Hello people:D this is a new story of me:) well to the basics.

This is happening AFTER Neverland. Pan casted his curse but it wasn't Zelena who came with them back when Snow casted the curse.
We all know that Regina has her suicidal tendencies like saving the town from a trigger or going into fights knowing that she could
most likely could die during it. This story starts after Regina did something to save someone (the reason why it won't be mentioned that often later on).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story:)

I DON'T own this

Chapter 1

"I can't believe that you did that!" Cora shouted and Regina rolled her eyes. "What do you care? All the time you are unsatisfied with me! You have no right being angry at me when you never really cared!" Regina shouted back and Cora looked at her hurt. "I love you, Regina! And I'm sorry for what I did to you but you have to forgive me somehow..." Cora answered and Regina snorted. She unbuttoned her blouse and showed her mother a long scar. "You know who did this to me? DO you know it?" She screamed at her mother. "Leopold did it! When he raped me! When he forced himself on me... and that's your fault! Only yours! And now you want me to forgive you everything just so suddenly? Just because you have your heart back?" Regina asked and Cora looked at the scar which started from her collarbone and ended at her stomach. "I hate you." Regina said and Cora gritted her teeth. "Maybe you hate me but I'm still your mother and I don't want you to be in danger... so if it's not for me then at least for your father who surely doesn't want you already dead."

Regina laughed humorlessly and shook her head. "What I do is MY decision and not yours... you lost your right of mothership when I was 5 and you almost killed me!" Regina growled and Cora sighed. "If that's so..." She answered and turned away. Regina watched Cora slowly walking in her room and locking the door behind her. Regina walked in her own room and sighed. She looked at the long scar and shook her head. She shouldn't have said that to her mother. She just had wanted what she thought was best for her at times she hadn't had her heart. She couldn't be angry at her for forever. She laid down in her bed and sighed. She would apologize in the morning. She fell asleep. Cora was sitting on her bed and sobbed. Why did Regina still hate her? She did everything she could to make sure that Regina was safe and felt loved and she still hated her. Maybe she needed to undo the past and show Regina that she loved her even then. "I just wish that I could get the chance to apologize to my daughter..." She whispered before she too fell asleep.

The next morning Regina woke up in her bed. She was disorientated and her body hurt like hell. She looked around and saw that she was not in her usual room. She got up and hissed before she ran over to a window. She saw a village behind the window and gasped. She ran to a mirror and looked at herself. She was still the small 5 year old she had been when she had fallen asleep in her room in the Enchanted Forest but how did she get here? She touched her eye which was blue because of a bruise. Her upper lip was cut and she knew from just the little movements she had made from jumping off the bed and running to the window that she had bruises on her ribcage. She looked at her red onesie that clung tightly to her much too thin body. She heard steps and looked around hectically. The steps stopped in front of her door and she felt her heart almost burst in her chest.

"Regina? I made breakfast." Cora said and Regina gulped. Cora tried the door and found out it was locked. She sighed. "I see you downstairs I guess and then we have to talk about yesterday." Cora said and left. Regina looked around and then walked to the window. She bit her lip and looked out. The tree wasn't that far away from her and she could climb down and flee. This was a strange surrounding and her mother wouldn't find her that fast. She opened the window and jumped onto the tree. She quickly climbed down and stole herself away from the mansion. She ran around town, mostly hidden in darker alleys to hide from the strange carriages and people around. She was hungry and saw a banana. She looked around scared and picked it up then. She looked around and saw box unfolded on the ground.

She made her way over to them and sat down. She opened the banana and took a bite. She chewed on it and hummed contently. Regina was halfway through the banana when someone opened a door right in front of her and she stared into the eyes of a brunette woman. She quickly got up and ran away panicked. Ruby looked at the young version of Regina and gasped. She quickly ran back into the diner and to Granny. "There was a small child at the back of the diner and ate a banana. She looked like a really young and beaten up..." Ruby told Granny and Emmet overheard it. "You saw what?" He asked and Ruby turned to him. "A young girl. She was totally beaten up. Bruised eye, cut lip... I don't know if she was hurt otherwise because she wore a red onesie." Ruby told him and Granny's eyes widened. "Where was she?" She asked and Ruby led the two out to where little Regina had sat.

Granny caught Regina's scent and finally Ruby did too. "Why... why is it smelling like Regina?" Ruby asked and Emmet looked at Granny confused. "Because it is her... with 5... I remember that day pretty good... Regina had screamed at her mother that if she hurts her one more time that she'll run away and then Cora hit her and looked at her expectingly and Regina really did it. She shouted at her mother that she hated her and wished that she was dead before she bolted out of the room. Cora grabbed her with magic and had beaten her up so hard. She had left Regina on the ground afterwards, coughing blood and totally weak. I brought her to bed and cured her as good as possible... then Cora fired me and shooed me away. I wanted to take Regina with me but she took Regina's memory and she was afraid of me." Granny told them and they looked down.

"We need to find her." Emmet said and they nodded. Ruby started running and followed the light scent she caught from Regina as far as possible but soon she lost the track and returned to the diner. Emmet looked at her hopefully and she shook her head saddened. He sighed and looked down. "Regina always found safety in the forest. Search for her there. Although she knows how to hide her prints were good." Granny told them and they nodded. "I'll call Snow and David to help us." Emmet said and Ruby nodded. "I'm going to search already." She said and they nodded. Emmet called them and Granny called Cora. She gritted her teeth when Cora answered. "What did you do to Regina?" Granny growled and Cora gasped. "We only had an argument yesterday and then she went to bed and since then she didn't came out of bed... I didn't do anything." Cora answered and was quite hurt. "Wrong. Your daughter is a 5 year old child, beaten up and totally scared and she is running around here without clue." Granny said and Cora gasped.

She poofed herself into Regina's room and found it empty. Then she poofed herself in front of Granny and hung up. Granny looked at her angrily. "I should have taken her with me when I had the chance. I would have found a way to undo the memory spell on her." Granny growled and Cora gritted her teeth. "She is MY daughter, not yours." Cora answered and Granny hissed. "She would have had a better life if she would have lived with me." Granny hissed and many people watched them. "If she would have been raised by me she would have never had to marry a rapist and could have lived with her true love and be happy. YOU took her that! YOU are fault that Regina was evil! That she didn't know what to do with her anger!" Cora clenched her hand to a fist but got held back by Gold. "Don't. You need her if you want Regina to trust you again." He said and Cora turned around to him.

"Why are you so calm about that?" She shouted at him and Gold sighed. "Maybe because I need to get used to it that she is my daughter? You just told me a week ago!" He answered and she shook her head. "You are unbelievable..." She hissed and Granny nodded. "She is your daughter! No matter how long you know her as such you should be worried about her." Granny growled and Cora nodded at Granny's words. Gold watched the two angry women looking at him and gulped. Even if he had magic two angry women was something he didn't wanted to experience. The weird thing was that they sticked together when it came to Regina and other people said something about her. "I'm trying a location spell." He mumbled and they both nodded satisfied. He poofed away and Cora sat down on the chair. The diner still watched them but Cora rather looked defeated than anything else.

In the meantime Regina was in the forest and sat by a small river. She drank a bit and then laid down. She looked into the sky and smiled contently. Finally away from her mother. She missed Granny though. The woman who was like a real mother to her. Who loved her and cared for her. She curled up and fell asleep. Feeling safe and content. She woke up in the night again finally feeling well rested. She got up and looked around. She was hungry again and she started searching for food. Granny had taught her how to do that. She stumbled across a few branches when she heard steps behind herself. She turned around and was faced by a wolf. She gasped and quickly put a hand on her mouth to quiet down her breathing. She looked around scared and ran to a tree. The wolf had spotted her and followed her. She stumbled and fell right into something soft. She was confused when she felt soft ground beneath her and looked at it.

The wolf stood in front of her and sniffed at her back like it would be concerned about her. She sat up and crawled backwards and finally saw what she had fallen onto. It was a red cape. She hesitantly took it in her hands and the wolf ducked slightly. "You want me to put it on you?" She asked slightly afraid and it looked like the wolf was nodding. She draped the cape over the wolf who transformed back into a person. Into Ruby. "Hey, little one." She said and Regina looked at her surprised. She recognized her from the diner. "I'm here to help you." Ruby told her and ran her hand over Regina's hair. "Granny send me." Regina tilted her head. "Really? Where is she?" She asked and Ruby smiled. "I'm taking you to her. I promise. I'm her granddaughter. Ruby." Ruby told Regina who slowly nodded. Ruby took off the cape again and lowered herself down in front of Regina. Regina quickly mounted her and took the cape in her hands.

Cora was pacing in the diner scared of what had happened to her daughter. Gold couldn't find her with the locator spell and Emmet, Snow and David hadn't found her in the part of the forest Ruby had told them to search and Ruby had forgotten her phone at the diner and they didn't know what was with her. Granny was serving people and from time to time she came to Cora and stopped her pacing to calm her. "They'll find Regina. She is maybe good at surviving in the forest because I taught her but she is only 5. She only knows how to get food and how to be stealthy..." Granny assured her and Cora looked at her. "Sorry..." She said and Granny sighed. "It's alright... we both made mistakes..." Granny answered and sat down next to her. "No.. I was a horrible mother and I shouldn't have taken you away from Regina..." Cora said. They sighed.