A/N: This is not a Chapter. This is a notice.

I have not been on fanfiction for almost a year because the gods decided to play diablos ex machina with my life, using the death of my grandparents as the starting point of the domino effect.

I am using this medium to thank you all for reading this fic. However, due to the insanity and stressful nature of life, as well as a general lack of plot and multiple errors, this fic can no longer continue.

That is, because it is being re-written.

Yes, after a long consideration, and a rather intriguing wake-up call from a rather wierd reviewer called Wiereird, I decided no not abandon this fic but to re-start it from scratch.

The new version is called The Devil's Dark Knight: Revamped.

The Prologue is already out.

It will possess similarities with the original, but hopefully after a crazy year, my writing skills would have slightly improved, and as such, many elements will be removed (inverted sharingan, Uriel. Freed vs Sasuke etc.) while others will be maintained and improved.

So all in all, thank you all for reading, and I hope you continue to read the improved version.

Happy New Year.

And don't do drugs.