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                Mac woke up the next morning to find herself lying alone in Setos' bed.


                A deep voice snapped her awake. Seto standing over her, fully dressed, and looking as cold and distant as ever. His blue eyes seemed almost at ease this morning though.

                "What time is it?" she asked, sitting up and yawning.

                "Almost seven in the morning." He sat down on the edge of the bed.

                "Man, this bed is really comfortable." She leaned up against the backboard, not minding the back that the covers were the only things keeping her naked body warm. "You know, this isn't your room in the Kaiba mansion, but this place is nice."

                Before Kaiba could reply, the phone beeped and came to life. "Mr. Kaiba, your guest and his daughter are here for the meeting this morning. Where shall I tell them to wait?"

                "Conference room 3." He responded, running his fingers through his mahogany hair. "Damn it. I forgot about that." He muttered before looking over at the woman lying in his bed. "What time do you have to be at Serenity's?"

                "Around ten." She replied.

                "You want to join me for the meeting then?" he asked and she broke out into a grin.


                "Morning Grandpa Muto!" Tea' called cheerfully as she walked into the store.

                "Morning Tea'." Solomon Muto said as he came up from behind the counter.

                "Is Yugi up yet?" she asked, setting her stuff down on a nearby chair.

                "No, I don't think so. But you can if you like." The old man told her with a smile.

                "Alright. I think I will." Heading down the hallway, she reached Yugi's room and slowly opened the door.

                The room had become a mess. Half eaten bags of potato chips lay around the floor, and empty cans of soda were scattered everywhere. Joey was asleep near the closet door, his jacket being used as a pillow. Bakura had crashed right in front of the bed, his long shaggy bangs falling into his face as he slept.

                "Well I hope these guys had a good time last night." She muttered as she moved over to the bed. Yugi was asleep at the end of it, his blanket pulled around him. Tea's eyes widened as she saw a beautiful blonde-haired woman lying at the opposite side of the bed, her eyes closed. "W-What?!" she stepped back, her eyes filling with tears. "Yugi Muto, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!"

                Ten minutes later, Seto and Mac walked into the conference room. Mac had scrambled to get dressed in her black flares pants and form-fitting gray sweater. Her black leather jacket was thrown over it. She had borrowed Seto's comb to brush out her mahogany red hair and the left side was tucked behind her ear. Not bad for a last minute improviser.

                "Sorry I'm late." Seto said to the other two people as he stalked in. "I had some personal matters to take care of."

                "Don't be Seto." The other man stood up and shook hands with the young owner of KC. "I understand. It's alright."

                The kindness shining in his warm brown eyes made Mac drop her guard a little. She had been very nervous about meeting the president of the other company because she knew how big a deal this was to Seto and Mokuba.

                The man turned to Seto in curiosity. "Seto, don't keep me in suspense. Tell me who this pretty young lady is."

                "This is MacKenzie Taylor, my girlfriend." He replied.

                "Oh?" the president's eyes widened slightly. "Well, it's nice to meet you Mac. Now that he said something, I've heard Mokuba talk about you before." He held out his hand.

                "The pleasure's all mine sir." Mac said as they shook.

                The president studied her face for a moment as he still held her hand, making Mac's face turn red. "Your eyes. They're two different colors? Am I right?" he said after a moment.

                "Yes, sir. My left eye is blue and my right eyes is brown." Mac said, somewhat startled and relieved at the same time.

                "I just wanted to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. My eyesight has diminished, as I've gotten older. Its very intriguing though." He told her with a smile.

                "It reminds me of the eyes of a dog." The girl sitting down next to president stated, pushing her long blue off her shoulder. Her emerald eyes opened and she glared at Mac.

                Tristan's younger sister was taken back by the rudeness of this girl. She chose to ignore her comment.

                "I'm sorry. Please forgive me for not making introductions yet." The president's smile faltered for a minute. "I'm Keiichi Yurazoto, and this is my daughter, Drea*."

                "Nice to meet both of you." Mac said again before retreating to her seat beside Seto.

                "So, Mr. Yurazoto. I have to ask. Why have you called this meeting?" Seto asked, being completely serious. "I had no word you were coming over till early this morning."

                "Well, to tie up loose ends. One of which was to meet your accompaniment for tonight." He glanced at Mac. "The other was to go over finals for the contract tomorrow."

                "I see." He said after a moment. "I can't discuss the terms in public. Mac, Drea. Will you excuse us?"

                "Sure." Drea got up out of her seat. "Dad, Mr. Kaiba." She addressed each one before leaving.

                Mac stood up, a little unsure, but never showing it. "Mr. Yurazoto, it was nice meeting you."

                "You to MacKenzie." He nodded.

                "Seto?" she asked, awaiting instructions.

                "Go find Mokuba down in the dueling arenas. I'll you later tonight." He told her.

                "Right." She smiled before turning and walking out. "Man all the way down stairs. Why me? All those steps!" Mac groaned as she headed down the hallway.

                "Hey, you!" Mac turned at the end of the hall to find Drea waiting for her.

                "My name's Mac." She replied, her smiling falling.

                "I don't care what you're name is." Drea's eyes were lit with a rage that surprised Mac. "Who the hell do you think you are?!"

                "What are you going off about? I don't even know you." MacKenzie crossed her arms.

                "From what I've heard Seto Kaiba has been single for months. And know all of a sudden he's got a girlfriend, right before the ball. I was going to ask him to the ball tonight, I'll have you know!" she stomped her foot.

                "Seto and I have been together for…almost a year. We haven't released anything to the press, because personally, I don't want reporters breathing down my neck. You're not going to the ball with him. So deal with it and get over it." Mac couldn't believe what she had just heard out of the mouth of this woman.

                "Look," she started and trailed off. "I can't stand to look at you! You have dog's eyes." She crossed her own arms. "I hate dogs."

                "Oh. You're a cat person, right?" Mac replied, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

                Drea tossed her hair. "For someone who has NO political power, you say way to much."

                "And for someone who does, you're acting way to immature." She shot back.

                For a minute Drea didn't know what to say. "I'm not wasting anymore time with you! You're just a little bitch! That's what you are! The Kaiba brother isn't worth it either!" And with that she stalked off in her 2 and a ½ heels, her long hair swishing behind her.

                Mac clenched her fists together in anger. She was seriously thinking about knocking out every perfectly white tooth in the snobby wench's head. 'Who the hell does she think she is?!'

                Yugi bolted awake at the sound of Tea's scream. His purple eyes focused on the upset woman standing in the middle of the room, tears trickling down her face.

                "Tea', what's wrong?" he asked.

                "Yugi, how could you?" she sobbed angrily

                "What's goin' on?" Joey mumbled, groggily sitting up.

                "Tea', what did I do?" he went to get out of the bed and realized the female dark magician was lying only inches away. Only one thing crossed his mind at that point. 'Oh, shit.'

                "It's not what it looks like!" he cried in his defense, his cheeks glowing hotly.

                "Oh yeah?" Tea' yelled back. "Then you tell me what it is!"

                Kylie's blue eyes opened and she sat up. "Oh. Hi." She smiled at the other girl.

                "Tea', this is Kylie, the female dark magician. She's looking for her husband. Kylie, this is my girlfriend, Tea'." Yugi told them.

                "How are you?" Kylie waved sweetly.

                "But, then, how-" Tea' sunk to her knees, waiting for an explanation.

                "We probably just crashed where we were last night. Yug was just lucky enough to fall asleep next to her." Joey yawned.

                "Tea' you should know me better than that. I would never cheat on you." Yugi smiled as the crimson on his cheeks returned. "Jounoch-kun**, you should leave Kylie alone."

                "He just doesn't know when to quit." Bakura added sleepily.

                "Yugi, Duke's-" Grandpa Muto sounded through the door. Glimpsing at the scene in the bedroom, he sweatdropped. "I'll just tell him you'll be out in a minute."

                "Come on you guys. I have to get dressed. I've got company." Yugi stated.

                "Alright then. Anybody coming with me?" Kylie hopped up

                "ME!" Joey jumped and almost tripped on an empty soda can.

                "I better watch him." Bakura chuckled. "Tea' you coming?"

                "Sure." She smiled. "I'll meet you outside Yugi."

                As the door closed behind them, Yugi hopped up.

                'What a way to start the day, huh?'

                "Tell me about it." Yugi muttered as he searched his drawers for his black tank top. "I might need your help today after all."

                'The fact that Duel Monsters cards is coming to life is a big threat, but I told you that I would not interfere today.'

                "Thanks. That means a lot to me." Yugi slipped his shirt on over his head and moved the big silver chain that held the millennium puzzle out of the way. "Hey, Yami?"


                "Did you ever have someone you REALLY cared about?"

                '………..Yes. Long ago.'

                "Then you must know what I'm going through. I want to protect Tea. And my friends. And you too."


                Yugi stared at himself in the mirror and smiled at his reflection as if it was the young Egyptian pharaoh. "Of course. You and I might share the same body, but we're different. And besides, after all that's happened, how could I not consider you my friend?"


                The boy slipped on his shoes under the flares of his tight black jeans. He grabbed his silver vest and threw it on. "That why I'm hoping nothing happens tonight. But I have this uneasy feeling that just won't go away. It's telling me something's about to happen, and I can't change that fact."

                'Whatever happens Yugi, we'll face it, together.'

                "You promise?" The boy put his hand on the door knob and push it open.

                'I promise.'


*Drea is just a name off the top of my head. I don't mean to insult anybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ** The Japanese nickname Yugi has for Joey.