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It was their first night in the Cambria cabin, the rain lessening to become nothing but a gentle drizzle. Their bellies were full from dinner, a fire was roaring in the fireplace, and they had each consumed at least two glasses of wine, enough to give the night a feeling of warmth and peace.

After brewing their tea earlier, Sarah texted Ellie to let them know they reached their destination safely, and she immediately received a response: "Great, have fun!" There had been a winking face to accompany the message that made Sarah grin hard. Even while she blushed a little. Maybe that wasn't what Ellie meant. Maybe Sarah's mind was just in the gutter.

And why the hell not?

But after she texted Ellie back, they had thrown their phones in the drawer upstairs in the bedroom, both of them with the sound turned off, because Sarah was determined this vacation remained just the two of them. They might turn them back on in the morning. Maybe. In case of an emergency. …Maybe.

Chuck stood up from the other side of the window seat beside the kitchen table and set his glass down, taking hers and setting it down next to it. He then offered her his hand and she smiled up at him, looking away from the beautiful vision of the moon glinting off of the sea out of their window and taking his hand, letting him help her to her feet.

On the way to the couch across from the fire, he snagged the blanket folded over the back and threw himself down on the cushions with a grunt, opening his legs wide and patting the couch between them with an inviting smile.

Smirking, she slid between his legs and draped herself over him, snuggling into his chest as he draped the blanket over both of them. She hummed happily and tilted her head back to kiss his neck, before scooting up a bit further to kiss his jaw, cheek, forehead…And then they met in a passionate kiss, one they didn't pull away from for quite some time.

With the fire crackling in the fireplace, the rain sounding on the roof, and the wine in her system, Sarah found herself perfectly content to just stay like this, making out with her boyfriend, feeling his hand in her hair. And the secure warmth of his arms around her. Before Chuck, security meant locking doors and windows, pulling down blinds, waiting for the threat to pass in the pitch darkness of a hotel room. It meant strapping knives to her body, sliding a pistol in her handbag, looking at mirrors and other reflective surfaces as she walked past them to make sure she wasn't being followed. That was security.

She'd never needed or wanted to be held by another person. Not her parents, not her friends, not Bryce. And not Chuck. That was what she'd always told herself, at least. But then she had been held by him. Enough that she craved his arms around her when bad things happened. Not because she needed to be comforted. But because she wanted him close. It had started in the beginning. And it never went away.

Although, after they finally started a real relationship in Paris, it did get a little worse. Maybe because she knew what it felt like to be with him for days and days on end, wrapped around him. She knew what it was like to be touched in the way he touched her, what it was to really held by someone who she knew without a doubt loved her. But she wanted him more and more with each passing day.

And being thrust back into the spy life, having mission upon mission dropped on top of them, having to leave Chuck for weeks on end when he took a break from spying after his father died, had made these moments horribly rare in the last few months of their relationship.

This was exactly what she had been missing and craving all of this time. Quality time. She couldn't remember the last time they had just cuddled on the couch and let the rest of the world disappear. No mission talk, no spy talk, no talk at all. Just silent snuggling. Sharing the apartment with Morgan had made both of them a little more wary of whether or not he was around. She didn't want Chuck's best friend to feel awkward, after all. She wanted him to be glad she was living there. After all, Chuck hadn't exactly asked Morgan if it was okay for her to move in. She'd gone behind her boyfriend's back to corner Morgan at the Buy More while Chuck was at an offsite install, and she'd asked him herself. He was a sweetheart about it, and she could see the sincerity in him as he welcomed her to his "habitat". No matter what mistakes he'd made in the past, no matter how strange or creepy he could sometimes be (though he'd gotten so much better over the years), Sarah would always like Morgan. Because nothing on Earth seemed quite so important to him as his best friend's happiness. She could depend on Morgan to have Chuck's back.

And he hadn't been the worst roommate, either. A few close calls, granted. But she'd learned very quickly that she needed to wear proper clothing in her apartment unless she was locked in the bathroom, or in her and Chuck's room.

That was not the case here. Now there was no one but just them two. Chuck was just hers for seven whole days.

After what must have been a long time (she wasn't sure and she didn't care because at the moment she felt like she had all the time in the world), Sarah gently pulled back, her eyes drifted open, and she smiled down at him unconsciously. Smiling came so easily to her today.

"Mmm I miss this," she said quietly, her lips gently brushing against his as she spoke.

He didn't have to agree verbally because his grin was definitely commiserating.

As though they were of one mind, he slid up against the back of the couch to sit a little straighter and she turned around to press her back into his chest. He fixed the blanket and rounded her body with his arms so that they could relax again.

Sarah covered his hands with hers and let her eyes slip shut.

They stayed that way for some time, gently stroking each other's fingers, Chuck's lips against her hair. She could fall asleep like this, she mused to herself distantly. And she wouldn't mind waking up the next morning still in this same position. Or staying here forever, really. If sustenance wasn't a necessity.

She was close to drifting even deeper into her musings when she felt the fingers of his right hand slip under her cotton V-neck's hem. She smiled as he stroked his fingers over the bare skin of her stomach. He drew circles there with his fingertips, his feather-like touch giving her chills. And then he used his other hand to pull her shirt up a bit more. Chuck closed his hand over her breast and squeezed gently. Sarah let out a deep breath, squirming a little under his ministrations, biting her lip.

As focused as she was on the pleasure of having him massage her breast, his fingers flicking her nipple every so often, she didn't pay attention to his other hand until she felt the waistband of her pajama pants being lifted.

Sarah's eyes snapped open as he dragged his fingers down the front of her panties, rubbing along her pelvis, until he cupped her sex over the cotton material. She whimpered softly and dug her fingers into his forearm. "Chuck…"

He said nothing in response, and instead tucked his hand inside the waistband of her panties, sliding his fingers over her slit. Her hips bucked into his hand and she gasped.

And when he pushed his finger into her opening, she turned her face into his neck, her body shivering when he pushed a second finger inside. He pumped slowly, the pleasure almost excruciating as he curled his fingers into her most sensitive spot.

With their current position, he could rub his fingers along the most pleasurable areas of her inner walls. His other hand was still massaging her breast, his lips tracing a pattern along her hair and temple.

Chuck hoisted her even closer to him with the hand that was buried in her sex, giving himself even further access to her, and he began pumping faster, pressing a little more whenever he came into contact with her g-spot.

She held onto his hand that clutched her breast so tightly, even as he continued to massage her there. And she reached up with the other to hold onto the back of his neck. His breathing was ragged against her cheek as he whispered her name, and she panted his name back at him.

It was all just so fantastic. The way he matched his ministrations on her upper body to those he bestowed upon her lower half. All she could do was continue to hold on, and express her pleasure. He made it last an awfully long time, building her up by paying extra attention to her g-spot, and then easing her back down again with slow, shallow thrusts of his fingers.

After some time, he sped up again and she braced herself, sliding her hand up into his hair to hold on as best she could as he ground his fingers inside of her until an orgasm crashed over her. She whimpered his name and arched her back, turning her face into his neck and gently biting his jaw. She distantly heard him whisper words of love in her ear as he eased her down from her climax, her chest heaving and her whole body buzzing.

It took some time for her to gain a bit of her sanity, and by then Chuck had pulled his hand out of her pants and was holding her close again, kissing her cheek. She giggled and ran her hands over his arms, craning her neck a bit to look him in the eye. She didn't say anything, merely raising her eyebrow. She wasn't sure if it came off as impressed or just smug. She felt both at the moment. He was impressive, and maybe she was just a little smug that he was hers and no one else's.

Her limbs felt extra loose now, and she didn't know what time it was, and she didn't care what time it was. She just knew that her body was still on fire and she could feel Chuck's erection against her ass, beneath his boxers and pajama pants.

It was one of her favorite things about their sex life. When he worshipped her body it was never completely one-sided. Giving her pleasure turned him on. It was sweet in a lot of ways, but more than that it was just who he was. Chuck Bartowski was a giver. And the fact that making her feel good made him feel just as good based on merit alone was one of the reasons why he was the sexiest man in the universe.

With a mischievous smirk on her face, she ground her ass into his crotch, hearing him growl softly into her ear. She reached up and grabbed his hand that was still wrapped around her breast, pulling it out from under her shirt and turning her whole body around so that she could look at him. He just looked so comfortable and happy. He looked completely satisfied.

"Mmm what?" he hummed with a small smile.

She giggled and reached up to smooth his hair back. It had a bit of curl at the end, and part of her was a little sad he didn't let it get longer like it used to be. Embarrassingly enough, she used to fantasize about those curls before they were together. But she wasn't about to tell a grown man how to keep his hair. It wasn't that important.

"I love you."

His content smile widened until his white teeth appeared between his lips. "I love you."

When he tucked his hands under her shirt to hold her by her waist, drawing circles on her bare skin with his thumbs, it only stoked the fire that still burned inside of her.

Sarah reached back and flung the blanket off of them, and then she leaned in to kiss him softly, lingering a bit. "How much do you love me?" she asked in a whisper, pulling back and looking at him.

His eyelids fluttered until he met her gaze with his brown eyes shining brightly in the firelight. They almost looked like there were flecks of gold in them and it was a lot sexier than she was prepared for.

"Probably more than is legal in, like, all 50 states."

"Huh." She smiled saucily, slipping a hand under his shirt and feeling his abdomen muscles jump beneath her fingers. "That's kinda hot. How about a presentation?"

"What, like PowerPoint?"

She smacked his shoulder for ruining the game, but still laughed loudly. Sarah decided to pretend he hadn't made the quip once she sobered up a little and went back to seduce-mode. "Show me how much you love me, Chuck."

"I don't know. Not if it's illegal."

"Even though we're behind closed doors? Up on this hill, in a little cottage, overlooking the ocean?" She teased his lips with hers, combing her fingers through his hair with one hand and slowly pulling at the tie to his pants with the other. "Nobody is around. It's just us. Totally…and completely…alone."

He grinned. "I love you so much," he said, shaking his head at her. There was awe in his face, as though he were a little overwhelmed by how much he loved her.

And she was a little shocked by how much that turned her on when it came to Chuck Bartowski. Just knowing how much he loved her, how strong their bond was, made her want him more than she'd ever wanted anything.

It was a bit awkward, trying to pull his pants and boxers off of him while in this position, but they worked together and he finally kicked them off the edge of the couch to the floor. After some wriggling and kissing and heated touching, her own bottoms joined his.

Sarah pressed her knees into the cushions on either side of his hips, curling up on his chest and reaching back to fix the blanket over them. Then she quickly and efficiently slid her hand between them to guide his hardness inside of her. She readjusted as he thrust his hips up to bury himself completely, and she gasped, gently nipping at his jaw as she started her tight, rolling growled, his hands gripping her thighs, massaging her muscles there as she used them to rock against him.

Lifting her face, she looked down into his eyes and they just stared for awhile, mouths open in awe, eyes swirling with passion.

And when he moved his hands up to grip her hips, he started arching up to meet her strokes, pushing himself deeper with each thrust. It felt so fantastic that she had to reach up to grip the arm of the couch with both hands and angle her torso away from him. The blanket slid down her back to pool at her waist, but she paid it no mind as she made her thrusts harder.

He groaned and his gaze left hers, instead focusing on the place where they were joined. She was inwardly pleased by the look on his face as he watched them move together. The hunger in his gaze was gratifying but it was also making her want more.

She quickened her pace and he followed her lead, lifting his head up from the armrest to groan into her shirt, his fingers squeezing her hips hard. "Sarah…baby…" he muttered against her covered breast, his voice strangled.

"Oh, Chuck," she gasped, moving one hand to grip the back of the couch and covering his hand on her thigh with the other. Sitting straight up on his lap, she started bouncing, then switching to swing her hips back and forth, then going back to bouncing again. She rode him hard, then varied to slow and soft, and back to hard again, her jaw clenched and her eyes focused on his face as he stared at where they joined.

She was so intent on feeling as much of him as possible, satisfying the desire that itched deep inside of her, that she was stunned by the sudden feeling of being on the edge of orgasm.

"Chuck, I'm coming," she whimpered, out of breath. "Look at me."

He did, his jaw clenched, his eyes wide in awe. He couldn't seem to pick up on her rhythm, and she admittedly wasn't all that sure she had a particular pattern. Sarah let her self-control go.

She lifted herself up from his lap a little and then slammed herself down, rocking back and forth a few times, before lifting herself again and dropping back into his lap. He groaned, panting her name. And then he lifted his hand that wasn't under hers, tucking his fingers between their bodies and finding her clit.

Sarah threw her head back and started bucking on him, his name on her lips. And when she came, it was like a bomb went off inside of her. Unaware of anything but the feeling of him inside of her and the indescribable, throbbing pleasure shooting through her entire body, she suddenly felt herself being swung around until she was pressed into the couch back, her arm jammed between her body and the cushion beneath her.

Chuck thrust into her a few times, grabbing the couch arm above her head for leverage. He rocked into her for a few moments until he came, and then he collapsed from his side to his back, bringing Sarah with him to crash onto his chest. They were totally and completely limp, the two of them nothing more than a heap of limbs tangled together.

She could feel her ragged breaths matching his, their chests heaving as one.

That had been new. And fantastic.

"Holy shit," he gasped, and she giggled breathlessly. Apparently he agreed.

"I think this is better than the train."

"Ohh, the train," he groaned. "This is so much better than the train." They both laughed as best as they could, both of them still gasping for breath.

It took some time before they gathered enough willpower to separate themselves and climb up from the couch. Chuck tugged his boxers on, and Sarah her panties, but she wondered just how long it would take before they came off again, so she neglected to put her pajama bottoms back on. She wondered if she was nuts for even thinking like that. But she didn't feel all that bad if she was nuts. Because he was nuts right along with her.

The fire was only a few glowing embers by the time they were ready to leave the couch sanctuary. By then it was closing in on midnight, but at least the rain seemed to be tapering off. That meant that by the time they woke up tomorrow, they might be able to go outside.

Sarah looked down at the glass of water she was guzzling and smirked. For no real reason except that it was only the first day of their spur of the moment vacation, and she was already dreading the day they would leave.

She pushed that thought to the back of her mind and turned away from the window over the kitchen sink that looked out over the water. "You better replenish your fluids, Ch—" But her saucy remark was cut off when she realized he wasn't in the kitchen anymore. "Chuck? Where'd you go?"

Chuck's empty glass was on the counter where he must have set it before wandering off. Served her right for daydreaming in the middle of the night.

Putting both their glasses in the sink, she moved through the kitchen and into the entryway. "Chuck?" she called up the stairs. Then she ducked into the hallway that led to their bedroom and the bathroom. "Baby, where are you?"

She didn't have time to worry as she walked into the living room and saw his short dark curls against the armrest of the couch. With a soft giggle, she moved around to the front of the couch and peered down at him. He was asleep, curled under the blanket. Or at least, he seemed pretty unconscious.

But there was no way they were spending their first night of vacation sleeping on the couch when they had a perfectly good bed down the hall. And she sure as hell wasn't sleeping in that bed without him. So she knelt in front of her boyfriend and leaned her arms on the cushion beside his face. "Chuck?"


"Chuuu-uuuck. Time to wake up."

"Hmmmmph." She giggled as he turned his face, his features pinched. "Too tired to move."

"Hmm, it's no wonder, either." Sarah leaned in to kiss his cheek, then his nose, then his forehead. "Do you really want to sleep here?"

"I could sleep anywhere right now. Not gonna lie." He still hadn't opened his eyes.

"Yeah, but both of us can't sleep on this couch."

"Mmm, yeah we can. I can just wedge you right here." He blindly reached over to smack the cushion between his body and the back of the couch.

"I don't want to be wedged, Chuck. I want to be on a bed with silk sheets. Come oonnn," she shook him, giggling when he groaned and tried to swat her hands away.

"Nag, nag, nag, nag…"

She hoisted him to sit up and he finally snuck one eye open tiredly, his lips slowly spreading into a mischievous smile. "You know, Chuck, you're probably the only guy who calls it nagging when his girlfriend is trying to get him into a bed with silk sheets."

Both of his eyes opened at that and he laughed. "You might be right about that."

Then he whined like a little boy and let her pull him to his feet. Instead of standing normally like an actual adult, though, he slumped forward against her so that she had to hold him up, his arms falling limp to his sides.

"Chuck…oh my God. You've been working out. You are not as light as you think you are."

"Mmmmmm, but you're so comfy and strong. My lady is soft in all the right places."

"Use your legs. Come on. Let's go." She nudged him and laughed when he turned his face to nuzzle her jaw. "Scoot!"

"You're not gonna make me brush my teeth, are you, mom?"

She laughed and shoved him so that he fell back onto the couch, a cheeky grin on his face. "You ass! Sleep on the couch by yourself! How's that?"

He clambered up to his feet again as she walked around the couch and towards the hallway. But he caught up to her and rounded her waist with his arms, stopping them both and hugging her close. She grinned over her shoulder at him. "And yes, by the way, you do have to brush your teeth."

"Baby, we've been living together for how long? You know how important clean teeth are to me."

That made her laugh. They waddled all the way into the bathroom together, preparing for bed. As always, there was a science to it, and it had taken a few months before they'd gotten it down. But now the only time they bumped into each other was if they did it on purpose.

They finally collapsed into bed a few minutes later, and Sarah couldn't help but hum at the feel of the sheets sliding against her body. Chuck was asleep beside her in no time and she had to reach over him to turn off his lamp, before moving back onto her side to turn hers off.

Crawling back under her covers, she nestled into her pillow and sighed, a grin sweeping over her face as Chuck unconsciously curled the fingers of his hand around hers. She squeezed back and shut her eyes, falling asleep soon after.

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