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Dark Apocalypse Mage – Naruto

Chapter 6:


Shirotsume Town

It was twelve minutes past two in the afternoon.

One particular blue-haired dragonslayer found herself peeved beyond all logic and human comprehension due to growing tired of hearing the grunts of her teacher and the frantic, heated moans of that accursed woman with her accursed Ice Make techniques. Every. Single. Night.

She had eventually fought the woman, as a test of sorts, and somehow, someway, the battle had ended in a draw. It was the most mind-boggling thing that had happened to her, that for all of her strengths, she had failed to defeat that- that woman!

Of course, the woman had also failed to defeat her, but to Wendy, a draw was as good as a loss.

Her sensei had claimed that he had expected something of the sorts, but Wendy was inclined to feel that he might have been slightly disappointed. What did it matter that Ul at her peak was a prime candidate for the title of Wizard Saint? She was the Sky Dragonslayer and the apprentice of one of the most powerful mages to have ever walked the earth!

It still meant that she had much, much to learn.

As such, the girl had been sent on another assassination mission once more, as per the request of her teacher, and she was utterly pleased to leave the vicinity.

Because if she had to hear Ul scream out an orgasm one more time, she was going to lose her mind.

The Dragonslayer crept up a wall, utilizing chakra to stick to it, as she made her way into the castle. With a pre-natural gust of speed, she opened a window and grabbed the ledge, flipping in silently as the window closed behind her without a click.

She instantly leaped to the ceiling, sticking to it as she made her way through what was essentially a large mansion, doing her best to stay out of sight. Her sensei had insisted performing this mission before nightfall, telling her that if she could sneak into someone's house in broad daylight and kill him without either alerting the guards nor the servants, then he'd concede giving her an A, and teach her a new S-Rank kinjutsu.

Needless to say, Wendy was all up for the challenge. Her sensei rarely taught her Jutsu from his massive arsenal, due to the fact that he believed that she should, first and foremost, master the ones she did have before he even thought about giving her anymore. So a chance to learn a jutsu, and one that S-Rank at best, was a chance she was not going to skip out on.

When she moved, Wendy ensured to do so with celerity and purpose, finding her way into the mansion, she was almost completely sickened when she noticed the sheer level of narcissism possessed by the owner of the mansion. There were golden statues of himself adorned in almost every hallway and every corner, his toilet bowl was golden and looked like him, and there was even a giant golden statue with his tongue sticking out that went for several layers down the mansion.

"Everlue-sama wants his dinner served early today."

The Sky Dragonslayer froze as her nose instantly sniffed out the presence of someone that were not supposed to have been there. It was absurd, as though the giant, bulking, pink-haired gorilla of a woman dressed in a maid's outfit had appeared out of nowhere. Wendy had already known of the other ugly maids, but the woman's presence had thrown her for a complete loop.

Then there was something off about the woman. She didn't smell… human.

The woman turned in her general direction and Wendy had to slink into another room unnoticed, finding herself in a large library as she used her tree walking and rapidly climbed to the top of a particularly tall bookcase.

The pink haired gorilla woman walked in, and searched around, forcing the Dragonslayer to slowly but gently finger the senbon needles at her side. The woman walked around, leisurely, as though searching for something, and Wendy let the senbon slip into her fingers, ready to take aim.

Thankfully, before the dragonslayer would have to kill more than one target, the gorilla like woman left the room.

Wendy sighed to herself, letting out the breath she didn't know she was holding before she moved out of the library.

She stared at it though, it was a rather large and extensive library, and she truly doubted if the man would need it all. There was a slightly bibliophilic part of her that wanted to grab everything and seal it into a storage scroll, but that wasn't her reason for the mission.

So instead she stealthily moved out of the library, ensuring to evade the maids, before she eventually found one maid who seemed to be carrying a plate of food.

Wendy was crawling on the ceiling with chakra, and she caught up to the woman. She was tempted to knock the woman unconscious and use the Henge to take her form, but she shuddered at how ugly the woman was, and felt that there was no way she was going to transform into that.

Instead, upon finding the door which most likely belonged to the room of her target, Wendy glanced around the room, finding an airway vent which she headed towards.

Staring at the screws on it, she brought forth her nails, lengthening them at will, before she rapidly unscrewed all four of them, and caught the vent cover before it fell, then, she snuck her way inside it and placed it back to avoid suspicion.

She crawled, ensuring to avoid making even the slightest of noises, passing several turns as her nose followed the maid's smell, and she eventually found herself staring down at a bedroom, in which a short, slightly fat and pudgy man groped the ugly maid.

Wendy had to stop herself from throwing up.

Once the maid had left the room, the dragonslayer decided it was time up. Taking in a deep breath of air, she began taking in a deep breath of air.

All at once, all the oxygen in the room was drawn towards her mouth, and she ignored the strangled gasps of the man in the room as he tried to breathe but found himself unable to do so with absolutely no air present.

Wendy continued to consume the air, drawing upon it for what was over five minutes as the man had begun rolling on the floor and frantically grasping at his throat, and over and over, until his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he went still.

She still continued for several more minutes, just in case he was faking, and upon determining that he wasn't, she kicked upon the grate and landed with a soft crouch into the room.

Then she moved over to her target, and checked for a pulse.

There was no doubt. Duke Everlue was dead.

She grabbed the man's body, hoisting it over herself with a strength utterly unexpected from a girl her age, and then she moved into his bathroom, focusing on the large golden bathtub as she tossed him in and put on both taps of hot and cold water.

She walked out of the bathroom, only to freeze when she noticed the giant ugly gorilla like maid seemingly appear in the room.

Wendy swore under her breath. Just when she had been hoping for a break.

"You killed Master Everlue."

She spoke the sentence in such a manner that implied it was a question, but wasn't a question and it threw Wendy for a loop.

"You don't seem too torn up about it."

"He was a horrible Master."

It was a hunch, a weird hunch, based on the fact that her smell was off, but Wendy went with it anyway.

"You… you're not human."

"No. I am not."

All at once she transformed from being an ugly, grotesque looking thing to a young, beautiful woman with brilliant pink hair, wearing a maid's outfit with a certain chain around it.

"I am the Virgin, Virgo."


Virgo nodded. "My celestial spirit key is in Everlue's top desk. You have potential as a summoner, even though you do not seem to be the type. For now, without a Master to sustain me I have to return to the spirit realm."

Her form seem to glitter a bit before fading "I do hope we meet again, Wendy-sama."

Wendy mused over the odd meeting. Of all the things she had possibly expected, meeting with a Celestial Spirit was not one of them. She shook her head and decided to continue with her mission.

Once she was done creating a fake crime scene that would look like a suicide, she moved over to the man's desks and tables, finding the key that Virgo had mentioned, fingering the golden tool before she threw it into her pocket, deciding that she'd show master the key once she was done. She then began searching through Everlue's documents and files, her face twisting into one of disgust upon seeing just what was contained amidst it all.

"Slavery, wrongful imprisonment, kidnapping, trafficking and smuggling…"

Wendy frowned as she looked through it all. When she had been assigned to kill him, she had never questioned it, just as she hadn't questioned all of the twelve other people she had killed on her sensei's instructions. However, it was only after she had killed them that she realized they were all scumbags or rapists or mass murderers, and she didn't know if her sensei had intentionally let her kill these people because he cared about the society and felt that the world would be better off without them, or because he didn't want her to bury herself in guilt from committing cold blooded murder, by letting her know that the people she killed were vermin.

She sighed, she would never truly understand her sensei. His methods of doing things were odd, and he cared about her even though everything he did seemed to suggest otherwise.

Shaking her head, Wendy took the documents about Everlue's multiple hidden resorts, lands and caches, as well as everything that had to do with his wealth. He was scum, but he was a rich scum, and for some weird reason, her sensei was amassing a large amount of wealth from all sorts of scum like him.

When she said large, she meant large, because her sensei had almost gotten over five hundred billion jewels over the last few years, and she had no idea as to what he wanted to use all that money for. It was like he was planning to fund a war or something.

Still, with her mission complete, and her purpose served, the Sky Dragonslayer stealthily made her way out of Everlue's room, and left the house without so much as making a sound.

~~~~~~ Dark Apocalypse Mage – Naruto ~~~~~~~~~~~~



"Ice Make: Rose Garden!"

A massive pillar of frozen thorns and roses emerged from the ground, twisting, turning and spreading out with the purpose of freezing the mage who stood opposite her, but the second the Ice made contact with him, the Ice instantly melted, falling apart into nothing but ordinary water.


Ul found herself gritting her teeth. It was almost completely pointless to try and freeze him with her Ice, nothing she did seemed to have an effect on him. Her Ice always either shattered or fell apart before it ever came close to him, yet he insisted and insisted and insisted on making her continue to attack him in futility.

"Ice Make: Rose Garden!"

Once more, an even larger mass of thorny ice shaped in the form of a rose vine launched forth towards the Uzumaki, only managing to come within his presence before they all shattered and melted into another puddle of water.


"What's the point? You've made it overwhelmingly clear that I can't harm you with my magic!"

"For an ice mage, you're rather hot tempered."

Ul let her eye twitch in annoyance. Almost everything the blond did these days either seemed to annoy her or make no sense to her. At first, she had believed that his sole motivation for reviving her lay in the fact that he just wanted a sex companion, and Ul found herself strangely accepting of it, as the man was sheer ecstasy in bed, but then he'd suddenly pulled a 180 on her and said that it was time to train.

Then he had literally dragged her out of bed and put clothes on her and brought her out to practice.

Though he had seen her naked and they'd had sex multiple times, Ul couldn't stop herself from blushing like a school girl when he'd help her get dressed.

So she found herself now dressed in an outfit that wasn't overtly revealing, yet perfect for battle. Now dressed in what was essentially a dark blue qipao or Chinese short dress that was modified to allow a far wider range of movement than a normal qipao, she also wore white sandal-boots and a blue leotard with dark brown sheer pantyhose and a blue thong underneath with her qipao.

Her short hair was still in place, and overall she found herself liking the look much more than she had expected, as it allowed her mobility and dexterity to perform her magic, and was somehow extremely sturdy.

According to his apprentice, he had been the one to also design the outfit for the younger girl, and if the Mage wasn't bent on whatever plan he possibly had for the world, he'd make a killing from being a fashion designer. The Sorcerer's Magazine would probably never stop hiring him to dress up their models.

"Your ice is strong, but at the same time, it is weak." The mage said at last "I'm not even melting it."

"What do you mean you're not melting it? Then how –"

"Ice is a combination of Water and Wind. It's an elemental fusion, as such, all I am doing is breaking apart the bonds of wind fused within it. Once that happens, the Ice falls apart."

As though to illustrate, she watched, with utmost disbelief, as he raised an arm into the air, and in a single motion, a giant ice dragon appeared, without even having to chant or make any incantations.

Then, he waved his hand, and the Ice vanished, but rather than the dragon vanishing with it, it remained in the form of a water dragon which lunged towards her.

Ul brought forth her Ice Magic as she froze the water dragon solid, and then it crumbled to the ground as a slushy mess of snow.

"If you are able to create ice so strong that even once the winds cooling it is removed; the shape of the water is retained, then your ice will become one step closer to reaching the pinnacle of Ice Magic."

"The pinnacle?" Ul asked, before her mind drew forth its own conclusions "Do you mean… Absolute Zero?"


Ul shook her head. "That's a myth."

"Absolute Zero is not a myth," He said "It is a forgotten, forbidden magic capable of generating ice so cold that anything it freezes is damaged permanently on a molecular level. It is ice that transcends comprehension and the roots of the frozen magic that can slay even gods. Anything frozen by it, can never truly be thawed."

As though trying to prove a point, the man drew in air from the atmosphere and all at once, the weather became a serious frigid cold.

"The easiest spell to learn under Absolute Zero is the Iced Shell. An ice that never thaws, but must sacrifice one's own body and consciousness to keep it so. That alone gives you the understanding of just how powerful it is."

Ul's eyes widened. She had always believed that all those tales of a higher form of Ice Magic being mere tales, but here was a living, breathing legend, telling her that it truly existed.

"You want me to learn this magic?"

"Again I ask you woman, why must you ask questions to which you already possess the answer?"

Ul frowned. She didn't understand. "Why? Why are you training me?"

"Did you honestly believe that the only reason I brought you back was just to have mindless sex? No. If I wanted nothing but a sex slave there are far easier ways I could attain one."

"I don't understa-"

"It seems that my student, Zeref has gone and built himself an army. It is still slowly in the works, and I intend to conquer it and make it mine."

Ul gulped. The Black Mage Zeref versus the Mage of Apocalypse Naruto. She wondered just what she had gotten himself into.

"While I am a crusher of armies, attempting to rage a one man war on Alvarez would be stupid because my student knows me well, he knows what I can do, and there is no doubt that he has placed contingencies to stop me. So instead, I will raise my own army to topple his."

"You- you want to raise an army?"

"I only need nine individuals." Naruto said "Nine solid, capable mages that I will mold into my own image and grant upon them powers that will make the title of Wizard Saint seem like a golden star handed out to retards in a kindergarten class."

"And I'm one of them." It was a statement of fact, but her tone indicated that she was more of questioning him than confirming it.

He walked over to her, and planted a kiss on her mouth, granting her that familiar feeling of lightheadedness as his tongue explored her mouth like a cat playing in a litter box.

Once his lips detached, he once more gave her that familiar, cocky grin.

"Yes. You are."

Ul nodded, not trusting her voice at this point. Suddenly a thought came to her, and she didn't know why she voiced it.

"Why do I have a feeling all nine of these warriors are going to be women?"

He gave her a cocky grin once more before he shrugged. "Women do possess a potential that is more satisfying to bring out, whether it is in battle or in bed."

Ul's breath hitched as the man's hands found themselves trailing down her legs and reaching to a spot that he had become rather intimately familiar with.

Her hand reached out to stop him, and he gazed at her with an amused expression.

"Oh? What's this now?"

"I'm not complaining about the sex, but I need to know, whether or not all I should expect from you is just sex."

Though the idea of sharing the mage never once crossed her mind, she would have no problem if the relationship they had was purely of a sexual nature. However, if it was something more, she wasn't sure if she'd be comfortable with it at all.

"In case you've forgotten, I own you."

"But I still have my own thoughts and feelings. I vowed to follow you, and I don't break my vows – but you said it yourself, if you want nothing more than a sex slave you could so easily get it. So I need to know now if this sex is the only thing between us."

"And why would it matter?"

"So I don't get lead on. So I don't end up falling for someone who'll never feel the same way. So I don't invest my feelings into this, into you."

For a second, he recoiled as though physically slapped.

"You'd fall in love with me? Me?" he worded it as though it were an abstract concept "I am the Mage of Apocalypse. I have defeated hundreds and killed thousands more. I am destruction incarnate, I am –"

"Still human."

There was a cold frigid silence.

"You are still human. Human with thoughts and feelings and dreams and goals just like anyone else," she said, "And it doesn't matter if you're a god or the devil. Even they have emotions, even they feel lonely."

"Careful woman –"

"Naruto, I just think you shouldn't use sex a substitute for affection."

Ul found herself pinned to the ground faster than she could think, his purple eyes burning as she felt the overwhelming presence of his killing intent.

"It would be wise for you to remember, that as much as I enjoy you, you are not irreplaceable. Is. That. Clear?"

Ul nodded, ignoring the lump in her throat. "Crystal."

"Good. Now-" His hand rapidly went to work on her body as Ul witnessed a certain hungry gaze on him she had never seen before.

"-If you think sex can't substitute for affection, I'm about to show you just how wrong you are."

Ul's voice would later become hoarse from how loudly she screamed.

~~~~~~~~~ DAMN ~~~~~~~~

"Naruto-sensei is never this late."

Wendy sighed to herself as she stood outside a deserted cabin, in which she had been expecting to meet a shadow clone of her sensei or the man himself, but she had found neither.

She left the cabin, eventually. Taking the absence of the man to mean that either his shadow clone had found something or someone that was particularly interesting it had followed, or there was something else at stake.

"Carla, we're going out for a walk."

The Cat appeared by her side, though slowly as she grumbled. A useful ability that Wendy had decided was a must for Carla to learn, was Invisibility. It made it better when she combined her invisibility with using her wings to help Wendy fly, making it seem as though the little girl could fly of her own accord, while ensuring that the cat never became a target.

Wendy let her companion hop on her shoulder as she let herself wander deeper into the forests surrounding the cabin, and far off into the outcropping of stony hills that lay beyond.

Carla was asleep, having being tired from the harsh training regimen she had to withstand each and every day, and Wendy found herself comfortable in her silence as she moved through the woods.

The Dragonslayer had often wondered, how differently her life would have been had she never been found by her sensei. As he had said, she would have most likely been dead at this point, so it was moot to wonder.

Her real problem however, was wondering why her foster mother, why Grandeeney had left her. Why had the dragon just simply chosen to abandon her, out of the blue? After making so many promises about their time together, after lavishing her with praise upon praise and with gifts and kindness, she had, all at once, forcefully stripped her of it without even a second thought.

Had it all been a lie? Was Grandeeney merely 'leading her on' so to speak? Had she truly loved her?

Wendy didn't know. Her only way to find out was to eventually find her, and once she did find the dragon, she would demand answers. She would demand the truth from her, she would want to know if everything had been a lie.

Therein lay the difference between her sensei and her mother figure. Her sensei didn't mince his words with her, he was a harsh taskmaster, he utterly and ruthlessly trained her to the point that her body had been laid broken and beaten and forced her to rise back up.

Many people said he was pure evil, but Wendy disagreed. It was there in her Sensei's eyes, the warmth and kindness that had turned frigid, turned utterly frozen because he had once cared too much, had once loved too much, had once showed too much.

Her sensei never talked about his past, and Wendy was always careful not to probe too much into it, for he believed that the past was gone, and all that was left, and all that was supposed to be looked forward to, was the future.

The dragonslayer's nose turned upwards as she picked up a trio of strange scents. She stopped, crouching down on the dirty path in the forest, as her eyes picked up the sign of tracks, footprints belonging to three people.

Thankfully, her sensei had shown her the proper way to analyze such things as her eyes picked out the marks and made her deductions. The first set of print was large and looked indented deeply, most likely indicating a male figure, burly, large and quite possibly tall. The second was smaller, and not as heavy, but still produced a slight prominence that led Wendy to believe it belonged to that of a woman, most likely in her mid-teens and of somewhat average height. The third however was the lightest and from the way the tracks followed it was almost like the girl had a quite literal spring to her step, and it was the lightest of them all.

"Why does this feel like I'm about to enter a fairy tale?"

Wendy sighed to herself as she remembered one of the few story books she had read about a girl who had met three bears, each one possessing almost the exact same characteristics she had just ascribed to the footprints. Then of course, the scent she was able to gleam off the footprints were just… odd. The first smelled like wild monsters and beasts, the second, smelled oddly and dangerously of demons, and the third, had the joyful, enigmatic aroma of cute, fluffy animals.

And it made no sense to her whatsoever.

Her curiosity piqued, Wendy found herself following the scents and the prints, just to see where they might lead. Using the method of travel taught to her by her sensei, Wendy leaped up into the trees, jumping from tree to tree in quick, rapid bursts of movement that wasted no energy. Her eyes were no longer trained on the tracks because once her nose had caught the scent, she could easily follow it to wherever it may lead.

It took her several minutes of tree-hopping, and for a second she wondered if it was a futile exercise and she should just have returned back to the cabin to see if her sensei had returned. Of course she remembered that if he did arrive, her sensei would easily be able to track her down at the very least, or she'd be able to sniff him out due to his unique smell.

So that meant she had some free time to herself to explore an adventure.

The Sky Dragonslayer's mind was drawn back to the present as she could hear the upcoming roar of a creature, as well as the wild echoes of a battle, and it gave her pause, for all of several seconds.

"Carla... I need you to stay here."

The cat groggily rubbed her eyes with her paw "W-hat Wendy?"

Gently propping her feline companion up against a tree and ensuring she was put in such a way that would ensure she didn't fall, the sky dragonslayer dashed as quickly as she could, moving through the thick foliage until she exited the layer of trees and found herself at a rocky outcropping, staring down at a scene she never quite expected to see.

In an outcropping, there was a massive, gargantuan looking beast with thick, bony horns, and strong muscular arms fighting against a woman that had a long draconic/demonic looking tail and dressed in a skin tight suit with demonic gauntlets on each arm.

Wendy could tell that these were the same people that she had sniffed out earlier, but she was surprised that they were fighting, considering that their tracks had indicated that they were supposed to be walking together.

As the Sky Dragonslayer observed the fight, she noted that the woman was actively holding back, missing key chances to make critical moves and blows, restraining the strength of her attacks, and she kept yelling towards the monster. The monster of course seemed to have no such restrictions against her, and it brutally caught her in its hands and slammed her against the rocky earth like he was serving a basketball on a tennis court, sending the woman skidding onto the ground with a pained grasp as her skin was harshly grated like cheese.

Then all at once, the form of the woman changed.

She was a slim woman of below average height with long white hair wearing a gothic-looking, overly revealing outfit. She donned a dark, skimpy sleeveless shirt adorned with some light curved motifs on the chest, a pair of leather shorts held up by a studded belt with a demonic looking buckle and thigh-high boots with stiletto heels, each bearing a skull adorned by a flower on their upper front parts. She also sported a bracelet shaped like a demonic arm around her right wrist, a ring on the same hands middle finger and dark nail polish.

Wendy drank in the form of the girl, both with slight curiosity and annoyance, but found herself having no time to question the girl's fashion choices as she was struggling to stand up, and as the massive beast walked towards her, slowly.

Wendy's mind was drawn towards one particular book in Naruto's collection of bestsellers called Icha Icha – which the mage had was publishing under the name of Jiraiya the Gallant. She remembered that one edition had a rather notorious, vividly described scene of monsters and unwitting girls, and if that was what was about to happen, the Sky Dragonslayer would be out of there faster than lightning could streak across the sky.

Thankfully, it seemed that things weren't going to turn down that nastily perverted route, as the creatures only goal was sheer carnage.

The woman tried to move but found herself unable to do so, and Wendy had feared that it was the end for her.

Right up until the third person she had sniffed out but hadn't seen appeared in between the monster and the creature.

She was a younger short white hair, and wearing a short, dark red dress with a white collar and bow. Up on her arms above her elbows, she wore gold rings with a pale pink fabric flowing down from them and she wore tall, black socks along with brown shoes.

"What is she doing?"

She seemed to be talking to the creature, as though trying to calm the massive beast with words would actually be effective against it, or as though it would somehow work.

Wendy shook her head, noting finally, that the creature also seemed tired of her speech and had rose it hand to strike.

And that was when she moved.

With preternatural speed, Wendy crossed the distance, channeling both Wind Chakra and her own special brand of magic through her lengthened claws.

She dove down, preventing the beast from striking down the girl as her claws countered its strike.

Just like her sensei had taught her, she rendered upon no mercy.

And she cleaved through the beast's head like a hot knife through butter.

~~~~~ DAMN ~~~~~~

Mirajane Strauss, for the first time in her S-Rank career as a mage, had felt overwhelming genuine fear as she witnessed her brother transform into the beast with his Take Over magic, only for him to lose control.

She didn't want to genuinely hurt him, and at the same time, she needed to get him to come to his senses, but both her attempts to do either had failed.

Then, her sister, her sweet, precious, innocent sister Lisanna had gotten into the way of the monster and herself, in an attempt to stop him.

Mirajane discovered the through meaning of horror as she watched Elfman's transformed hand, almost in slow motion, descend on her sister.

Only for her to blink, as in a flash, a small, clandestine blue figure had appeared, and there was blood. There was a lot of blood.

The spray of blood from the beast had utterly bathed Lisanna, and even Mirajane found parts of it splashing against her face.

Lisanna screamed.

The beast – her brother, had blood gushing out in a wild, rampart spurt from where his head was supposed to be.



It wasn't real. It wasn't real. What she was seeing wasn't real.


The bloody head of the beast rolled to a stop in front of her.


Then it reverted into her brother.

No. No. No. No. No. NO. NO!

Mirajane screamed.

~~~~~~~~ DAMN ~~~~~~~~~'

Wendy was confused. She had been expecting the girls to be happy, she had just saved them from being killed by a monster, so why were they screaming? Why were they yelling?

It was only until her nose whiffed the smell of the monster, and she noticed that it had changed. It had changed into the smell of a man.

She glanced at the headless corpse of the beast, and her eyes slowly widened as it was now the headless corpse of a man.

Realization dawned.

There was a spike of energy, and she noticed that the woman had transformed back into her demonic looking form and was glaring at her with such hatred Wendy had never seen before.

"I-I'm s-sorry! I-I d-didn't k-know!"

Her pleas fell on deaf ears.

The punch that connected to her chest lifted her into the air as she was sent barreling with sub-sonic speeds head over heels. Her body crashed through multiple outcropping layers of trees and she spat out a large glob of blood upon impact, adding to her already pierced abdomen were his broken scapula, dislocated left shoulder and multiple fractured ribs.

She coughed as she managed to glance up at the demonic form of the woman attacking her. If she didn't have her fast regeneration and sturdy body, she would have died from that attack alone.

Wendy grit her teeth as she coughed up more blood.

How was this fair? She didn't mean to kill her brother! All she had wanted was to make some new friends! All she wanted was to be the hero! How was she to know that the beast was a human?

The woman's demonic form seemed to be charging a dark beam of magic within her hands and Wendy cradled her broken ribs as she channeled chakra into her body to speed up the healing process.

"I said I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

She yelled, as loud as she could, but the woman either didn't hear her or didn't care. Wendy grit her teeth even harder as the woman's attack didn't even let down.

She had killed one brother to save a sister. If only she had minded her damned business and watched on, only if she had just listened to her sensei's advice about never playing hero.

She stood, punching the soil as guilt and confusion hit her like a physical wave.

Then, she spread her arms, wide.

She could probably have easily evaded the attack, or maybe even blocked or countered it. But she didn't. She was confused and most likely the woman was in such a huge amount of pain and sorrow that she wouldn't easily let go.

If she fought back and beat the woman, she'd forever resent her for killing her brother.

And so, she let the explosion of dark energy hit her.

The explosion had blasted several trees apart and had sent her crashing into the hard stone, head over heels, sporting, a multitude of second degree burns. In this pain ridden state, her mind was as blurry as though she'd been subjected to too many anesthetics applied in one shot, the trees began to multiply in her vision, bending and waving as though trying to tell her to stand up, to keep moving. The evening's breeze quickened, the birds of the trees fled in haste, and every denizen of the forest had retreated based on their pure animalistic instincts in the presence of a natural predator. Of course, she had no way of knowing this, as her eardrums had burst from echoing blast of the explosion, red liquid dripping slowly down her ears, as all she could detect from around her was pure, unending silence.

She managed to sit up, somehow, coughing out blood as she stared at her left arm, or whatever was left of it as it was twisted in such a manner that arms were never supposed to go, and as all the flesh covering the entire mass of the limb had been stripped bare.

Her legs were in similar broken states, bent inwards of themselves as they sported multiple burns. Her clothes were all but ripped asunder and blood poured freely from where her head had bashed strongly against a rock.

Wendy saw the form of the woman descend, and then instantly, the dragonslayer couldn't help but give her scathing remark.

"A-are you satisfied?"

It seemed that the woman finally came to her senses.

"M-my god… y-you're just a c-child… y-you can't e-even be older than t-ten…"

Her transformation fell apart as she collapsed on the floor, seemingly finally out of magical energy as tears flowed from her eyes.

She grasped her head in confusion and terror, her entire body shaking.

"W-what a-am I doing? W-what h-have I d-done?"

"That's what I'd like to know."

It was like a vengeful devil had descended from the heavens.

And he was not pleased.

He was not pleased at all.

~~~~~~~~~~ DAMN ~~~~~~~~~~

A/N: One or two chapters left till canon. And thanks to the all reviewers who gave me feedback about the issue of lemons! I'll put lemons in this story, but much later.

P.S. Ul's outfit is a darker color of Chun Li's most popular outfit from Street Fighter - minus the wristbands and hairstyle.

Ja Ne.