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Levi x brat

Levi was walking down the road when he was feeling quite lonely hangi said it was due to some many people dying in his past it was true he had seen so many of his comrades die. Erwin also had a pet once what was his name… Marco he was this black dog with freckles on his face.

"I'll go ask Erwin where I can get one of those pets" Levi thought to himself.

As he was walking back to the scouting region he went straight to Erwin.

"Hey Erwin"

Erwin looked up to see Levi.

"Yes Levi "Erwin said

"Remember when you had that pet Marco?" Levi started

"Yeah, he got ran over remember, he didn't deserve that kind of ending only half of him was left when I got home. " Erwin said his expression not changing

"Well, I want one to "Levi said there was a awkward pause

"I heard from hangi that only the higher up's can have one on base so where can we get one?" Levi said

"I can take you to the store where they have the entire higher class pet's "Erwin said

"Alright let's go get it over with those places are always so dirty" Levi said his face grimaced at the thought of all the nasty things at the pet store.

"No I'm taking you to a special pet store here there are high class human half animals" ( human's with a tail and animal ear's and act kind of like the animal).

As they were walking down to the pet store Levi was watching the floor closely making sure that no gum got on his shoes. After five minutes they were finally at the pet store.

Levi browsed around looking for the right one

he looked at a horse human named jean " too big"

He looked at a gray mouse human named Connie "too small"

He looked at a blonde fluffy puppy human named Armin "too fluffy "

he then he saw him a cute brown puppy named Eren his huge green eyes and a wide heartwarming smile as he saw Levi walked towards him. His tail swapping back and forth happily, as Levi went to pet him behind the ears. Levi almost got a nose bleed looking at how innocent and helpless he looked chained up with a collar that was too big for him.

"I take it you want him" Erwin said looking at Levi's face turn bright red and turned away to hide his nose bleed.

'Yeah I'll get him" Levi said to Erwin now smirking.

"We'll I'm sure this little guy will have lots of fun with you" Erwin laughed

Levi and Erwin went to the counter to go and buy Eren. But the manager rushed in when he heard another person was going to try to take care of eren and came out to see the man that was buying him

" sir I will let you know this let has been returned to us many times, not from obedience obviously but ever time someone tries to get him they all ... returned him immediately. We still don't why but he is just not ...normal" the manager finally finished.

Eren hired his face in shame by the story that got told every time someone wanted to buy him .

Levi just stood there for a moment looking at the manager with a cold glare " do you know why they call me humanity's strongest?" Levi paused to see his expression " because I am strong I killed so many titans that they could fill all of wall Maria!" Levi said of course over reacting but the manager looked as if he was about to see himself. Levi then took eren and left the manager to quiver in fear by his over statement.

Eren seemed to have no idea what the outside world was and played with everything he saw enjoying every minute of it. But Levi and Eren finally getting home late and they decided to go to sleep. But Levi wanted to talk a little bit with Eren to get to know him better.

"So your name is Eren right" Levi said

"Yes sir!" Eren said immediately

Well that's good the brat already knows that I have to be called sir.

"Sir "Eren said softly

"What is it? "Levi said softly and came closer to Eren rubbing his ears.

Eren could feel Levi's warm breath all over him making him shiver.

" Could I sleep with you tonight?" Eren said blushing innocently

This made Levi smirk

" oh so puppy wants to sleep with daddy hmm" Levi said

" well I'll let you sleep with me tonight only if you give daddy a kiss " Levi smirked again thinking the boy wouldn't do it and would sleep on the floor. But to Levi's surprise the boy the boy leaned in putting his arms around Levi pulling him in to a kiss. Eren's lips were so soft and the expression he wore was so beautiful it was like he was trying to hide that he was enjoying the kiss. Levi finally realized that the boy actually did it and started to kiss him back wrapping his arms around the boy, starting to enjoy himself in the boy's warmness. But Levi was soon disappointed when the boy tried to break away from the kiss but levi didn't let him.

" wait sir mmmhmhm" eren tried as levi pulled him deeper into the kiss finally pushing him on floor.

Levi started to take the boys shirt and threw it of to the side sliding down to eren's tummy and licking it up and down it.

"Ahhh" eren moaned out in pleasure as levi's fingers started to slide down eren's back side making eren moan loudly now levi then started kissing eren again this time biting his lip softly making him bleed a bit.

Eren's eyes grew wide with the pain and tried to say to levi

" sir no DON'T " eren yelled

But there was suddenly a very bright light shining from eren

Eren then turned into this BEAST levi had no idea about what to do next he looked at eren in total shock.

Eren stood there as a huge titan breaking the underground wall. Levi was totally zoned out just staring at the half dog titan with the beautiful green eyes.

" eren?" Levi was cut off by the sad eyes the titan was giving him as if saying that he was sorry and begging for forgiveness. Levi grabbed the titan hardly so this was the boys secret... oh hangi was going to have lots of fun testing his beautiful puppy boy.

no not only hangi was going to have fun testing but levi was also going to fun testing the boy with his own experiments. levi smirked at the idea yeah this was going to be nice

authors note : hey guys i hope you guys like this story this only the beginning of it though so dont freak. oh yeah i just wanted to clarify a few thing's

1) eren is a person but has a puppy tail and ear's( you can see the picture from the story picture up above)

2) there are still titans in this world

3) yes eren will fight some and be determined like the good ol eren in the anime and manga

4) eren can transform when he hurts himselfs or if others do it but when he does he is mostly a like huge wolf but is still considerd a titan

if you guys have more quetions or just want to say if its good or not im fine with that. i will make new chapters soon until the bye!