A/N: La la la, Rei to Kai. Shounen ai and character analyzing and other such fun things. Not my characters, not my series, but definitely my silly poetry.

Rei's POV.

"Tiger Stripes"

I could be

A tiger too

I'd paint on stripes

And chase after you

Dog your steps

And wear you down

Catch you and

Become renowned

No glory in

The wild-beast stalk

I'd rather hunt

The two-leg walk

Oh, the chance

To collar you

Tie you up

A tiger blue

Those stripes-

You'd think they

Hide your god-damned

Soul away

The way you wear

Them like a shield

They are the sign

You'll never yield

Your tiger-stripes

I'll wear them too

Paint them on

Be just like you

These tiger-stripes

They make us strong

And show your heart

Where I belong.

* ende "tiger stripes" *

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