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Dark Apocalypse Mage - Naruto


The Resurrection

Outskirts of Fiore, Year X775.

Cold; The frosty cold so intense, it burned away at his flesh.

That was only what he could feel.

Silence; So loud and deafening pounding away at his ears.

That was all he could hear.

Darkness. It was an empty abyss of nothingness, as infinite as grains of sand.

That, was all he could see.

Amidst that abyss, two eyes slowly opened their stare gazing into the abyss in what appeared to be an empty acquiescence.

Hands belonging to said man moved slowly and weary, having not been moved for nearly decades. With such a small movement, a trigger was activated, seals all over the body of the man glowed into life, dancing in complicated patterns and manners, trying and failing to do their job.

A fox like grin crept its way up to the figures face, slowly fixing itself there, as the eyes of the figure switched into what one could only be described as pure, manic glee. Soon, very soon.

As though the man could foretell the future, the trigger activated. The runes stretched and turned, glowing brightly with an insane amount of energy, desperately trying to prevent the freedom figure, but it was too little, too late. Like an overstretched band of rubber, they snapped.

With his freedom released to him the figure released a laugh, or what would have sounded like a laugh but came out as haggled coughs. Apparently not using his vocal cords for such a long time had some ill effects. Nevertheless, it certainly wasn't enough to remove the massive grin on his face.

He closed his eyes slowly, with a calming sigh, the previous grin vanishing like the wind.

"It is time…" he spoke with a sore, quiet, voice, yet it carried an edge to it. His eyelids opened, and his crystal clear blue eyes slowly morphed into another form that had struck the hearts of many once before.

"…for this world…" his blue eyes turned to a metallic purple, with rings structuring themselves along with a small dot in the center.

"…to know pain." Both his eyes closed slowly, then at some unspoken signal snapped open as wide as they could, the rings in his eyes closest to the dot contracted with a simple two word command.

It was quieter than a whisper, two words that carried the weight of mountains, the power to push around Bijuu like common house pets and turn men into paste smoother than powder. And as such would probably change the magical world as they knew it..

"Shinra Tensei (Subjugation of the Omnipresent God)."

A female figure dashed through the dark forests as fast as she could, not even daring to look back. Her adrenaline levels where at their highest, and beads of sweat rolled down her face. This wasn't supposed to be happening! The boss had assured them that he could handle anything, that they would gain unimaginable power to rule the world. And now he was dead, his head had been severed from his body so fast, his blood didn't even get on the blade that had killed him.

The plan was supposed to be simple, gather a group of expert rune-masters, find the lost tomb, and then they would break the runes and barriers and awaken him. The legendary black mage, the most powerful man in the world, and most importantly, he was the Teacher of the infamous Zeref. His power was so strong that he had defeated Zeref and the Dragon of Apocalypse, Acnologia simultaneously. The demons he created put those of Zeref to utter shame and his most powerful demon, Kurama the legendary, nine-tailed demon fox, had caused utter destruction and possessed an attack that made Acnologia's look like kitty litter.

She took a sharp turn to avoid slamming into a tree, but it was for naught as she tripped against a root, and rolled down a cliff, tumbling heads over heels, before crashing into a large pond. She groaned as she got up and out of the pond.

He was a living legend, and easily the most powerful man alive, he was ruggedly handsome and immortal, having a twenty-one year old form all the while. The man with the title 'Kage no Shinigami (Shadow of the Death God)' the infamous mage, whose name alone was said to make infants cry in fear, and full grown men shake in their boots, Naruto Uzumaki.

And he was standing right in front of her.

'I'm totally fucked.'

She looked up at him and her heartbeat doubled, he had blonde spiky hair that spiked in all direction, he also had bangs which framed the front and sides of his face, stopping at jaw-length. The tips of his hair were blood red and his hair had some red streaks visibly running through it. He had whisker-like marks on both sides of his face, giving him a feral appearance. His eyes where bright, ocean blue that seemed to look right through her. He wore a long black hooded jacket/coat hybrid*, with the edges of his coat tipped with neon black flames that somehow was visible despite the dark cloak. He wore a plain black T-shirt within the cloak and had ANBU-edition dark pants, along with a pair of dark open-toed sandals.

The young female looked up at him in awe, he didn't look half as scary as he did when he slaughtered her boss and peers. She shuddered at the thought, remembering how his hood was up, and how he had a long three-bladed scythe with him which had actually giving him the impression of a soul reaper, as per his title. She remembered how he had effortlessly beheaded her Guild's Master with the weird Three Bladed Scythe, and then took out the second in command.

She knew that she stood no chance from there on, her foolish guild mates had attacked in anger, but she was wiser than that. She turned tail and ran, as fast as she could.

The one fact that scared her most was that the runes where gradually supposed to siphon off his power until he died, so he was at LESS than TEN percent of his power! It was the reason her master, or rather- late master, had been so confident, thinking that he would be weak if he had less than ten percent of his full strength. How wrong he was.

At less than ten percent he had slaughtered her entire dark guild which had at least three S-rank mages. She idly wondered just what they had unleashed unto the world.

Rearing her thoughts back to the current situation, she became extremely self conscious once she noticed that he had been staring at her for quite some time.

She soon realized why. Apparently, after tumbling down the hill, and splashing in the water, her clothes had been torn in numerous parts, and was now soaking wet, clinging to her skin.

She let out an 'eep' and quickly covered her form. Men! How predictable!

"Fascinating, I didn't think I missed anyone back there." his voice was deep, however it still carried an edge to it and however it sounded both demonic and angelic at the same time eluded her.

"No matter, though I thank you for freeing me, I cannot let the world know of my freedom yet, and as such all with the knowledge of my existence must be eliminated." With that final statement, she felt as though all the world's gravity had landed on her shoulders with the force of a sledgehammer.

Her heartbeat picked up and her breathing became hard and labored as the terrifying pressure shook her to the core. It was so dreadful and horrifying; she started seeing visions of her own death, dying in some of the sickest and most brutal ways possible, crushing, internal and external explosion, torn in half vertically and horizontally, tortured, abused, and so much more.
Simultaneously, every single inch of happiness, joy or rationality had been forcefully sucked away from her mind. She could barely even contemplate slitting her own throat just to get away from him, to get away from the monster producing such an aura.

With a large shriek, her back arched as she fell over, eyes rolled into the back of her head and frothing at the mouth. Her mind shattered, broken and confused from seeing visions of her own death, thereby actually causing her body's organs to act as if she had truly died.

The red-headed blonde moved slowly over to the girl's body and sighed, however he quickly checked to see that she was merely unconscious and not dead.

"Hmm... interesting and that wasn't even up to one-quarter of my total killing intent." Shaking his head at the thought, he realized that the deed was done.

He had used his own special demonic-chakra laced killing intent to shatter a part of her mind and totally erase any memory of the past month. Painfully brutal? Yes. Effective? Most certainly, and efficiency was what he needed at the moment anyways.

Turning his head towards the path leading out of the forest, he grinned viciously as he recalled the memories he had absorbed from some of the pathetic men that actually had the gall to fight him.

"Fiore huh? Let's see how much has changed in the last hundred years, cause things are never be the same again."

With that, he faded out of existence, as though he was never there in the first place.


*- If you can't imagine it, then think of it as Naruto's Sage coat being modified into an Assasin's Creed outfit.

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