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The Devil's Dark Knight


Kuhou Academy

It was a mild and slightly cloudy day over Kuhou Academy, the Academy was a prestigious one which was also the only one in the small town of Kuhou. Rumour had it that the school had originally been an all girl's school that recently turned co-ed. As it certainly explained the why the girls of the school vastly outnumbered their male counterparts. And as such, the school had an abundant number of beautiful females – which the group known as the perverted trio could attest to – and also a lack of proper sense of decency. Several of the more capable teachers and students who could think properly often wondered why the faculty made the girls school uniforms so short, or why the cheerleaders of the school enjoyed flashing their underwear to anyone willing to look because of their poor excuse for a skirt.

Of course the percentage that thought about these things where so miniscule, it was considered unimportant. This was mostly because most of the male – and surprisingly some female – staff and students where more than overjoyed to get their lust and perverted urges satisfied from the free and enjoyable eye-candy.

Among the more revered eye candy, were two beautiful girls who where known as The Two Great Onee-samas of Kuoh Academy.

Their names were Himejima Akeno and Gremory Rias, the two most bust-er, beautiful girls of the Academy.

Himejima Akeno was a tall, stunning young lady with beautiful long purple hair that went down all the way to her knees, she had a firm hourglass figure and as rumour had it, the largest pair of breasts in the entire school. They didn't sag or show any indication that they even put a strain on her back, and complemented her behind perfectly. She was known for her playful and mischievous nature, but was also the definition of fine beauty and elegance, she was revered as a Nadeshiko-like woman as she was upright, strong confident, and had nearly all the characteristics expected of the perfect Japanese woman. She was the heartthrob of boys everywhere and the envy of girls and anywhere she went. Despite this though, she was very loyal to her long time friend, Rias.

Gremory Rias was the second part of The Two Great Onee-samas of the academy, she had long, free flowing blood-red hair with equally matching eyes, her face was heart-shaped and free from any scars, pimples or marring features. She had a voluptuous figure that men and women alike would die for, - for either different or the same reasons – with long, creamy and well tanned legs, soft hands with painted red fingernails, and a dazzling smile with twinkling eyes that could melt peoples heart.

It was no wonder she had accurately gotten that title.

However, while most of the students of the school fawned over the two 'princesses' there was one student who sat in his class, at the very back seat, chin propped against the back of his hand, resting on the table who simply didn't care. Said boy stared blankly through the window of his class, watching the scenery outside as the fountain swirled and turned into a whirlpool while still spewing water out into the open and then crashing back down in a glorious display, and repeating the process, adding to the humidity of the environment. He watched as the wind blew and the leaves from the Cherry Blossom tree danced and swirled to the gusts of air, putting on a beautiful display as they swirled around each other, twisting, turning, before gently landing on the surface of a small nearby pond, causing ripples to reverberate around from the point of contact.

As he sat there in his Third Year class staring blankly at the window, ignoring the nervous whispering of girls and giggling of the annoying lowlifes who had nothing better to do than gossip about him, he brushed away a bang from his thick jet black hair and continued to reminisce.

Yes, reminisce. Uchiha Sasuke Did. Not. Brood.

He was a tall, handsome boy that would not be out of place in a doushinji magazine, he had jet black hair that was styled and spiked upwards, though once looking like a ducks butt, but now resembling a crow's wings instead. His face was blank and impassive, as though chiselled finely from stone by a master artisan, his dark black eyes gazed around vacantly, neither focusing on anyone or anything and his lips formed a thin line. He wore the traditional Kuoh Academy boy's uniform that did nothing to hide the firm muscles on his hands and slightly, barely hid the diamond hard abs that covered the entirety of his stomach.

He wasn't burly of overly large, nor did he have the look of someone who had spent relentless hours in the gym to hone such muscles, rather the muscles looked like they had gotten that way from years and years of constant use practice and training, and as such he was more lean and had a body built for speed than from raising dumbbells all day long.

With his well fitted body and charming bad boy looks, it was no wonder that he was also among the most popular students in the school. Or at least, among the girls, and considering earlier that the female population outnumbered the male, he had unknowingly earned his spot at number three on the list of most popular students in the school, right behind Akeno and Rias, simply for being himself.

Oh how wonderful the high school system worked.

Due to his anti-social nature, he rarely talked to anyone outside of class, had absolutely no friends and was a loner; he constantly stared out of the window during classes and yet had one of the best grades in the entire school even when it looked like he wasn't paying attention to a word to what the teacher was saying. Regardless of his cold nature, and the fact that he had turned down so many girls to start running his own pimp business, he had gotten a title in the school just like Rias and Akeno.

The Dark Prince of Kuoh Academy.

And yet, to Sasuke's disdain, he had thought that constantly declining or ignoring the annoying fan-girls would get them to hate him, to be sick of his cold attitude or to challenge him outright. Sadly it was not to be, as they never knew when to give up. It was like his Academy Days all over again. Only this time around, the girls had the decency not to yell and fight like howler monkeys over him, and instead all teamed up together.


Uchiha Sasuke almost gave a sigh of relief when he finally heard the school bell go off, but he was an Uchiha, and Uchihas did not sigh. Regardless, he promptly packed up his bags and things, slung them over one shoulder, and proceeded to march his way home, trying to do so as quickly as possible before he was approached by another girl trying to ask him out.

As he strode past, he absently set his mind to auto-pilot his body while he thought about other things, and as such failed to notice two girls who were watching him go by with keen looks of interest.

"That's him buchou." Akeno stated to her younger friend and president of the school's Occult and Research club.

"Uchiha-san is a prodigy in my class, but he seems to always keep to himself though, I've tried following him after school hours once, but he's very good at hiding himself." she giggled into her hand at the thought, he probably had the notion that she was one of those girls trying to ask him out and promptly vanished without a trace.

"So that's the Dark Prince huh? Well, it certainly suits him." She noted as he moved across the corridor on his way out, graceful, swift and elegant. If she didn't know any better she would have thought he had the training of a warrior with the way he moved.

"Ara Ara… buchou, do you have any plans for Uchiha-san in mind, I know when you get that look on your face." She giggled once again with a knowing look, causing Rias to look back at her with a scandalized expression and a hint of pink on her cheeks.

"What? Of course not Akeno-chan, I was merely thinking of whether or not he would be a good addition to my peerage. He's a much better option than Hyoudou-san, the only reason we're considering Hyoudou-san is because of the fact that he could be in possession of a very strong sacred gear."

"Of course buchou, I mean I wouldn't mind getting him for myself also, with those strong arms, and muscled stomach, I'm sure I would love to feel those against my skin. I'm pretty sure he would like some role-play buchou, the prince and the princess. Ah… I can see it now" She let out a slight giggle as her friend's face turned even redder when she put her fingers to her mouth and licked them sensually, giving a small moan in return.

Rias' right eye twitched at her perverted, masochist friend who seemed to enjoy teasing her about these things at any given moment. A part of her, a very small part of her, hidden deeply would never admit it, but she was always slightly turned on whenever Akeno made such displays or did such acts, but quickly suppressed and squashed it. She didn't want to ruin things with her friend, though the older girl had already hinted it several times that she played both sides, and didn't mind going for the other team. They were devils after all, and such things become insignificant after a while.

"Now's not the time for that Akeno. There's been a recent increase in Fallen Angel activity around the area and rumour has it that their searching for someone with a powerful sacred gear" she said seriously, and watched as Akeno gave a sigh and her playful nature dropped as she became more focused on the task ahead.

"Yes, and you think it might be Hyoudou-san who has this sacred gear?" the purple haired woman asked with a raise of an eyebrow.

"Apparently, several fallen angels have been seen in the vicinity where he is and I believe one should be tailing him constantly. Then we have this Yuuma Amano? Who suddenly showed up at this school and asked him, of all people on a date." Rias crossed her hands as she leaned against the wall, staring outside as she watched said pervert go on and on to his friends, the perverted trio, of how he had a date and a girlfriend.

"So what are we going to do about it buchou?" Akeno asked as she noted what her club President was gazing at outside.

"We will do, nothing, Akeno-san."

"Nothing?" Akeno repeated, unsure of what she was hearing. "I thought you had plans to add him to your peerage, and further plans from there?"

"Yes, I do."

"Then please enlighten me buchou on why we aren't going to interfere?" she asked curiously, as her friend could be every bit of sly and cunning as a true devil when she wanted.

"It's simple Akeno-san" she turned to face the Queen of her peerage "I have little to no doubt that Hyoudou-san will be killed by a fallen angel tonight, as unfortunate as that is for him, it makes things easier for me."

Leaning on the railing, she glanced at the back of the departing boy with a small smirk on her face.

"As you know, reviving someone after they've died costs fewer pieces. And as such reviving him after he is dead will not only cut down on piece price and requirement, but will also make him more loyal and willing. After all, he was as good as dead, and then was brought back to life by a beautiful girl, and knowing his tendency for perverted acts and lust for women, I should effectively have him in the palm of my hand." She smiled and turned back to face her Queen who was fascinated and impressed by the idea.

"Hehehe, very interesting plan buchou, I would have never thought of it." Rias merely smiled at her Queen and turned to leave.

"Alright Akeno, there's still much to be learned as to the way we Devils think and operate. For now, I need you to use your familiar to track Hyoudou-san, I know he's already been given one of the contracts, but we still need to know his location just in case he doesn't make use of it to make a final wish."

"As you wish, buchou." With that final statement, the two devils ended their conversation and went on their way back to the Occult Research Club.

Once again, their little conversation reminding Akeno that though her buchou was beautiful, kind, charming and innocent looking on the outside, she was still cunning, sly and ambitious on the inside. She was as all devils should be, a true child of the Noble House of Gremory and was not the younger sister of the current Lucifer himself for nothing.

#XxXxXxXxXxX#xXxXxXx~ Devils DK~XxXxXxXxXx~xXxXxXx#

Uchiha Sasuke was a generally selfish person. He didn't have a hero complex like his former blonde teammate, and didn't go rushing into battles or fights that didn't concern him or that he had no business with. Ever since he came into this new world and discovered he could no longer access his chakra it had been a low blow and a shocking revelation for him, the people of this world where normal as hell. They were all civilians with no special qualities or abilities that gave them unique powers. None of them even knew what chakra was, much less how to access it or use it, and none of them even had it.

The boring monotone of life was annoying to say the least, Sasuke had grown far too used to being on constant alert and vigilance during his time fighting in the Fourth Shinobi World War. Throwing him into this peaceful life was slowly grating on his nerves, as he saw boys who cared more about finding a girlfriend or getting finally laid, or going to college than they did on focusing on their peaceful lives which they took for granted.

Some people in this world even had the gall to attempt suicide simply because of broken relationships or hearts. When they had good homes, parents to take care of them, people who cared about them, lived in a good neighbourhood, had plenty to eat, and had never even seen the horrors of war, they still attempted suicide. Simply because the insignificant, trivial person they cared about wouldn't return their feelings?

They were absolutely worthless and utterly pathetic.

Even the fan girls of his time in Konoha wouldn't be stupid enough to try and kill themselves because he rejected them.

Then not to mention the sheer levels of moral decadence that was present in this new world. Apparently, the women here seemed not to care if they flashed everyone their body parts or wore clothes that would not be out of place in a strip joint.

Back in the elemental nations such things were acceptable to a degree for shinobi, they lived every day with the risk of dying, of never coming back, of being killed just because they were good, special, average, ugly, beautiful or come from a certain village. They saw horrors committed during war, crimes against humanity, brutal acts like those from the cult of Jashin.

Only when you lived such a life could you abandon all care about decency and morality. The ANBU headquarters in Konoha and probably other shinobi villages had co-ed showers. No one really cared or gave a damn if they where showering next to a naked kunoichi because of the nature of the job, and because said female shinobi could skewer them faster than they could blink if they tried anything funny.

It was why he could accept Kakashi's perverted behaviour; ignore Karin's constant continuing persistence to get into his pants, or even the Fifth Hokage's drinking habit, the Toad Sage's voyeurism, and Orochimaru's obsession with immortality.

It was because of the nature of the world they lived in, such things where inevitable.

It was also why the Uchiha found such things intolerable in this new world, where there was no fragile state of peace between countries, and everything was as mellow as possible. A place like this was what that blonde dobe kept ranting on about, going over and over. He never understood what the idiot meant at first, but now after experiencing it, he could easily see why the blonde struggled so hard to find it. The blonde's ultimate desire and wish for the world.

True, blissful, peace.

Regardless of this, Uchiha Sasuke had gotten slightly annoyed with the peace, he was still on battle ready alert since the war, and as such it had led him into this current situation. It was the same situation which was the reason as to why he had suddenly started reminiscing about the past, about peace and about the Elemental nations.

As he lay on the grassy, cool ground, bleeding out, staring up at the sky while absently watching the stars, holes in various parts of his body, surrounded by a pool of his own blood, with the tangy taste of the coppery liquid in his mouth as it dribbled slowly out, he wondered how things had gone so bad.

#XxXxXxXxXxX#xXxXxXx~ Devils DK~XxXxXxXxXx~xXxXxXx#

The Last Uchiha let out a muffled yawn as he walked out of the small food joint not too far away from the school. He had merely had a small snack before he decided to head back to his apartment where he lived alone at home. Sasuke moved slowly across the street with his bag hung on one shoulder. It was a Friday and he would have to head to work the following day to make sure he had his own steady supply of money coming in. After he had appeared in this new world, his currency in the elemental nations was nothing but junk here and had no choice but to get a job in order to make sure he had money to cater for his needs and pay the rent for his apartment.

The dark haired boy stopped walking when he noticed a group of school girls on the usual road which he took on his way home. Frowning and furrowing his brow, he realized he would have to take another route home.

Slipping away unnoticed with the stealth of a ninja of his caliber, he hopped across a couple of fences, took several left turns and one right one, hopping over a hedge in his way and he arrived at a fork in the road which would undoubtedly take him on his way home.

That is, only if he knew which one.

Furrowing his brow, he was about to make a left turn until he suddenly froze in place, and snapped his head so fast to the right fork in the road he might have cracked his neck.

'It can't be… can it…?' he thought rapidly as a myriad of questions swam into his mind at that moment. He was sure he had felt it, there was the very close similarity. It was chakra. Not pure chakra, but it was mixed it with a load of killing intent that nearly masked it. He would have missed it, had he not remembered that no human could use chakra here and as such no human should have been able to generate killing intent.

Abandoning his idea to head home, he followed the right path until he reached a small park, and noticed two people sitting on a park bench. He stealthily watched from behind some hedges, trying to identify the two.

He recognized the boy instantly as Hyoudou Issei, one of the most perverted people in his school, though he couldn't recognize the girl.

'That idiot… she's radiating enough killing intent to incapacitate a bull and he's not even sensing it?' the Uchiha continued to marvel at the stupidity of the boy before him.

Until however, he heard her say something to him. Something unmistakable, he couldn't have heard her say anything else than those clear words.

"…Can you die for me?"

Sasuke's eyebrows rose up as far as possible once he noted the sudden flash of light, and the girl before him transformed into something different. Something that was not human.

Black feathery wings grew out of her back and her outfit had changed entirely, becoming into a skin tight leathery looking material that deed not leave much to the imagination. It was then that the Uchiha noted that whatever she was using was absolutely most certainly not chakra. It felt absolutely foreign from chakra, but it was what she had used to radiate a huge amount of killing intent.

Staring impassively at the ongoing show, the raven-head was unsure of what exactly to think. He had written this world off as having anything special or unique about it and was quite surprised beyond measure upon seeing something like this. Simultaneously, his mind entered the fight or flight mode, he knew that he didn't have any chakra to use or call upon, to he had only two options. Flee, and make sure he isn't spotted leaving the scene, or try and help the poor boy by fighting the woman with flying black wings.

At that moment, said woman clapped her hands together and a spear which seemed to be formed of pure light, that shone brightly in the fading sunset suddenly appeared in her hands.

The Uchiha made his decision, the pervert should figure his own way out of the situation. He wasn't going to be jumping into a fight with an unknown opponent and an unknown skill level of strength without any sort of information as to what to expect.

At the same time, his mind raced with thoughts and ideas, a spear of light. Could he also make such an object? How did she do it? What exactly is she? How did she perform such an advanced looking technique without handsigns? Was it a bloodline? Was she human? Could he learn to perform such a technique? His mind raced with unanswered questions while at the same time planning his escape strategy in case he was spotted. His mind spun and even without his Sharingan, time seemed to slow down as he focused on his plan.

Observation, Target has shown wings and ability to fly, in accordance; she has demonstrated ability to generate a weapon from thin air to be able to used at mid to long ranges.

Counter-tactics, close-range combat to remove effectiveness of mid-to long range advantages, decapitate wings to eradicate airborne battle option, clothing reveals enough places for maximum damage infliction, throat, armpits, joints, and all major arteries and veins are at spots visible to harm. Use knife-hand strike to the throat, steal light spear if possible and sever main artery. If unattainable, disorientate with strike to the side of the head, weaken nimbleness and maneuverability with attacks to the knees, elbows and inner thigh, and finish off with an appropriate one-hundred and eighty degree twist to the head.

Contradictions, target has unknown skill set, may have increased durability, unknown abilities, increased speed, enhanced strength and general overall reflexes and experience.

Decision, information about target is insufficient for a proper strategy, escape if possible, and absolutely do not engage.

Merely five seconds had passed since the raven head made his analysis, and by that time, the woman with wings had thrust forward her spear of light which struck the perverted schoolboy directly in the chest.

He gave out a strained gasp of pain and surprise as he fell over, clutching at his chest. The Uchiha stoned his expression as he watched the woman effortlessly kill the boy without hesitation, and as she enjoyed the sound of his strangled gasping.

He was right, he couldn't fight her. At least, not without his chakra, she had thrown that spear at an average speed, but it seemed to have moved so fast he couldn't trace it, and then it had imbedded itself in the boy's chest. Sasuke quickly made his decision, all he had to do was quietly backtrack his steps, and leave as soon as possible, without making a-

"Enjoying the show cutie?" The raven-haired boy's eyes widened when he suddenly heard a sultry whisper in his ear and noticed the highly distinguishable feeling of soft flesh mounds of skin press against his back as two hands wrapped themselves around his stomach.

'H-how… did she get behind me?!' Without a second wasted, the Uchiha turned around swiftly, grabbed her by the hands, implanted his two feet into her stomach and using them as the kick-off point for his backward cartwheel.

"You brat! You're going to be joining him in a second!" She indicated towards the slowly dying Issei.

She grunted slightly at the hard feeling of his feet, but didn't hesitate another second, she flew towards him at speeds faster than the human eye could follow, light spear in hand, ready to skewer him on it.

Thankfully and readily, Uchiha Sasuke was no normal human and was used to fighting opponents as fast, and much faster than she. He put his plan into action, dodging the light spear by the tiniest margin, which was by leaning back as far as possible, his eyes and that of his attacker met and he saw the shocked look on the woman's face as his fist reared up, and slammed into her cheek, sending her airborne for the a split second. He followed up without pause, jumping into the air, spinning into a reverse knife-hand strike that caught her by the throat with much surprise, grabbing her by the wings and slamming her back into the ground, face-first into the hard concrete.

The Fallen Angel gave out a strangled gasp of pain, as she was still finding it difficult to breathe after the attack on her throat. However, she was able to use her large wings to slap the boy behind her off balance for a split second and that was all the time she needed.

Sasuke stumbled slightly from the wings, as they slipped his footing and covered his view of the woman. He leaped back slightly in case she was planning an attack, and was not disappointed.

She had shot a light spear out of her hand that shot past him, grazing the side of his ribs. He gasped slightly in surprise and pain, as the weapon was sharp beyond all measure, and he stumbled back to hold his now bleeding sides.

His eyes were feeling watery from the pain and as the pain receptors in his body which where blaring out at him where interrupting his ability to think clearly. Without his use of chakra, he couldn't numb pain as he used to and could feel it like every other human, but still had a slight resistance to it.

He cursed out when he felt a light spear get embedded in his right shoulder, then his left, then his right thigh, and finally his left hand.

Colors swirled in his vision, as his eyes watered and every single inch of him was screaming out in protest, the light spears hurt worse than the dobe's Rasengan techniques and he had just had nearly every inch of him skewered with it. He fell to the ground as the blood loss was finally making him dizzy and delirious. He watched idly as the woman walked up to him, holding a cut and large bruise on her forehead that was bleeding.

"Pathetic human, you actually had the gall to lay your filthy hands on me! I'm going to make sure you die slowly and painfully, bleeding out until there's nothing left!"

With her declaration, she made a final light spear and thrust it into his stomach, going all the way in and coming out the other side, effectively pinning him to the ground until it faded away. Sasuke merely grunted out, as he glared at her with whatever strength he had left.

And with a final vindictive smirk, she flapped her wings and took off.

The Uchiha boiled with hatred, hatred of the kind that he had only ever reserved for Itachi Uchiha. And now, now he was going to die here, bleeding out, beaten by a deranged woman.

Naruto would never let him live it down, Itachi would be disappointed that he had wasted the life he had given to him, the Uchiha clan would be dead truly and finally. And everything would have been for naught.

As he lay there staring up into the sky and remembering the dobe's dreams of peace, he wondered if he would finally get that wherever he was going. The rhythmic beating of his heart had slowed down considerably, he felt himself weaker with every passing minute, his vision blurring and turning all through while he waited agonizingly for his final end.

He didn't even have a chance to say goodbye to the dobe, to actually do something worthwhile with his life. To have died a bloody virgin, he knew that Kakashi and Naruto would never let him live that one down as well.

He tried to fight it, to do whatever he could to come back to life, to feel for his chakra, to scream out for help to anyone who was willing to come to his aid. Yet, he couldn't help but feel a distinctive burning hatred for that woman, whoever or whatever she was, Uchiha Sasuke swore he would get vengeance on her, and he would make her pay.

Before his last minutes were over, the raven-head's eyes slowly closed, taking himself into an abyss of darkness, he faintly remembered seeing a flash of red, of beautiful flowing red hair, and an angelic face that appeared, before a gasp of surprise.

"Well, what do we have here?"

That was all he could remember, before he succumbed to the darkness.

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