Six Months.

It's been six months since they've been dating and Hiccup has yet to tell his closest friends. Valka and Astrid know. Snotlout, Fishlegs, and the twins are oblivious to the affair so it's no surprise that they haven't commented on it. Eret doesn't take it personally. This is new for Hiccup. Being with a man is exciting and scary all at once so he'll let him take his time.

Six months just seems very long, is all.

"What's the holdup?" Eret asks.

They're in the forge and they're kissing. When Hiccup has an itch that only Eret can scratch, there isn't much room for discussion. The chief yanks his arm, pulling him away from whatever chore he's been assigned.

Eret groans in frustration but when he opens his mouth to verbalize his complaints, Hiccup covers him with hot, wet lips and suddenly, Eret doesn't care anymore. Hiccup slams him into the table and Eret howls in pain from the impact. The lankier body grinds into him, hastily, ridding him any chance to escape. Not that Eret minds.

Gods, it feels so good.

Hands are all over him, squeezing, pinching, tugging and pulling. Eret unhinges his jaw to allow a tongue to prod and tickle the roof of his mouth and, wow, the kiss gets filthy.

Really filthy.

Kisses are situated hard against Eret's cheekbone. Hiccup's docile caresses contrast outrageously in comparison to the rough, thick hands groping the younger man's bottom. Eret's silken hair had previously been tied back, as per usual, but it comes undone, unraveling to brush the shell of Hiccup's ear.

Stubble scratches alongside his neck when Hiccup bites soft skin, as if he were helping himself to ripe fruit; he half expects sweet nectar to roll down his throat when teeth sink into him.

"What holdup?" Hiccup counters, innocently placing a moist trail of kisses along Eret's jaw.

Eret sighs, from both irritation and approval.

"You know what I mean—ooh—"

Damn it all to hell, he's found that sensitive spot right between the space where Eret's earlobe and jaw line connect.

"You can't keep making it harder for me to think. It's not fair."

That's it. He's had enough.

Grabbing Hiccup's waist, Eret spins them round, wrenching away from the countertop. They land on a stack of hay—sometimes they can't make it to a soft surface in time and the hard, cold ground catches their fall instead.

Eret pins down slender lad with his weight and sure enough, his boyfriend is hard. With no desire to spare him any leniency, Eret shifts so their erections make contact. The abrasion traps breathe in his lungs and his eyes roll into the back of his head.

"You know what's not fair? Using your brute strength to toss me around like that. Have some consideration for once."

"Shut up," Eret growls. "You love being manhandled."

It's true, but Hiccup grumbles in protest. Eret lifts the hem of Hiccup's tunic and shoves it over his neck and shoulders.

Legs splayed, stomach bared, quavering in anticipation, limbs wilted in submission, lips red and raw from delicious friction, hair tousled from earlier, when Eret jerked him by the hair and sucked on his Adam's apple: it's absolute perfection.

"You're talking about me not telling my friends about us, right?" Hiccup chokes, forcing out his words with utmost strength. Eret is kissing his chest, wrapping his lips around pert nipples. Hiccup can barely function when he's roused there. In fact, Eret is certain that he's seen Hiccup go cross eyed a few times when he's pinched and twirled them in painful, albeit delightful circles.

"Bloody, hell, Hiccup, you're gorgeous."

"I try."


"I guess? It comes naturally, m-maybe. I don't know, who cares, just touch me some more—oh—"

"Look at you. You're so hard for me.

"I know," Hiccup begs, bucking his hips. "So do something about it."

Fingertips graze his abdomen at a leisurely pace. Hiccup whimpers when he cups his arousal. Eret bats his hand away. He takes his time, licking teasing stripes along Hiccup's stomach. A tongue darts out to nip at the hairs surrounding his belly button. His lips, teeth, and tongue taste every inch, everywhere but the protruding erection that's been ignored for so long.

Lengthy, deliberate strokes that aren't nearly enough drive Hiccup insane. Eret can tell because he digs his heel into the ground while clutching Eret's, hair. He rakes his fingers through tangled, black tresses.

Attempting to press Eret's head down, Hiccup grunts, guiding the former trapper to bring his mouth lower, towards his stiff groin. Eret just laughs, shrugs off the request, and instead uses his fingers to trace the shape of the prominent bulge.

"Do you remember the first time I went down on you?" Eret asks him, coyly. He looks up to peer at flushed desperation.

Hiccup bites his lip and says, "Yes."

"Remember how good it felt, Hiccup?"


"Your entire body shook when you came. You cried out so loudly, I thought the entire village would hear you."

"Yes, yes," Hiccup recites in a frantic mantra. "Please, please, Eret."

Eret's breathe ghosts over Hiccup's erection.

"Such a shame. I'd like to do it again, but you won't tell your friends about us."

Eeret is more than pleased when he's graced with such a ferocious scowl.

"So you two are, like, together?"

Snotlout asks this not out of repugnance but out of sheer curiosity.


Hiccup had summoned his friends to confirm this hearsay. They gather around a vacant table, their mouths ajar and their eyes widened with intrigue. Astrid rests in forehead in her palm, anticipating the worst. She prefers her role in this be a passive one.

"Are there any questions?" Hiccup asks, grimacing, twiddling his thumb.

"I have one," Ruffnut pipes up. The expression she bears isn't an uplifting one.

"Yes, Ruffnut?"

"Can I watch you guys make out?"

"Oh dear," Astrid mumbles.

"No," Hiccup snaps.

Eret interjects, sparing his boyfriend the humiliation.

"Perhaps you could all ask questions that don't make us uncomfortable?

"Why would it make you uncomfortable?" Tuffnut argues. "She's just asking if she can watch you kiss."

Hiccup inhales and exhales slowly and says, "How is that—how can you not see how that request is just the teeniest bit inappropriate?"

"How do you guys, you know, do it?" Snotlout implores, hunching over. He curls a hand around his mouth as if it helps quiet his words.

"That's not—"

"Do you rub your beards together? That's how it works, right?" Tuffnut adds.

"What? No, where did you hear that?"

"I might've humored them, a bit," Fishlegs speaks up, sheepishly.

"What led you to believe that was a good idea?"

Hiccup moans. He folds his arms against the tabletop and buries his face between them.

"That means you can't have kids, right?" Snotlout pries. "I mean, two guys can't really make a kid. What are you going to do without an heir?"

A silence hangs in the air and the moment stretches endlessly among them. Watching, Eret sees Hiccup cloak his emotions under an unsteady, shaky, self-depreciating grin. Rising up from his seat, Hiccup mutters, "I should go check on Toothless."

When Hiccup exits the hall, Astrid's nostrils flare and she aims an unruly glower towards Snotlout. Had she not managed to keep her wits about her, Eret was sure she'd leap from her to seat to tackle him to the floor and strangle him to death.

"What'd I say?" Snotlout protests, terrified.

"Are you—are you that daft? Do you really have that little tact?" Eret says, incredulously.

"What's tact?"

"I'm going to go speak with him," Eret sighs, heading for the door.

"I see why you put it off for so long," Eret greets.

Hiccup didn't venture far, luckily. His boyfriend merely stands outside Meade Hall, staring at his boot while he scratches the soft spot behind his dragon's ears.

"It's not like I haven't been thinking about it ever since I started having feelings for you."

Extending his palm, Eret clasps his hand over Hiccup's. The lad doesn't object, quick to lace their fingers together. They're still, for some time, listening to Toothless's content purrs. Eret doesn't remove his hand, even as Hiccup continues to rub the rough patch of scales.

"I'd make a good father," Hiccup finally says, faintly.

"Of course you would."

"Then tell me I'm being selfish."

"Selfish, no. Unreasonable, yes."

"How am I being unreasonable?"

"Hiccup, six months ago you said you weren't sure if you wanted to start a family. Just now you're telling me you do."

"I don't! I mean, I do but I don't. I honestly don't know."

"Maybe it's alright to be unsure."

Hiccup shifts the weight from his good leg to his prosthetic one. He searches for a spot under Toothless's chin that results in a languid torrent of contented groan. Collapsing, convulsing, Toothless hits the ground and stretches his back Eret can't help but smile and when he looks up, he sees Hiccup grinning, too.

"I'm not convinced that's a luxury I can have—being uncertain."

"Hiccup," Eret exhales evenly. "I know it's not an easy decision to make. You're still so young. You have time. The rest of your life, to be exact."

Eret watches Hiccup breathe out harshly rubbing his face with his hands. Eret presses close, hand squeezing Hiccup's shoulder.

"My dad always knew what he wanted and he never doubted who he was meant to be," Hiccup deflects, tersely. "That's part of what made him such a great leader."

"You aren't your father."

"No, but sometimes I wish I were because gods know how much easier life would be."

"You can't honestly think life would be easier if you were Stoick the Vast. He had you as a son."

"Okay, good point. I know how hard my dad's job was. Also, shut up."

Eret snorts, "You might've forgotten the first time I met your father. He was scolding you for disobeying his orders. I can only imagine what he must've put up with, having known you for some time."

"You sure know how to woo a guy."

For all the soaring optimism surrounding them, namely the laughter echoing from without Meade Hall, there's an undercurrent of reservation, a tremor of worry carried along by the docile spring breeze.

Older Viking couples both entering and exiting the hall in fixed clusters pass them by, bidding them friendly greetings. They watch the young males with barely hidden curiosity (not in any way disparaging) and knowing glances. Hiccup doesn't seem bothered to remove Eret's hand from his shoulder, not even in front of strangers.

It provides an odd reassurance that Hiccup might not even realize. They've been touching in public for a long while; playful nudges, heads resting on shoulders, light brushes of fingertips whenever they retrieve items from one another. It was quite the leap when Hiccup gave Eret a chaste kiss on the cheek in front of his mother, reddened all the while.

"Eret, what should I do?"

Eret cups Hiccup's cheek, sliding his hand down to the pulse in his neck. It's soft, gentle, and intimate and when their eyes meet, he's engaged by the same scrutinizing expression that's queried his guidance on more than one occasion. Though they draw strength from one another and Eret values Hiccup's judgment just as well, he's not sure if he's as wise as fancies himself to be.

"You know I can't tell you that."

Hiccup breathes and sinks into the palm searching the steady throb beneath his skin.

"I don't know anything anymore," Hiccup groans, dramatically.

"That's just a wee bit dramatic, don't you think?"

Hiccup smiles, relishing in the comfort that their joined hands have to offer, and says, "Maybe a little."

"How about we go back inside and have some mead with your friends?"

"Are you sure?" Hiccup asks. "I can't guarantee you'll be relieved of their invasive questions."

"I can manage."

Later that night, they make love.

Neither actually new it was coming, it just sort of happened. Hiccup gave Eret a goodnight kiss that carried on a bit longer than an endearing gesture generally would. Before either of the two men can speak, Eret soundlessly grabs Hiccup by the arm and guides him to Eret's home and then, not too shortly, Eret's bed.

Sloppy, frantic, and untimed kisses are swapped and when Hiccup nudges Erets thighs apart, Eret complies, knowing exactly what it is Hiccup wants. What Hiccup does want, in this case, is to bite and mark Eret with a masterful collage of purples and reds; to suck the radiant pillar of his throat hard enough to leave an impression that won't go unnoticed by onlookers the next morning.

Starting at the top, working his way down, Hiccup kisses Eret until his lips tingle and tire from the hurried force. Eret is sure is a growl bubbles in the back of Hiccup's throat

"You're certainly riled up," Eret says, almost choking on his own saliva. Hopefully that wasn't noticeable. Not one of his more alluring moments. "I think I love it."

"Thanks," Hiccup chirps, nonchalantly, as though he isn't aware of the fingernails scraping down his boyfriend's sides or the impressive erection Eret is maintaining. "I figured I'd try that primal thing that Vikings are always talking about."

"Gods," Eret gasps.

Hiccup tugs impatiently at the hem of Eret's slacks and off they go. No time is wasted as Hiccup takes the swollen cock into his mouth without so much a warning. Eret barely has time to breathe and process the pleasure bestowed upon him.

"Oh wow," Eret squeaks in a pitch higher than he thought was possible. Harsh and relentless pressure seizes his cock. The hollow of Hiccup's cheeks look perfect, as they often do, and he welcomes the girth with enthusiasm. It's as though Hiccup was starved for something thick and heavy to sit between his lips and Eret just happened to waltz in at the right time. With an audible slurping noise, Hiccup parts from Eret's cock and Eret son of Eret most certainly does not whine from this.

"I want it," Hiccup says suddenly.

"Want what," Eret croaks, dazed.


Eret brushes stray locks of hair from his boyfriend's eyes and then motions him to sit by his side, on the bed.

"You want me to what?"

"I want you inside me."


Forgetting what sexual intercourse was for a split second, sudden comprehension smacks him over the head and Eret's eyes widen as he repeats, "Oh."

"Is that okay?"

Eret places his hands over Hiccup's shoulders and rubs them, soothingly.

"Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you."

Shaking his head, Hiccup smiles and crawls into Eret's lap. As he gently pushes down on Eret's chest with the palm of his hands, lowering him onto his back, Hiccup replies, "You would never hurt me."

So just like that—unprecedented—slicked and smooth fingers are inside Hiccup and he rides them without an ounce of shame. For too long, Hiccup is prepared, coaxed and opened until he won't stop begging for more. If Eret thought the sight of his love panting over just a few fingers was breathtaking, he should have prepared himself for the moment in which Hiccup properly seated himself over Eret's elongated cock. A slow, drawn out breathe empties his lungs as the younger man takes in all of Eret's length.

When Hiccup shifts and builds an appropriate momentum to accommodate his inexperience, the two both hiss in unison. The stretch is unfamiliar and strange but not at all unwanted.

"Fuck," Hiccup cries out. He's impaled himself deeply enough to feel the thickness strike the spot inside him that he's only really explored a few times throughout puberty. "Yes," he adds, as his prostate is grazed yet again and Eret laughs.

"That's the first time I've ever heard you cuss."

"It just feels so good."

"I know, love."

Gods, does it feel extraordinary; watching Hiccup bounce up and down in his lap, heavy lidded, jaw unhinged. Every time Hiccup surges himself harder onto Eret's now painfully erect cock, Eret can see the muscles in his belly tighten and coil. Hiccup squirms whenever his sensitive flesh is stimulated and he nearly wriggles away because he doesn't know if he can handle the intensity. Although it doesn't seem like Eret's the one performing most of the labor, aside from thrusting his hips to meet Hiccup's shaky and desperate rhythm, Hiccup showers him with praise.

How good his cock feels. How thick it is, how deep it hits him. How beautiful, how absolutely perfect Eret looks and feels. How long he's wanted to be fucked like this.

How much he loves him.

Eret takes Hiccup's hand into his and neither let go, even as Eret's knees buckle and his head sinks further into the mattress. It's undecided: should Eret be watching Hiccup descend rapidly onto his arousal while using a free hand to stroke himself or should he roll his eyes into the back of his head? There are so many incredible sensations all at once so what is he supposed to focus on? The unyielding, tight warmth pushing and pulling his erection is such a powerful impression and Eret can only cry out, mouth parting in helpless delight.

Somehow preserving a focused expression, Hiccup looms over his mate until their chests scrape with every rocking motion, pressing kisses and murmurs of affection against the nape of Eret's neck. Groaning and choking out his love for Hiccup, Eret approaches climax. Against the tumultuous force of their lovemaking, Eret comes, head reeling from the toe-curling, leg-shaking, and blurry orgasm. Not soon after his peak, Hiccup follows, spilling the hot trail of his release all over Eret's stomach.

He removes himself from Eret's grip, collapsing atop him, and winces slightly from the result of being filled. Eret hears him mumble something into the larger chest; something about the gods above. It's easier to hear Hiccup's rambles when he lifts his head from Eret's sweat soaked skin and says, "That was absolutely incredible."

As Hiccup buries himself closer, Eret wraps him into a tight embrace. The kiss they share isn't chaste nor is it fervent; it's slow and it provides some sort of comfort and reassurance.

"Everyone is going to notice my limp tomorrow," Hiccup ads, half-woefully.

"Good," Eret replies.

Hopefully, Berk does notice their chief's unfamiliar gait. It's a mark that won't wear off right away; a lingering aftermath that proclaims that they fucked like animals.

"I'll get back at you next time. See how you like it," Hiccup grumbles.

Eret's only reply is a lazy "Mmm," as he strokes auburn hair from Hiccup's sticky forehead. Nothing is ever for certain set in stone but the body of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III was warm and solid against his steady heartbeat and Eret can still feel the imprint of Hiccup's tongue along his neck. He listens to rhythmic breathing and decides this is what matters most.

OK. Please don't kill me. Let me explain myself. I entered my last year of college around the time I was writing this fic last year. It ended up taking up all of my time and I was more focused on graduating than I was writing fanfics. I love writing fics but I had to think about my future and get ready for life after college. So for the last year, that's what I've been so busy with and that's why I didn't have time to finish this story. After I graduated school, I got a job! Yay! So then my job took up all my time! But I decided one day to just relax and write a bit so I wrote the last chapter to this fic.

I really hope you all enjoyed it and please don't be sad that I ended this fic because I'll write and draw more Eretcup in the future. Feel free to point out any typos. I'm an exhausted full time freelance artist so I can easily overlook mistakes..