Shepard walked out of his bedroom door, dressed in his blue button up shirt, clasped all the way to the top and covering his neck. He had on black jeans, and a pair of black shoes. He scratched at his short and shaggy black hair, yawned, and then stretched his arms out. Being rewarded with popping sounds from his bones, he let out a gratifying sigh, and proceeded to begin walking down stairs in his household.

His house was walled with shiny white metal, exotic plants decorated the corners of every room, plants that Tali had picked out. They had colorful bulbs of flowers growing on them, blues, greens, whites, and reds. Shepard took a look behind himself, seeing their bedroom door open, and a messy inside. Clothes were flung around the room without care. Shepard smiled at the room, remembering what had taken place in it the night earlier. John took baby-steps down the stairs, feeling a pain in his leg from a wound during the Reaper-War, and clutching at it. Shepard scratched at his neck through the blue shirt collar, a rough and scaly sound coming from the scratch.

He looked around the bottom floor of their house, searching for his wife, Tali. He scanned the living room, a tan couch facing a television. He looked to their front door, a welcome mat placed at it's step. He then turned his head to their kitchen, seeing Tali fumbling over some food, not a natural cook. Shepard smiled at her, his smile hidden to her as she faced away from him. He approached the open doorway and knocked on the wall to get her attention.

She turned around to meet the intruder, but realized it was just Shepard, a look of relief coming over her as she saw him. Tali wore a long, silk, purple robe, the lace tying it closed, and loosely outlining her curved body. Shepard scanned her body from her three toed feet, to her exposed head. John winked at her, and received an eye roll from her as she turned around to continue attempting to cook. He ran his hands along the blue colored, island counter-top as he walked closer to her. He rested his hands on her hips, and moved his head closer to hers, and looking down to the eggs and bacon his wife was trying to make. John breathed a silent laugh, and traced his hands from her hips, to her arms and pulled her hands away.

She looked up at him with twinkle in her eyes and sadness, wanting to cook him something to eat, and wanting to do it on her own. He didn't want to eat crispy burnt eggs, and bacon with the texture of a brick, but he couldn't say no to a face like her's, so he let her continue cooking. He pulled his hands away from her, receiving a smile from her gray-blue face. John ran his hands through her messy, long, black hair, straightening it out slightly. He smiled down at her again, smiling for her messy black hair, hair that had an odd blue tint to it. Mrs. Shepard pushed him off gently and mumbled her usual mock-upset word. "Bosh'tet. I just woke up, it's not my fault I look ugly."

He retreated to a stool near the island counter, and sat down, tapping his hands on the counter as if he were playing a piano. Mr. Shepard continued to tap and rasp his fingers on the blue counter-top, waiting for Tali to finish his human breakfast, and then make something for herself. Shepard leaned back in his stool, examining his quarian wife Tali, tracing the curves of her body with his eyes. Tali reached to grab a cup from a cabinet, standing on her toes and fumbling her hands around for a cup. She wagged her rear back and forth as she reached for the cup, knowing Shepard could see her do it.

Shepard knew full well that she was doing it because he could see her, but he stared anyway, remembering every inch of what her body looked like without anything covering it. The black markings that traced her face, from her forehead, down to her feet, and tracing a line along her arms. Tali grabbed the cup from the top shelf, and quickly turned around to see Shepard staring lower than he should be. "See something interesting?" Tali'Zorah asked him in a mocking tone, putting her hands on her hips, and waiting for an answer.

Shepard responded with a smile and a nod. His wife finished preparing his meal of eggs and bacon, and brought it over to him with a glass of water. Shepard took it from her hands and placed the two items in front of him, letting her sit down next to him. She rested her elbows on the table, and put her head down into her hands, watching her husband begin to eat. "You know, those quarians already know how to fight well enough, you don't need to help them today. Maybe you could stay here with me a little while longer." She tempted him, looking at him with wide open eyes, and then bit her lip. "Keep me company."

He shook his head at her as he took a bite of eggs with a fork. "Fine..." Tali groaned, crossing her arms over her breasts. "Drink up John, the doctor says every bit of water will help ease the pain from your wounds." Tali said, staring lovingly at him as he drank some water. John nodded back to her, feeling a pain in his leg as she mentioned the word pain. She leaned over the corner of the table, and planted a kiss on his cheek as he drank some water, he put the glass down and smiled at her. She stood up from her stool, and walked over to the window that was placed over their sink.

She stared outside the window, the view blurred to Shepard, as the bright yellow light flooded in and almost completely hid Tali from his view. She observed the orange rocky plains and mountainous look from the window, smiling to herself, glad she can finally call a planet her own. "You ever get lonely up here?" She asked, turning around to look at Shepard. She rested her hands on the corner of the counter as she talked to him. "I mean... we clearly don't get lonely, last night proved that wrong." She said, smiling and giggling lightly to herself. "But, ever since we built this house up here, we're so far away from anyone else. You have to drive an hour just to get to work, and we have no neighbors to talk to, or anything."

Shepard shrugged his shoulders again, downing the last of his water. "No... me neither, since we're alone up here, I can be as loud as I want." She said, smiling suggestively at Shepard, who returned the stare and smile.

He finished his food, and placed his utensils and plate in the center of the table. John stood up, catching Tali's attention. "No, do you have to go now?" Tali asked, rushing over to him, and placing her hands on his chest. "I can have Auntie Raan cover for you, she can get a replacement for a day, and we can spend today doing something fun." His sweet wife pleaded, almost begging as she grasped her husbands shirt in her hands, pulling him closer to her. "Come on... please." Shepard had to work five days a week, teaching quarians how to fight. Apparently two days alone with Tali wasn't enough for her, she wanted him with her for every waking moment if at all possible.

Shepard pondered the idea, pursing his lips while looking into Tali's eyes, he knew he couldn't deny her this time. A smile grew on his face, and he nodded. Tali jumped into Shepard's arms with joy, wrapping her legs around his waist. "Yeeeeaaa! I've got some fun things planned for today! We can watch Fleet and Flotilla Two, I haven't seen it yet, it should be amazing! Then we can go exploring around our house, since no one else lives out here, we're bound to find something cool from a long time ago!" Shepard nodded his head quickly and smiled as she explained the upcoming day to him. "Then we can go see some of the old Normandy crew, and see how their doing! This is great!" Shepard moved his hands to support her on him, by holding her butt. Tali squinted her eyes at him as he moved his hand to her rear, and smiled.

He gave her another nod, still supporting her on himself by holding her butt, and her legs which were still wrapped around his waist. Shepard moved her to the table, and set her on top of it. They both smiled at each other. Shepard admired her large, slightly glowing eyes with a bigger than human sized pupil in them, and her cute and small nose. Her husband ran a hand through her hair, a blue shine on her hair, which made it very different than human hair. They took in the sights of each other's faces. She moved her hands to the blue collar of his shirt. "You won't be needing this work shirt anymore then." Mrs. Shepard said as she undid the first few buttons.

She pulled apart the top of his shirt, revealing several large scars across his neck. They were the result of a grenade blast during the Reaper-War, and they had left Shepard with an important part of him missing, the blast had claimed Shepard's ability to speak. He looked shamefully at the ground as she stared at his wound, she noticed and spoke to Shepard about it. "It doesn't matter to me Shepard, I still love you, nothing can change that, not even death." Tali said, laying her palm on his cheek, and bringing his eyes to meet hers.

He mouthed the words to her, It matters to me. She had gotten used to reading his lips, and wasn't quite sure how to respond to this. "Well... too bad." She said, holding her head up high, and making Shepard stare at her oddly. Did she not care about him? "I'm the most important thing in your life now Shepard, so what I say goes. So, if I say it doesn't matter, then it doesn't matter. And... if you don't say okay, then I'll bring out my old shotgun and make you." His wife said, sounding stern but also playful. "Okay?" His beloved asked him, and gave him a kiss on his lips, surprising him.

He smiled at her, and gave a sturdy nod, not wanting to risk her wrath. Okay. His lips read, and then smiled to her. I love you, Tali. She read his lips say, and returned the statement.

"I love you too, Shepard." Tali said, still holding his face in her hand, her warmth filling his face, and making him smile larger with happiness. "Now are you just going to tell me?" She asked, taking her hand away from him, and placing it in her lap with the other. "Or are you going to show me?" She asked, waiting for Shepard to take an action.

He smiled devilishly, and moved his mouth again. Oh, I'll show you. John moved forward to kiss her, grabbing her shoulder with a hand, and the back of her neck with another, holding her gently. John felt a pointed tongue inside his mouth, her quarian and pointed tongue. Shepard removed his hand from her shoulder and reached down to her feet, and start to lift her purple robe up. He traced his fingers up the back of her calf, making her shiver slightly as they continued to kiss. They continued their passionate kiss until it was interrupted by her own will. Tali pushed him away gently, put down her robe, and smiled at him. He looked around her, wondering why she ended his action. "Fleet and Flotilla Two, first." She commanded, smiling positively and proudly at him. He rolled his eyes at her, and received a tongue from her, a pointed red tongue aimed at him mockingly . "I get to have my fun, then you can have yours." She said, and then giggled at him. He put an arm under the bend of her knees, and around her back, carrying her bridal-style to the living room. He looked at her, with a look of near hurt in his eyes, from her earlier statement. "Okay, okay. We both have fun doing that." Tali said, nodding her head several times.

"I remember the last time you carried me like this." His wife said, looking up to him as he carried her. He thought back to their wedding night, and sighed shamefully. "You dropped me when we came into the house, remember? It was only a few months ago."

He nodded his head, his eyes closed awkwardly. Yes, I remember. He worded, and continued carrying her to the living room.

"We never even made it to the bed." She said, kicking her legs in the air as he held her in his arms. "It hurt at first, but we made up pretty quickly. The floor was good enough for me, I couldn't wait any longer, it's not my fault." She said, looking forward to the living room, and then back to him.

He smiled at her, and his mouth formed some more words. You're too cute.

"I know." Was her response, as they entered the room.

He set her down gently on the tan couch, facing the television, her sprawled out form on the couch. "I bought the movie yesterday, it's over there with the rest." Tali said, pointing to a shelf, full of movies. Shepard turned around and searched for the movie, poking around the collection of movies they had. John found the one she was talking about, the sequel to the one they've watched before, Fleet and Flotilla Two. He mouthed to himself as he read the title. He held the movie in the air triumphantly, and walked it over to the TV, slipping it into the side of the television. Tali clapped as he walked back to the couch. "Yeah, movie time!" Tali squealed, patting a spot on the couch for Shepard to sit at.

She picked up a remote to start the movie, bouncing in her seat of the couch with happiness. Cutest wife ever. Shepard mouthed to himself, but Tali noticed regardless.

"I heard that!" She squealed, still bouncing lightly in her seat.

Shepard shook his head slightly, opening his eyes wide to her, and gave a questioningly look. "I can hear with my eyes." She said, trying to hide her grin from him. John nodded slowly to himself and turned his gaze back to the TV. "Now shut up, the movie's starting!" Tali squealed again, curling her legs on the couch, and bringing her hands close to her chest as she smiled to the TV. Shepard smiled to his wife, examining her for a second, before turning back to watch the movie.