So this is a weird fanfiction about how Maddy is a wolfblood, but a very popular one and Rhydian is human but he is in foster care -do their lives clash, will there be Maddian? set on the day of lone wolf!

"Everyone this is Rhydian Morris! Who I'm guessing is from -wales?" Mr Jeffries boldly questions.

"No." Rhydian bluntly says, the rest of the class burst into fits of laughter Rhydian beginning to feel like it's his old school all over again.

"No he's not from wales." Mr Jeffries laughs haughtily raising his hands up in the air innocently as a load of sheep noises fill the room.

Maddy Smith smirks, laying back on her cold chair as she feels the wolf pulse through her veins - so what if she hasn't transformed? Maddy can still feel free -no limits. Right? Rhydian frowns when Mr Jeffries mutters about people suing him -that's what everyone would love to do, for the extra homework set and detentions. Rhydian strikes to the nearest chair available, Maddy still smirking as she chats to Jimi and his cronies, her wild side flaring and her wolf realizes that this new boy is a new threat to Maddy becoming top dog in the school. All Maddy has ever wanted was to stick in -not out, what better way to be in the 'crowd' -well the wrong crowd anyway. Rhydian reluctantly sits down behind the 3k's - closest to Katrina, the slow minded loyal one, Kay -the maths genius, dancing one and Kara -the alpha of the three -good at science and can manipulate anyone that she wants...

"Quiet! Claire, wake up! James, James! If I hear one more sheep noise coming from the back of the class, you'll regret it."

"Don't mind those loosers, they are a few coats short of a manicure." Kay says Rhydian swiftly turns around, still frowning.

"Rhydian, that's a lovely name what does it mean? Where in Wales are you from? - I live on the hill. It's where all the best houses are in Stoneybridge." Kara boasts, all three girls smile innocently. Maddy eyes them closely, taking note of her competition.

"I'm not really Welsh, I am from Essex, and I don't care who lives where I don't even know you-so just push off!" Rhydian grumbles, quickly turning back to the front but he swivels round to see Maddy eyeing him suspiciously, Rhydian shoots Maddy and deathly glare as the bell rings once more. This is going to be a VERY long day.

(Lunchtime -yum!)

Maddy strolls to the darkroom, looking smug as more and more people line up to join the photography club and join Maddy's 'crew of photographers'. But before Maddy can unlock the bulk door, revealing her serine paradise, a voice calls her - that paralyzes the wolfblood completely.

"Maddy!" Dean beckons rushing up to her, Maddy curses under her breath, before turning back around to Dean Samuels who is blushing in front of her - his human stench making Maddy Smith feel uneasy.

"Hi Mads."

"What do you want?"

"Well I thought of joining the 'club' -any tips as photography is my, er, well, um, m-m-e-e-e passion..."

"Have two tips from me -stop bugging me and go to the back of the que." Maddy shoots, Dean storms off hurt, though this is Maddy Smith -the girl with no remorse.

"Maddy watch this!" Jimi mutters in her ear, both of them jog to their lockers, Maddy, Liam, Sam and Jimi witnessing Rhydian taking out a leak from his battered locker.

"I thought I could smell something funny!" Jimi shouts.

"Is that your lunch Welshy?" Liam asks, all of them sneering as the school goes quiet.

"I'm not even Welsh." Rhydian shouts.

"OOH!" Maddy badgers, leading the boys, they march off until that is -when Maddy gets hit by 'V' leek. Maddy swiftly turns around and dumps her bag by her feet, she clenches her clammy hands - feeling the wolf take over, as Rhydian steps over, feeling like he is about to fight.

"What are you saying leek boy huh?" Maddy growls.

"Well I have got got a problem with you - I'm not EVEN from Wales!" Rhydian bellows.

"That's it."

"Or what? You're going to fight me -you are just a stuck up little girl." Rhydian insults.

Maddy snarls and charges at the oblivious Rhydian, knowing she can't fully 'wolf out'. Rhydian falls back, yelping and Maddy digs into his shoulders, smelling his sweet scent. Jimi and Sam haul Maddy off, just after Maddy kicks Rhydian in the face - causing a small crack.

"WHAT'S ALL THIS!" Mr Jeffries screams, as Rhydian gets up, Maddy shakes the boys away reining her anger in.

"She - whoever she is, tried to 'attack' me!"

"LIAR!" Maddy yells, Rhydian and Maddy charge into each other, letting their anger out all over again.

"Stop -STOP!" Mr Jeffries orders, they separate panting hard.

"This is all your fault!" Rhydian shouts, touching his swollen nose tenderly.

"This is disgraceful -from both of you, no one fights, no one insult and look at the both of you -Rhydian's only been here for five minuets Maddy, how could you? And you Rhydian should learn the rules, and when do boys fight girls anyway?" Mr Jeffries rambles on, Maddy snarls furious by Sirs last comment.

"Right Rhydian go to the school nurse, Maddy will take you." Mr Jeffries commands.

"But Sir -" Maddy groans.

"NO MADDY! Or do you want another detention this week?"

"No." Maddy says begrudgingly.

"Good -now you two go."

Maddy marches down the musty corridors, Rhydian close behind as the lunch bell rings -indicating the lunch break is over. Maddy and Rhydian arrive by a grotty office, Maddy and Rhydian perch on the edge on a chair - grousing - silence filling the thick air. What else is there to say but silence?

"This is your fault actually." Maddy mumbles.

"What do you mean -you were the one that put a stupid leek in my locker!" Rhydian retaliates, deeply vexed.

"I don't care, anyway it's called a joke. Anyway Jimi put the leek in the locker so don't accuse us!"

"Well you have a lame sense of humour. Now my nose feels like it's on fire." Rhydian grits his teeth, Maddy shivers - resenting fire so much.

"Look, just don't invade me personal space or acting like you are the best. Then we will be on OK terms, alright?" Maddy hisses.

"Whatever - but it's like you got some claim on this dump -so perfetic, why would I want to stay here anyway? I hate it already, I might as well go. No one wants me here anyway." Rhydian fires.

"What about your family?"

"Don't have one."

"You must!"

"No -I'm fostered you idiot." Rhydian snaps, feeling hurt, Maddy looks away, feeling a tad guilty.

"All foster kids have parents out there."

"Yeah but I'm separated from them, all alone if that's what YOU would call it."

"Oh, sorry." Maddy's tone becomes softer.

"I don't want your patronizing apologies thanks." Rhydian rejects bitterly.

"I wasn't being patronizing! But fine, if me being sympathetic isn't very nice then I can clearly see you are too big for your boots."

"No I am not." Rhydian says, sulking.

"Oh really now." Maddy say's, scowling.

"Yeah -I'm full of loneliness -I can't trust people anymore, people like YOU never care about people like ME. I'm never free from dumps like these am I?"

"Look, I get it OK. I know what's it feels like, so don't give me all of that." Maddy murmurs.

"Then why are you 'little Miss popular' - the girl who doesn't care about life, if you get how I feel?"

"Because if I care, it will lead to consequences, and well maybe if you fit in more then you won't be the one getting the glares or the leeks in lockers!" Maddy exclaims, both of them laugh slightly, extremely shocked by how much they have in common.

"But I would be accepted by the wrong people. You don't want to admit that you are just like everyone else - so stop acting like a spoil brat." Rhydian maliciously reveals.

"Excuse me? I don't even know who you are and you don't care about me - and you're giving me life tips, that's rich coming from you." Maddy bitter replies.

"Not life tips -but common sense, I don't care about you, and same goes for you -but I find if I don't trust people, then they don't trust me - I can tell them stuff."

"Yeah whatever."

"Yeah whatever." Rhydian quietly mocks, but again this is a female wolfblood...

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Well you can't just admit I'm right -that you are not different to any other nobody and being with those idiots who you are friend with is a bad choice." Rhydian points out indignantly.

"Just because you haven't been popular yourself." Maddy shakes her head, not believing it.

"I haven't had to." Rhydian grunts.

Maddy looks away realization hitting her like a silver bullet injecting into her skin as the 'new' school nurse comes to fetch Rhydian. Maddy decides to stay feeling guilt for her actions and she patiently waits, no matter how boring it is. Maddy's human and wolf side rather curious by 'Rhydian Morris'. Ten minutes later, Rhydian walks out, a plaster stuck to his wonky nose, Maddy quickly stands to her feet -looking down and shoving her hands into her pockets.

"Sorry Rhydian." Maddy genuinely murmurs, Rhydian's face softens like melting butter or toffee but he still keeps his guard up.

"It's fine -I'm used to it." Rhydian confesses, Maddy's head perks up, intrigued.

"Why has this happened to you before?"

"Yeah - last time got me kicked out of my foster home." Rhydian shrugs, grinning as he remembers his sweet victory and epic leave.

"Why what happened?"

"Well, this person called me a cheater after I did a drawing of some werewolves, and won a competition. I beat him up afterwards and my foster parents couldn't handle me no more, so they kicked me out and now I'm the Vaughn's new foster kid." Rhydian announces and Maddy starts to giggle, always loving the good barney here or there.

"Now, I'm here - in another place where no one will care." He adds.

"I see -you don't have to leave." Maddy suggests.

"Why? What's here for me?"

"A place where you will like -the woods, lake, Bernie's, family, friends -like a er pack." Maddy admits.

"A pack? Lame or what?" Rhydian raises his eyebrows, hiding his temptation that is growing stronger each second.

"Shut up -it would be like a pack, I had to create one to fit in."

"Thanks, is it Maddy? But I don't need your charity."

"It's not a charity, it's freedom. I know what it's like to be a freak, recently I was best friends with a best hunter on the moors. Until now I couldn't fit in, I felt isolated." Silence engulfs them peacefully, Maddy bites her lips in anticipation.

"OK -but only if you don't act like a wild animal."

"No way - you are not controlling us!" Maddy confirms coldly.

"I know I'm not. I want you to understand, meaning you aren't going to act like a idiot in front of your friends." Rhydian harshly snaps.

"Fine - OK."

"Maddy?" Rhydian shyly inquires.

"Yeah Rhydian?"

"Why do you want me to stay - I mean you've only known me for half a day." Rhydian says, bewildered.

"Because you get some of us -more than most of them."


"It's complicated." Maddy utters.

"Life's complicated don't you think?"

"Oh yes - come on, we're gonna miss French." Maddy jokes, Rhydian smirks, wincing slightly by the excruciating pain but they trot away the tension slowly easing.


A/N: Sorry this chapter wasn't interesting -just the sort of pilot episode :D Thanks for reading.