Anime/Manga: Inuyasha and Fairy Tail

Pairing: Kagome/Natsu

Theme: Cure

Summary: Natsu hated that he had this man-made transportation sickness. He had always hoped there was a cure for it, and there just may be a cure for it from one Kagome Higurashi.

Team Natsu along with their new member, Kagome Higurashi, were on a small ship to another island based mission. As usual, Natsu was throwing up his lunch, this time into the beautiful ocean.

"Um...Na-Natsu, I have something here that may cure your sickness..." a shy voice stuttered out.

"Really?!" Natsu asked/exclaimed in excitement and wonder, while holding the hands of the person who told him this wonderful news.

Kagome blinked, surprised at the sudden closeness to herself.

"H-Hai! It's a potion that I had conjured up, seeing that you seem to have a little problem with riding man-made transportations..." Kagome was blushing by now, having her long time crush this close to her person.

"Thank you, Kagome! I'm so glad that we're friends!" Natsu exclaimed.

Natsu took the potion, and opened its lid, carelessly throwing it somewhere, and gulping down the pink liquid of a potion.

After a few moments of quiet silence, waiting to see if the potion worked or not, it was broken by an loud voice sounding quite happy.

"It worked! It really worked! Yay!" Natsu shouted out gleefully, while skipping around Kagome.

"Y-Yeah, I'm glad that it worked." Kagome said with a sigh of relief.

Natsu was so happy that he gave Kagome a kiss to her cheeks.


Kagome had fainted after Natsu gave her the kiss, with a blush on her cheeks.

"Kagome!" Natsu exclaimed with surprise.

This moment made one Kagome Higurashi so very happy, that she had fainted afterwards.