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It was utterly amazing.

Yukina watched with wide red eyes as the demon who had attacked her was easily dissolved into glittering ash and before she knew it, concerned blue eyes were staring at her.

"Are you okay?"

It was gentle voice that had her jumping in her spot and Yukina couldn't help but to huddle into herself, rather afraid that she would be purified herself.

The female seemed to notice her action and she smiled, trying to look more approachable, "Relax," She said calmly, making sure she kept a little distance between them, "I won't hurt you."

Yukina clenched her hands in order to stop them from trembling so hard, "B-but you're a... Miko." It was even hard to believe that a human with true holy powers even existed in this modern age, yet the proof was standing right before her.

"True," She admitted, "But I'm not about to purify an innocent one like you," She smiled and Yukina thought it was like looking at the sun, "I was raised different. I don't care if you are a demon."

The Koorime blinked, hesitantly reaching out when the Miko offered her hand. It was like a warm spark that jolted through her when they touched skin and she couldn't help but to want to feel more of it.

"So, what's your name?" Her saviour asked cheerfully, taking her hand back and Yukina felt a surprising sadness that she did so, "I'm Higurashi Kagome."

"I'm... Yukina," She answered quietly, feeling quite shy as Kagome threw her that brilliant smile once more, "Thank you for saving me."

"My pleasure," Kagome nodded, "That demon didn't hurt you, did it?" She asked with concern and looked her over to see if she could spot any visible injuries.

Yukina flushed slightly at the intense gaze, "My leg," She admitted, looking down to where her kimono was stained with a bit of blood, "That demon scratched me." She didn't want to heal herself in the open where any humans could come across the sight.

Kagome hummed and Yukina let out a noise of surprise when she suddenly found herself in a bridal-style hold, "W-what are you doing?!"

"I'm not going to let you walk on that leg," Kagome raised a brow, carrying her with ease, "Point your way home and I'll even heal you when we get there."

"I-it's this way." Yukina flushed again, finding that she was able to smell Kagome's sweet scent with how close she was.

"And so we shall be on our way, my princess!" Kagome joked, moving in the direction which Yukina pointed, not bothering to look up in the trees where she could sense another demon watching them closely because she had a feeling he wouldn't try to attack them.

She was sure of that.