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An Unknown Secret


Briar Moss was lying down on the thatched roof of Discipline cottage. Rosethorn, Lark and Evvy were out for the day. Rosethorn and Evvy were helping Dedicate Crane in his greenhouse. Briar had been in there once, and only once. He hoped he never had to go in there again. He had helped Crane create a cure for the Blue Pox, which made Rosethorn die, but he and the girls had pulled her back to life. Briar couldn't even picture life without her, six long years later. He couldn't picture life without Lark, Daja, Tris, Frostpine, Niko, and Sandry either. Especially Sandry. He liked her the most. Ever since the beginning, since the day they first had met. She had a certain air about her. It was mystifying and exciting. Briar knew that she could get into just as much trouble as he, but she would most likely be able to talk her way out of it.

Briar hoped they all came home soon. Even with Evvy there, it was lonely. Yes, Sandry was only with her uncle in the city, but it was still too far away. She should be here, with him. And all the others when they came back. That was what was right. They should never be separated, the four of them.


Sandry was sitting with her uncle, the Duke of Emelan. She had lived with him ever since his heart attack 2 years ago. Her student, Pasco, was sitting next to her. He too had lived in the palace ever since Sandry had found him, 2 years ago. He was a dance mage, quite like she was a stitch-witch. He was eager to get to his dancing lesson, so eager in fact, he seemed to be dancing in his seat. She leaned over, touched his arm, and grinned at him. He smiled back at her, realizing that she was trying her best to hurry it up. If her uncle had noticed the silent exchange, he didn't say anything. Sandry herself was fidgeting. After what seemed like forever at the palace, she was finally returning to Discipline. Daja and Tris were still away with their teachers, Frostpine and Niko, but Briar and Rosethorn were back. Briars student, Evvy, was living in the girls' dormitory in Winding Circle. She mostly got along with everybody, even though she had once been a "street rat". Pasco would be living in the boys dormitory. He should do fine there.

The duke stood up and cleared his throat, causing Sandry to lose her train of thought. "I believe you may go now, Sandry, Pasco." He said, nodding to each of them in turn. As they walked out, he stopped Sandry, bent down, kissed her on the cheek, and said, "I will miss having you here." He whispered in her ear.
"I will miss being here, but I need to go back to Discipline. I promise to come back and visit often," Sandry said, almost regretting having to leave.
"I will hold you up to that." The duke said, eyes flashing in amusement. He watched as his niece and her student walked out the door.

Sandry took Pasco to his dance lesson, then she returned to their rooms to make sure everything was together. After she had done that, she sat down on her bed, and awaited Pasco's return.

Pasco walked into his and Sandry's rooms after his dance lesson. He found Sandry lying on her bed, sleeping, with all their bags around her. He laughed quietly, and went over and shook her shoulder. Sandry blinked up at him.
"Are you ready yet?" she asked. Pasco nodded, and Sandry sat up. "Lets go then." She said, an eager gleam in her eye. She called over a servant to bring their bags to their horses, and then she and Pasco made their way down to the stables.


Briar had fallen asleep on the roof, watching the wisps of clouds just beginning form into huge storm-like clouds. It was a habit he had picked up from Tris. He woke up about half an hour later, and went downstairs. He was just in time to see Sandry come through the gates of Winding Circle. He yelped with joy, and ran out to greet her.

Sandry smiled when she saw the familiar face hurtling towards her horse. It was nice to be home, for Discipline was her real home, and nothing could ever take its place in her heart. She dismounted her horse, and looked hard at Briar. He had grown a few inches since she had last seen him. After a minute she threw herself at him, and started sobbing with joy. He patted her back awkwardly, and grinned at her when she pulled away.
"S… Sorry Briar… I… I just can't he.. help myself. It's so nice to be home!" she stammered. His grin just broadened, and he said, "Can I help you with your stuff?" She nodded, and handed him a bag.

It was a few hours later, and Pasco was out exploring Winding Circle with Evvy. Sandry was making tea, and Briar was sitting at the table.
"Now all we need is for Daja and Tris to be back." She said, voicing what he had just been thinking. He nodded. "Yea… then we're a circle again, aren't we?" he responded, almost absent mindedly. Sandry turned around and glared at him.
"We were never not a circle Briar Moss. Just because we were separated doesn't mean that it was… well… broken. It's not something that can ever be broken, unless done deliberately." She said, anger hinted in her voice. Briar looked taken aback at her words.
"Sorry Princess… I didn't mean it like that." He said gruffly. She calmed down a bit at the use of her old nickname from the once street-rat. The tea was ready, and she pulled out their cups. She handed Briars his after pouring it, and sat down across from him. It was quiet, almost an awkward silence. The kind of silence between long separated friends.
"So… what've you been up to, Princess?" Briar asked curiously, after a few long moments.
"Oh you know, the usual. Training a stubborn young boy… Saving Emelan… waiting to see you guys again. You?" Sandry replied. Briar flashed his pearly whites at her. "Pretty much the same… Trying to convince my stubborn headed girl that plants are not rock killers." He said, with a laugh. Sandry smiled.
"Oh really now? What makes her think that they're rock killers?" she asked. And then Briar was off, ranting and raving, reliving the stories, the things him and his student had been through. It was like old times.



Tris sighed contentedly. She was going home. Home to Discipline, home to her family, her best friends. To the only people she had ever been able, been given the chance to love. She couldn't wait to see Briar… and Sandry. They were home already. Tris couldn't deny that she was jealous that they were home together already… But she would be there soon. They wouldn't get too much time alone… thankfully. To tell the truth, she had been in love with Briar for years now. She had just never admitted to herself exactly how much she cared for the ex-thief. She had never even let the thought enter her mind… until recently. She had decided that she didn't want to hide her feelings anymore, that she had to be true to herself. Even if it did mean she ended up hurting herself. She sighed and kicked her pony into going faster. Only a few more hours till she reached home. And heartache.


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