Jake Conway stood in the graveyard, starring at his brother's grave. He remembered the good times they shared together and how all of the Devil's Hand gang has been wiped out because of his death.

Jake's mourning was interrupted by the sound of chanting in the distance. Jake looked back and checked it out. He hid behind a gravestone and looked at a group of Satanist trying to open a portal to hell. They stood hand in hand, surrounding a pentagram. All of them wore black cloaks, and repeated the same chant.

"Nice of you to join us ." said one of the satanist.

"How did you know I was here." Jake asked, getting out from behind the gravestone.

"I can sense evil, and you are by far one of the evilest I have ever seen."

"What are you talking about, I'm not evil."

"You kill the innocent, you use women, and you are completely unstable. You will fit in well with the rest of Satan's minions."

As the satanist said those words a tiny explosion went off where the pentagram was. All of the satanist were now dead and the pentagram was replaced with a portal to hell.

The explosion knocked Jake back a couple feet, but he was fine except for a few scrapes. Jake walked toward the portal and looked into it. The portal emitted a horrible odor, and inside there were demons flying around pushing damned souls into fire and causing overall suffering.

Jake stepped back from the portal and ran to his motorcycle, he had to warn the town of what happened here. Then, he knew he would have to find a way to close the portal. He had to go to hell.