Hiya demigods, mortals, and desperate monsters! I know I said I would see you in a few days, but tomorrow, I am driving down to Ohio for my family reunion and I won't be back until late Sunday Night, and I am NOT typing this on mobile because then I will eventually kill myself. So, Round One is TODAY. I absolutely love you guys, you've given me almost 30 forms so far! I'm not picking everyone today, because forms are still coming in, I'm only doing the ones I knew I just HAD to pick. So, if you have already sent me an application, but your character isn't here, don't fret. I probably have you on my mind, I'm just doing the shoe-ins today.

You guys REALLY made this hard for me. And, THIS LIST IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE, even if this is the shoe-in list. Your thing might be here now, but it might not be the next time I update. It also might be here, but be switched to Major or Minor.

MAJOR CHARACTERS(AKA The Seven of the Prophecy)

Seven #1-Saige Andromedia Jackson, Daughter of Poseidon(Me, of course)

Seven #2- Owen Cross, Son of Zeus(Rougeification)

Seven #3- Riley Tomlinson, Daughter of Mars(Julyette of Wonder)

Seven #4- Ellie Boyce, Daughter of Hecate(enmfaming4)

Seven #5-

Seven #6-

Seven #7-


Minor #1- Blue Autumn Day, Daughter of Demeter(Breaking the Remix)

Minor #2- Redwood Day, Son of Demeter(Breaking the Remix)

Minor #3- Taranee 'Tara' Hunter, Daughter of Hecate(C. J. Selgas)

Minor #4- Victoria Pluie Pelletier, Daughter of Khione(EkkoBunny)

Minor #5-

Minor #6-

Minor #7-

Minor #8-

Minor #9-

Minor #10-

So, that's all, for now, I just wanted to do something quick, Round Two will be on Monday, and if I didn't pick you immediantly, don't worry, you still have a chance! All of the characters that I accepted, the profiles are below, if you want to see them!

Major or Minor: Major

Name: Owen Cross

Nickname: None (A bit of a condescending one is Thunderboy, but it's not really said enough to be a nickname)

Age: 17 (Just turned)

Gender: Male

Birthdate: January 2nd 2043 (if that date is okay? It depends on when you set the story really... but he's recently turned 17)

Hometown: Manhattan, New York

Personality: Being the favoured son of the King of the Gods, Owen is exceedingly arrogant, believing himself to be better than the rest of the camp - it is shown through his combat abilities that he is definitely one of the best fighters, and has a sense of authority that sets him apart from the others. Owen's quite witty and sarcastic as well, not taking anything seriously, and is very cocky and confident, taking the lead with natural ease. Do not confuse him with a brat however - Owen has earned his reputation as a leader and an extraordinary fighter - he's constantly trying to better himself, and live up to his father's legacy. However, that is the cause of his ego - it's all a front. Really, he simply wants to belong. He doesn't have a family, he doesn't have a life outside of the camp - it's all he's known for a large portion of his life, and he has to put his all into it, because if he doesn't, what does he have? He's motivated and determined to win - a lot like Clarissa, only needs to prove his worth - more to himself than anyone else. Moreover, Owen is not a 'share-my-feelings' kind of guy; he's usually found sparring with others, climbing on the wall - anything to improve himself. His biggest fear would have to be letting anyone in - the only person he's ever been close to has been Chiron, who Owen sees as a father-figure. Owen is often scolded by him for his hubris, but Chiron has a secret pride about Owen, who has made outstanding progress since arriving at the Camp. However, his facade of pride isn't the only major feature about him - he's a hothead. This is because he bottles up his feelings and doesn't know how to get rid of them apart from fighting. Owen is flirty too (of course he would be - his father is Zeus), and is seen as an 'eligible bachelor' around camp, although very few relationships have lasted, since he tends to retreat into his facade of 'Owen - the mighty son of Zeus - the Second Hercules' because he desperately tries not to be a nobody, as he feels he really is. Hence the trying to prove himself.

Race: Irish-American (his mother was born in Ireland, but became an American citizen)

Skin tone: His skin is fair - not pale, just fair.

Hair colour/Length/Style: His hair is jet black, and extremely messy at that. He can never quite seem to keep it down as it usually sticks up in different directions. It covers his ears, and his fringe hangs down, almost encroaching into his eyes. It looks like he has just gotten out of bed, and he never really pays much attention to it, and is constantly messing it up.

Eye colour/Shape/Size: His eyes are a dark green tone, with a small hint of hazel at the centre. His eyes are also in an almond shape, and a fairly proportionate to the rest of his body, albeit being slightly bigger, which is not noticed often, given his hair.

Build: Owen is athletic - since he's only seventeen, his body is starting to tone more, and he's taking on more of an athletic look, primarily from his practice on the wall.

Height: 5"10/11 - he stands up straight and never slouches... Chiron would often lecture him about it as a child.

Tattoos: He has a celtic knot on his left forearm (if you look up 'celtic knot brother', you should see a silver arrowhead... it's hard to describe) and a thunderbolt on his right shoulder.

Braces: Never wore any - has nice teeth... not perfect, but not bad by any measure.

Scars: Has a couple of scars across his torso, but only has two on his face - one is more of a scratch on his right eyebrow, and the other is a vertical scar on the left corner of his lip - it's only noticeable if you're inches away from his face.

Greek or Roman: Greek

Godly parent: Zeus

Mortal Parent: Branna Jessica Cross

Other Notable Family Members: None.

Fatal Flaw: It would have to be between Pride and Independence. The two are closely linked, since Owen thinks he shouldn't have to ask for help, since he's the son of Zeus.

Powers: Control over the wind, Control over Electricity/Lightning, Zeus' Authority, Enhanced ability in battle (Athena's blessing... I'll explain at the bottom), Hermes' Blessing (extremely agile and quick), Apollo's blessing (he's skilled at archery - not the best, but is a good marksman).

Gender Preference: Straight

History: Owen grew up with an average life - it was kinda depressing at times, but no more so than anyone else's life. His mum had to work often so he didn't see her as much, he never met his dad, but he never really felt sad about it - never miss what you never had right? He never felt like he belonged at school - always found himself day-dreaming, never really talked to the other kids... his dyslexia and ADHD made it hard for him to feel like a 'normal' kid. But he just sort of took it in his stride to be honest - he was just another kid. When he was ten, he was abducted by a Cyclops, who happened to be taking him through the woods, but the Demigods along with Chiron managed to rescue him on Zeus' orders, and Owen was brought to the camp, told he could never leave, or contact his mother, as she may be targeted by Hera. This anger, sadness and frustration helped Owen motivate his training, and by the age of 13, he was no longer in the Hermes Cabin, instead, he took his place in Zeus' cabin. He later found out the Cyclops was sent by Hera, who hates Owen for being the son of Zeus, and even more so, since he openly brags about it. He also tends to be favoured by Zeus over a lot of his other children (if you're including any other children of his).

Weapon: Has a sword that is disguised as a lighter - when he flicks the flint, it transforms into a sword like Percy's, only with a lightning bolt on the blade. Also has a leather band around his left wrist with a metal sigil of Medusa at the centre. When he chooses to do so, the sigil pops up from the band, and metal turns out from the centre, forming a perfect replica of Aegis, Zeus' shield. A short white recurve bow.

Clothing Style: Rocker look - Leather Biker jacket, dark jeans, pair of black converses and a white t-shirt. He never wears shorts, and always seems to be fairly scruffy and messy in his appearance, since he doesn't care much for his appearance.

Theme Song: Arabella - Arctic Monkeys, Naive - The Kooks, Rebel Get By - General Fiasco

Quotes: "I don't fumble... I improvise."

(When talking to Saige) "Hey little mermaid... I'm not thirsty at the moment, but after winning this match, I'll be sure to call you... leave the fighting to me."

OC: What? Are you going to kick my ass now?

Owen: No, I think I'll do that more publicly!

(After a monologue or long threat) "Blah blah blah, can you shut up now so I can kick your ass?"

Other: He was sent on a quest to recover Aegis for Athena, which he accomplished at the age of 16. Because of this, Athena gave him the blessing of Battle tactics, only enhancing his skills. On his 17th birthday, he received his sword from Zeus, and also received his shield from Athena. Owen was gifted with an eagle called Aita, which acts as his guardian in a sense - a lot like Forkes in Harry Potter, Aita acts as Zeus' emissary - keeping watch of Owen. For instance, if he was in trouble, Aita would screech, and attack his assailant, while thunder would sound, as Zeus would be informed his favourite son is being attacked. Owen is the undefeated champion on the lava wall. Owen would dislike Saige - this is purely because he's barely talked to her, and also because Zeus distrusts his brothers. Although, they would both get along when they finally get to know each other.


Name: Riley Tomlinson

Nickname: n/a for her friends, but her Mom calls her RiRi

Age: Turned 16, yesterday!

Gender: Female

Birthdate: See...if he's two years younger than Saige...July 16th, 2044

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Personality: During Riley's early years she was a reckless and impulsive person. She often got herself and others into trouble just for fun. She considered herself a novelty, as she always pulled off the crazy stunts and makes the wise cracks for entertainment. Riley also held very little respect for authority figures, often mouthing off to instructors and earning herself punishments. Riley could also be somewhat violent towards those who antagonized her. She had a reputation on campus for being someone who you didn't want to pick a fight with, especially after she broke a guy's arm when he tried to punch her friend. Basically, Riley isn't all talk; not only can she shoot out hilarious and seething comebacks, but she can pack a mean punch too. However, as time passed, especially after her 13th birthday, Riley began to become much more grounded and responsible. She thought through her actions much more, in contrast to her old reckless self, shedding some of that old impulsiveness. This was greatly highlighted when she chastised some kids for trying to sneak out, something she most likely would have done in the past. She also showed that she had become much more practical. She found most things to be useless information unless they taught her how to become a better warrior, showing an attitude similar to other "cocky AND dead heroes." She Even back when Riley was irrational and reckless, she had a very strong sense of duty and loyalty to her friends and her fighting teachers. As stated by her paeator, she understood her duties better than most twice her age and experience, even looking beyond her smart a** behavior, she was still quite mature in that regard. Like her brother, Riley has very powerful protective instincts. She can't stand to sit back and see people get hurt, always trying to do something to help wherever possible, even if for a complete and total stranger. She is extraordinarily devoted to helping innocent people and protecting those she's fond of. Most often, this protectiveness was directed towards her brother, although she has shown to be protective over others, including her close friends. Riley can be very sarcastic and sharp tongued at times. She always has a smartass comment ready whenever someone says something antagonistic to her, and always bites back with a witty insult. She doesn't hesitate to speak her mind, and can be extremely stubborn in her opinions. When challenged by an attendent to just become like everyone else at the facility Riley pretended to be crazy around the attendent for a week. She can still be rebellious towards authority figures. Although Riley is not necessarily conceited, she is very aware of the fact that she is beautiful. She is rather proud of her body, which she worked for through literal blood, sweat, and pain. She especially takes pride in her curves which have come in better than most. Also, although she has become much more practical, she can still be somewhat vain at times about her appearance, taking pride in how she looks. Despite many changes in her personality, Riley remains a social creature. She can be very friendly and warm towards people, and doesn't shy away from meeting new people. She is also rather skilled in social interactions. While her brother attracted people with his calm low key charisma, Riley charms with her witty sense of humour, outspokenness and cheeky behaviour. Like her brother, Riley has a certain charisma which makes people flock to her, however the pair differ in the fact that her brother's allure stems from his refinement and intelligence and Riley's from her wicked wise cracks and talent with fighting. Riley now still retains that same impulsiveness she had from her early years growing up, but now she's wiser and marginally better at controlling it. She's not better with authority but she treats them like equals, which is a start. She's proud of her notorious reputation for being one of the best fighters that Camp Jupiter has ever seen.

Race: She doesn't really look into where her Mom's family originally came from. All she can say it that she's definitely white.

Skintone: Milky white

Hair Color/Length/Style: Her hair is naturally a brown that she dyes every month a different color. Currently her hair is a strawberry blonde with her dark brown roots growing in. She loves her hair and despite loving it being down, she braids it back.

Eye Color/Shape/Size: Her eyes are grey-blue-green. It really depends on the lighting what color they look, and they look vaguely hebrew in shape, partially because of the hooded eyelid and the tilt of her eyes.

Build (Skinney, Athletic, Thick): She's a curvily shaped muscular girl.

Height: 5'6

Tattoos: She has her Camp Jupiter tattoos, but she wants one of her own!

Braces: None, she was blessed with her mother's good teeth.

Facial Blemishes/Freckles/Dimples: Nothing too unique about her.

Scars: She has a scar running across her right shoulder blade from battling a monster when she first got to camp.

Makeup: She has fun with makeup and wears waterproof dark brown eyeliner and mascara on a regular basis.

Piercings: Two times studded on both ears and one cat ear piercing on her left ear.

Greek or Roman: Roman

Godly Parent: Mars

Mortal Parent: Catherine Tomlinson-Argo (age 38)

Other Notable Family Members: Santino Argo (step-father, 38), Elena Argo (step-sister, 14), Luis Argo (step-brother, 15)

Fatal Flaw: Ambition

Powers: She has an afinity with hand to hand combat having astounding reflexes, a quick thinking strategic mind, and an ability to use any weapon well. Her real power is in the martial arts kicks she was taught while at home.

Gender preference: Bisexual

History: She was brought up in NYC, NY by her Mom who works there as a bartender for their restaurant. Their Mom knew who their Dad was and always insisted on martial arts lessons in case any of the terrible things that "He" told her would come and get them. Riley's heritage was revealed to her when she was attacked by a cyclops when coming home from school at age 6. A demigod son of Athena (unknown to them) named Malcolm saved her while he was coming home from his job as curator of the Museum of Natural History. She ran home and found her Mother waiting for her. Her Mother explained who their Father was. Riley couldn't take this information and ran away. Away from her Mother. Away from anything bad. She ran to her favorite spot: the Balto statue in Central Park. She cried until a man sat down next to her and put her on his lap. "Hey kiddo, don't cry," he coaxed and boomed "your a daughter of Mars!" she looked up and saw the man in a military outfit. "Are you Mars?" she asks. "Yeah kid. Now I need to tell you something important, so don't forget," he commanded giving a look at the last bit. Riley nodded. "Your greatest weakness will come in the form of water, so no diving off the deep end." He set her on the bench and handed her a knife. "Good ol' Rom had this knife, don't break it." She looks at the knife's engravings and suddenly Mars was gone. Her Mom took her to Lupa to be escorted to camp, where Riley was immediately attacked by a cyclops. She saved herself with the knife, but it left a nasty scar on her right shoulderblade. She got a letter in the mail saying her mother moved to Seattle with her boyfriend Santino because he proposed a few months ago.

Clothing Style: She'll wear her Camp Jupiter shirt with the sleeves rolled up (darn it's hot in LA.) and a pair of spandex shorts. Her sneakers are always asics.


Major or Minor: Minor

Name: Blue Autumn Day

Nickname: People usually just call here Blue, only her father really uses her full name.

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Birthdate: April 13, 2043

Hometown: San Francisco, California

Personality: Blue can be considered your typical "hippy child"; her father was raised in a nature loving environment and passed his tree hugging, new age beliefs onto his children. Blue is very bubbly and open; she has a very free and flowing personality. She loves nature and spends most of her free time outside. She loves to play games and have fun, but knows when it's time to get serious. Blue loves to dance in the rain and spend time with her friends, but occasionally likes her alone time walking through the gardens admiring the plants and watering the greenery. Her father taught her all about plants and their different uses, so many times she can be found cataloging the plants and herbs, and is skilled in natural medicines so she can also be found helping out in the medical cabin. Blue is sweet natured, outgoing and loyal, as well as sarcastic and witty. She loves her friends like family and would go out of her way to help anyone. Blue is often seen as naïve, but she is very intelligent, she is just has a child-like wonder and innocence.

Race: ¼ Scottish, ¼ English, ½ Greek

Skintone: Very pale; a creamy white.

Hair Color/Length/Style: Blue has bright red, ginger hair, that goes all the way to her hips (the back of her thighs when wet) and is wildly curly and unruly. It flows down her back and over her shoulders and gets everywhere at times. She's never cut it, preferring to grow it out naturally.

Eye Color/Shape/Style: Blue has honey golden-brown colored eyes that are wide and doe-like, and give her a more innocent appearance.

Build: Blue has small delicate shoulders, and long lean-muscled arms, with wide "birthing" hips (as her grandmother calls them) and strong muscular legs. Her shape is almost pear-like: small upper body, expanding out to a curvy lower body. Her legs are very strong, having walked everywhere almost her entire life (walked in the city, in the woods), but she still has a very delicate, and soft feminine body.

Height: 5' 4"

Tattoos: She has a white and green celtic tree of life tattoo on her back in between her shoulder-blades.

Braces: none

Facial Blemishes/Freckles/Dimples: Blue is covered head to toe in a light array of freckles. The darkest freckles are along her shoulders and arms, and along the bridge of her nose and cheeks. She also has dimples on either cheek that are most visible when she smiles.

Scars: She has a scar on her stomach from when she got her appendix removed, and one on her lower back where she was skimmed with a spear during her first game of capture the flag. Her feet and legs are riddled with odd scars here and there on account of her running around barefoot in the woods a lot.

Makeup: None. Blue prefers the natural look. Plus having all those powders and oily chemicals on her face makes her feel disgusting.

Piercings: She has an industrial piercing in her left ear, three cartilage piercings in her right ear, as well as two piercings on each earlobe.

Greek or Roman: Greek

Godly Parent: Demeter

Mortal Parent: Lennon Day (Father)

Other Notable Family Members: Redwood Day (Her twin brother), Zeyla Day (Grandmother)

Fatal Flaw: Blue cares very deeply for those dear to her, and would sooner die than see them hurt. She would have no issue putting her own life in danger if it meant her loved-ones wouldn't get hurt.

Powers: Can control plants (their growth and movements, etc), can identify any and all types of flora, earth sight (uses the earth to sense the presence of others, their movements, etc.), and she can heal minor wounds (like cuts and stab wounds if it hasn't severed a major artery; she can't stop internal bleeding, but she can heal infections from poorly treated wounds) and extract poison from the body.

Gender Preference: (Sexuality?) Straight

History: Blue grew up in the suburbs of San Francisco, living with her father, brother, and grandmother. Blue's mother, Demeter, came to her father, Lennon, when he was going to college. Lennon was very much a hippy child and was majoring in botany. Demeter at the time was appearing as a business student and the two hit it off very well. Lennon spent several years with Demeter before she blessed him with twins. Lennon started his own natural pharmacy, with the aid of Demeter, and raised his children with the help of his mother. He never married, and likely never will. Lennon loves his children and his work and is still, to this day, deeply in love with Demeter. Blue and Red grew up in a very loving environment; they were doted on by their grandmother and their father was always there for them. Blue was always out wondering the wilderness, and the Day family often went on camping trips, but Blue's favorite camping spot was in Muir Woods. Sometimes Blue and Red would skip school and take the bus to Muir Woods and spend their day among the redwoods. When they were twelve years old, Red and Blue were attacked in the city (once again playing hooky) and it was then that their father finally told them the truth about their mother. Blue and Red spend the majority of the year at camp, but they go to visit their father and grandmother for holidays and birthdays.

Clothing Style: Usually sleeveless sundresses, or long flowing skirts and loose button-up tops and tank tops, and no shoes. It is a rare day indeed when you see Blue wearing shoes. She doesn't like to wear shoes because she's better able to "feel" the earth.

Weapons: Two sickles, and a scythe if she's feeling saucy!

Theme Song(s): "Rhiannon" by Fleetwood Mac, "I Want to Hold Your Hand" by The Beatles, "Swallow" by Emilie Autumn, "Drops of Jupiter" by Train

Quotes: "I may be a hippy, but that doesn't mean I wont kick your ass."

"I'm here for you, hun."

Other: Blue keeps some essential healing herbs near-by in case of emergencies. She also always has mint on her, because she likes to chew on mint leaves. Blue can play the violin.


Major or Minor: Minor

Name: Redwood Day

Nickname: Red

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Birthdate: April 13, 2043

Hometown: San Francisco, California

Personality: Red is outgoing, snarky and sarcastic. Red loves to joke-around and is constantly cracking sarcastic remarks about people places and situations he's in. He's the first to draw his weapon, but the last one to use it; Red doesn't like violent conflict if he can help it, he'd rather resolve things through words, but it more than willing to jump into battle if need be. Red's strange, he doesn't like war, but he loves to fight. He considers fighting a very friendly sport, it's only conflicts that he considers negative. Red is very charismatic, in his own goofy way, and positive—everyone he meets is his friend, unless shown otherwise (i.e. Tries to kill him). He is athletic and very fidgety, he can never seem to sit still. Red and Blue are very connected, sometimes only having to send the other one a look to convey a message; Red prefers to team-up with Blue if he has to. Red is a very kind and giving person, him and his sister are alike in many ways, yet very different as well.

Race: ¼ Scottish, ¼ English, ½ Greek

Skintone: Very pale, almost stark white.

Hair Color/Length/Style: Red has straight black hair that's messy and always falls in his eyes. It reaches a little past his chin.

Eye Color/Shape/Style: Red has the same honey golden-brown eyes as his sister does; his eyes are wide, but not as wide as Blue's.

Build: Red has a swimmers build, very lean and muscular. His arms are very well muscled from his preferences in weapons (two-handed swords and hammers), and his love of climbing trees.

Height: 6'

Tattoos: Red as a realistic black and white celtic tree of life tattoo on his right bicep. His sister has one, as well as his father and his grandmother. Sort of a family tradition.

Braces: none

Facial Blemishes/Freckles/Dimples: Red has two prominent dimples on either cheek, like his sister Blue, that really show off when he smiles. He has freckles along his shoulders and arms, and a little across his nose. Not near as many as Blue, though.

Scars: Red has lots of tiny nicks and scars all over his body from his youth (climbing trees and exploring the outdoors), but he has two very prominent scars: one running from the back of his knee, down his calf and ending at the heel of his foot. He also has a very rough looking scar on his left shoulder blade on his back about four inches long.

Makeup: does chap-stick count?

Piercings: Eyebrow piercing over his left eye, both his lobes are pierced and slightly gauged (he wears size 2(6.5 mm), and talon style gauges).

Greek or Roman: Greek

Godly Parent: Demeter

Mortal Parent: Lennon Day (Father)

Other Notable Family Members: Blue Autumn Day (His twin sister), Zeyla Day (Grandmother)

Fatal Flaw: Like his sister, Red was raised to value those you care about, and take care of family. Red would do anything to protects those he cares for.

Powers: Red can control plants (his favorite thing to do is make tree-bark and bamboo armor) but he doesn't really use this power as much as his sister, and earth sight (uses the earth to sense the presence of others, their movements, etc.).

Gender Preference: (Sexuality?) Straight

History: Red grew up in the suburbs of San Francisco, living with his father, sister, and grandmother. Red's mother, Demeter, came to his father, Lennon, when he was going to college. Lennon was very much a hippy child and was majoring in botany. Demeter at the time was appearing as a business student and the two hit it off very well. Lennon spent several years with Demeter before she blessed him with twins. Lennon started his own natural pharmacy, with the aid of Demeter, and raised his children with the help of his mother. He never married, and likely never will. Lennon loves his children and his work and is still, to this day, deeply in love with Demeter. Red and Blue grew up in a very loving environment; they were doted on by their grandmother and their father was always there for them. Red was always out wondering the wilderness along with his sister, and the Day family often went on camping trips to connect with the earth. Sometimes Red and Blue would skip school and take the bus to Muir Woods and spend their day among the redwoods (Red would often climb the trees and joke "Redwood in a redwood"). When they were twelve years old, Red and Blue were attacked in the city (once again playing hooky) and it was then that their father finally told them the truth about their mother. Red and Blue spend the majority of the year at camp, but they go to visit their father and grandmother for holidays and birthdays.

Clothing Style: Usually loose tank tops or short-sleeve shirts with cut-off jean shorts. He has steel-toed timberlands that he usually wears, but occasionally he can be seen barefoot like his sister. He calls his style "surfer-hiker chic".

Weapons: Red prefers heavy-handed weapons like his two-handed sword, or his iron hammer that his best friend Aaron made (Aaron is a son of Hephaestus, and very good in the forge).

Theme Song(s): "Walk this Way" by Aerosmith, "Luv Addict" by Family Force 5, "Get Over It" by OK Go, "Pork and Beans" by Weezer

Quotes: "Well look who's being a dick today. Why don't you do what you do best and beat it."

"Don't test me Einstein, I'll beat you until E equals my fist in your face."

"Hey there sweets!" (normally when speaking to a girl)

Other: He calls his sister "Blueberry" as an affectionate nick-name. His favorite superhero is Ironman. He learned to play the theme song on his guitar. P.S. Red can play guitar really well, electric and acoustic.


Major or Minor: I mean, major would be fantastic, but, either one really.

Name: Ellie Boyce

Nickname: Well, her name's already technically a nickname (even though it's the name on her birth certificate), but, sone people like to call her El.

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Birthdate: June 14th, 2044

Hometown: Orlando, Florida

Personality: Ellie's shy, reserved, and a huge pushover at the first impression, but can be cute and playful once you get to know her. It can take her a half an hour just to dig up the courage to start a conversation with someone. She can't seem to hold a grudge, and won't judge anybody negatively until they actually do something negative to her. Ellie is extremely curious about anything and everything. She tries to be loyal to people, but sometimes the situation asks too much of her, and she crumbles under the pressure. Ellie won't usually talk to people unless they walk up to her first, pretty much the main reason she has trouble finding friends at school and CHB. She also likes to listen in on people's conversations, always thirsting for new knowledge. Some people find it stalkerish of her, others just ignore her, not wanting to say anything in fear that she'll be hurt by their words. She carries a book wherever she goes, mostly because she just feels she needs something to grip onto as she goes through life. She constantly bites her lip and twists the ring on her finger, the only keepsake of her father, and seems to be a bit OCD about things.

Race: White, with German and Irish heritage

Skintone: Pretty fair

Hair Color/Length/Style: Ellie has long, straight, blonde hair that's darker towards the roots that she either keeps down or has in a really messy bun.

Eye Color/Shape/Size: Ellie has large and round dark brown eyes.

Build: Skinny

Height: 5'2"

Tattoos: Nope.

Braces: Nope.

Facial Blemishes/Freckles/Dimples: She has a dash of light freckles along her cheeks and nose.

Scars: None of them really worth mentioning.

Makeup: Maybe a little powder and mascara.

Piercings: The generic ear piercing.

Greek or Roman: Greek

Godly Parent: Hecate

Mortal Parent: Stewart Boyce

Other Notable Family Members: Just the two of 'em.

Fatal Flaw: Too meek, too spineless, etc., etc.

Powers: Mystiokinesis - As a daughter of Hecate, she can cast and control magic. (She's obviously not the greatest at it, since she hesitates using magic because she's afraid she'll mess up.)Mist Control - As a daughter of Hecate, she can control the Mist. This ability means she can alter mortals' memories and perceptions, also she can use it to summon a 'Mistform'.

Gender Preference: Straight

History: Ellie was born in Orlando, Florida, but her father moved to New York when she was 2 so he could get a better paying job. The girl had a pretty normal childhood, living in the upper middle class with her father, Stewart, who was a renowned lawyer around town. Occasionally she'd see monsters as she was younger, but she didn't tell anyone, really just genuinely intrigued by them. At 12, a satyr came to get her and her father told her the truth about everything. She was satisfied as she went off, but quickly lost that feeling as they arrived and got nervous, wondering how she was going to fit in in such a new place. After a while, she got (kind of) comfortable though.

Clothing Style: Ellie likes to wear cutesy clothes, like, hoodies that have sleeves that are too long for her arms. She has jean shorts and sweatpants, boots and Keds. Y'know, just all the stuff that's 'in', as they say.

Quote: "Y-you, you wanna talk to me? This isn't a joke or something?"


Major or Minor: Minor

Name: Taranee 'Tara' Hunter

Nickname: Tara. Only a few know her real name.

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Birthdate: December 24, 2044

Hometown: Was raised in Boston, Lincolnshire, but moved to Boston, Massachusetts (ironically)

Personality: Tara has a calm and collected demeanor, never seeming to panic whenever trouble brews. She never shows her true emotions and keeps it behind a calculating gaze. Tara has a very critical mind, making decisions out of sound judgement and analyzing the situation before acting. She has a straightforward manner of speaking and has a very sarcastic sense of humor. Tara can be distrusting and cold towards strangers and it isn't easy to earn her trust. She can be strict and disciplined even to her friends, but inside, she is actually very understanding. Tara has a disobedient side and never always follows the rules, as long as she thinks it's the right thing. She has a broad scope of knowledge and is always open to learn new things, but extreme curiosity isn't always a good thing. There are times when Tara gets in trouble just because she just wants to know. There are times when Tara has an extreme case of doubt and doesn't know what to decide. Also, she always has a small bit of distrust hiding behind her back that keeps her from completely trusting someone, which leads her to always make her own decisions and never listen to others' advice.

Race: European

Skintone: Olive

Hair Color/Length/Style: She has shoulder-length, jet-black hair tied in a braid. But when not in a braid it appears slightly wavy.

Eye Color/Shape/Style: Her almond-shaped eyes have a tinge of baby-blue (with visible, yet small, gold flecks). She stares at anyone with a calculating gaze, even if unintentional.

Build: Tara has a somewhat skinny yet agile build. She has strong hands, earned from years of practicing archery, and very fast legs.

Height: 5'7

Tattoos: She doesn't and would never have tattoos.

Braces: No braces

Facial Blemishes/Freckles/Dimples: Has none.

Scars: She has a few small scars on the tips of her fingers that are acquired from very sharp bowstrings. Aside from that, she has a very large, curved scar on her back, starting on the shoulder blades and ending near the left hip (from a cyclopes attack)

Makeup: She would never wear makeup

Piercings: Has no piercings.

Greek or Roman: Greek

Godly Parent: Hecate

Mortal Parent: Unknown, but a cyclops (see History) has given her a clue to who her real mortal parent is, and it seems that he is a demigod, too. Her mortal parent (or not so mortal parent.) is actually a son of Apollo who could foresee the future. (You could decided whether to reveal him or not.)

Other Notable Family Members: Erik Hunter, her foster father who is a son of Athena

Fatal Flaw: Extreme curiosity, to the point that she would do anything to know about something.

Powers: - Can cast various spells in Ancient Greek or Latin. To a bigger extent, she can cast the spell without speaking it, but this causes extreme exhaustion.

- Can manipulate and see through the Mist.

Gender Preference: Straight

History: Tara, as a baby, was found lying in front of Erik's doorstep on Christmas Eve. Erik, sensing that the child was a demigod, took her in and raised her. Erik taught Tara a lot of things and even trained her in archery and sword-fighting. When Tara was five years old, they moved from Boston, Lincolnshire to Boston, Massachusetts after their house was ransacked by a hellhound. There, Tara developed her magical powers and trained herself while Erik locked himself up in his workroom to do 'something'. When she was seven years old, two cyclopes attacked their houses and demanded the location of 'the demigod'. When Tara obliged and said she didn't know, the charged at her. Tara managed to kill one of them by casting a spell before the other one seriously injured her back. Erik managed to escape the cyclopes and bring Tara to camp. There, she grew up and further trained herself. In summers, she visits Erik in his new home in Manhattan.

Clothing Style: The color of Tara's clothes are usually neutral colors like brown, grey or even white, but there are times when she is seen wearing violet. Her clothes mostly consist of plain t-shirts, but there are a few rare times when she decides to wear something slightly different. She frequently wears jeans and sometimes leggings, but she always wears her brown combat all the time.

Weapons: Tara has a celestial bronze longbow and a magical quiver of arrows. The quiver never runs out of ammunition and the longbow can turn into a melee weapon for short-distance combat. The bow appears when she holds up her hands in a bow-like position and disappears when she lets it go. Aside from those, she has hidden knives inside her combat boots and a shortsword.

Theme Song(s):

Quotes: "If you don't want to get turned into a toad, please, leave me alone"

*In a swordfight scene. Her sword clashes to the ground, far away from her*"Well, it looks like you've defeated me."*grins* "Unfortunately, I still have three knives, mister."

"Let me give you some advice, just to help you with that depressing problem of yours. Look, a person is like a pawn in chess. You can only move forward, and in the end you'll become a queen." *guy/girl stares at her with a confused look* "Never played chess before?"*sighs*

Other: She's a Harry Potter fan (I know, it's weird, but I think every child of Hecate has to be a HP fan). Oh, and she has a slight British accent.


Major or Minor: Minor

Name: Victoria Pluie Pelletier

Nickname: N/A

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Birthdate: December 5, 2042

Hometown: Born in Paris, France and lived in Moscow, Russia before going to New York City for CHB

Personality: Victoria's personality would put an Aphrodite's child to shame. She's extremely vain to the point where she genuinely doesn't even know that she's being a b*tch. For her, it's her way or the highway. She's used to getting everything she wants one way or another and doesn't like losing anything to anyone. She's a bit haughty and doesn't like doing any dirty work, so she manipulates others into doing it for them. But beneath her b*tchy exterior, hides a lonely young her who's afraid of being hurt again. Inside, she's fragile and it doesn't take a lot to hurt her, which is why she closes her heart to others in order to protect herself from being heartbroken and hurt by betrayal. She also can't handle the truth, so she tends to avoid honest people and surrounds herself with those who just like her for her looks. Fake people she can handle, honest people she can't.

Race: French and Russian

Skintone: flawless milky white skin that is soft to the touch (she uses A LOT of moisturizers and makeup to get it this way, trust me)

Hair Color/Length/Style: Victoria's hair is originally black, but she bleached and dyed it so it would be a very light blonde color. It reaches down it the middle of her back. She loves to style her hair a different way each day, but usually has it done in the beach waves style. As a consequence of bleaching her hair, it's a bit rough so Victoria uses a special conditioner every day to make it soft again.

Eye Color/Shape/Size/: Victoria has big bright blue eyes with the iris outlined in silver. They are almond shaped and framed by long black eyelashes (courtesy of her makeup).

Build (Skinny, Athletic, Thick): Victoria is exceptionally skinny, but not to the point where you can see her bones. Her thighs, arms, and bum are all pretty toned thanks to training and she has a smooth, flat stomach. She has a slight figure though, but not so much as to say that she has an hour glass shape.

Height: Victoria is a bit on the shorter side with a height of 5'3", so she normally wears shoes with a heel on/in them (like sneakers with hidden heels or traditional high heels).

Tattoos(Optional): Victoria dislikes tattoos as they can cause imperfections on her skin and she thinks that they just generally look ugly.

Braces(Optional): Victoria had braces as a child which is why she has perfectly straight white teeth (well that and some cosmetic surgery). She sometimes wears retainers to sleep just to make sure.

Facial Blemishes/Freckles/Dimples(Optional): Victoria would dies if she ever saw any type of blemish or freckle on her skin, so she uses special creams and facial washes to make sure that that never happens. Unfortunately, she doesn't have dimples.

Scars(Optional): Despite her pursuit of perfection, Victoria has only one scar on her body. It's long and goes from the center of her chest where her heart would be down to the right side of her belly button. She got it when she was twelve and was first attacked by a hellhound before she was saved. She covers the scar up with makeup everyday.

Makeup(Optional): Victoria's most favorite thing in the world. She uses makeup everyday to hide whatever imperfections she finds on herself. What kind of makeup she wears varies from day-to-day. Thank Gods for everyone though that she can tell the difference between tacky and natural looking. She always uses four things though – mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss, and concealer. The other's she could live without (if she tried really hard that is). She's puts on makeup every morning and special creams on every night.

Piercings(Optional): Victoria's ears are pierced and she most commonly wears diamond studs. She thinks body piercing's are ugly and would never have one.

Greek or Roman: Greek

Godly Parent: Khione (minor goddess of snow and ice)

Mortal Parent: Henry Pelletier

Other Notable Family Members: Miranda Pelletier (stepmother, mortal) Kathryn Pelletier (half-sister, mortal, 25 years old) Nathaniel Pelletier (half-brother, mortal, 23 years old)

Fatal Flaw: Vanity – Victoria only sees things through her own eyes and doesn't take into account anyone else's wellbeing. She also judges things by their covers, and cannot get past the exterior to see what's really inside. Her fatal flaw, along with her past, is the reason why Victoria is so obsessed with her beauty to the point where it dominates her entire life.

Powers (no more than 6): Victoria can manipulate snow and ice, freeze things over, and lower temperatures around her. She can also charmspeak, a blessing given to her by Aphrodite.

Gender Preference (Asexual, Straight, Gay, I forgot the word for it…): Straight – Victoria says that she likes handsome strong men who could take care of her, but what she really needs is someone that can understand her inside and out and won't abandon her.

History: Her father was already a business executive of a major cosmetics company when he first met Khione, who was disguising herself as an art student at the time. Though already married to Miranda (Victoria's stepmother) with two children, he still pursued Khione and ended up having an affair with her. Victoria was the result of it. After she was born, Khione simply left her with her father, never returning to see her daughter again. Victoria's stepmother hated the fact that she, a bastard child that resulted from an affair, would be staying with the once perfect family. Not having anywhere else to put the young Victoria and not wanting to upset his wife any further, her father sent her to live in Moscow with her Aunt and Uncle. For five years, Victoria only saw her father during Christmas when she travelled back to Paris and one week of the summer when he would come alone to visit her in Moscow. Despite how her father treated her (abandoning her to her Aunt and Uncle and only seeing her for two weeks out of the year), Victoria loved her father with all of her heart. When Victoria was eleven she was sent back to Paris as her Aunt and Uncle where having another child and there was just simply no more room for her. She was abandoned yet again. At first she was simply ignored in the household as she wasn't allowed to eat dinner with the family and had to stay in her side of the house when everyone was home. But when Victoria turned twelve and began to mature physically, that was when they began to notice her real value – her beauty. Her father began taking her to work and letting her model for the company. As a result she was given more privileges and was allowed to eat with the family. It was around this time when she had begun to associate beauty with being loved and noticed. As she received more attention from her father (and more resentment from her half-siblings and stepmother), Victoria's personality began to shift from being sweet and innocent to manipulative and vain. For two years this had continued until she was fourteen and began showing signs of being a demigod. At first she thought she was going crazy so they took her to a therapist/psychologist. They said that nothing was wrong with her. But a few days later she was attacked by the hellhound and injured badly, but was saved by a satyr and another demigod. They then brought her to CHB where she stays only during the summer before flying back to Paris.

Weapon(s): Victoia doesn't like fighting. Not that she's scared of it (you ruin her clothes, you die), but she doesn't like getting her hands dirty. Even so, like all demigods, she has a weapon. She fights with a bow and arrow (long range means less chance of her clothes or hair being messed up) that morph into a silver ring when not in use. She's a pretty good shot with it, hitting her target 4/5 times. With more training though, she has room for improvement. She also has a dagger just in case.

Clothing Style: As her father works in the fashion industry, Victoria only wears in latest fashionable clothes, no matter how inconvenient they are for training. She always wears some kind of heel to make up for her shorter height.

Theme Song(s)(Optional): You and Beautiful – Lana Del Rey

Quotes(Optional): "Be what others want you to be, that's the only way to survive the real world." "You and I have different values, respect that." "You don't know me, so don't act like you do."

Other: As a major, Victoria has a completely different personality than what you'd expect a "hero" to be. She doesn't like to fight and has no interest in the wellbeing of others. But she could grow as a character and learn to be much nicer and caring towards others and open herself up more (show people the real her). As a minor, she could be a bully to the rest of the campers.

Extra: Victoria can also speak multiple languages – English, Russian, French, and some German. She's also good in math and science, but is terrible at English and Social Studies.

Okay, so, remember, these are subject to change, so don't give up and go away! You still could be picked! And, I was looking for very long and detailed forms, like the ones above. If you want to change something, feel free to PM me, and, remember, I NEED GUYS! There are only two up there! Come on, people!

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