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After that event Levi put Eren to bed next to him. That's when Eren stopped crying in his sleep.

"Why… "Eren said as he curled up to Levi. What was going on?! Levi was almost pulling out his hair from all this confusion.

"What just happened in eren's past that gave him so much pain?" Levi whispered to himself.

The next morning he found that Eren was nowhere to be seen. Where was that brat gone now?
Levi was now looking frantically for Eren all over the place. Only to see Eren looking around the loud scouting region dining hall stopping by the people sitting in the chairs.

Many people as Eren was looking around looked at him weirdly; Most of them had never seen his kind before.

Suddenly a woman stood up seeing Eren and dashed over to Eren almost like a cheetah

The woman then leaped on Eren petting his ears softly.

"Who do you belong to cutie?" Hanji said

Eren blushed as Hanji praised him but how could he not know the name of his master?

Levi rivalle, humanity's strongest… Eren shivered as he thought of Levi's name. ever since Eren was a pup every time the bell sounded he would run to the window immediately and looked out of it and every time he saw Levi on his horse proudly sitting on it, he could hear what all the people would always say about Levi killing lots of titans trying his hardiest to kill all the titans so humanity could be free. At that moment as I saw Levi and the others risking their life for the sake of humanity he decided to try and be in the survey corps. Plus Armin always had this book about the outside, the liquid fire, the salty water, and the sea of sand. I want to see… the outside… what's it like to be free? I want to know… but now I have a chance to kill all of all them, for what they did to us.

Just then Levi stomped in.

"He's mine Hanji don't touch him with your dirty hands "Levi said sternly

"But Levi he's so cute I couldn't help touching him!" Hanji said as she pouted

Eren thought happily "Levi"… the name suited him well.

"Where have you been all this time Eren?!" Levi said madly

Eren couldn't help whimper in the sound of Levi's mad voice

"As for your punishment for leaving without permission you now have to sleep by yourself in the basement" Levi finished.

Levi knew it was kind of a harsh punishment but it had to be done in order for him not to disobey him.

Eren quivered at the thought of another cold basement.

"Why sir "Eren said face dropping to a sad and alone looking expression

"Eren I am not changing my mind and you will be staying in the basement until I say so. Got that!" Levi said getting more mad as the conversation went on.

Eren knew that he was not going to get his way so he just stopped pleading

"Yes sir I understand "Eren said his expression was sad but…

"Hey Levi could I talk to you for a second? " Hanji said

Levi sighed and nodded as he walked towards Hanji telling Eren to go to his room (now the basement).

Eren nodded sadly and left them alone.

"You could be a little nicer to Eren he was only trying to get used to this huge place!" Hanji said

"Shut up shitty glasses, Eren is my pet and I will treat him how I want to" Levi said

Levi thought back to eren's face expression when he told him he would sleep alone in a cold basement. His expression surprised Levi a bit it was like he was used to being alone.

"Levi? Hello are you there" Hanji said waving her hand across his face.

Levi got snapped out of his trance and stared at Hanji

"What? " Levi said grumpily

"Be nicer to Eren "

"Fine if I take him on a walk inside the walls will you leave me alone" Levi said

"Yes I will leave you alone for a while, but I do want to run some tests on Eren didn't you say he could transform into a wolf like titan? " Hanji said getting excited.

" yeah it was really weird it was yesterday night when I brought him home then we…" levis stopped and remembered what had happened before he was in his titan form, yeah pretty sure no sane person would tell Hanji about personal things like that, so he didn't tell.

"Oh so you guys have a relationship going already?" Hanji was almost blown up laughing at Levi's face as she said that.

"No its not anyway I made him bleed a bit and he just transformed" Levi said feeling bad after all he did make Eren remember his past after he transformed, he could hear eren's loud screaming and crying.

"But there is something going on with Eren" Levi said.

"Like what? " Hanji said curiously.

"He says weird stuff after he transforms and screams and cries loudly "Levi said

"It sounds like to me that he was traumatized something probably happened when he was younger." Hanji said.

"Yeah I kind of already figured that out shitty glasses "Levi said

"Why do you always call me that?! Are my glasses dirty or something? "Hanji said loudly spitting everywhere as she spoke getting some on Levi

"It just fits you shitty glasses or maybe I should call you spitty glasses" Levi said as he wiped the spit off himself.

"Back to Eren "Hanji said

"We have to tell Erwin about Eren "Hanji said as she started to walk

"lets go" Levi said getting up

As they were walking to Erwin's office Hanji started talking about what might have happened in eren's past.

"Hanji shut up we are already here so you can be quiet" Levi said

*Knock, knock, knock* Levi knocked on Erwin's door.

"Come in "Erwin said.

Levi and Hanji stepped in the door closing it behind them.

"What is it" Erwin said looking at a map.

"It's about Eren sir he can turn into a titan "Hanji said

This started to interest him Erwin looked up at the two of them now.

"Continue "Erwin said

"Well sir what I have heard from Levi is that he can turn into a titan by hurting himself" Hanji said starting to get excited

"I think we should start to do experiments as soon as possible!" Hanji said happily

"Yes I agree "Erwin said

"Erwin it would also be a good idea to train him "Levi said glaring at Hanji.

"Train him what do you mean "Erwin said

"We should train him to use the 3d maneuvering gear" Levi stated

"We should ask Eren if he himself wants this we can't just make him do this by force we need him alive" Erwin stated

"Yes sir "Levi and Hanji said in unison

Hanji ran out of the room excited to start experimenting with Eren, Levi had started to get up when Erwin stated

"That's right I am going to a meeting and I will be back in a few days" after he said this he walked towards Levi. Pulling him into hug and ruffling his hair. Erwin had started to pull Levi into a kiss when Levi smacked his hands away.

"Whatever," Levi said as he left the room.

Erwin's face grew dark once Levi smacked his hands and left he knew what he had to do and no one was going to get Levi except him.

Levi knew Erwin had a crush on him but now he just wanted Eren and Eren only nobody and was getting in the way of him and Eren not even Erwin.

That reminded him Eren was still in the basement he probably needed to go and check on the brat. Just then Hanji came running into Levi and started screaming.

"Hurry its Eren he needs help!" Hanji said pulling Levi into the basement where Eren had been in; when they got there they saw eren's limp body in the curled in a ball with blood stains all over him.

"What the hell is going on here?" Levi said running towards Eren.