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Welcome to Flight Club

Fishlegs Ingerman sat in a dark chamber, his arms bound to his side with pieces of rope. The husky boy whimpered in fright as the flames of the torches went out, his only remaining source of light now gone. His eyes darted back and forth and his breathing increased. Finally, he couldn't take the silence and eerie atmosphere any longer.

"Okay!" he shrieked. "I'll talk! I'll tell you everything you need to know! Hiccup and Sunset are the leaders of Berk's dragon academy! They ride a Night Fury called Toothless! Then there's Astrid, who can be mean but also really nice, who rides a Deadly Nadder! And then Snotlout rides a Monstrous Nightmare and the twins share a Hideous Zippleback!"

A soft hiss sounded in the darkness and the torches were lit once more. Toothless and Meatlug, his Gronkle, were on either side of him. His friends stood a few feet away, and were staring at him with expressions of exasperation and annoyance.

"I'm sorry!" Fishlegs winced, knowing he had failed the trial interrogation miserably. "But you know I don't do well in these kinds of situations!"

"We've noticed," drawled Tuffnut Thorston. "But seriously, man. You didn't even last five seconds."

"Alvin is going to do more than turn out the lights," warned Hiccup Haddock, the well-known and highly-admired chief dragon trainer of Berk. "He'll do whatever it takes to get you to talk."

"Such as being locked up in a cell with imminent execution and having your dragon in a full body bind," added Sunset Hockerson, Hiccup's best friend and equally esteemed dragon trainer. "Just try to stick with the two things we discussed-your name and where you live."

"And nothing else," said Hiccup firmly.

"Okay, okay," Fishlegs groaned. "I'll do my best and work on it."

"Am I mean?" Astrid Hofferson, second-in-command of the dragon academy and Hiccup's sort-of girlfriend, asked as they made their way out of the cave.

"You sure punch a lot," said Hiccup feelingly.

Astrid smirked. "Well, yeah, but those are punches of love." She then promptly swung her fist around in a full circle, catching Hiccup and Sunset both in the shoulder.

"Yeah, love you too," Sunset said, rubbing her now-bruised arm.

"Ditto," agreed Hiccup, and the blonde grinned.

Eventually they reached the village of Berk (including Fishlegs, who caught up after he managed to untie himself) and separated. Hiccup and Sunset wandered through the misty village with Toothless following behind. "I'm worried about Fishlegs."

The redhead glanced over at her friend. "Hey, it's going to be okay. He says he'll work on it and Fishlegs always gives things his all."

"I wish I had as much faith as you do," sighed Hiccup.

"Hiccup! Sunset!"

The two teens whirled around to see Stoick the Vast, Hiccup's father and the chief of Berk, waving them down from the docks.

"That doesn't sound like his happy voice," muttered Sunset as she and Hiccup made their way down the grassy slope.

"I don't think he has a happy voice," replied Hiccup. They went across the wooden docks and found Stoick overseeing the docking of the fishing boats. "What's up?"

"You're going to ground the dragons," said Stoick simply before striding off to check on the next boat.

Hiccup and Sunset blinked after him in disbelief for a moment before hurrying after him. "Um, did you say you want us to ground the dragons, sir?" Sunset asked nervously.

"Ah, so you heard me. Then there's no excuse if you disobey."

Sunset flushed and turned to Hiccup, who was flapping his arms up and down wildly. "But we can't!" he protested. "We have to patrol, we have to train-"

"To ground a dragon means not to fly them," Stoick stressed, sending his son a stern glare. "That also means the activities involving a flying dragon are also banned."

"But that's stupid!"

Stoick crossed his arms. "Are you calling your father stupid?" he asked, a note of warning in his voice.

Hiccup pursed his lips. "I doubt you want me to answer that."

He promptly got a sharp rap on the head for his insolence. "Watch yourself," ordered Stoick. "You-" He pointed at the redhead, "-keep him in line. You're the only one he listens to around here. Don't let him corrupt you."

Sunset gulped and nodded. "I'll do my best."

"I don't corrupt her," muttered Hiccup, gingerly rubbing the back of his head. "She's just as disobedient and stubborn as I am."

"And that's why I have so many grey hairs," Stoick returned, turning on his heel and striding away. The two teens hastily followed after him.

"Dad, Alvin has Scauldrons, Whispering Deaths and Changewings. I've seen them!"

"I know you have. When you three were kidnapped and caged on Outcast Island," Stoick said stiffly, his gaze hardening. It was not a memory he enjoyed recounting.

"He's watched Astrid train a Monstrous Nightmare, he's no doubt read the Book of Dragons when he got his hands on it, and he still has Mildew."

"Who probably doesn't do so well in questioning," added Sunset.

"If Alvin manages to train his dragons, then he's going to come to Berk, looking for a fight. The only way we can stop him is with our dragons."

Stoick placed his hands on Hiccup's shoulders and looked him in the eye. "I know," he said, his voice soft. "But I am not going to let you, Sunset or the others risk your lives. It's my final word, Hiccup."

Hiccup deflated, knowing that this was one of the many times in his life where his father wouldn't budge. "Yes, sir," he muttered in defeat.

Stoick flicked his gaze to Sunset, who quickly repeated her friend's words. Satisfied, he nodded at the two teens and went back to work.

"This isn't ideal," Sunset said, idly scratching Toothless' muzzle.

"You're telling me." Hiccup rubbed his forehead in frustration. "Alright, gather the others. We've got to tell them the news."

The two split up in search of their friends. In about ten minutes they had gathered the rest of the teens into the arena, which served as their dragon academy.

"What happened?" Astrid demanded, crossing her arms.

"How come you automatically assume something's happened?" Hiccup protested.

"You hardly ever gather us here for good news."

"She's got a point," whispered Sunset.

"Okay, yeah, so it's bad news," confirmed Hiccup. "So...my father has placed a ban on flying."

A stunned silence ensued for a moment, broken by Astrid's startled, "What?"

Hiccup shrugged helplessly. "It sucks, I know. But what can I do? He's the chief…and my father."

"That's never stopped you before," snapped Astrid.

"I think I've crossed the line enough times in my life," said Hiccup dryly.

"You have to make him change his mind!"

"We're talking about Stoick the Vast," reminded Fishlegs. "He's stubborn enough, but when it concerns Hiccup's well-being, he's not going to budge."

"Hookfang gets really testy if he doesn't get his exercise," Snotlout informed. "And you're not the one who lives with a dragon who can light himself on fire."

"I'll keep working on it," promised Hiccup. "Sunset and I are pretty experienced at being argumentative. He'll give up eventually."

"And if he doesn't?" Astrid prompted.

"We're probably going to resort to sneaky measures," admitted Sunset.

Hiccup rolled his eyes. "And Dad thinks I corrupt you."

Night fell quickly, and Hiccup felt no inclination to go home. Toothless wasn't entirely happy with his kids, as they weren't taking him for a lap around the island at dusk like they normally did. So the trio were at Gobber's forge, with Hiccup tinkering with his latest project-a multi-purpose shield.

"So what exactly are you going to tell your father?" Sunset asked. She was sitting on the edge of the wooden workbench, watching her friend work.

"I thought I'd just repeat everything I told him earlier and keep doing it until he either banishes me or gives in."

"Hmmm. That's a risky move-ouch!"

Yelps of pain erupted from the two teens as Toothless sauntered by, whacking his tail across their heads as he passed. "Toothless!" Hiccup scolded. "That was uncalled for."

Toothless only gave a snort and curled up in the grass. Sunset sighed. "We're sorry, bud. But there's not much we can do right now."

The Night Fury gave a grumble and looked wistfully at the full silver moon.

"Well, well. Never thought I'd see you two in my shop at night."

"Hey, Gobber," greeted Hiccup as the bulky man entered the forge.

"Hey," parroted Sunset, and she got a fond, light rap on the helmet in reply.

"No evening flight?" Gobber asked, glancing at the sky. "It's the perfect night for it, and the moon is full-" He paused when his charge and apprentice shot him annoyed looks. "Ah. Right. So, what are you working on?"

Hiccup brightened and lifted his shield up. Gobber studied the Night Fury painted on the wooden front and eyed the metal lining the sides. There was a large metal sphere in the middle of the shield. "It's great, but why have you been working this long on a shield?"

"It's more than a shield," Hiccup said proudly. "It's also-"

But before he could finish, the metal sphere snapped open, and the grappling hook that was housed inside shot out and wrapped around Gobber three times before pulling Hiccup roughly into the man. Sunset burst into laughter. "Nice one."

"Shut up," muttered Hiccup. He gave the shield a yank and the rope went back into its place. "It still needs a few adjustments. With Alvin coming, we're going to need some way to defend ourselves."

"So…an island full of seasoned Vikings isn't going to do it?" Gobber drawled.

Hiccup flushed. "No! I mean, that's not what I meant. I know you've fought dragons and other armies single-handily, and I'm probably worrying more than I should. But we-" Here he gestured between himself and Sunset, "-aren't going to be of any use."

"Yeah. I'd like to see me going up against Alvin without Toothless," snorted Sunset, resting her chin in her hands.

"Stop that," chided Gobber. "You've done plenty without Toothless, and you're not useless. You do remember who brought about peace between dragons and Berkians, right?"

"So we got one thing right," Hiccup deadpanned. "But if we managed to bring peace between the Berkians and the Outcasts, I'll call that an accomplishment."

"You know your father is just trying to protect you, right?" Gobber asked.

Hiccup's features softened. "Yeah. I know. But he needs to realize that the safest I'll ever be is on Toothless."

"I'm sure he'll get it-one day." Gobber paused. "A day far from now."

"Thank you." Sunset rolled her eyes. "Don't you have a sheep to feed?"

"Ah, yes. It's Phil's feeding time. See you later. And you," he pointed sternly at his redheaded charge, "you are to be home two hours from now."

"Got it."

Gobber headed off, and the second he was gone Toothless popped in front of them, roaring demandingly. Hiccup groaned and placed his shield on the bench. "Toothless, I know. But not tonight, okay?"

Toothless remained firm. Hiccup sighed in exasperation and looked at his best friend for help.

Sunset bit her lip and eyed the moon. "It is really nice out-"

"You've convinced me. Let's go."

Toothless gave a happy purr and waddled out of the forge. Hiccup climbed into the saddle with Sunset behind him, and soon they were soaring through the inky night. "If my dad catches us, we are so dead," Hiccup called over his shoulder.

"Maybe not dead," corrected Sunset. "Probably grounded for life. I mean, we've done worse. Like the time-" She suddenly stiffened and peered over her shoulder. She could distinctly hear the sound of another dragon's wings flapping. Her emerald eyes grew wide upon spotting a familiar figure in pursuit. "Hiccup! Astrid and Stormfly are coming in hot!"

"Oh, she cannot catch us!" Hiccup said in panic. "She's gonna kill us for not bringing her along."

So they swerved amongst the sea stacks around the island, trying to outrun the Deadly Nadder. When they thought they'd lost her, they circled around and landed on the edge of a cliff. "I think that did it," said Hiccup, satisfied.

"I don't think so."

The teens jumped as Stormfly landed beside them with a frowning Astrid. "Let me guess. Sneaky measures?"

Sunset shrugged sheepishly. "It's a…temporary solution."

"Did you even try talking to your father?" Astrid demanded.

"We don't exactly have the whole 'talking things out' part of our relationship down yet," admitted Hiccup. "So…yeah. Temporary solution."

"So you were going to fly around all night, every night, without us?"

"It was a spur of the moment thing!" Sunset said quickly, feeling bad. "We were going to let you know. But there's going to be quite the consequence when we get caught."

"When?" Hiccup echoed, glancing over his shoulder at his friend. "Don't you mean if?"

"Please. We're getting caught. Let's not be in denial."

Astrid rolled her eyes. "After all we've been through, you think we care about getting in trouble? We're in this together, remember?"

"Right." Hiccup smiled. "We'll spread the word tomorrow. Berk's Dragon Flight Club is now go!"

Sunset was impressed. "For pulling a name out from the top of your head, that's pretty good."

"Better than Dragon United Monitoring Brigade, also known as D.U.M.B," teased Astrid.

Hiccup flushed. "Okay, for the last time, the full name sounds good, especially considering that it came from Snotlout. Let it go already."

Dawn found Astrid, Sunset and Hiccup going to Fishlegs', Snotlout's and the twins' houses respectively to tell them about the new club. Sunset went over to the Jorgenson household, where Snotlout was already up and tending to Hookfang.

"Hey, Snotlout," she greeted cheerfully.

"Hey, Sun!" Snotlout hastily placed the barrel of fish in front of his dragon and shot the girl a smile. "What's up?"

Sunset quickly checked to make sure that Spitelout wasn't around. The last thing she needed was for the general of Berk's army to overhear what she had to say. It would no doubt make it back to Stoick, as the two were brothers and all. "Well, you know the ban on flying and how Stoick said he wouldn't change his mind?"

"Yeah. The big guy hasn't been too happy about it," Snotlout said, casting a glance at his Monstrous Nightmare. "He nearly torched the living room from restlessness."

"I think we might have the solution. Dragon Flight Club."

"Sounds awesome!" Snotlout said eagerly. "What is it?"

"An underground society. We train at night, where we're covered by the dark. Hiccup wants us to sharpen our skills so that we can fend off an attack from Alvin. But it's a secret, so you can't tell anybody. As far as we're concerned, Dragon Flight Club might as well not exist."

"Got it." Snotlout nodded rapidly. "These lips are sealed."

"Perfect!" Sunset smiled brightly. "See you later, then!"

Snotlout waved after her. "Dragon Flight Club, huh? Sounds decent, right Hookfang?"

Hookfang's response was a fire blast that sent Snotlout flying into a wooden wagon. The boy dragged himself out and shot a glare at his smug dragon. "I hope Sunset didn't see that," he muttered.

At dusk, the dragon riders gathered at the academy. Hiccup and Sunset stood in front of their friends, who were lined in front of them. "Welcome to Dragon Flight Club!" Hiccup said dramatically.

"Which may or may not exist," added Tuffnut.

"Don't start!" Hiccup said warningly.

"We need to be ready to face, and perhaps even ride, any type of dragon," continued Sunset. "From Typhoomerangs to Changewings. We've got some exercises planned and our first stop is Changewing Island!"

"Let's mount up," ordered Hiccup.

Soon they were flying through the night sky, sailing over the dark water and towards Changewing Island. "Quick note," Sunset called from her place at the front of Toothless' saddle. "The glowing things are not Stones of Good Fortune. They're Changewing eggs."

Snotlout flushed and Sunset winked playfully at him.

They landed in the thin, barren trees that populated the island. They didn't have to wait long, as soon a group of boars wandered into the middle of a Changewing ambush.

"I can't look," Sunset whimpered, pulling her helmet over her eyes.

"They hunt in packs," whispered Hiccup, watching the scene intently. "One dragon will lure a boar away from the herd and the others will surround it."

Sure enough, one boar was led astray and quickly surrounded. "Hey," Tuffnut said suddenly. "I know that boar!"

"It's Bjorn!" Ruffnut confirmed.

"They can't be serious," Astrid said in disbelief.

"Get away, Bjorn!" Tuffnut called. "Flee!"

The Changewings immediately looked towards them and Ruffnut hollered, "Scatter!"

The dragons took to the sky, barely avoiding the shots of acid. They weaved through the trees and Sunset glanced over her shoulder. "Keep moving, people! The acid won't work if we keep our distance."

"Not exactly ideal when you're on the slowest dragon," Fishlegs pointed out. He gave Meatlug a loving pat in apology. "Sorry, but it's true."

Snotlout ducked to avoid getting his head melted off by a spray of acid. "A plan would be nice right about now!"

Sunset thought frantically. "If they have nothing to camouflage against, we'll be in the clear!"

"Then up we go!" Astrid ordered, and they all soared higher into the sky. The Changewings pursued them, and soon they were exposed. Stormfly shot spikes from her tail and Toothless fired a plasma blast, scaring the Changewings off.

"Well," voiced Sunset as they flew rapidly to Berk, trying to beat the rising sun. "That went well."

The next night, Fishlegs brought them to a Typhoomerang burn mark, which was in the middle of the forest. "You can tell the age and size of the Typhoomerang by the burns it leaves," he explained. "It also tells what the direction the dragon came from and where it is headed."

"It's still warm," observed Hiccup.

"So…it may or may not be close," added Sunset.

Snotlout glanced up and paled. "It's close alright. In fact, it's coming right at us!"

The rest of the teens snapped their heads around. A large figure was flying towards them, a shadow in the night.

"Scatter!" Ruffnut howled and, as they had the night before, the others complied.

"That's two for two," pointed out Sunset as they flew through the sky. She tightened her grip around Hiccup's waist and peered over her shoulder to ensure that they were safe. "I hate to see what's going to happen when we study up on Scauldrons."

Tuffnut squinted below, noticing a familiar figure riding an equally familiar dragon. "Hiccup?"


"Can your dad still fly even if he's not in Flight Club?"

Startled, Hiccup followed his pointing finger and spotted his father, a few yards below them on Thornado. "Oh, Odin."

"Evasive cloud maneuver, people!" Sunset ordered.

They quickly flew upwards and into the cloud cover. "We're going to have to stay up here until we're over town," informed Hiccup.

Astrid caught sight of the twins, who were flying Barf and Belch upside down. Their heads were sticking out of the clouds, in clear sight for all to see. "What are you doing?" she snapped.

"What? We can't see anything!" Tuffnut protested.

"Yeah, but my dad can now see you," returned Hiccup.

Ruffnut quickly glanced down, and it was to see Thornado flying up towards them. "Busted."

"Ugh," groaned Hiccup. "Okay! In Ruffnut's terms, scatter! Head home, try not to get caught, and if you do, don't say anything!"

In unison, the teens shot off in different directions. Stoick darted his gaze between the five fleeing dragons. He knew very well that his son and his friends had disobeyed his orders, but he also knew he couldn't do much without actually physically catching them. Right now, all he had were shadowy figures to go by.

"Not all of you can get away!" he roared and went off in pursuit.

"He sounds mad!" Sunset said anxiously, heart pounding as Hiccup guided Toothless towards Berk.

"Get ready to jump!" Hiccup said.

Sunset quickly stood up in the saddle, clinging to her friend's shoulders for balance. The second Toothless was over Gobber's house she jumped, landing clumsily on the rooftop. "Good luck," she whispered at their retreating figures.

She cautiously climbed down to her bedroom window. Feet balanced on the sill, she lowered herself down so that she could climb inside.

Instead of being welcomed by an empty room, she was welcomed by the irritated and exasperated expression of her caretaker.

"Do you listen to anything that you are told?" he demanded, lugging the girl into the room.

"How'd you know I was gone?" she cried.

"When you landed on my roof," said Gobber flatly. "You're not exactly stealthy."

"If you love me, you'll pretend you didn't see anything," begged Sunset. "Stoick is going to kill me. I was supposed to be the good influence."

"You did such a good job," drawled Gobber sarcastically. "And it's because I love you that I'm bringing you to Stoick."

"You have a funny way of showing it," Sunset said miserably. She followed Gobber out of the house and across the dark village. Halfway through the plaza, they met up with Stoick, who had a grip on the terrified Fishlegs. The husky boy looked relieved to see her, and she gave him an encouraging smile.

They would get through this without revealing Flight Club.

"I figured as much," Stoick said dryly, giving the redhead a disappointed frown. Sunset winced and stared at the ground. "Let's go, then."

The two teens were led to the Great Hall. Fishlegs and Sunset stood side-by-side by the large stone table, the fire roaring behind them. Stoick crossed his arms and glared at them. "Why were you flying and who were you with?"

The teens stayed silent.

"You will answer me!"

His yell echoed in the empty hall, causing the two to jump in fright. Sunset cast a quick glance to see how her friend was holding up. Fishlegs was trembling and pale, but he seemed to be okay.

"You know perfectly well that I've put a ban on flying," snapped Stoick. "Now, I'm going to ask again. Why were you flying, and who were you with?"

"My name is Fishlegs Ingerman! I live on the island of Berk! I will tell you nothing else!"

Startled, Stoick and Gobber stared at Fishlegs, who was staring firmly at the ground. It took everything Sunset had to keep from laughing. Go Fishlegs!

"What?" Stoick asked in bafflement.

"My name is Fishlegs Ingerman! I live on the island of Berk! I will tell you nothing else!" the boy repeated.

Gobber turned to his charge. "I don't suppose you have any useful information to give us?" he said expectantly.

With a straight face, she answered, "My name is Sunset Hockerson! I live on the island of Berk! I will tell you nothing else!"

Gobber gave her an unimpressed look. "Very funny."

"This isn't an interrogation," Stoick said in exasperation.

Gobber glanced around the dimly lit room. "Feels like an interrogation, though."

Stoick rolled his eyes. "Thank you, for helping."

"My name is Fishlegs Ingerman! I live on the island of Berk! I will tell you nothing else!" Fishlegs said again, now more confident and determined.

Barely able to hide her grin, Sunset declared once more, "My name is Sunset Hockerson! I live on the island of Berk! I will tell you nothing else!"

"Out!" Stoick bellowed, fed up with their antics and knowing that he would get nothing from them.

Sunset and Fishlegs hightailed it from the Great Hall, and it was only when they reached the end of the stone steps did the girl dissolve into giggles. "Their faces! You were awesome, Fishlegs!"

Fishlegs flushed with pride. "Thanks!"


The two teens looked towards the source of the sharp hiss. Astrid was peering at them from around the hut across from them. "Hiccup wants us to meet at the academy two hours from now," she whispered.

"Got it." Sunset nodded.

"Astrid! I didn't cave!" Fishlegs said eagerly.

The blonde smiled. "I knew you could do it. You can tell me and the others about it later. We better split before Chief catches us having a pow-wow."

So they hurried home for a bit of rest, and two hours later regrouped at the academy, where Fishlegs eagerly retold the story of his capture.

"I'm proud of you, Fishlegs," praised Hiccup. "I know my dad isn't exactly a guy you want to irritate, but you did really well."

"Yeah, but he's going to be suspicious now," Sunset pointed out. "I mean, we're kind of the only steady dragon riders on Berk as of now."

"We'll just have to wait until everything calms-wait." Hiccup frowned and quickly scanned his friends. "Has anyone seen Snotlout?"

As if on cue, the boy came flying in with Hookfang all ablaze. Sunset winced. "That's not exactly subtle."

Hiccup groaned. "I told you to be careful! What are doing, anyway? We nearly got busted a few hours ago!"

Snotlout rolled his eyes impatiently. "Well, I wouldn't have gotten here fast enough if I had to walk. I just saw Alvin and his army. I'm pretty sure they're about to attack."

"I doubt they're here for a friendly visit," muttered Sunset.

"Figured he'd show up sooner rather than later," Hiccup said grimly.

"So, the game plan is…?" Astrid prodded.

"Okay, you guys stay here and ready the dragons," ordered Hiccup. "Sun and I will go warn my father."

The two teens hopped on Toothless and Sunset flew the Night Fury to the Haddock household. They hurried inside to find Stoick asleep in a chair in front of the fire. Wasting no time, Hiccup grabbed his father's shoulders and shook him madly. "Wake up! This is an emergency!"

Stoick's eyes snapped open and on instinct, he lifted his son up with a roar and grabbed his axe. "It's just me!" Hiccup yelped. "Your only son whom you love very much!"

"What are you doing?" Stoick snapped, heart pounding madly. He dropped his boy and Hiccup smoothed out his tunic. "You know you're not supposed to sneak up on me, especially when I'm sleeping!"

"We're kind of in a hurry. Alvin and the Outcasts are here," informed Sunset.

"And just how would you know that?" Stoick asked, half sarcastic and half serious.

"Yeah, well, you weren't exactly following the rules yourself," Hiccup said flatly.

Stoick huffed in annoyance. "We'll discuss it later. Right now, you need to gather the others."

He slapped on his helmet and stormed over to the door. He threw it open, and was greeted by four dragons and their riders.

"Hey, Chief," greeted Fishlegs.

Stoick blinked at them for a moment before turning to stare at his son. Hiccup gave a shrug and a slight smile. "Yes, we will definitely be talking later," Stoick grumbled before heading outside.

He saddled up on Thornado and Sunset mounted Toothless, with Hiccup behind her. They took to the sky and flew for the Outcast fleet of ships. "I'm going to force them to shoot their first round!" Stoick said. "When they're reloading, you attack. Got it?"

"Got it!" the teens hollered.

Thornado swooped down and went straight for the Outcast ships. Immediately, bolas and arrows soared into the air, but Thornado dodged every one. "Now!" Stoick shouted as the Outcasts began to reload.

The teens obeyed and swarmed for the ships, flames and plasma blasts raining down. Alvin grinned triumphantly-he had expected this. "Let them loose!" he roared.

His men opened the hatch and Changewings shot out, flying straight for Berk. Sunset's eyes grew wide. "Not cool!"

"We can't let them get to the village!" Astrid cried. "They'll tear the place apart!"

"We need to head them off before they get there. If we don't, they'll be able to camouflage with everything and then we'll be sunk," warned Fishlegs.

Snotlout flew Hookfang in front of the Changewings, and startled them backwards with a flame blast. Stormfly and Toothless assisted by firing spine shots and plasma blasts, respectively.

"Astrid, you and the others bring them back to Changewing Island!" Hiccup ordered. "Sun and I will help my father deal with the Outcasts."

Astrid nodded and she took off with the other riders, herding the Changewings away from Berk. Sunset flew Toothless low to the water and they shot past the Outcast ships. The speed of which they were travelling sent a gush of wind up, rocking the boats fiercely.

Thornado sent out a sonic blast the same time Toothless shot out a plasma blast. They collided in the air and created a large explosion of plasma and sound. "Alright!" Hiccup cheered.

"Hit them again, Sunset!" Stoick ordered.

"You got it!" Sunset gave Toothless a nudge and the dragon obeyed, firing another plasma blast. It once again collided with Thornado's sonic blast, creating an effective attack.

The ships suddenly turned around, and Sunset stared in bafflement. "They're retreating."

"Good work, kids!" Stoick boomed proudly as they swung around and headed for Berk. When he received no response, he glanced over and saw them in deep thought. "What's wrong?"

"That was a bit too easy," admitted Sunset.

"Alvin's not exactly one to burst in without a plan," added Hiccup. "He normally puts a lot more thought into it."

"Don't worry about it," advised Stoick. "We've won!"

For now, Hiccup thought wearily.

Alvin was also not one to give up so easily. He'd be back-and this time, defeating him wouldn't be as simple.

They made it back to the Haddock household. Toothless went over to join Thornado in his little home at the side of the house and the teens followed Stoick inside. Hiccup and Sunset dropped down at the table, knowing the conversation that was about to ensue, and Stoick sat across from them.

"I'm still not entirely happy that you disobeyed my orders," he began. "But I understand that I was wrong. Grounding the dragons was not the best idea. But I want you to know that I did it because I was worried. I've lost much in my life, but I'll not let you two be added to those losses."

"We understand, Dad," Hiccup said softly, a small smile on his face.

"We'll try to listen," added Sunset.

Stoick gave a soft snort of disbelief. "We'll see how that goes. So, tell me about this Dragon Flight Club. What is it and how do I get in?"

Sunset giggled and Hiccup grinned.

"Well, Dad, there's one important thing you need to know about Flight Club. The first rule is that there is no Dragon Flight Club."