Here is the final chapter, hope you enjoy

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Tom, Beth and Emily has regained consciousness, they were tied to chairs hanging over the edge of the roof of the college. The chairs were tied to an air duct on the roof.

"Oh shit" said Tom

"What's going on?" asked Emily

"What's going on is the movie's climax" said someone

The 3 looked to see Ghostface carrying an axe.

"What are you doing?" asked Beth

"It's not what I'M doing..." said Ghostface

Another Ghostface walked up from behind the first one, this Ghostface was holding a gun.

"It's what WE'RE doing" said the second Ghostface

"Why are you doing this?" asked Emily

"It's simple, fame, you people got recognized for surviving Shaun's killing spree, you lived a real life horror movie, now it's time for someone else to take over that fame" said the second Ghostface

The second Ghostface removed their mask, revealing it to be Serena.

"Serena?" asked Tom

"And that's not all" said the other Ghostface

The other Ghostface removed their mask, revealing Desmond.

"Desmond? You two were the killers?" asked Emily

"Correct" said Desmond

Desmond placed his arm around Serena, before pulling her in for a kiss.

"You see, my dream is to be a famous film maker, now, I get to have the honour of creating a real life horror movie" said Desmond

"Also, think of how much fame I will get for being the sole survivor of a real life horror movie" said Serena

"Exactly...wait, what do you mean 'Sole' survivor?" asked Desmond

"Sorry Desmond, there's only room for one person to live in this flick" said Serena

Serena pointed the gun to Desmond's head and shot him, killing him.

"Holy fuck!" said Tom

"So what are you going to do to us?" asked Beth

"Simple, I take this axe, cut these ropes and those chair you're sitting in fall to the pavement below" said Serena

Tom notices something behind Serena, it was someone else wearing a Ghostface costume.

"Before you do that, answer us this, what was the third killer's motive?" asked Tom

"What are you talking about? Me and Desmond only worked as a duo, we didn't have anyone else's help" said Serena

"Then who's that?" asked Tom

Serena turned around, the third Ghostface pulled out a gun and shot her 4 times, and she fell to the ground. The third Ghostface removed their mask, revealing it to be Nick.

"Dude, you're alive!" said Tom

"You're right I am, come on, let's get you guys out of those chairs" said Nick

Nick grabbed the ropes attached to the chairs and pulled the 3 to safety, before untying them.

"Good thing this is over" said Emily

"Not yet!" said Serena

Serena got back to her feet, but Emily quickly grabbed the gun and shot her in the head.

"Okay, now it's over" said Beth