled her eyes.

            "It'll be well worth it. We're going to be the best dressed women there!" Mai smiled.

            "I wonder how the guys are doing?" MacKenzie thought out loud.


            "How do you think the girls are doing?" Yugi asked.

            "Probably a lot better than us, man. I feel like I'm gonna break sumthin' in here!"

            "Well Joey, if you break it I can buy it. In fact I think I can cover all your guys' clothes if you want."

            Joey's eyes lit up. "Really Mokuba?" he glanced around.  "Hey, where are ya?"

            "Right here!"

            The thirteen-year-old appeared out of the dressing room in a small tux with tails.

            "Hey, looking sharp!" Tristan called to him.

            "Do you have a hot date tomorrow night?" Joey teased.

            "Cut it out you guys!" the kid cried, blushing slightly.

            "Joey," one of the salespeople called. "We can get you measured, but we can't make the order final until we know what color you're wearing."



            The group in the store turned to see their girls standing outside the small shop. It had been Mai who had spoken up.

            "Joey should be dressed in a formal black and white tux."

            "Y-Yes mam." The salesperson replied, having a hard time taking his eyes of the group of ladies.

            Slowly, the guys began to make their orders. Yugi was eyeing a black suit with a dark red vest.

            'This would be perfect for tomorrow night. But, I'm really not sure about this. I have a feeling something bad is going to happen and-"

            Something bad will happen only if you believe that it will.

            'I know. I would like to wait out and see, and do this on my own this time. Do you mind Yami?'

            Not at all.

            'Thanks, so much.'

            So, Yugi did get the suit he wanted. Bakura was wearing white and silver. Joey was in formal. Mokuba had his tux with tails. Tristan was in all black with a huge black duster.

            "Wow. Glad that's done." Yugi smiled as they left the store, after putting a tiny nick in Mokuba's bank account.

            "Hey, I'm hungry." Tristan stated.

            "You're always hungry." MacKenzie shot back. "What else is new?!"

            "Let's go get something to eat. I'm buying." Yugi grinned.

            "Afterwards we can go to the arcade!" Joey added with a grin.


            Well, there you have chapter one. I know it has nothing to do with the title for this story, but relax, it will. This is only chapter one. I use the English names for my story because they are easier to write, even though I have watched season one of the Japanese. Kiho is Tristan's girlfriend from it (I'm pretty sure anyway. E-mail me if it's not) and since she doesn't have a English name, I just kept it the way it was. Mac Taylor is a character I created on a whim one day, so that I could have a girl who could go out with Seto Kaiba and really understand his way of doing things. Making her Tristan's sister was just an added bonus ~_*. I'll try to get chapter two out as quickly as possible. Read and review to your heart's content.