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This is a 'sequel' to   * Falls the Shadow,* although you need not have read it to understand everything that is going on, I strongly hope you will or have!

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   In what may be perceived as a bid on the Jedi Council's part to counter waning public support for the order, the Jedi will be participating in a rare public display. A "Grand Ball and Decoration Ceremony" will be held in the Senate building this evening with members of the Senate, the New Republic Military, and the Jedi Order all in attendance. 

    Supreme Chancellor Palpatine (who will present the awards of valor) Bail Organa of Alderan, Senator Houx Wan of Norkota, and, as ever present at such affairs, Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo, who will play an active role in tonight's proceedings.  Jedi Anakin Skywalker, a survivor and hero of the assault on the Separatist holdings on Salliche, will be one of the honorees at this evening's proceedings along with fellow Jedi members, Masters Jedi Gelehrter and Padeiro Mestre.

     Jedi Skywalker is escorting Senator Amidala as his personal guest, which is not surprising as the pair has often been seen in each company in both their official, and off duty capacities.

     Less scrupulous publications have hinted that there is more to the Jedi and the Senator's relationship than friendship but our sources here at Holonet assure our viewers that the relationship is purely friendship. At the last press conference, when asked about the relationship directly, Senator Amidala only would reiterate that they are 'just good friends.' Holonet was unable to reach Jedi Skywalker for comment and inquiries at both the Senators office and Jedi Temple have been sharply rebuffed.

     In other news, The Coco District is once again at the center of a major surge in drug related deaths in recent weeks....