Kingdom Hearts: Chaos In Hearts

Author's notes: Well, first of all, this is a sequel and it's okay if you read this first before you read "Unexpected" but it's better if you read that one first before venturing into this fantasy world of Kingdom Hearts. Well, for those who won't care and won't read the other story and jump right into this one, well, I have a few notes for you before you read. First of all, the story is ayoi, and for those who don't know what "yaoi" is, then I guess I should say what it is. Yaoi is guy and guy relationships. If you are weak hearted with guy/guy relations, or you may not like them, or something or other, then I suggest you not read any much farther. But, if for some reason you liked "Unexpected" and you don't like yaoi fics, then I think you are brave in reading my work. Second, this is rated PG13 for several reasons; one that I think will be obvious when you read this. Third, no one gets fucked, if you know what I mean. Fourth, no spoilers (I haven't beaten the game yet, so no endings). Fifth, the fic is really different from the original KH and sometimes, the characters tend to get OOC. And sixth, I believe that I should say that part of this travels to the Squaresoft world, so all you FF/CC/CT fans out there, they're here to spice things up... Oh, and also, Gundam. Squaresoft and Gundam!!! All you fans out there, be welcomed!! They are here! Yeah! ... *clears throat* ... Now, with most that I wanted to say, said, I believe I should start up the story.

Chapter One

On Destiny Islands, Sora and Riku were throwing rocks into the water on the island connected to the bridge that led to the Seaside Shack. It has been a week since the play, and Sora and Riku's friendship has grown closer and tighter. Being rivals helped them hide their true feelings for each other, but more and more, they started to hang around each other more. Sora and Riku would gloat and and scold each other, but every time, behind every act of trying to humiliate each other, they would hint a smile and laugh at the situation afterwards.

The two boys were like best friends who were inseperable but acted like enemies in public. When alone, they'd get along perfectly and when arguements broke out, they'd quickly be solved as if nothing had happened.

Now, that evening, while the sun was setting and the water was a shade of orange under the the sun's rays, Sora picked up a small rock and flicked it in Riku's direction.

The older boy quickly turned in the younger one's direction and glared. The picked up a small rock of his own and threw it in the boy's direction.

Sora grinned as he dodged it easily. "C'mon, Riku, I know you can do better than that. You didn't even try!" he said, laughing.

"Oh, really...?" Riku shot back, picking up yet another rock.

Sora laughed, then pulled down the bottom of one of his eyelids and stuck out his tongue, blowing a raspberry. Riku returned the laugh and threw the rock.

They laughed, threwing more rocks at each other, knowing the other wasn't even trying.

They played for a while, running around the small island, until the sky suddenly grew black. They stopped immediately; Sora flinched when Riku's rock bounced off his forehead.

The sky grew black at the form of numerous thunder clouds. Thunder struck and the waves were rough. The ground suddenly shook as if there was an earthquake in the area, and the trees swayed dangerously. Sora fell as the ground gave another shake; he held onto the paopu tree as the ground seemed to lurch and give violent jerks. Riku held onto one of the palm trees and winced as the water splash onto his back like needles and bricks.

The boys were having a hard time keeping balance and in one peice with the wind ripping through the air, water washing down on them like walls, and objects flying around them.

They were silent the whole time the sudden storm occured. When it seemed to lessen up, a black pool of nothingness appeared in the middle of the island. It grew wider sever times until it was big enough for a person to lie in.

Sora and Riku glanced at each other before making their way toward the black pool. The wind still ripped through the air and things still flew, making it extremely hard for the two to just cross a few feet.

When they did manage to reach, though, the storm stopped all together, but the sky stayed black and clouded over with black clouds. The black pool swirled into colors of black, purple, and dark blue. Sora nearly fell into the swirling pool when Riku grabbed hold of him and prevented that.

Soon enough, a cloaked person emerged from the pool. The boys couldn't see the person's face or any feature of them.

"A world...... Chaos..... Destruction.... Terror.... No hope... No love... But love.... may be.... the only thing.... that may save... it all....." a voice came from underneath the hood. "Help.... Save.... He--"

Sora gasped as the figure callapsed and the pool disappeared. The figure was sprawled on the ground. Sora and Riku exchanged glances and nodded. They slowly approached the figure, careful not to make much noise. The wind stopped, the sky lightened, and things stopped flying. Sora and Riku stood on opposite sides of the figure. Nodding to each other, they stepped close. Sora crouched down to remove the hood of the figure, and Riku held a block of wood in his hands in case he needed to knock them out; whoever "they" were.

Sora sweated. His hand slowly inched toward the hood. When he took hold of the cloth, he glanced up at Riku for the signal, and then pulled back the hood.

The boys gasped when the hood revealed a young girl Sora's age. Sora looked up at Riku who still held the chunk of wood in his hands.

"Who..?" Sora said, finally letting go of the hood.

Riku shrugged. "I dunno. But that voice earlier sure wasn't a girl's..."

Sora rolled the girl over to her back instead of to her side which she was lying on. "I wonder who she is..."

"Ch. Don't we all..."

"What?" Sora looked up at Riku, giving him a funny look.

"Nevermind... Just wake her up. Maybe we can get answers from her..." Riku said, waving his hand back and forth for a change of subject.

"S-- Sure..." Sora lightly shook the girl's shoulder, hoping she'd wake up and not turn out to be some evil bitch.

It took a while for Sora to wake the girl up, but when he finally did, she didn't seem to be an evil wacko as he hoped not. Her black hair fell over her eyes when she sat up. She shook her head, groaning.

Sora and Riku stared at each other as the girl took her time to collect herself. Riku gave a silent signal to Sora. nodding, Sora approached the girl cautiously.

"H-- hello? Are you okay?" Sora asked the girl.

She jumped, startled. "Y-- Yes..." Her voice was croaked as if she hadn't used it for years.

"O-- Okay..." Sora looked up at Riku for some help. He gave him the 'what now?' look.

Riku returned the look with a 'why are you looking at me?!' expression.

Sora and Riku exchanged silent words to each other for a while. The only thing that brought them out of their silent conversation was when the girl stood up and undid her cloak. She revealed short black shorts that were frayed at the bottom and stopped right below her butt; it reminded the boys a lot of Yuffie. She had on a dark red (burnt rose) sleeveless shirt, a matching red pair of boots that reached up just below her knees, and gloves where the fingers protruded through the finger holes. But what really caught the boys' eyes was the necklace she was wearing. Half showed King Mickey's sign, and half showed the Heartless sign. What puzzled the boys was why there was such a thing. It was true that Riku served for the heartless and Sora for King Mickey, but what was unusual was that someone would serve both.

The girl noticed their staring at her necklace and quickly covered it with her hand. She blinked at them, looking them over carefully.

"What's your name?" Sora said.

The smiled and ruffled his hair in a playful way. As always, his hair stayed pointy. Riku defensively blocked the girl from Sora.

"What about you? What are your names?" the girl said, placing a hand on her hip.

"Name's Riku. Now, what we wunna know is who you are and why you have that necklace around you." Riku pointed the chunk of wood at her offensively, poking her hand where she held the necklace.

The girl pushed the wood away with her other hand, rubbing her hand. "It's Roz. Rossilan." she said, tucking back a lock of hair that fell over her eyes. Her hair was cut just above the shoulders, straight, black and shined in the sun with light brown highlights.

"Well, Roz, what brings you to Destiny Islands?" Riku said.

"Hmm? 'Destiny Islands'? What an unusual name... Well, actually, I have no clue why I'm here... But what 'brought' me here was that weird black thing." She took up her cloak and wrapped it around her again and started to move toward the bridge when she was stopped when someone grabbed her cloak and pulled her back.

It was Riku. "Now hold on a minute, girl. We need more from you. You still haven't answered why you're wearing that necklace."

Roz shrugged and turned around. "I'm an Outlaw. We are Neutrals, or Outlaws in some cases. We don't join any sides, so our worlds don't have any wars... But just to keep our worlds from dying, since we need things from other worlds that belong to the King or the Heartless, we send out our best warriors to the side that pays the best. In other words, if the King would need some help, he would have to sorta like rent an outlaw. But if the outlaw doesn't like what the King has bargained for him or her, they would simply decline until a deal from either the King or Heartless comes up to their needs. So that way, we outlaws get what we need like money, food, or shelter, and the side we're hired on gets a strong warrior 'til the time for the deal to last is up. There's more to it then that, but it's very hard to explain. That was the best I could do without saying more than your mental capacity can take." Roz smirked.

Riku and Sora exchanged another set of silent glances and words. Sora came out from behind Riku and his wall of protection--which Riku didn't want for him to do--and approached the girl.

"May I see the neklace?" he asked, holding out his hand in order to recieve the necklace.

The girl shrugged. "Hn. Whatever... But I'll need it back." She gracefully took off the Outlaw's necklace and handed it over to Sora. "Hey, I have his name," she jerked her head over to Riku, "but I don't have yours."

"Sora." Sora took the necklace and looked at the details carefully. He gave it to Riku for him to check out, then gave it back to Roz who just slipped it back on over her head.

"So... Got anything to eat?" she said, looking around the islands.

Riku sweatdropped and lightly smacked Sora in the back of the head. "She's like you."

Sora arched a brow. "Huh?!"

Riku shook his head and took on the liberty of showing her to Kairi who was just happened to be setting up a small picnic.

They setted up in the sand, right in front of the stone wall that formed a walkway around the huge tree.

"So, what do you study?" Kairi said, trying to strike up a conversation with the girl once everyone got settled.

"It's called Kali and the most used weapon is the stick. But though it's a stick, it's hard enough to break bones and backs and such. You train using only hand gloves and a face mask. Well, to really toughen yourself up, that is." Roz leaned against the stone wall and stretched out her legs in front of her. She wiggled her feet. "Ever heard of the martial art?"

Kairi shook her head, somewhat not expecting what for an answer.

"Nogh," Sora said, his mouth full with an extra stuffed sandwhich.

Riku smacked Sora upside the head again. "Doofus, don't talk with your mouth full."

Sora took another mouth filling bite then replyed to Riku's comment. "Yegh Muwm..." Sora chewed, swallowed, then gave Riku one of his goofy grins.

Riku looked as if he was just about to clobber the boy again. It was Kairi who stopped him by handing him his own sandwhich. She told Roz to continue about herself.

"Well, if you wunna know more about Kali, you should try it yourself. You can use sticks, which are usually used, or the knives or any of the other weapons. But the stick is most known to the art." Roz took a bite out of her sandwhich and chewed, disecting the contents inside to make sure no poison or anything of the sort was planted in there.

Swallowing, she continued. "But, about me, I already said that I'm an Outlaw... and Outlaws are rarely noticed around in there... And sometimes we're even mistreated or worse, put to death just because of who we are. I can't explain why, exactly, but thing is, being an Outlaw has it's quirks, then it's downfalls. But, before I go into detail about myself, tell me about y'all."

The three exchanged glances before Sora cleared his throat and explained about his journey. When he was done, he let Riku tell his side of the story which wasn't much because Riku hated talking about the past and all the 'crap'--as he would say--that was there. Kairi didn't say much because she was basically unconscious through the whole thing.

Roz swallowed another bite. "Wow... So you've, like, been through a whole lotta shit, haven't you? You," she pointed to Sora, "found the keyblade, and then got zapped into Traverse Town, and then searched for Riku and Kairi. But you," she pointed to Riku, "had already found Kairi, but she was... outta commision, so to say, and Malificent tricked you and junk?"

Sora nodded, but Riku just turned his head away.

"And, like, you two were friends, but as soon as Malificent corrupted your heart by using your feelings, you became enemies? And this is all because she, here," she jerked her head toward Kairi, "was that important to you both? Geez..." Roz smacked her forhead as if all this information was too much for her to handle, and really, it sorta was. (Not all of it was sinking in properly.)

The rest of the meal was eaten in silence, and they rested on the picnic blanket, watching the sun disappear over the horizen. Roz had taken off her boots and splashed around the water, looking like she was having the time of her life. She laughed as she kicked up the water and it splashed in her face.

"Oh, wow!! I can't believe you live here! It's so peaceful, so quiet, so... wow....." she said, climbing out of the water and tip-toe-ing through the sand. "I have no words that can express how I feel and how much I like it here. I wish I could stay here forever....." She plopped down back in her spot and brushed off the sand and slipped on her socks and boots.

"You really do like it here, don't you?" Kairi said, sipping from her drink. (Where did she get it? Well, the picnic basket, duh.)

"Yeah... But I know... I can't stay for long... I guessed I'm here for some kind of reason, since that weirdo said so, but thing is, I'm not sure how to get back." She looked at each of them. "I suppose you're supposed to help me?"

Sora, Kairi, and Riku glanced at each other. Should they help this girl? It's not possible that she was dropped here for no reason... But should they tell her about the Secret Place?

"You know, you seem to do that alot... You know, glance at each other as if you can read each other's thoughts..." Roz said, fussing with her left boot.

Riku narrowed his eyes and turned his head away, where as Sora just grinned, and Kairi stayed silent.

"I don't think I'll be too much of help, so, Sora, Riku, you'll help her, right?" Kairi questioned the boys.

Both automatically nodded under Kairi's surprisingly peircing stare.

"S-- Sure..." Sora answered.

"Thanks!" Roz smiled and got up. She marched over to the docks and stood at the very edge. "Ahh... the smell of the sea... Something you don't get everyday back home..." She turned around and trotted back to them, smiling like there's no tomorrow.

"So... Assuming I might as well get comfortable for the might, and let y'all get packed or whatever, where should I sleep?" Roz looked around the island. None of the places seemed inviting.

"Well, I'm sleeping up in the tree house," Kairi said, pointing up to the small room connected to the huge tree with ladders. "You can bunk with me."

"You don't have a home?" Roz said, tucking back a lock of her hair.

"Well, this is my home... And it's pretty good to me..." Kairi smiled at Roz, trying to be extra friendly.

"Sure... whatever..."

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